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Tweakers Attack Tori Beach

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on December 8, 2013
Tweakers Attack Tori Beach
 On Dec 3, 2013, at 22:29, Kevin wrote:

How very accurate your current actions are in light of your past as I experienced.  I’m sure your cowardice is founded in your knowledge and failed skills.
I have a rather lovely dossier prepared and just making my short list now.  I’m sure it will be well received for Christmas by your family.
There are other options but they are dependent upon your actions and ability to be honest.
From: freelee
Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎December‎ ‎5‎, ‎2013 ‎12‎:‎54‎ ‎PM
To: Kevin
Such comments and threats to me and others (a4a profile) show more of the reason why I want to NOT be involved/communicating with you in any way.
It demonstrates even more how you actually only care about what you get, thus to me…makes you even more worthless.
adjective: worthless
  1. 1.
    having no real value or use.
    “that promise is worthless”
    antonyms: valuable, precious, useful
Au contraire Mon Ami!
Very 4 Agreements are my statements to you, your tool and the creep who introduced you to your newest addiction and any other of you minions.
Your friend Charlie is indicted as well and even more deeply than Frankie.
I have great value in learning rapidly from my mistakes while some cling to the same old sorry habits and excuses.
I kept working through the poisoning of my birds.
I kept working through the assaults and abuse.
I kept working while my Daughter Timmy was hospitalized for burns over 60% of his body and 6 skin graft surgeries in August.
I am the only person who was earning an income from February or March.
Do you remember that?
Why do you give Frankie on 4th Ave N a pass with:
“How do you know he doesn’t just scroll through the profiles?”
This is your verbatim response when I pointed out to you the exact actions that I returned to them over the past week intentionally; with malice and forethought.
Isn’t it a beautiful thing when you all get a dose of your own primate shit right back in your arrogant paranoid smug faces?
You may all now nod your heads in agreement, shut your stinking gobs and enjoy the reality of Meth-Heads attack Tori Beach as experienced, documented and filed.
It is abhorrent to me that you deliver compassion and respect to your Pusher for your Crystal Meth addiction but are unable to be civil and speak to the man whose only crime is clearly saying “I love my Friend Lee.”
What an enlightening set of actions and clear attitude of contempt that I’ve just flushed back into the cesspool where it chooses to live in fear of “The Grumpy Old Man, the 3-Eyed Troll & St Pete Sasquatch” all while working to maintain it’s mythological 8th Wonder of The World hooks and desire to maintain a friendship while sabotaging court filings.
Thanks for the support and appreciation of all that I do Lee; I’m just flushing all you vile assholes directly to Stark without ever looking back.
How is anything I have said or done any different than your absolutely ignorant, arrogant and disgusting guest in our home who, along with you and the whole Tweaker Posse’s desire to limit my free speech; inflict pain in a juvenile tit-for-tat “fight that is most important” fraud of jilted spouse; a ploy to cover for your attempted murder?
Being exposed as hard-core Meth-Heads and Super-Tweakers is the least of your worries kids and you do not want to fuck with my Gambino connections now or ever.
You saw that slime Dave Dube with the silicone muscle tits parody of primate disappear in a skinny minute and I expect and demand the same from all you.
There is one kicker though:
Restitution to me for the damages you have willfully and premeditatedly caused in your acts of attempted murder, theft of assets and destruction of chattel.
My people can speak with your people or maybe I’ll just let the courts decide and completely wash my hands of your vile and debilitating stench right now.
The Primate defecation is about to hit the rotating blades and the winds are all blowing in your direction kids.
Brace yourselves because the Merde Maelstrom of Kevin has opened in grand form and deadly accuracy.
By the time you get this email the publication will be complete, the acts exposed and your lives as dealers done.
Time to move on boys.
I dirtied myself by reducing my skills and talents to the levels you and your peers project.  I went right in there with you to insure that I could extend a hand up when you hit rock bottom but the depths of your depravity recorded are beyond my ability to sustain.
You may all finally come to understand your individual and collective acts are horrifically inadequate within any culture among civil humans. 
