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Same Love 02.03.14

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on February 3, 2014

Same Love 02.03.14

The year of the Horse is our New Year opportunity.

More than the Hebrew New Year and “atonement” is denigrated by denial as demonstrated in 2013 by Israeli Attack Apes trained by Lee.
More than Meth-Rage and raped bank accounts created outrage and displacement of responsibility.
The reality today for Kevin is one of THE PHOENIX arising from the ashes, with the Wolf Guide, is upon us in the now with the drumming tempo of a Mustang stampede.
Torii Beach restoration proceeds in the now at the capable hands of this author.
Kevin wallows in the joy, the bliss returned to life and the light of his luminous being drives the simian sub-humans to hovels of fear of exposure of their own constructs.  The accusations hurled by primates more self-descriptive than true.  The resurrection guaranteed by Impeccable word, thought and deed as the foundation for consistent reality.

For Kevin the attachment fades and the Wolf leads to golden fields and emerald forest far from the poison pastures of the addicts and self-loathing primates wallowing in their own excrement.
Kevin forgives the poisonous primates for their ignorance, torture, flung feces and malicious mischief founded in their willingly altered brain chemistry and reality.
Kevin forgives them for the health of self in a miraculous balm born from Gestalt in love, compassion and preservation of self.  Self-preservation through transmutation of putrid poison spewed at a dog-loyal and loving friend by the hateful addict Lee and his poisonous peers in their constant quest for Battery Acid and Drain-O salts to smoke, snort or point while building an, unfounded in fact, paranoia that very self-descriptively for Lee accuses:
“Living off other peoples’ money,” or
“Checking-up on him” in paranoid rants.
Delusional to the point of accusations of:
“Climbing up ladders to be a peeping Tom.”
Installing locks and then inviting in known thieves. Slithers away in same of being loved out of the clear recognition of just how vile and simian the unspoken demands of a demented child.
Kevin forgives the lies; the intentionally-inflicted pain; the carefully calculated betrayal of trust; the denigrating expectation that a human would “just ignore” the lies, the fraud and endorse the slow suicide of a once trusted friend.
These are the pure primate lymbic poisons founded in fear from undeniable recognition of truth as the only possible explanation for the motivation of this sadistic and vile assault on Love, Trust, friendship, truth and companionship in the day to day business of life.

Kevin’s humanity, triumphant intellectual alchemy, by providing “forgiveness” burns brighter, longer and deeper than any super nova star in the Universe and is closer to God’s heart than any garden.  The reality burns brands into the Primate’s lymbic cores forcing their self-recognition and disappearance in shame and self-loathing.

“I love my friend Montgomery Lee Freeman.” Kevin would innocently confess but, he grieved for his loss of this friend long before the murder of Red Sided Eclectus parrots, his Imps, his muses across 30 years of honest life and unconditional love.
Surviving attempted murder himself several times over in the final 3 months of subversion, betrayal of trust, premeditated acts too obscene and sadistic to be human built the position; a publicly planned and executed foundation for one more “suicide” for Lee to enrich himself again.  The pattern clear, the history undeniable and clearly recognized, disarmed through absolute destruction of the environment Lee & Peers flung primate feces across in their ignorant, arrogant contempt of the hand that fed them.
Kevin “got it” that it was “important” to paint him as the jilted lover.
The Gospel Truth is:
Kevin was mourning the slow suicide of a young man who once was worthy of admiration and held as equal. Observing the torturous slow death of a brilliant mind that at one time spoke nothing but the truth but now buried in “Buckets of Bullshit” became an agony for Kevin beyond Dante’s wildest imagining.  Seeing Lee; this at one time glorious luminous being Lee, now exposed as underhanded sneaky primate by Montgomery Lee Freeman’s own choice to lie.  Lee is now known by his choice of companions and addictive substances while delivering more delusional contempt than any human could possibly be expected to withstand toward Kevin as his tool to exit.
An honest human who once lived from an upright position of Self-Responsibility reduced to a violent babbling ape as Lee demonstrated drove shards of glittering agony through Kevin.
A luminous being wrapped in the light of pure love without attachment while rejecting that core concept of Kevin and delivering contempt and malicious intent to do lethal harm for his own amusement proved more than Kevin could withstand.

Kevin went as far into the DE-evolution of Lee that this addiction created as he dared.  Then Kevin dove further down the rabbit hole for Lee than for any other soul on the face of this Earth in this experience.  Kevin, willingly risking his life, health and future to be there when that hand-up was needed for his friend Lee whom he loves very much and forgave from a state of grace compelling Kevin to plunge even deeper.  Kevin’s respect of and for Lee was founded in the reality and recognition that all any human truly owns in this life is their personal mistakes feeding the downward spiral.
For we humans who understand the great mystery love’s enrichment of the beloved creates and selflessly support the beloved know divine bliss.
We who wield the great mastery of loving and letting go, in sublime acceptance of each individual’s path, are wrapped in pure bliss and rewarded a thousand fold in rapture and joy.  We who authentically love are the harmonic tuning forks of humanity.

Kevin is blessed to be in wonderful company on this journey life.
Kevin and his peers and companions live within compassionate cloaks of luminous beings for guidance and enjoy protection from higher powers while having to walk among the murderous primates, the culture of animals today.
It is this foundational bliss, this faith in future, faith in love that remains constant in love and living a loving experience through life in the now.
Forgive the Primates.

This is the tool to relieve suffering.
Celebrate the Sorrows and Joys founded in the human ability to love; to recognize the great mystery of love, to selflessly give unconditional love, care and concern for one’s fellow travelers in the now.
Peace, Love and Joy to all.
Follow your bliss pilgrim.

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; the wild beast may wound your body but an evil friend will wound your mind.

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