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IPad Savant

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Ipad Savant

Idiot Savant? Who is she channeling today?

Is this what her God told her to say?  PolitiFact has something to say on Michele Bachmann.  This is the embodiment of the Republican Cults of Jesus Crazy Inc.

Just pure Right-Wing Hate Group Hate, as reported in Joe.My.God.

The Audit and End the FED push is on.  We must keep up the heat!  We will not be satisfied with the Chris Dodd Corporate Communist Collusion and Cooperation Act of 2010.  In a Huffington Post article today another layer of deceit is exposed by these arrogant greedy suits.  Turning pinstripes to Prison Stripes is the goal and it’s getting closer.

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc, Arizona Republican Dictator signs racial profiling bill into law and demands everyone be guilty until proven innocent.  This on top of the much abused and too often used “terrorist” exceptions to the Constitution as GITMO and Pheonix indefinite detention centers continue to expand.   Sister Screech aka Sarah half-term Governor turned Grifter whole-heartedly with her little book-burning half-functional brain driven to distraction by Religious institutions being stripped of US Taxpayer funding endorsed this action on the stump of the last Tea-Tard brigade. It seems the national currency in Arizona is now chickens, especially for medical care.  Could this be a ploy to get the convention traffic replaced by seniors seeking cheap medical care?  It will take a bigger miracle than that to replace the Arizona economy after the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc influence.

Tax the Church

The Echo Chamber

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The Echo Chamber:

This graphic video of the Tea-Tards is the best example of the Jabba the Rush, Glenn Beckistan and Faux Noise effect upon America.  Find an ignorant class of people feeling dispossessed, inflame the racial aspect, spew the Lies and perpetrate the Oligarch’s fraud by divide and conquer, lie and spin.  Most recently New Gengrich describes this group as the “Militant Republicans.”  Break out the wheelchairs the Tea-Tards are on the way.

This is the Republican pogrom of Hate and Fear-Mongering Lies and Fraud perpetrated against the American Sheeple from Michelle Bachmann’s crazy Cults of Jesus Lies out.  This is the reality created by Faux Noise lying, by Sister Screech Sarah and her 7 Mountains Mandate of treason.

Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes Republican Cults of Jesus Inc lying machine, the fraud reinforcement propaganda machine.  The Koch brothers astroturf movement is cheaper than buying the Congressmen and Senators required to do what these ignorant tools can accomplish by drawing off votes from Republican Cults of Jesus Inc endorsed candidates.  This is what the Oligarchy build to reinforce their lies and insure their positions of privilege on the US Taxpayer welfare.

And this just in from the Arizona Republican Cults of Jesus Inc:

Why profile?

First they came for the Gays and I remained silent.  Then they came for the Jews and I remained silent.  They targeted the Latinos and I remained silent.  Now that they come for me there is no one to speak.

Make no mistake about this being one more step in the war on the United States Citizens.  Should you be accused of being an illegal alien; you must carry your papers to prove your innocence; with guilt at accusation and the whim of the law enforcement.  This is not Liberty and Justice for All.  America is not the land of the WASP.  America is not the land of the “Christian” or the Jew or the Islamic or the Buddhist.  America is a diverse nation and this is Gestapo abhorrent.

This from the Huffington Post is a graphic example of what’s wrong with the system.

If you are a deficit hawk then you’ll love me.

From FireDogLake Hell Hath No Fury:

Lehman’s failure is fraud from 2001, Bush, The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc to the very rotten core.  It’s not criminal because it’s the government.  Hear the FED’s position in all this.  The Repo Game, yee haw.

We have in place RICO Laws that cover the recovery of the funds stolen by this Credit Default Swap and Derivatives game.


Today’s LOL discovery from BradBlog:

End the Drug War.  Begin disbanding the police systems put in place to maintain this failed prohibition to feed the Pharmaceutical, Tobacco and Alcohol lobby and line the Oligarchy’s pocket with their criminal support of criminal drug trafficking bringing in almost as much real cash as their rape of the US Treasury or their rape of the banking consumer.  The Trillion dollar savings applied to education may keep the teachers on staff.

Why do we have Military Troops in Honduras, Columbia and Panama?  Why do we have active bases in 192 countries and territories around the globe?

End the wars and bring our troops home to protect this “sensitive” border.   The border rush is a direct result of the Oligarchy being over thrown in Mexico and we as common peoples will fare much better with a legalized and normalized drug trade and equal economic opportunities.  Grow it at home and get rid of all the criminal and government influence.  Problem solved.  Those that grow and use will and those that don’t won’t.  Whose business is it what anyone else consumes or does to their own body?

