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The Pandora’s Box Is Opened

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on November 29, 2013

The Pandora’s Box Is Opened

Corey & Allie are actively involved in domestic dispute and I am perched in the sublime beauty of the lavender guest-room in the Mobile Mansion here in White Trailer Trash Transitory Trailer & RV Park light-years from Tori Beach though less than a 10 minute car trip. 

The 1960s Trailer rocks and sways from the force of bodies bouncing off the walls of the master-bedroom’s howl of: “STOP BRINGING HER UP! I HATE HER! As Allie baits Corey on with references to Cami (The first Ex.) Objects fly, the smash of glass, at 59 I am once again plunged into the nightmares of domestic abuse and how to respond to it.

“Time-OUT” I growl at Allie as she storms through the house to plunge into the fray once again.  Allie is tough; a Seffner-girl with guts who is determined to make him or break him and the valley girl game exposed.  “I know how you feel.” Allie attempts to placate and backtrack.

Corey is frightened and it shows.  The Grasshopper has reverted to Primate status without a shred of humanity and Hell-bent on becoming more his mother, the bitter and razor tongued addict who, unashamedly, admits to creating the handicapped sister Katelyn with her drug abuse than the image of his mean-drunk alcoholic and druggie father.

Anger management 101 is not a classroom topic here.  Just let it rage.  I can’t help but wonder if the foundation for the rage is chemically induced.

In an interesting (to me) footnote here: the website: BareBack Real Time has profiles posted by Jim and Lee (freely148) with Lee’s being posted in April.  I sent them both love notes and blocked the nasty mean-drunk.  Having the last word is wonderful.  At least I get it out of my system and poison returned to where it came with the vile Jew and lost Lee within two miles. 

Fair weather friends?  Not friends at all; apparently.

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