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Sunday Salutations 11.03.13

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on November 3, 2013

Sunday Salutations.11.03.13

OK, so everyone knows now that I wounded myself by exposure to Lee a week from last Friday for the trip to the psychiatrist’s office and the results of the assessment. I have my meds proscribed without any major change.  Thankfully I am now becoming adjusted to the higher doses of Gabapentin (mood evening out) and Cetalopram (anti-depressant) but they still can kick my happy ass and knock me out cold in the middle of the day depending on the time I’ve consumed them in the morning.

Seeing my friend Lee, whom I love, and I do pray that he (and the others) receive what they desire in this life now.  Having the great glee and joy of torturing me to dimensions that even Freddie Mercury would be hard pressed to withstand these primates have no other possible existence other than checking out into their chemistry and paranoia. The Marquees De Sade would be proud of Lee’s emaciated body, his sunken eyes, his defensive and paranoid comportment founded completely within the mythology of the “grumpy old man” constructed by the JAP mean-drunk and inflamed by Lee’s addiction that causes them to flee at the sight of me. For every one of those fingers pointing at me from this pair of meth-head Marionettes to their addiction there are 3 pointing back and the Karmic Rewards will not be denied. 

I am detached and unafraid for self on this path because I know I made the right decisions for me, for the Tori Beach population and for the future of Montgomery Lee Freeman. There is nothing amazing about “Lee” now becoming “Monte” again just as is the pattern after each of these vile attacks on men baited in. I understood more history than his current target and I do understand the foundation of keeping “no contact” as the rule because at any time I could expose what is to come in Lee’s grand plan that is always the narcissistic-ally same old shit different day because of his absolute lack of creativity or imagination. .

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