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Tori Beach Is Dead

Posted in Creative Construction by activecitizen54 on October 25, 2013

Tori Beach Is Dead

On 10/14/2013 as I returned from having a full mental health assessment done, a 5 hour process, with my friend Jerry along side me I found the taped notice for eviction on 10/15/2013 by 10:20 AM.  Not that things are ever easy when it come to conclusions but I was hardly expecting to have the brain battered and picked apart for 5 hours and then have the life and love of my life pulled from under me.

This is how life is for me now.

Tori Beach is Dead.

Today is 10/25/13 and it has been 21 days since I last saw Lee.  He went home to Mommy and Daddy and I’m sure replenished his coffers as a result.  He has fled to some undisclosed source where he is rooming with another Gay Man and that’s cool too. 

At this point I respect his desire for “no contact” on the grounds of identifying this Lee as a venomous and very toxic primate.  The emaciated and cadaverous tweeker who was behind the wheel is a person I don’t know and don’t want to know. I thanked him and paid him gas money and was very happy to exit as rapidly as possible.

New rules, no animosity and life for me moves forward in directions opposite from where Lee is.  I have no doubt that several weeks, months or years from now the fates will have Lee knocking on the door again and I don’t honestly know if that door will ever again open.

Had I seen any effort at all from Lee to assist in resolution of the issues rather than inflammation and antagonistic buckets of bullshit I could’ve, to the bitter end, saved Tori Beach but that was not to be.  The leopard doesn’t change it’s spots and neither would I for anyone in this life now or ever..

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