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Tori Beach Crowd Source 10.04.13

Posted in Creative Construction by activecitizen54 on October 4, 2013

Tori Beach Crowd Source 10.04.13

This is a heartfelt and honest plea for assistance to help lift Tori Beach out of the dire straights that Tori Beach is in at this very moment.  Kevin Andrews, founder and sole proprietor has nothing, no resources left in life at this moment to continue to support Tori Beach.  Kevin has suffered severe emotional and economic damages from the exit of Lee, his friend of 16 years and house-mate for 2.  Along with the collapse of the financial health of Tori Beach the toll taken on Kevin’s health is tremendous.  Please help us keep Tori Beach alive with whatever donations you are able to make.

Tori Beach and it’s accompanying Tori Beach Foundation is a resource for recovery and growth of individuals within the Gay Male Community ravaged by the poison of crystal meth addiction.  There are success stories too numerous to recount in this plea for crowd source funding and although we average 6 success stories, 6 lives recovered every year we are solely funded at this moment from the resources of Kevin Andrews.

Kevin’s investment in lives recovered is a testament to his determination to make a real difference within his community one human at a time if required. The Dream of Tori Beach became reality in May of 2011 and has successfully operated since without major changes from opening.  Improvements from mental health professional’s involvement, growth of networking, expansion of the transitional homes and business partners has assisted in sustaining the great demand for these community based services.

The demands of Tori Beach are those of every household in the United States with the additional complications of medical attention for severely physically and emotionally depleted humans working to regain lives and livelihoods decimated by the multiple addictions of this horrific scourge on the Gay Community. Dentists, Mental Health Professionals, General Practitioner Physicians and Nursing professionals have all come together to volunteer and assist in training and development of the programs that work at Tori Beach when 12-step or faith based programs fail at alarming rates dealing with this horrifically addictive substance.

We operate outside of normal 12-Step Programs by individualizing the treatments and counseling of temporary residents while diligently placing them as rapidly as possible within supportive Gay Households who are certified substance-abuse free to insure role models that work for patterning of the new lives emerging from addiction.  A great portion of the work we do is exclusively involved with making a clean break from the enablers, the pushers, the peddlers of this poison and insuring that the clients have the ability to remain totally invisible and separate from their former associates while focusing on new ways of living and dealing with the everyday stresses of life.

Tori Beach has, in cost savings efforts over the past 6 months halted its normal high security activities at the main offices to focus on those among our client base who are deemed most at risk for retribution and assisting them in relocation and reestablishing lives within communities where they are unknown and unrecognized.  This powerful separation of the addict from the supply chain is a very great portion of the philosophy of Tori Beach’s anti-addiction programs.

At this very moment Tori Beach has $555.88 due to Duke Power Company by the end of business today on acct #7712900178 in the name of Kevin E Andrews to keep power on here on Tori Beach. 1-727-443-2641

Also the Internet, Verizon has an outstanding past due balance of $240.11 on acct # 0657547471 again in the name of Kevin Andrews. 1 800 837 4966

Kevin prays that some wonderful human will aid Tori Beach in this time of need as He watches his life and loves slowly slip away.  Kevin has no other options, no supportive family and “friends” demonstrate their fair-weather status by the droves. 

Kevin and we of the Tori Beach foundation have strongly resisted the interference of religious organizations.  Keeping the human message of love, acceptance, compassion and support for positive directions alive without the mythology, the dogma or the theocratic hierarchy. 

Our focus on understanding brain chemistry, human behavior and modification of that behavior has provided us with the success we’ve quietly enjoyed over the past several years.

Tori Beach herself is at severe risk at this moment with over $5,000.00 past due on lease and the eviction process working to remove me from this place founded on love, acceptance and freedom.  Donations to Kevin Andrews Through Bank of America may be made to this acct:


Kevin’s Plea:

I am begging anyone with any amount to please contribute to these worthy expenses of the costs of operation of Tori Beach as the resource for human care, compassion and constructive redirection of lives back into the mainstream of society.

Without your help we will no longer exist.

We are depending upon you, our readers to assist us in saving Tori Beach in the here and now.

Without your help, without your aid in this, our moment of dire need, we will no longer exist to provide the services, access to professionals, the removal of humans from abusive conditions and assistance in preparing them to return to society as fully functioning humans within this segment of society that is too often denigrated and by far too misunderstood to effectively utilize mainstream or 12-step programs.

A large part of the success of Tori Beach is the experience brought by Kevin and his peers in their having faced and overcome these addictions and moved successfully into rescue operations and providing a hand-up, never a hand-out.

Please, please; if you are able to contribute even $20.00, $50, or $100; you will make a dramatic difference in the lives of deserving men who’ve become entrapped by a social phenomenon within the Gay Community devastating our numbers at rates much higher than the AIDS epidemic did.

I am imploring you, if you haven’t donated to any cause, please donate to Tori Beach because of our 100% funding of services from donations with no administrative costs. 

For the patron out there who desires to assist with the endowment we are available 24/7 at Kevin’s personal phone of 727 637 5821.

Please help us continue in this worthwhile work and rescue of valued human lives by donations now. 

Tomorrow is too late for many of our community.

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