Let’s get real folks.  Roe v Wade determined the fundamental right to control one’s body and that’s why the Cults of Jesus Inc are so dead set against it.  Prior to Roe v Wade the Church controlled a woman’s body and they want those uterus back under their proverbial thumb.  The same is true for Alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs.  What is this?  Because you can afford to physician shop like Jabba the Rush you can be an addict legally in the USA?  Stop the insanity, save the money, build the economy.

Bring our troops home to defend our border.  Now there’s a position that everyone can get behind.


Bits and Pieces:

I’ve been a bit distracted the past several days with some health issues so please forgive any incoherence.

There is somewhere out here in cyberspace a movement working to force a new Constitutional Congress (I’ll research and link) and that’s a solid plan that can work for us to clean up this mess quicker than the children, the purchased politicians on Capital Hill demonstrate time and time again.

A New Constitutional Congress is a wonderful opportunity to get:

1) A Federal Balanced Budget Act as a Constitutional Amendment.

If we lived as these Purchased Politicians direct the life of this nation we would be imprisoned as felons.  Let’s make that true for them.  If it’s not paid for; if it doesn’t reduce costs; if there is no specific goal accomplished the responsible Congressman or Senator is tried for writing bad checks and upon conviction he or she is imprisoned for life.  Let’s show them what unjust laws like Drug Prohibition cost in a way they are able to understand.

2)Acts of War and Military Control Act Amendment:

The United States Military is never to leave United States Soil without written consent from 2/3 of Congress, Majority Supreme Court Decision, Upon direct orders from a sitting President in the event of attack on US soil and will be subject to ratification by a majority of Congress and Senate in a joint vote taken within 72 hours of the Presidential Order.

4) Defense of Civil Liberties Amendment:

Police are no longer able to be armed.  If a police officer fails to address a citizen with “sir” or “mam” they are disrespectful and with 3 complaints they are removed from this public position.  The police are to focus upon violent crime, white collar crime and there will no longer be the unlimited resource of random income generation from traffic infractions.  Driving becomes a right with examination once every 10 years and license and registration fees are capped at $2.00 and $10.00 respectively.

Business licenses and “professional certifications” are capped at $10.00 and $25.00.

5) The repeal of the Patriot Act and restoration of rights to privacy amendment.

6) Separation of State and Church Act:

The “Faith-Based Initiative” of George W Bush is repealed and the program recognized as an unconstitutional action of George W Bush’s treason and abrogation of oath of office.  All funds paid are to be clawed back; the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Church’s tax exempt status is removed and the Religious organizations deemed to be “political” subject to a 10% tax on contributions, restoration of all property taxes within their State an/or Municipality.

That would be a good start, a drop in the bucket of restoring sanity to the United States.  The Oligarchy declared war on 9/11, reinforced that in Afghanistan, taken off the deep end by Bush lying into Iraq and is threatened today and everyday these “too big to fail zombie vampire Corporate Communists are left to play their games at all our expense.  Socialize the loss and Privatize the Profits.  Then gamble away and strangle the economy by not loaning to small business wiping out the prey.  Not a good idea in natural systems and certainly not “good husbandry” of a nation’s economy by the FED.


Here’s another failure to uphold separation of church and State from Citizens United. Congressional Earmarks for money to religious institutions that discriminate against the LGBT Community.  I feel a letter writing campaign coming.

Of course we have some wins and the Cults of Jesus have one more loss.

The atheist bashing by this blond Faux Noise bitch is reprehensible.  It has been man who brought this nation into being and although you can look at history.  The Founding Fathers were hard drinking, pot smoking revolutionaries were the “terrorists” to the British and don’t you ever forget that.  This is bullshit from the bimbo hawking her Cults of Jesus.  The 7 Mountains Mandate is Dominion and seditious.  Bush being a clear Cults of Jesus 12-step replace alcohol and cocaine with religious addiction Faith Based Initiative put up this smoke screen for the Cults funding and it’s treasonous.

Audit and End the FED.

Shareholders rights changes and a say on pay and voting rights are improvements on Wall Street but they are all smoke and mirrors.

Reform in Washington.  The Lobby surge and the wholesale purchase of the politicians by the Oligarchy, the Plutocrats, the Corporate Communists who have just socialized the loss and privatized the profit.  It’s past time to claw-back this ill-gotten gain with RICO and own the bastards.

Why is Congress doing what the FED is tasked with?  The FED is responsible for the shattered economy, the shattered nation by the Corporate Communists.  END THE FED!

