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Just a quick rant from the past and I know you’ll appreciate it…


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Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah,  Merry Christmas, Merry Myth-mass, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Fertile Beltane.  For all we who fall in the category of “Other” all the best wishes for you and yours.  Are you happy now with the “Political Correctness?”  (I seldom raise to this Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc constructed out out whole Cloth as pointed out above…)

This is THE Party weekend across the USA & most of Europe, Russia and the Baltic States, Central & South America and Parts of Africa where the fine Tradition of Murdering those you are told are the “Most-Feared-Other” from those shining beacons of Christian Dominion, Scott Lively, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Frothy Mix, Senator Inhofe & their kind.

The Congress & Senator Critters didn’t waste any time in their Holiday Gift-Giving to the Corporate Super-Person Puppet-Masters right out of Main Street America’s pockets.  Hell’s Bells they even got themselves a brand new luxury limo perk on the Taxpayers Largess.  And, as we all know, the Banksters & Wall Street Fraudsters undid the Dodd-Frank joke of legislation to regulate the Greedy, Immoral Thieves.  By Blackmail and writing their own ticket for Main Street to guarantee their Gambling.  What a lovely and considerate Gift the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc provided for our Largess from Main Street.

Americans have also gotten their very own gift from the Eric Holder and BFF DO-NOTHING Department of “Just-Us” constructed their very own ‘Two-Tiered’ system of Injustice, effectively destroying the credibility of the United States Government to uphold “Equal Justice Under The Law.”

Now this 60 year failed policy of THE DECLARED WAR ON MAIN STREET, The Failed Prohibition has constructed the Unconstitutional Standing Army, the Vile NSA, The Gestapo States of America all for the Sheeple’s fleecing.

All I want for Christmas this year is an end to the Fascist States of AmeriKKKa. 


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Five hundred posts, hum.

An accomplishment.

As I reviewed history for this post with all the political & social commentary out there I, again, find myself slightly amazed that the scores and traffic have reached the heights they have.  With the bright spot of HuffingtonPost gone.  Now HP is one of “them” with their AOHell connections. The contempt of audience that ensued immediately upon their purchase defined clearly intent.

With too much grief and lament I sought out other sites, followed my friends from HP through site after site until, in a fit of aggravation, walked away from it all.  This sabbatical may or may not help. Time alone will tell.

I wish all of you gentle readers a very Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous and Happy New Year.

Five Hundred Posts in this little blog thing.  I’m digesting what the research into traffic and links provides in “insights” to what you’ve felt strongly about and replied.


Terrorist Tuesday 11.25.14

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Terrorist Tuesday 11.25.14


Hovering here on the cusp of the dew, the night sounds soothing in the closeness of the air as only seaside dwellers understand, the wet-blanket feeling dragging me downward to collapse.  The damp breeze pushes heavily laden atmosphere into a nearly magical moonlight and starlight parade.

I am awake and very conscious now for 49 hours.  I meditated an hour last night in walking meditation keeping the cramps out.  Tonight has flown as the sea fog rolls across the tops of the fences, flowing as if under conscious control.  An hour of prone meditation and I’ve been up since.

The only way that this will be cured is to ride it through.  I refuse to take a pill.  I will retire this evening at my normal 11:00 PM.  This should effectively re-set my internal clock.

Now, I freely admit to being just a tad CRANKY, reading the news feeds out of Ferguson, MO.  Perhaps I snapped just a bit too soon, that remains to be seen.

A long time friend, CoinyerOneOOne, from Huffington Post and other news sites made this comment to an article about the Miami SWAT team breaking into the wrong home:

we need a war on stupid cops…,

  • Kevin Andrews God knows I love you Coinyer, I do wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season.

