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Weekend Warrior 01.25.14

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 31, 2014

Weekend Warrior 01.25.14

The City of Punta Gorda Police through (officer?) Mr Terry Chow, their fine representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and Local Realtors demonstrated on 01.03.14 exactly why they are the backwater cesspool for Florida with the comportment of some of their finest representatives and Police Hell-Bent on criminalization of Citizens for the exercise of their rights to free speech.

While waiting on a future client at the Laishley Crab House, 150 Laishley St, Punta Gorda, FL 33950, and having a legal liquid libation, Corey’s New Jersey Asshole Friend, Raymond David Clark, approached a group of Punta Gorda’s (and I emphasize GORDA) finest citizen representatives in his never ending quest to find the next great jam session.  I was not present for, nor did I witness the verbal exchange between Mr Raymond David Clark and these women of “high community stature” but I know that Corey’s New Jersey Asshole Friend didn’t obtain the answers he expected and consequently, politely, told the group of Punta Gorda’s finest citizens to “Go Fuck Themselves.”

Shortly thereafter, having sipped my vodka and tonic to the half-way point where one has twice as much glass as is necessary; an Estrogen Tidal Wave, Ms Jeri Perrales, materialized claiming “not to have witnessed” (She was in the bathroom where she forgot to flush herself down with the rest of the feces) the alleged confrontation but demanding “apology” from the New Jersey Asshole Raymond David Clark.  This Barking Bitch continued for 4 times to demand behavior from Mr. New Jersey Asshole Raymond Clark.  To the New Jersey Asshole’s credit he did not succumb to the bullying tactics of this barking bitch Jeri Perrales but STOOD HIS GROUND which inflamed the barking bitch into making threats of calling the police to have the New Jersey Asshole Raymond Clark “taken care of.”

In response, at this point I made clear to the Barking Bitch, Ms Jeri Perrales, that Mr. New Jersey Asshole Raymond Clark was not going to apologize to her herd of braying Cows now or ever and that she would be best to remove herself now as requested not once or twice but 4 separate times by Mr New Jersey Asshole Raymond Clark.  This brazen Barking Bitch Jeri Perrales was determined to continue her confrontation and escalated by charging closer to Mr. New Jersey Asshole Raymond Clark and myself continuing to  demand her apology. At this point I am sure that Mr New Jersey Asshole Raymond Clark felt at risk of his life and safety and he presented a Tazer to the face of this Barking Bitch Ms. Jeri Perrales as I suggested that she just go away as requested.  Mr Asshole New Jersey Raymond Clark told the Barking Bitch Jeri Perrales that “if she were a man he would just cut her balls off and feed them to her but since she was a raging cunt he would just cut off her tits.  Now leave bitch.”

At this point the Barking Bitch escalated her attack demanding apology to her herd of braying cows who are “Upstanding citizens of Punta Gorda” while being nothing more than foul-mouthed bitches who were, in effect, the foundation of the altercation and graphic examples of why Punta Gorda is the backwater septic City of hate as demonstrated.  The Barking Bitch Jeri Perrales then threatened to call “her husband the police officer” and have the New Jersey Asshole Raymond Clark run through the wringer.

At this point the female bartender, obviously inflamed by the Estrogen Tidal wave of Jeri Perrales delivered the bill to Mr. New Jersey Asshole Raymond Clark requesting that he (and we) leave their establishment.  To which we complied.

As we were exiting the building the policeman Terry Chow appeared and the results are upon the City of Punta Gorda.  A policeman, a doddering doughnut recepticle who refused to take a statement that is contrary to what he wants.  A fucking ignorant cop determined to arrest someone and the idiocy is clear as he repeatedly pointed out that “you are a funny guy;” to Mr Andrews.

The partner in this crime, a policeman who wouldn’t provide his badge information and didn’t have a pen so someone else could make a statement contrary to the Barking bitches swarming and drooling over the super-sized Mr Terry Chow.  This officer “didn’t have a pen.”

The clear intent of this officer Mr Terry Chow was to criminalize Mr Raymond Clark for what he viewed as an unwarranted brandishing of a tazer and contrary to this bloated bigot’s opinion; Mr Clark was well within his rights under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Laws to defend himself from the Barking Bitch, Ms Jerri Perrales and her bevy of buxom beauties all a little too long at the feed trough for normal civil humans clearly threatening to and delivering on “throwing their weight around.  All that was required was the conspiratorial actions of Mr Terry Chow and the fiasco is complete.  A clearer travesty of justice, a violation of all civil human behavior initiated by the bevy of buxom,too well fed, barking bitches from which Ms Jerri Perrales operated on her unilateral decision that based on her gender she and her peers deserved an apology.

Not in this lifetime…

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