Audit and END THE FED!  Charge the bastards with dereliction of Duty; breach of trust, fraud, insider trading from the manufacture of the scam to the rape of the US Treasury this is a targeted attack.  The current economic condition with fiat dollars is the big lie from these Corporate Communists.  Socialize the Loss and Privatize the Profits?  Nice gig if you can steal it.  How cool is that?  The best way to conduct robbery is to own the bank and the FED owns the banks.

Break them up.

They are still scamming today!

Mr President, let’s go socialist on them.

We need a strong Citizen’s Bank owned and controlled by a board from Executive, Justice and Congressional representation meeting quarterly to hold US Taxpayer Dollars and demand the transfer of those funds and all FED Powers to this body.  The FED is the problem and the FED is TOO BIG TO FAIL!  A private Banking Cartel printing our currency?  A private Banking Cartel that sets it own rules, under Bush enforced none; unless an enemy of the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc.

Watching the Purchase of the Politicians pleading for campaign contributions, creating instant millionaires by lottery of election or purchase of pathway.  Why buy Politicians when the Koch Brothers demonstrate you can buy “movements” like the Tea-Party Republican Cults of Jesus Inc.  Evangelical in their fervor and foundation with the added bonus of captive audiences of mindless sheeple addicted to Faux Noise with time to kill but not enough to become informed.  Sad but too true.

The Banker’s response is priceless: “We’ll just pass any penalties on to our customers.”

Excuse me?  No clearer demonstration of exactly why a Citizens National Bank is required to End the FED.

We have Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac on permanent life support.  Nationalize honestly and fund to restore mortgage lending in the United States by direct to the public home mortgage loans at fixed prime rate and take this business away from the Banksters, the fraud foundation.  Small private banks, Credit Unions, would have opportunity to share in this market once stabilized.  Citizen home ownership is the goal and the Corporate Communists abused the privilege of backing by the government.

Within this Citizen’s Bank the Social Security and Medicare funds reside.  Every American Citizen, effective 2012 shall have a one-time option of cashing-out and playing the open market or maintaining deposit with the Citizen’s bank under your control and providing entitlement to loans equivalent to 80% of the fund without punishment at retirement.  Let’s spread a little economic stimulus.  Move some of that cash from the Corporate Communists to a more socialist position to restore free Capitalism that they’ve held hostage.  Competition for the greedy or food for the lions it’s personal choice just like Roe v Wade so the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc understand why they should oppose it.

We’ll take on Medicare and open it for public enrollment to compete with the Insurance Corporate Communist Vampires.  We’ll negotiate for pharmaceuticals and services and focus on developing new talent in Doctor’s, Nurses, Techs and, if required construct the hospital system required with seamless transition.

The great opportunity in America is that we, the people, have the ability to do these kinds of things.

Funny Day

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Funny Day

Sorry for the late posting; I’ve been distracted.

We’re in a war; they are a bunch of Socialists.  There coming for our…  Take this country back from the Socialists.

I’m really sorry folks but on many levels I agree with these people on the podium on principle but not heckler response inspired.  I cannot condone calls to violence ever and a call to war is unconscionable.  Freedom from Tyranny, Free Speech, The Constitution and Bill of rights but someplace in this disturbing clip the direction turns from equality for all to “equality for the privileged few.”  That’s my sticking point as it were.

I believe in the Presidency of Brack H Obama and respect the directions he has pointed to on many of the issues of the day.  The Republican Cults of Jesus and Koch brothers Tea-Tard Wasps will never accept a black or Democratic President just because of the privilege provided to them by Bush transfer of wealth.  What difference buying a Politician or buying the whole damned movement; right?

I promote voter registration and going to the polls.

We are all Americans although I identify with the pain and the fear, the foundation must be reality and not Faux Noise propaganda.  Yes, I feel threatened by the government.  News from Arizona, Virginia, California, Maine, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire all cause alarm on multiple levels. The obvious Purchased Positions of Politicians who have inflamed and misdirected while the Plutocracy looted are not to be trusted ever.  I feel even more threat from the Theocrats with 7 Mountain Mandates of Dominion and the fruits of those labors in Uganda and the minds of the uninformed.  Perhaps it is a measure of critical thinking confronting reality.

What’s so bad about Socialsim?  This group spewing vitriol is enjoying socialized medical care; I’m not.  The VA Hospitals are Socialized Medicine, Medicare is socialized, Social Security, your money, is socialized elder-care and should be.  The Iraqi citizens get Socialized Medicine and my country won’t extend the same to me?  The Socialist structures are toll roads. I’ll happily pay for my peers and parents care in small portions with every debt exchange coupon but you will never get me to pay Corporate Communist Insurance Companies a “God Almighty Profit” for the right of health care.

