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Terrorist Tuesday

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on December 17, 2013

Terrorist Tuesday 12.17.13

Can’t see the forest through the trees.

Finding new ways to deal with Toxic Primates and Poisonous Personalities is a cheerful Holiday fact of life for me and many humans of my acquaintance within their family ego masses or the office party or even in the Malls and Box Store Shopping venues.  We’ve all experienced the proverbial “urge to kill” when confronted with a sibling who is an absolute asshole or bully. That obnoxious primate muscling and pushing to snatch for goods to the extreme of taking something out of someone else’s hand.  We’ve been there and done that; experienced or seen the primate acts of less than human self-involved “I, Me, My” Twinks, Twats and Totally Tweaked-Out Twisted Tourists.

(You know the ones who need magnetic boots to keep them down and you are absolutely sure they are from some other planet).

You, gentle readers, are able from this experience to grasp exactly how I feel; what I’ve experienced in life over the past several weeks and months while dodging proverbal bullets, avoiding poisoning or embolism while being dosed by primates with G, threatened with overdose by slamming T.  Murder by Suicide was the intent but, blond from birth me, tread where none other dare to rescue a friend whom I love very much, and failed.  I saved myself through instinctive fear-based response although tempered through my human and not fully consciously processing of all data (the primate is predictable; the human not so much). The data presented on limbic levels processed and returned to consciousness with love of self first, for a change, is the energy attacked by the primates, the pack. 

The reality of having my Imps poisoned as a threat to my person; a warning as it were from primates living in fear of the truth didn’t register until confession by the perpetrator. 

The big ole St Pete Sasquatch was just too busy putting out brush fires built to distract and doing battle.

Then there was the “Man with a Gun” who came to Tori Beach in September (Makes note to self to check text messages and becomes enlightened to just why there was no response. Why the trip to Plant City as whore for Dube and the lie of Dube calling to come by.  Click!)

Therein lies the proverbial “rub” with all these experiences: 

The variety, the texture the energy from the ego masses in conflict.

The pillow talk from the malicious mean-drunk & druggie of Frankie’s on 4th Ave N’s acquaintance and playpen.

The Randy and Kevin’s misdirection to obtain attempted murder weapons with only the fingerprints of two of the 8 involved

The history of the players and the reality of the moment.

The reality of the brain-damaged to 90% of the participants and their inability to recall what they did an hour ago much less May, June, July, August, September and the fluid cast of characters.

The truth; that elusive collection of facts, occurrences, trends and outside documentation as well as eye-witness testimony.

As I’ve moved through grieving and growth; come to understand the true connections and inspections.  I know in my heart of hearts that if were I to have denied self; deny any self-worth or self-identification; adhering to the Primate Pack mentality; then I would still be within the fold of those intent upon my personal destruction for being true to myself and an upright honest human.

The Charlie “Lee’s friend” is the nexus where the second perfect murder hinged.  Oh what a useful tool that one was, is and always will be; but it “doesn’t drink hot beverages.”  Charlie is a “Christian/Mormon/faithful follower of the flock but his flock is the pack of feces-slinging Primates with no spine at all, no directed intellect to his name.  Charlie only does the bidding of others whenever he uncurls from the basket in the corner of mommy’s kitchen having grown tired of self-fellatio only possible in those without a spine at all.  Charlie would slither in after his work as the cashier of his career dreams always with an intention and not ever of his own free will.  Low-life primate puppet demonstrated and recorded.  Turn the page Charlie; “TURNING.”   (A reference to the movie “The Boys In The Band” that these culturally deprived and absolutely depraved Queer Boys could never comprehend.)  I understood clearly who, what, where, when and why Charlie would appear and the intense displeasure his presence brought with understanding of who the boy was working for today. 

One step ahead of them and probably closer to 3 steps by mid-July for the Birthday Lee “never wanted” and “Never asked to explore BDSM” either yet Michael and submission parachutes happened and his injury was “accidental.”

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

The foundation of this attempted murder is on the shoulders of the one who accomplished the last “murder by suicide” and it thought I wouldn’t know.  It coined the “The Buckets of Bullshit” as self-descriptive and accurate as the “Living of Other people’s money” of the co-conspirator in attempted murder, the 14 hours a week career mean-drunk, drug addict and Israeli attack ape in training. 

Frankie, you prissy, poisonous, Napoleonic drama queen; a real faggot’s faggot has now 4 out of 8 connected directly to his prissy ass and Crystal Meth trafficking ass where he introduces the addiction to pay for his habit because he is a cheap bastard too.

Dave Dube was much easier to program and prime and Lee’s use of this tool expected, understood and only became transparent when one of the participants of the Plant City whore-run fiasco became twisted and spilled his guts without knowing exactly who I am or who was with me on that occasion. 

The Little Dave and Dave and stripper girlfriends known too and fed exactly what they needed to hear and to know to keep the pack of trained chimps jumping through my hoops on my will while Dube “had a breakdown” because he knows that this gig is up and he will flee the country leaving Little Dave and Dave to hang for his bullshit.

The Randy; unknowing but highly educated and exceptionally observant with the documented skills to produce exactly what was required to poison anyone and the reality of Ricin in the coffee grounds.  How lovely it is of me to maintain not only the note the nasty waitress left in the coffee pot but the idiot left the little envelope with the Ricin residue on the counter next to the coffee pot.  Sloppy and another graphic ignorant Primate act of contempt of self.

On Brian, on Brad on Frankie and Tony the tale of this pack is far from phoney.  The shit that they spew, the shit they consume is hardly worth telling from now through June. 


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