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Weekend Warrior 01.11.14

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 12, 2014

Weekend Warrior 01.11.14

Life goes on here on the beautiful Grand Verandah of the Mobile Mansion in Pine Lane.

Over the past several weeks I have come to a place of forgiveness for me rather than for anyone else.  I’m settled with the absolute vile nature of Meth-Heads and Tweakers alike and will not tolerate any of them within life ever again.

My friend Montgomery Lee Freeman is dead to me as sure as his cadaverous visage still inhabits this world.  There can be no more repulsive a dynamic duo than Lurch and the Waitress as demonstrations from the Lee & Jim show provided for me.  Primates at best.  Say La Vie.

The Trailer Park Boys are taking on a definite Salsa flavor and I really think this is the South of the Border invitation…

In typical form for me; I’ve taken the Primate Feces flung at me in this life and turned them into the proverbial gold as the alchemy of writing allows me.  The perspective is clear and the position from me more valid than any escape into chemical alteration.  So for Lee (aka Monte, Montgomery Lee Freeman) the only possible path is the one he paves with each push of the needle.  Self-inflicted suicide by needle…

The rebirth is on the way, hope springs infernal and all that rot.  Jorge called last week and again this weekend.  He is in Miami this weekend and off to NYC then back to Honduras.  I am having the urge to run back south for a couple of months.

Update on the Kisa, Ukranian Cunt:  Attacks Kevin in a fit of rage.  Living in the Trailer Park Boys reality.  The War of life moves on.

The story of this Ukrainian Cunt is the same from Corey as always in picking up a stray off the street and sticking it in the house.  There are more than enough disposable kids, primates, mentally ill on the streets to make this an easy habit for one to prey upon those that have-not, do not have power, voice or skills with which to obtain them..


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