It is clear why I fled the Atlanta-tude expressed in the above video.  Give me a patch of paradise anytime. Living behind enemy lines in the heart of the Bible belt with a detour to the 1950s provided me insights I may not have grasped without the experience.  If you think the rhetoric above is seditious, violent, fringe or insane just understand IT IS GENUINE!  These arrogant, ignorant Cults of Jesus Inc group-think, threat to their own foot, pandering to polluted thinking; then remain silent in the Fall.  These creatures are organized in Evangelical Enclaves that extend through Prince Blackwater aka Xe and the 7 Mountain Mandate of Dominion over all.  Deutscheland uber ales. Bush and Cheney Built this machine and we know it.

From 3 years ago:

From 1 year ago”

I won’t do the third repetition; it should be hammered home.

I’m absolutely enraged, completely insenced over the Bush Transfer Of Wealth Campaign.  War Criminal, greatest theft ever and left all the perps in place to do it all over again.  Go figure.

What is clear in the opening video is that these poor, misdirect by the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and the Koch Brothers Tea-Tards Wasps were easily manipulated by Faux Noise into Obama-Hate and one can only marvel at the Rupert Murdock / Roger Ailes propaganda machine’s trial run turned programming al-la Bushite group-think.  I support the First Amendment but there are limits to civil discussion that do not include Lies to inflame and Lies period from anyone representing themselves as “News;” “Journalism” is beyond their grasp with Hannity, O’Reilley, Beck and crew.

Sister Sarah Screech Palin isn’t worth the grifting she’s accomplished.

On the same tone: Michelle Bachman, Mr Braun, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Mitch McConnel all deserve full-fledged Censure by their peers.

We know the tools, we know the results, what’s the cure with 98% of the Population suffering, focused on 2% who are corrupt, greedy Corporate Communists?

You want to identify an “enemy?”

I think I would look to that 2% quickly.

What is good about this Financial Regulation?

The Democratic, “It’s a start.” When it damned well should be; Audit and End the FED.  Restore Glass-Steagall, two years ago so do it now.

Bring the criminal charges, RICO and Recover,  7 billion across 310,000,000 is a $40,000 bonus I could sure use now.  The Corporate Communists and Oligarchy have stopped all credit to the 98% to continue the punishment, inflame the war and enrich themselves at all our expense.  War?  One only needs understand how the FED operates to our detriment, has not fulfilled it’s directive ever and feeds the Oligarchy is not far-fetched.

Resolution authority.  The Lairs rule…LOL

Higher Capital requirements.  When was the last time your private bank got to print you all the money you ever need?  That’s what the FED does.  A private bank printing US Money.

Audit and End the FED.

The FED regulates?  Hardly.  We don’t have to look far to hear Timothy Geithner admit “failure of regulatory oversight” and whine about “not having a crystal ball” while paying off on par.  Way to go Timmy; you are the lynchpin tool alongside your butt-buddy Bernanke who printed the cash to perpetrate the fraud and then did it again for Greece…  Woo Hoo the rape goes on and not even the courtesy of a reach around…

The Geithner Treasury gave away the bank on a Cheney-esqu “Deficits don’t matter” on “on par” or $1 for $1 purchase of “Toxic Assets?”  The same assets they are foreclosing now? Build the house at someone else’s expense with second rate material warranted as grade “A” prime; insure the house, sell the mortgage knowing it will fail, Insure self against the failure of the second-rate warranted as grade “A” prime, strangle the ecomony to torch the house collecting the insurance on the house, for the mortgage and ending up with the house back as an asset to be sold again.

Folks, wake up!  This is the ultimate Scam.  Clinton’s Whitewater led to Bush’s Bilderberg twice; today we see the bones of the Bush / Cheney adminstration.  Torture, Wars, Spying on the Citizens, failing to uphold the Constitution.  I wonder if Dubya ever remembered that silly little oath of office?   Hmmmm? An illegal private standing army in Military Contractors controlled by the Corporate Communists as they’ve purchased the Politicians and push legislation that lets the vampires continue to feed.  The Corporate Communist Masters have cracked the whip and the Purchased Politicians are now going to tow the line and give the Wall Street and Banksters just what they want in an open gambling parlor and failure to break up the too big to fail.  Liars and thieves everyone.

In Arizonia Latino Americans now have to carry immigration papers.  If you don’t look American you may be arrested and forced to prove who you are.  With a McCain endorsement.  There’s something big coming folks and don’t you ever forget you heard it hear first.  This nonsense has to stop.

