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Weekend Warrior 11.02.13

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on November 2, 2013

Weekend Warrior 11.02.13

The illness runs deep in the Gay Community of St Pete.

From Frankie on 4th Ave N to the Dave Dube and all the runners in between this disease, this addiction to crystal meth is a disgusting and pitiful statement of just how shallow and ill the lives are behind the addictions.  I have little hope of ever seeing my friend Lee again because of the addiction and the illness that overcame him in just a matter of a few brief weeks.  That he created the issues of “The Other” and used the nasty dickless mean-drunk Jewish American Princess as his tool speaks volumes to the depravity of this bad seed.  If I live to be 100 I will not ever fathom the twisted mental processes that created the paranoia, use other humans (and primates) to fulfill their depraved needs and believe that anything is OK as long as it gains for them what they desire.

The chapter and the door is closed and when (not if but when) Lee comes back looking for a friend he will find that his friend is fully prepared to deal with him on equal footing.  Time cures all and Karmic Law will not be ignored…

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