I pray that once caged you will obtain the treatment you demonstrate you require.
It is over Lee.
There is no place to hide.
There is no option left.
You, your abuser; who works diligently to isolate you now and you; in your paranoid delusions; are surely feeling safe holding each others hands and making your prayer circle way too late.
Lee, you and this vile group are pointing, intravenous injecting Drain-O & Battery Acid and that explains a small part of the behaviors demonstrated. 
Prepare to have all your ill poisoned noodles twisted and you’ll get your panties in a wad the most because this reality is just too rich as you’ve continually worked to denigrate my journalism as “Pure Fiction.”
I have done my best in at least 3 sources of verification supporting any allegations.
Do you really want to try to claim that I am making these experiences up?
I live in the real world Lee not the checked-out paranoid delusions that lead you to claim I am “checking-up on you” to the extent of “Peeking in the windows from a ladder.”  Christ Lee I brought you the beach sheets so you could nail them up a week earlier and you and that Israeli Ape with green teeth were so tweeked you didn’t put them up.  Typical behavior for you now and always.,
You freaking tweaking fools have just written my pilot episode for me.
You will all be whirling dervishes by the time you get through this reality.
What a comedy this proves to be.
A veritable La Cage Kibbutz St Pete.
The difference between us is that I coupled my acts of love and compassion with truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
We all know how you and your trained Ape demonstrated gratitude and that includes a cast of characters that you are blissfully unaware because you were either checked out or too actively involved in attack to notice.
What do you, the “beautiful creature,” Frankie on 4th Ave N, Charlie the meat puppet or any of your cast of thousands have to fear in the truth?
I fervently pray that you or anyone of your associates attempts to limit my free speech or claim slander.
Go whip up little Hitler, Frankie on 4th Ave N to do that now. 
I’m sure his Napoleonic hackles are raised and he may even come up off all fours for a change.
I hold certified documentation that indicts them in the attempted murder that failed so bring it on.  Ignorant acts from ignorant sub-humans who demonstrate that they forfeit their humanity for destruction of brain tissue at tremendous rates.
Please go beg that delusional silicone-muscled queen to do the deed Lee
You deliberately and freely implicated him with your actions on not less than 4 occasions of record now.
Where do you think any of these vile, low-life scum will be when the State’s Attorney General presents the Grand Jury indictments?
Where do you think you’ll be Lee?
You truly are completely delusional if you think any of them will rise to your defense as your dog-loyal and primate-shat upon friend Kevin; “the worthless one,” whose only crime was to keep working and say: “I love my friend Lee” accomplished through 2013; the year Lee checked out.
Kevin’s accomplishments were:
1) Being in Tori Beach in the first place with 3 incomes planned and committed to.  Yes Lee, you met your expenses leaving me to cover for 2.  How generous of you and how considerate of you to bring the Jew in to feed off me.
2) Furnishing and maintaining; indeed creating the physical Tori Beach is one of Kevin’s creative solutions.
3) Pandered to your Tweakers paranoia and Kevin moved out of the main house to the gardener’s cottage.
To that you have the Gaul, the absolute obscene arrogance to demand I leave Tori Beach completely so your fuck buddy the Israeli Ape doesn’t feel uncomfortable.
In a pig’s freaking eye!
Who juggled and struggled to maintain the place?
How many days did you spend $50, $90, $140 or whatever to maintain your high and your Ape’s rage at all our expense?
What has your trained Ape done to provide compensation for the food, beer and services he consumed as your guest while he left his rooming house because he couldn’t pay the rent or the bills?
The ignorant, ungrateful and contemptible Israeli kibbutz Ape then screams at me in rabid slathering Tweaker-Rage attack mode in my Kitchen with you holding his leash.  Now that’s a pretty picture of your value and appreciation of you friend Kevin; isn’t it Lurch?
My clear statements of impeccable truth passed the webmaster’s censorship.
That is Fact, like Bank Statements, like grocery receipts, electric, internet, gas, day-to-day living expenses and then there is the God Almighty drain for drugs.
You pack of fools, piss poor excuses for primates, either are too ignorant to know or forget that I am paid to post my profiles because of the humor, wit, pathos and truths presented.