I keep hearing these commercials on TV about, and clearly stating after video of an IED explosion in Iraq/Afghanistan; “This is what our troops are up against.  IEDs are being manufactured in Iran. Every $1 in gas translates into $1.5 billion for our enemy Iran.”  Sure sounds like a sophisticated run up to war.  Use a non-profit or US Veteran’s organization to air it.  That’s a good Oligarchy, the huddled masses won’t notice.

Watch this closely folks.  The Oligarchy, the Plutocrats have lied us into 2 wars and will not stop until World War is accomplished with the United States as focus for the rage positioned globally.  The New World Order wants you to breed and be merry to feed the cannon fodder need.  They are coming for you now.

There should be a one person, one vote; vote of confidence.  What are the Census returns Statistics?  The rate of return dates could be a great test of good sheeple, bad sheeple for the coming charge of the Theocracy to shatter the Plutocrats, the Oligarchs, The Corporate Communists; do you feel like a pawn yet?  You should.

President and Mrs Obama, please accept my apology.

I hear and understand the concept of “Looking Forward And Not Looking Back.” However, there comes a time for full accountability and with the fruits of the George W Bush Administration and Corruption it’s about time we acted and brought these War Criminals, confront the Treasonous malfeasance and unconstitutional acts of these creeps to trial and conviction.  We must look back and face the criminal history to move forward with a clean conscious, retribution and restitution.

Rachel Maddow had this hysterical re-enactment of testimony from the Georgia Legislature and the “No Humans Micro-chipped” is now the law of Georgia.  Damn, that New World Order is foiled now we’ve got them Gays and the Government at bay.

Georgia Legislature; micro chip implants. in your genitals… ROTLMAO

“MY VAGINAL-ANUS AREA. (A Taint implant!) I’m under the DOD coming before the coming before the US Appeals Court. They voted for the bill…” ROTFLMAO  Oh my… I’ve only loosely quoted.

Life is stranger than fiction could ever be: The Scott Brown, Sister Make It Up On The Spot.  LMAO  What a hoot that piece is.  God knows I love Rachel.  Scott Brown lies about Rachel running and Rachel just keeps calling him out.  Karma is good.

Jabba The Rush is jabbering about the Earth opened up; God may have replied.  God is punishing Iceland?

It’s amazing that England has a mass transit system; France Le Grand Vitei the Bullet Train to immediately take up the traffic from London to Paris, the rail and mass transit systems are all still functioning.  I don’t buy this loss of commerce…  These thieves are just building debt.  A few days or a few weeks they’ll cope with a few derivatives.

The Corporate Communist Puppet who is retiring has identified his intent with the Chris Dodd Corporate Communist Collusion and Cooperation Act Of 2010.  Haveing spent way too much time reading the damned legislation I’m just totally disheartened and understand this will be another Democratic give away and know third world status is upon us.

Restore Glass-Steagall and tear down the “Too Big To Fail” who played ponzi and are caught.

Dorothy Height: “Civil rights are civil rights. There are no persons who are not entitled to their civil rights. We have to recognize that we have a long way to go, but we have to go that way together.” – Civil rights pioneerDorothy Height, speaking to the Human Rights Campaign in 1997. Height died today at the age of 98.

Long time Political Activist David Mixner being honored by the HRC received this video from the UK:

Thank you for your hard work Mr. Mixner.

On a less than pretty front the news out of Jacksonville about Clay Yarborough opening up and doing a full-throated Cults of Jesus act of ignorace and bigotry is best defined as “You shall make no test for religion for public office.”  I think we should and qualify candidates who fulfill the demographics just to insure these kinds of assholes get their bigoted voices heard.  This is one of the best defining acts of the Cults of Jesus Inc in the past few months displaying their ignorance and inability to understand critical thinking or the Constitution.  From JoeMyGod.

And in a somewhat related story:

Seems like a First Amendment issue to me.

And a moment of pure giggles courtesy of Betty White:

It’s over at JoeMyGod for the whole piece.  It’s a hoot.

Edits for future reference:

I was giggling to myself during Rachel Maddow tonight with the “Guns Rights Rally” in Washington DC…  Big ole Bull Dygga nearly made me cringe in a corner…  I was askeert of it.

We have a lot of enemies, in Congress and the White House.  This is all about protecting ourself from a tyrannical denial of rights.  What a pretty crew.

There are better methods of communication.  I like the kids position of Days of Silence.

Michelle Bachmann crazies.

Jabba the Rush requires a muzzel

Separate Is Inherently Unequal

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Separate Is Inherently Unequal

The County took everything and auctioned it off, destroyed a life without any legal jurisdiction or moral, ethical or civil right to do so.  If this one example isn’t a clear statement of exactly why Gay Marriage is a real and pressing issue now of civil rights then nothing will ever bring this to the public conscious.

