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Terrorist Tuesday 06.03.14

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on June 3, 2014

Terrorist Tuesday 06.03.14

I’m Back after a long absence, excitement like homelessness and absolute despair, illness and coming to understand that this world is full of ill humans who self-medicate and just have no concept of what friends are all about.  Through the course of this experience I’ve learned who true friends are, reconciled to a degree with family and still maintain my independence at 59 in the Sunshine State of Florida.


Happiness is an inside job.

Among other aggravations in life the Huffington Post has now moved all of their commentary platform to Mark Zucherberg’s Facebook and I’m not posting political commentary on Facebook anytime in the immediate future.

So I’ll fill in a little history here.

Montgomery Lee Freeman is latched on to the 3rd victim since attempting to murder me.  Lee is now in Palm Harbor with a Brucie where a new camper and a Methed-Out mindset rules.  I still miss my friend Lee, whom I love dearly, but his choices are his choices.

It was just a year ago the death of my Imps tripped me into the suicidal depression. 

With incessant attacks from the lying, thieving Meth Heads doing what their chemical alterations do to their brains, I became the object of their paranoia and hate.  I still grieve but have come to a point of acceptance with the reality of now taking precedence over any past.

To my credit, I did construct Torii Beach and built a brief and shining Camelot, a utopian happiness that Lee figured prominently in maintaining that happiness.  It still breaks my heart to think of what could’ve been had I been more focused. I did my best and that wasn’t good enough and that’s OK now.  I know that the self-preservation instincts triggered were accurate and will never again ignore what the 3 pounds of gray matter deliver to me.

Keeping positive focus when confronted with the poisonous persons who attached to Lee’s dick was impossible for me.  Odd how that just spews forth here a year later.  I felt no jealousy then and I don’t now; the always present and all important “Other” was always there and always will be.  The history since Torii Beach defines the depth of depravity that Lee chooses as his life and I’m content to not be involved at all.  the vile and ill primates with whom he chooses to associate are gone from my life and that’s the best thing that could ever happen.

I cleaned out the Corey and his schizophrenia is now in full bloom.  Corey demonstrated clearly that his goals in life are being as much a leech and liar as Lee and these energies, these primates are not worth the effort to maintain any relationships with now or at any foreseeable time in the future.

So Gentile Readers, I thank you for your patience with me in this time of healing.  My best friend and mentor in life, Theresa Carr has passed away in this period of my silence, Leaving a huge gaping hole in my life and consciousness in her absence.

Cuyler Paine, whose birthday is today, one of the kids I “rescued” and got back on the right track, fell off the wagon and committed suicide too.

The final blow to me was the death of Martin from the Island House.  Again in life I find myself as I was in 1986 having buried loved ones, friends and peers upon whom I lavished love and dependence in caring for them as a Right thinking, Right Speaking, Right Acting adult.

We are all creatures of energy and stardust and I know when my time comes that my energy will be again joined with these souls who blessed me in their lives with love, friendship and caring.  They are all sorely missed and life is strangely twisted as a result but my tasks here are not complete yet…

For me, a year of therapy with the psychiatrist and therapist is helpful but no real solution to the real and lasting damage to self that I accepted for far too long.  Loving someone unconditionally, like a brother, takes a strong soul and the risks are always great.  There is no winner or looser in this.  There is only the reality of solitude and satisfaction of being true to one’s self..

Torii Beach Chronicles are on the way to the Publisher with BBC America and the attorneys still dukeing it out.  I’ve thrown up my hands in disgust and just keep working.