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Vibrational Victory

Posted in Creative Construction by activecitizen54 on October 21, 2013

Vibrational Victory


A great part of the success of the Tori Beach community in the very beginning was the purge of the negative vibrations and dissonant waves of Corey and Cami.  The exit of these energies early (within the first days) created the harmonic flow of energy from Lee and me and allowed the tuning of the waves to the foundational energy of the 60 year old home left vacant for too long.

When Theresa arrived to perform the Riki Blessing I had already salted the corners and gotten the sage out so the alignment of the house to Lee and Me became instinctive.

This “alignment” of Tori Beach is a great part of the foundation of love, acceptance and peace that ruled for all but the chemical death throes of this wonderful place, now mere memory.

For Lee and all those who experienced this wonderful and delightful place in space and time I have only love, admiration and fond memories.  For the addicts, the dealers, the Tweekers and casual observers and those other vile demons of mean-drunks and users the contempt delivered will be returned three times over and rapidly  as Instant Karma explodes in your faces.  A new Tori Beach is rising.

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