We are not free until all of us are free.

The demonstration of the remarkable parenting skills and the independent thinker produced is a resounding endorsement of the “alternative” family shown.  Growing up in an accepting and honest environment cannot be wrong ever.

What a depraved interpretation of “Christian” to hurl beer bottles and scream, “faggot go home!”

Even more are the real experiences of children disposed of by “fine Christian” parents:

The eloquence of Hate from the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc never ceases to amaze me.  When I think that these Cults of Jesus Inc invested $42 million in their pogrom of Hate and Fear-Mongering in California when these US Taxpayer funds could go to feeding the hungry, housing the homeless or providing a hand-up rather than a hand-out to Hate I am incensed.

This is the HRC investigating Sarah Palin and the Theocrat exposed.

Is this Fundamentalist Christian Taliban a clear and pressing danger in the United States today?  You bet it is and it’s the largest terrorist threat from within our population that has ever existed.  The Cults of Jesus Inc have found through George W Bush’s “Faith-Based Initiative” the United States Taxpayer funding for their pogroms of Hate and Fear-mongering as demonstrated in California, Maine and Nationwide we must rise up and insure the Separation of Church and State remains in place.

Today 4/20 is National Pot Day.  For all the Potheads who know this prohibition must end:

I’m Against It

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I’m Against It

The above is brought to you by Groucho Marx from 1932.  Think history doesn’t repeat its self?  The Republican Cults of Jesus Party of Hell NO has been here before.  The last time the Banksters and Wall Street Greed destroyed this nation.  See how easy it is to grasp the idea.

Face it folks; the system is broken and we are tasked with the repair because these Corporate Communist purchased idiots on Capital Hill have no motivation, no desire to repair what’s broken because they line their pockets at all of our expense without returning any value for our money.  They sure do make Wall Street and the Banksters rich now don’t they?

The SEC charges of Fraud against Goldman Sachs may be the tip of the iceberg but we all know these Corporate Communists who just destroyed our retirements, raped our house values, inflated the costs of day to day items could care less.  These greedy self-gratifying lying Corporate Communists defrauded you and your children intentionally and with the blessing of George W Bush.

Now where are the Charges of Treason, War Crimes and Torture against the Bush Administration?

Even the Tea-Tards are purchased lock, stock and barrel by the Koch brothers.  The Exiled on line has a great piece defining exactly how.  The Koch Brothers made their money from Daddy who stole crude oil off the Indian reservations and from Stalin in building oil refineries for the Soviets.  These are your Corporate Masters; enjoy the ride.

This is one of my favorite images and is worth repeating:

The Supreme Court; brought to you by…

In this Bradblog piece by Earnest A Canning the real Citizens United case and the results are clearly spelled out.

Stop the US Chamber of Commerce of Velvet Revolution

Unless and until we enforce the personal responsibility of paper people (Corporate entities) by holding the biological people behind them responsible this kind of abuse of humanity will continue.  If the Supreme Court can rule in the case of Citizens United that Corporations have the same rights to free speech as you and I then they must face the same penalties and that means holding the people behind the paper responsible for the actions of the corporation.

The Velvet Revolution has several great pieces about what actions they’ve taken against this Blankenship murderer and the US Chamber of Commerce Corporate Communists.

And this is one of my favorite songs again. The FED; I’m Against It.

One of my heroes in this call to End the FED.

The Founding Fathers set up a gold standard and insisted upon “no central bank.”  The Central Bank has controlled the Europeans and Americans fled that fiat system of lies and fraud against the citizens.  Thomas Jefferson had it right; no national bank.

These lying bastards Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and in this case President Obama have every intention of maintaining their power by control of our currency.  Americans must rise up and destroy the FED to insure our children and our grandchildren’s futures.

This is what the Bush / Cheney Oligarcy brought to us in a Mercenary Army and No-Bid Contracts:

Are we really a “war based economy?”  YES!

Here’s an accurate and enforceable option:

Destroy the Income Tax, just do away with it period.  Working men and women deserve to keep what they earn.  Payday to payday wage earners who are the backbone of this global economy deserve to keep everything that they earn.

Tax the Corporate and Business structures at a rate that accurately reflects what they take from the communal assets and force the government to live within these means.

The government owes us:

National Security:  Bring our troops home, all our troops and get out of 192 countries and territories around the globe.

Personal Security: Police focused on violent crime, a judicial system that works, social support networks that uplift rather than create dependency.

Property Security: Fire Departments and a national forestry service that works.

End the Drug War; this is a failed prohibition and the government knows it but insists upon having slave labor in the Corporate Prisons to feed the war machine.