That’s how “worthless” I am Lee.
What have you earned for your intellectual talents and skills?
A pending trip to prison at Stark.
A neighborhood reputation as the whore on Dartmouth.
Nothing much other than the kids are all scared to death of you.
Lee, I do know how terrifying that concept of “the truth” the expectation for basic honesty is in your world construct.  Remember that as a team we got you healthy.  Your self-image improved and when I look at photos of you back in April and see you now I am moved to tears by the death-pall the Jew has created by pointing and your inability to feed yourselves.
I am also very intimate with your fear of being honestly loved as a friend. You were delivered respect and admiration, we didn’t have a harsh word pass between us.  Until your Crystal Meth addiction destroyed Tori Beach because I couldn’t sustain it alone and you checked out in March into your delusional world of Cocaine, Crystal Meth and God only knows what other substances in your headlong plunge into insanity and rage.
Your guest demonstrated absolute contempt; Kevin reviled by a common gutter whore for beer attempting to masquerade as the “Beautiful Creature.”
Outrageous, and without any substantiation or cause and you endorsed and manipulated it and that position by your paranoid delusional behaviors; your manic and bi-polar acts that are all documented, witnessed and recorded.
The reality is a Succubus; a stinking lifeless cowardly worm from a rotted pig’s ass.  Those are the most compassionate terms I am able to bring to this discussion of what your Meth-Head hallucinations see as “The Beautiful Creature sleeping next to me.”
It demonstrated almost as much lack of achievement as its admirer but then, Lee, you did finish your school with the reward of a Key West stay at my expense.
You remember that Lee; you trashed my place and just walked away demonstrating then as you do now the level of contempt you hold yourself in and that is projected onto everything around you in your existence.
Lee I do love my friend Lee but you have no life.  You exist from one high to the next, from one fuck to the next from one 4 day orgy to the next.
Maybe you should consider becoming a sperm-donor?
Oops; I forgot, you came to live with me because of your diagnosis of HIV+ didn’t you?  Maybe it was the syphilis; I’m not sure.
Be proud of that Lee.  Your friend of over a decade opened his home and heart and you poisoned it.
Take ownership of just being a filthy fucking pig, a worthless piece of shit lower than the primates you invite in who hold your house-mate in contempt and diligently work to physically assault at your encouragement.
You and it really demonstrated your appreciation of my hospitality and value of our home, for my birthday celebration too didn’t you?
Did it get your little willies hard to bring the thief Riley back for another primate romp?
Did you divide the cash he stole or did you even become aware of that crime against me?
Not only will I continue to follow my bliss but I will make their and your Meth-Headed, miserable, paranoid-delusional and cowardly lives the Hell they deserve as you and they have worked diligently to create in mine.
Poisoned my Parrots in May.  How wonderful a thing to do to living jewels that I loved and cared for 30 years of my life.  How clearer a statement of threat against Kevin than to murder those that he loves?
I don’t need to hide like the addicts and cowards you demonstrate playing juvenile games that, in the final assessment, define your malicious intent to do harm to me.
Demonstrate the depth of gratitude you hold for your friend who opened his home and life to you.  Displays a malicious intent that is clearly attempted murder with culpability spread across the communal ego mass and accountability coming sooner rather than later directly to you, Lee as prime suspect, again.
That, dear friend is a promise; no threat at all.
Are you clear on that issue of YOUR AND THEIR CREATION?
And in answer to your question of: “How do I KNOW?”
In this instance it is the exact same way I “know” your puppet Charlie was feeding you the responses from me on the phone text. That is now public record too.
As the slimy lying sack of shit worm did on numerous occasions prior providing me opportunity to sabotage your plans.
Lee, you forgot that I stay at least 3 steps ahead of you and any of your minions all the time while working and providing an income and maybe you should just take some time to decide who got played.
I clearly understood your howls of “Kevin’s Con” but the reality is I just played you by beating you at your own game. Oops, you all loose.
Would you like to hear some recordings of the conversations we had that you felt provided you the tools to induce suicidal depression with the back-up of forced chemical overdose as planned?
