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Sabbatical for Sanity 03.26.14

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on March 26, 2014

Sabbatical For Sanity 03.26.14


Things come into life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  The timeless nature of this is clear…


Of course things don’t always work out right.

I’ve either been tea-totally insane, locked in mourning, overwhelming grief or plunged to the depths of absolute suicidal depression for the past 6 weeks.  Yeah, I know I should just get the fuck over it all but getting Torii Beach Chronicles poured out is most important to me now and hopefully lift me into a brighter future.

It’s past time to just move on and I’m moving although not very sure just what direction at this moment.  I’m holding fast to taking one breath after the other, have gotten rid of all the fucking medications, thankfully and moved through that  nightmare of fighting off the urge to bathe with the toaster or swing from a rafter.  These SRI (Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) gone from my system means I’m getting all my receptor sites back and unleashing the playing field to infinity again is never easy, fun or without risk.

As a macabre footnote here: “Leaving my brain to science so they can examine in depth the ganglia, the neural network constructed in a Gay Man’s brain, post stroke, cocaine, LDS, Psilocybin Mushroom washed, THC moderated, T, G & X obliterated, nicotine and sugar stimulated with just a little caffeine kicker and peel of semi sweet dark chocolate having altered my ganglia to this point.  What a lesson for them. (The Scientists)  An ambidextrous, gay man’s brain with language skills and visual spacial memory and modeling to equal any engineer on an intuitive basis, a fine artist, loving friend and Loner.”  Wow, just slice me up and clone me.  Can you imagine the neural network I could build.  Look at the flexibility of these 3 pounds of mush…





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