From Alex Jones Prison Planet and We Are Change on the Bilderberg Group.

Death threats for covering the activities of this group.  Of course Main Stream media won’t cover it.

Some Good News

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Some Good News

Brightbart and O’Keefe’s lies have removed a much needed community resource and a group that made remarkable progress toward civil equality.  Lies, Republican Cults of Jesus, Lies and more Lies are all identified but too late for ACORN.  Faux Noise Lies exposed too.  Isn’t it reassuring?

The Western District Court, Judge  Barbara Crabb, struck down the Unconstitutional “National Day of Prayer.”

The National Day of Prayer was created by Congress less than 60 years ago. And if we look to the Founding Fathers’ examples, we see how James Madison, considered the Father of the Constitution, thought presidential prayer proclamations nourished the erroneous idea of a national religion and how Thomas Jefferson believed that the decision to pray should be left up to the individual.

It’s this vision that U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb of the Western District of Wisconsin brought us back to yesterday. She said that by enacting the National Day of Prayer statute, “the government has taken sides on a matter that must be left to individual conscience.”

Crabb also explained that this does not in any way prohibit any individual, including the president, from praying

“However,” she continued, “recognizing the importance of prayer to many people does not mean that the government may enact a statute in support of it, any more than the government may encourage citizens to fast during the month of Ramadan, attend a synagogue, purify themselves in a sweat lodge or practice rune magic. In fact, it is because the nature of prayer is so personal and can have such a powerful effect on a community that the government may not use its authority to try to influence an individual’s decision whether and when to pray.”

As you can well imagine the Religious Right’s heads began exploding almost immediately upon the decision.  Thank God for wise judicial acts.

On a more personal note the current explosion of Mike Huckabee is hanging on his every word to a college journalism student with the credibility and good sense to record every single one of the bigots words and play them back for all our edification.  Too bad Mr Huckabee; you are exposed and this Gay man raising kids wasn’t nearly anything like having a puppy.  My kids were harder to housebreak.

Mr Huckabee’s great State of Arkansas has correctly struck down the prohibition of single individuals or unmarried couples adopting.

“Due process and equal protection are not hollow words without substance.  They are rights enumerated in our constitution that must not be construed in such a way as to deny or disparage other rights retained by the people.” –  Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Chris Piazza

Whether or not McDaniel wants to further involve the state in this issue may not matter since there are plenty of homo haters ready to spring into action.  The shrill Arkansas Family Council is an ultraconservative organization that, like most similarly named U.S. groups, would be more honest if they replaced the word “family” with “anti-gay.”  That’s actually their focus.  There is some window dressing on AFC’s website, but the association’s primary goal has always been to demonize LGBT Americans and make life difficult for non-traditional families, including the children of same-gender parents.  This is work they do well.  Back in November of 2008, AFC launched a drive to put the initiated ban on the general election ballot and was the main intervenor in the lawsuit. Now AFC spokesman Jerry Cox is saying that his group will definitely appeal Judge Piazza’s decision to the Arkansas Supreme Court.  Coxstates:  “I think his ruling undermines the welfare of children. He overruled the will of the people. It’s a sad day when a judge can do that.” Cox referred to the ruling as “judicial tyranny.”

I doubt the Arkansas Family Council understands or cares much about constitutional rights, and they’re even less familiar with the purpose of our judicial system – but they certainly know a thing or two about tyranny.  Religious tyranny.

The State of Florida had a similar statute and it too was struck down in November of 2008.

The Fundies and Cults of Jesus crazies are working to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would allow funding of religious schools and providing social services much like the fraud of George W Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative that’s funding the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon pogrom of Hate and Fear-Mongering against the LGBT Communities.

The Harbinger of Gratitude has an interesting perspective:

Loss Of Civility

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Loss Of Civility

This coming from a multiple convicted Felon, a drug dealer, a mercenary who sold out his country and that makes him a Hannity Poster Child for the Republican Cults of Jesus.  This should send a clear message to everyone.

We do have a win in Gainesville, FL where the first openly Gay mayor has won the recount.  Craig Lowe triumphs over Dove Hate Mongering Church currently under investigation and hopefully soon to loose their tax exempt status.

This, however, is the real state of affairs in Gay America:

And if you haven’t gotten enough of your crazy for the day:

This 7 Mountains Mandate Crazy Cults of Jesus Cunt deserves censure and expulsion from the Congress of the United States of America.  The reality is that the government, this instant, owns 28% of the “private economy” while 72% remains firmly in the hands of the Corporate Communist Bachmann Masters who ran this nation into the ground with Bush / Cheney’s illegal wars and unlimited spending.  This ignorant Minnesota Bitch deserves a firing squad.  Put us all out of her Cults of Jesus lying-ass misery.  The ignorant bitch is too busy to fact check?