I “Knew” exactly why you were so shocked that Scott was sleeping in my bed, that Ivan was sleeping in my bed, that the old 3-Eyed Troll had a bevy of beautiful boys in bed.  I didn’t have to hear the conversations to grasp the level of contempt your guest and you delivered toward me.
I was set up to be the jilted lover who kills himself.
Too bad that steady stream of college boys playing out back gave me enough warning to set up and complete the misdirection you and the “beautiful creature” were forced to deal with.
That’s why I made the scene by slamming the door to cover the removal of the bedside water bottle of G your “beautiful creature’s” and your fingerprints are all over.
Lee, that’s why your Primate Display practice run with me prepared me for your premeditated “trigger.”
The “Nasty Old Queen” to quote Jim had to flip out over that to allow you to do the deed of murdering me by overdose.
Lee, it is because of these facts, these real events that my heightened senses and friends have provided me the way I “feel” the malevolence of the “beautiful creature” regardless of where it is and have known where you are nearly 24/7.
How do you feel now Lee knowing that my link to you, my friend whom I love very much, is a powerful tool, indeed a weapon should I decide to wield it against any one of your minions or tricks.
This gift is how I rapidly identify your cowardly attempts to hide in newly created profiles.  (Are you wearing matching Tee shirts yet?)
On Grindr, BarebackRT and several others.
I could care less who you couple with.
That’s what twisted your noodle and caused your “perfect crime” of murder by suicide times two now; had you been successful, to fall apart.
You were almost a worthy opponent on a couple of occasions but mostly you are just a second-rate clown without the talent to induce a laugh, a tear or even sympathy for your failure.
What a pussy-whipped coward you’ve become at this vile Jew’s hand and before the bitch’s Bat mitzvah.
How will you ever feel safe again knowing exactly what the”beautiful creature” truly is in this existence, this world that you “feel” like you’ve “been through before.”
I heard those comments as confessions of a plan and was rewarded with a water bottle of G.  Even if that water bottle missed the intended victim, me, the one who consumed it would cause a merde maelstrom of police activity focused on me and that too would be a solution to your “problem” of Kevin.
Lee was clear with me that in his ideal world he would have: “Maybe 4, 5 or 6 playmates but would not ever marry or give up his freedom.”
I made no objection then or now because honestly Lee; I just don’t give a rat’s ass.
You’ve had a free-ride from February, for all intents and purposes at my expense, and your first mistake was thinking you had an easy mark.
This gift of “Knowing” is how I hear your lies on the intake of the breath.
This gift of “Knowing” is how I understood your abandonment of me in my time of need friend with “Dave Dube called” lies.
This gift of “Knowing” identified yours and the “beautiful creature’s” thievery rapidly.
This gift of “Knowing” allowed me to identify exactly where you and it were from long before you left in disappointment that I wasn’t dead by suicide or poisoned by the Drain-O & Battery Acid recreational chemistry you consume and pedal.
The poison that you, it, Frankie on 4th Ave N, Dave Dube and all the runners spew into the world for a few measly sheckles defines your ignorance and inflates your arrogance to levels that are downright comedic to someone like me.
Honestly Lee, I do love my friend Lee but that Lee doesn’t exist now and all by the choices and the underhanded actions you’ve made.
Your despicable choices and acts with that revolting Frankie on 4th Ave N, Dube, Michael and your cast of thousands are matters of record.
This is the very same poison that twists your vision so gutter-slime and septic tank flotsam become “beautiful creatures.”
It is almost Basho & Sora perfect, a haiku waiting to happen were it not so absolutely and completely self-destructive and overpowering in septic stench from the green teeth breath to the horrific diet gas.
The poison that Frankie on 4th Ave N injected into my world is much more than any of you idiots and morons’ Keystone Cops routines could accomplish and there is a price to be paid for that now that will not require me to lift a finger.
Start praying rapidly that the next pretty boy you induce into the life of poison, lies, paranoia and fear doesn’t carry a badge.
Again, to quote you: “If I have my world and others have their world; why should I give a shit about anyone else?”
