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Suicide Sunday 09.14.14

Posted in Creative Construction by activecitizen54 on September 15, 2014

Suicide Sunday 09.14.14

Suicidal Sunday is here!


The Blue Jays are out in force this morning doing their ‘Crash Gordon,’ no holds barred, stress-test the stubby-wings & tail while priming the landing gear for the inevitable bounce, as the peanut is snatched-up in bill, as only a touch & go, aircraft carrier ship pilot is able to appreciate. Raptors have nothing on these fighter-pilots of the sky either, with the Jays’ absolutely fearless attack on anything viewed as a threat to their home turf. Just thinking about the math these blue-missiles of energy transference live, calculate trajectory and plan, instinctively imbued, and my poor physics mathematician brain goes into overload.

The only creature that I hold more reverence for is the Hummingbird. Hummingbirds truly live in the now and hold the ability to fly backward. Add iridescent plumage, a pure and fearless heart that will look you in the eye and their helicopter pilot life is envious.

The Bushy-Tailed Tree Rats are snatching up peanuts from the deck too, bouncing around as if on a trampoline, acting as if they owned the place while I simply utilize them for Cooper’s Hawk bait. These silly acrobats have decimated the hibiscus blooms all summer, climb across the screens on the lanai for their entertainment, all while the wooden fences become highways with the utility lines and poles as expressways.

Today is one of those days when I am absolutely amazed at just how fearless these critters truly are. Just as in my childhood, the natural world knows I mean no harm and do no harm. I am an ethical human holding respect of & for life.

The great pain and agony this morning is the general economic condition life in the United States it exists today.

President Eisenhower, still only a General, is the point where I entered this experience of American life. Spawn of McCarthy? No, the anti-Thesis is more accurate. A true American, Butch Dairy Queen Naturalist, second generation for 75%, the remaining 25% from Native North American, very resentful for the Illegal Immigration of the Western European.

We don’t ‘blame’ or ‘shame’ in our way of life. Mother Earth, Family, Tribe & Nation are upheld, revered and protected with body & spirit given to me from this place. At my instinctive genetic drive is preservation, harmony and union with this miracle that is you & me.

That is perhaps much too high a standard to hold the Western European to with their Missionary of Hate telling lies, fomenting hate.

The “Savages” they must exterminate.

Convert or die?

It is way too late.

Learned in our lodges, this Congress & Senate, with all in agreement for those the People sent to represent, by vote in their houses or actions of valor. All People represented from all Nations connected by family, freedom and Tribe, vote now in our Counsels by voice all duly elected. The Elders debate and then engage the Tribes, all voices considered and then decide. We live by agreement with nature and all others.

Your Democracy, as practiced by we Native North Americans, is corrupted by Corporate Zombies, Cannibal Cults, who take your money and enslave all with fear and guilt. Their Poison & Toxins now injected into Earth, our Fountain of Water’s blessings, once pure, now is lost.

What they did to our Nations once strong, true and proud, is boiled in oil pulled up from under ground to where we all must live, to fly in the air. Poisoning all that we breathe. That’s truth of the wicked wampum you worship. Legitimized Bribery, Theft, Terror, Torture and Treason, Politics Polluted as sure as this Earth by the same Zombie constructs your law reveres.

Murdering the Sea’s blessing with glee, the streams, rivers and mountain tops too, polluted and hollowed-out or spewed on the ground. Now pulled up and pushed up in termite like mounds. Like ants in the hive, their group-think confirmed, their industry burns, churns and rapes all like their cattle and sheeples, in fear of their self-extermination, too ill to retaliate.

Where is the Eagle? Owl, Falcon or Hawk, replaced now with drones, planes and bombs, spying eyes where we walk.

The Moose, Elk, Deer, Bison or Antelope no longer roam the plains free. Replaced with your boundaries, barbed wire on me.

The fish in the streams, no longer fit to eat, are marinated in chemicals you spray into all that we eat.

The Smog and pollutants into the mountains and sea bring special promotions of Mercury & Acid Rain now eating the seas and the trees.

The Reefs are dying, our Mother Earth’s lungs for carbon sequestration like Coral Reefs, Mountains and Trees are flaming and spewing, bone dry soon will be, from the fever Mother Earth is running from your coal and gasoline.

“Clean Coal!” You may puppet-like decree, I admire BLIND-FAITH.

I chose observable reality.

The storm fast approaching will grind out this madness.

Mother Earth is resilient, like the Phoenix from the ashes, seen many changes through the ages laid down in the rocks, like Trilobites forgotten the eons still pass. What kind of impression will your fossil cast? Its not just your future you kick in the ass, but all that’s before you because we just don’t last. Until you return the very same substance you are addicted to and burn, into this Earth, you are the Global Terrorists & Genocide of Suicide Sunday’s birth.

This Earth is my Mother, Father & Siblings in life now, so ask how do you treat them?  

I may look to see all.

Stand tall, take a bow.

Its Suicide Sunday each day that unfurls, this Oil, this Meth-Like Addiction is in this Matrix revealed.

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  1. chamblee54 said, on October 26, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    I was repeating a story about the four agreements, and it had a link to this blog. I decided to stop by. I hope this suicide business is just a story idea.

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