And, just in case you wondered where your “Faith-Based Initiative” Tax Dollars are being spent by the Catholic Cults of Jesus NOM with Brownie and Maggie at the helm; just take a look…

Nice to see the Catholic Church endorse this Governor in New Hampshire.  He even made sure the Church was exempt from having to perform marriages.  It’s nice the Gay Boy Brownie and his Beard are up to no good again.  Keeps them off the street and away from the Altar Boys.

Democrats Speak

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Democrats Speak:

And at the Tea Party Tax Day rally:

Finally some reality-based picketing.  Just so the gluttonous WASP Cults of Jesus Inc, Christianist base of the Tea-Tards understands we recognize bigots, liars and thieves and Republican Cults of Jesus have done enough damage thank you.

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc actions in working to de-legitimize the sitting President of the United States of America, Barack H Obama is one of the most disgusting and Un-American acts ever.  The agenda is clear and your Republican “beliefe-based system” is debunked.  Exposed as liars, thieves and facing criminal charges.  Where are the C-Street Family ethics investigations?

The alarming rise of the Christian Malitias and the increasing sense of terror resulting is reported at Alternet.

This is an interesting piece on White Racism and the culture war.

The View

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The View:

It’s about time.  Thank you Whoopie, Joy and company.  The more we are able to confront the bigots with the truth the better our positions within the communities we’ve lived for years.

The biggest “sin” is the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus spending $42 million US Taxpayer’s dollars on a pogrom of Hate and Fear-Mongering against the LGBT Community.  Maggie Gallagher, Brown’s Beard can be very proud of disseminating the Hate according to good Catholic Teaching.

Mike Huckabee is exposed by a journalist student and hung on his own bigotry from his mouth and just like the Pope; with his pants down around his ankles.

Where’s Rachel’s Follow-Up of the C-Street Family?  There has to be some one of Coe’s lackey’s from Oklahoma making an ass out of themselves somewhere in the world where they can deliver their Cults of Jesus Republican hate.  We haven’t heard much out of Uganda or the “Kill the Gays Bill” that Scott Liveley lies with Inhoffe and Grassley helping craft the atrocity according to Christ of their gin-visions as deeply rooted in addiction as the alcoholic’s 12-step path taking us to war on 2 fronts.

“Terrorists” is the Neo-Con’s code word for Corporate Communists’ demands.

Faux Noise demonstrates how quickly the ignorant can be duped, that’s a scary place for America.  Rupert Murdock, Roger Ailes and the Koch Brothers all directing the crazy traffic…  Glenn Beck and Jabba-the-Hut Limbaugh with the screech sisters Palin and Bachmann round out this Anne Coulter, American Family Association, Porno Pete, Maggie Gallagher Cults of Jesus kind of propaganda machine hell-bent on spewing Hate and Fear-Mongering rather than ever focus on the truth.

Religion has long known the power of the lie.

Politics has long mastered the power of the lie.

This piece comes from VBS TV on the Afghani War.

Terrorists are, by definition, without a country or a flag sponsor, intended to instill terror in “the innocent” in the conflict.  Two wars based on lies, a devastated domestic economy and the Corporate Army in place in the Middle East.  I’m re-assured that the Prince fortune is represented in these “no-bid” contracts for Blackwater aka Xe or whatever name they call themselves today.

You bet Karzi is pissing his pantaloons with the Taliban’s power within the superstitious religious agrarian culture.  Let’s call it a training ground for the Teabaggers and deport them all.  That’s the ticket…

The Tax Man Cometh

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The Tax Man Cometh:

The Republican Cults of Jesus are getting pretty slick at lying and thieving.  This is just too easy to blow out of the water with any reality-based fact check.  So this is what Michael Steele comes up with on his boys’ night out?

And if you missed Dylan Ratigan’s take on how we’ve all been screwed in the financial crisis there is a new enlightenment that even the Tea Baggers are able to grasp.

And this is the kind of Crazy that President Obama elicits from the Republican Cults of Jesus.

The Republicans have traditionally done their flat-out level best to de-legitimize the sitting Democratic President.  The blackmail plea of a mentally disturbed military officer is not compelling.  The truth is that President Barack H Obama is duly elected.

And for the Fine Arts; a 2 min tour of MOMA

And the latest news out of Afghanistan is that Military Contractors outnumber the Military now.  How nice that the mercenary, overpaid, over-privileged, no-bid contractors put in place by Bush / Cheney are still insulting the troops and giving the USA a bad name.