Exactly so Lee; I’m living life large by your professed standards.
Why is it OK to give yourself a pass on those levels but I am attacked, ostracized and delivered your peers-in-addictions venom for speaking truth to lies, creating beauty and a powerful positive energy point while calmly doing battle for my life?
My precious Imps, my parrots were murdered by poison intentionally while I was busy watching out for yours so you didn’t get done in on accident.
For Christ Sake Lee I am honestly surprised that you and your minions didn’t do just that.
How is any sane human able to reject honest, unconditional love for the corrupt, the putrid stench of primates poisoning themselves and shitting on everything near?
All of this is with the orchestration, endorsement, encouragement and blessing of my friend Lee, whom I still love very much and offer a hand up in rescue now for the last time.
Obviously, as Robbie observed, I love Lee more than he loves himself and that’s defined from the company he keeps and what he does to his body and mind.
That factual statement is a clarion peal of truth through the cacophony of howling, prissy, Napoleonic Primates unable to rise above the level of their dicks and living off the family fortune because none are able to be productive by their own choices.
Get yourselves prepared well now and do it as fast as your cowardly ass fled from your responsibilities to run drugs with Michael; to become the paranoid delusional Meth-Head we all love to despise.
Move as fast as that venomous, lying “Beautiful Creature” moved his stank ass in to feed off my wallet; suck down my beer; destroy our home; and shit on Tori Beach as only a fear-based, ignorant, conniving primate Jew is able to justify within that stinking green-toothed slobbering gob spewing Meth-Rage; fueled with the amplification of carefully fed private information provided by none other than the all-knowing, all-seeing, always paranoid-delusions of Lee; its trainer.  All while fucking it senseless with the 8th Wonder of the World defining Lee as the horrific bad-seed and primate-puppet-master pulling strings and inflating issues by preventing resolution for over a month to insure his attack ape was ready.
All of this is crowned by the alcoholic pickled excuse for a brain that is the whore for beer as demonstrated when it was shoveled up out of the gutter as just another Ape, a meaningless piece of meat intended for Kevin but he rejected it out of very accurate and highly honed self-preservation instincts and it though it got the brass ring.
It thought it was breaking up a happy union as an additional damning feature of just how vile and disgusting this stinking piece of primate shit is.
What a colossal farce and absolute circus you created for my enjoyment on your birthday.
You know the one you didn’t want Lee?
Isn’t that right?
In good primate fashion you shit on that act of unconditional love and respect of your request.
What a delightful creature you are.
That didn’t work to push me over the edge either.  Oops.
The real poetic justice of all this is; now the “beautiful creature” of your Meth-Head hallucination goggles will leech from you on levels you have no possible concept of but Lee: I KNOW.  Has it told you of the coming inheritance yet?  That is the only possible motivation I could ever see you being attracted to as vile a mean-drunk as it demonstrates and it is Larry’s sloppy seconds with a reputation for violence.
Really Lee; how much money has this buffoon claimed he is inheriting?
You were just too curious about my assets and truth be told; I am my only asset and the mistakes I’ve made are my wealth and security.
That, more than anything else in your bait-and-switch bi-polar games defined, for me, the con.
I’ve been to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and I know the difference between a devout Jew and this worm from a rotting pig’s ass displayed on a table with the apple of your balls crammed in its stinking gob in your primate display of contempt and pure paranoid insanity intended to incite me to suicide.
Meh, Mozeltov and better luck next time bimbo brain.  Christ Lee, I am freaking blond from birth and I stayed light years beyond all of your horse and pony shows and had a few of my own playing on the sides just to keep myself entertained while working, cleaning, picking up after you and your disgusting tricks asses and loving Tori Beach.
Just goes to show that where there is sand the lowest life-form rising to the top of the septic tank will be the Jews, the Ghetto of poison within which you chose to dwell.
Lee you are so gullible.
Don’t you know that every broke Jew in the universe has a $2 million inheritance coming to them?
Poetic justice when someone works as diligently as you do to get something for nothing.
Cheers, enjoy your labors fruits.


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