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Tori Beach Miracles 10.11.13

Posted in Creative Construction by activecitizen54 on October 11, 2013

Tori Beach Miracles 10.11.13

Tori Beach Blooms

Tori Beach Blooms

This week past has been one of many changes and rapidly too

First and without hesitation there is a huge heart-felt thank you to the single donor who paid the electric and internet bills within an hour of the plea last week.  Karmic rewards are real and often happen in the here and now.

The miracles continued through the week and as of this morning I am the only resident at Tori Beach.  The solitude is gratefully encompassed this morning as the sunrise happens over the pure white sands of Tori Beach.  The exit of Lee a true heartbreak but accepted without argument or pain because we each must find our own paths through life and this good-bye was perhaps a bit over due.  The enabling and co-dependency of this relationship becoming very apparent since July led to the inevitable decision to terminate and separate.

Silence and solitude are what greet me now on a daily basis and that’s not a bad place to be these days..

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