    However, These Cops are NOT stupid. They know their systems and bureaucracy better than the do-nothing Prosecuting Attorney, under Eric Holder’s very own personal guidance and close tutelage.
    The Eric Holder Department of Injustice’s track record isn’t pretty:
    Letting the Torturers free.
    The Traitors, still spewing their Sunday morning vitriol. 
    Holder admits that the Thieving Banksters and Scamming Wall Street Fraudsters,WERE NOT PROSECUTED OUT OF FEAR OF FAILURE!
    Lies to perpetuate the Dynasty of Death’s Wars, to enrich Halliburton, XE, Blackwater, General Dynamics ad nauseum MIC.
    All these are ELEPHANTS in the room of the intentional destruction of America by the 1%’s purchase of these cheap primates on Liar’s Mound.
  • Kevin Andrews I am leaving for Honduras sooner rather than later. At least, in Honduras, as a Citizen, I stand a fighting chance of carving out an honest, self-sufficient, safe and protected home among peoples with honor who grasp REALITY. 
    How many of the 1% are at home in the USA? 
    How many American Citizens fled the first Bush Presidency to Central America and South America? 
    The Second Bush Travesty, more Feces from Kennebunkport flushed into national consciousness by election fraud and a cowardly (or bought-off) Supreme Court.
    The Government Declared War On Main Street with the War on Drugs, our children, as always the pawns as We The People are now painted as THE ENEMY.
    The Fruits of 60 years of legitimized slavery now turned to big business by the “privatization” of Prisons.
    Look at the give-away to big Pharma too.
    Net Neutrality another way they say “Screw You!”
    The Corruption runs through to Ferguson, MO. and every Main Street in this once great nation brought to her knees by Christ-O-Fascists with Sharia Law for all.
    These Bastards in blue, tin badges on the streets, their peers in the DEA and HOMELAND Security Gestapo with NSA spying, leads me to grasp the revolution is expected. 
    Ferguson, MO is Hiroshima with the Big Bertha of Darren Wilson destroying lives of Humans indiscriminately, Sport Hunting Children; stolen cigars or not.
    That may not be such a good idea after all. 
    The 1% will NEVER BE EFFECTED BY PROSPERITY ON MAIN STREET.  These creatures are so Narcissistic, riddled with self-absorption, Greed, with Hate, Gluttony and Pure Toxins of Primate Pollution, that the handful of We The People who are fed this rich slop, will die a slow and tortured death like Citizens at Love Canal, Prisoners being WATER-BOARDED in some GULAG constructed by the USA in our Global Occupation through Christ-O-Fascism.
    The Christ-O-Fascist Missionary of Hate Prey on while the Tokyo Rove choir sings it’s methane blue tunes. Bishop Boner and Cardinal Coal excellent leadership to accomplish the destruction of America, as planned.
  • A real American “success” like, Small Pox infected blankets or the Koch Brother’s Daddy Stealing oil from the REAL NATIVE POPULATION. What about that sense of Dominion and Entitlement brought here by the Western European Invaders.
    Thanks to:
    The Eric Holder and BFF Do-Nothing Department of Injustice,
    The Conspiring FED,
    The Military Industrial Complex, it’s media now polluted with Borderline Personality Disordered Faux Spews & Fiends fairly unbalanced TABLOID TV fueling the Christ-O-Fascist drive to destroy America.
    The obscenity of robo-signing, vacuuming Trillions of Dollars from American  Main Street’s Prosperity; as was the plan when the Banksters made their Savings & Loan debacle now come to full fruition. 
    Slick Willie gave them a test run and then depended on Dubya’s idiocy to succeed.  A few presidential directives to stop the examiners and voi la.
    The Great Recession and now we want to re-cycle Bill as First Lady.
    Look at the performance of ‘Bishop Boner’ of the Holy Republican Cults Of Jeebus Inc’s feeding frenzy for the one percent. 
    Passing out checks on the Congressional floor from the Tobacco Lobby! 
    As for the FED; what Paulson began, Bernanke continued and the contempt of America, Americans and We The People is now repeated ten thousand fold from Skank of America’s stealing your money to cash a check, (drawn on them) to the rape of education through Privatization.
    America today is an absolute nightmare parody of the United States of America I grew up in.
  • Kevin Andrews I think I’m a little cranky here at 4:13 AM EST but I do take great pride and true relief in knowing I am only seven minutes from heaven… Love and hugs to all.
    *Blows Smoke Rings* Symbolic of the three days of actual, We The People’s Business, these Millionaire Lawyers, Liars & Layers of whole cloth lies, legitimized Bribery, Corruption and Graft from our ONE PARTY system proudly crowed accomplishment for SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!  TERRORISTS, ONE AND ALL.
    Look, there are 365 days in a year and from where I stand on Main Street in the middle of this Class War these Clowns are the problem, not the cure. 
    Where is the Military defending the American People from this financial Napalm and the Bush/ChainE “Deficits Don’t Matter!” Scorched-earth exit from the White House. That surely is an Enemy Domestic.
    There are real reasons that Bush boy finished the second coloring book for the Presidential  Lie-Bury and for painting his toes in Tyler, TX.  The Hague is watching.
    Could it be WAR CRIMES? 


  • OUR Public Representatives voted over 50 times to repeal or just not fund the ACA.
    Hello AMERICA!
    Do Americans have Health Care even half as efficient as France or Canada?
    No Americans have Illness Care and Bankruptcy as the Greedy Thieves eat up any assets that the ill may hold to satisfy their greed.
    These Congress Critters are the Meat-Puppets of the lying thieves who blew up the economy to set up the second prosperity vacuum while the Wars of LIES raged on feeding the GREED of the MIC.
    These “PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES” discovered that they can line their pockets best  by pandering to Monsanto, Exxon, CLEAN Coal with more War from Mercenary Americans fueling the problems on the ground. 
    The Corporate Super-Person of the Robert’s Kangaroo Court’s Immaculate Conception, Virgin Birth then Imbued with a Hobby Lobby Soul just like John Roberts Baptized the little honker himself.  Maybe the new “reformed” Catholic Church will accept the books of Roberts & Scalia.  The Church is the biggest Corporate Entity on the face of the Earth.
    365 days in a year and Bishop Boner schedules only 95 freaking work days in a year of doing We The People’s Business?  That’s Contempt of Constitution, Contempt of Office and mostly Contempt of We The People.
    Why not?  The American Sheeple don’t vote.
    So here is the long and the short of it:
    This is a carefully Staged Kabuki.
    Meat Puppets dancing on strings from C-Street to K-Street bouncing through revolving doors doing absolutely nothing except:
    Rubbing the nose of the American Citizen Taxpayers in the feces they excreted by not doing their jobs in oversight, funding or effective legislation for the Health and Well Being of all Americans.
    This One-Party System raped Main Street, Lied us into Wars, Raped Main Street some more.
    Look what they’ve done in reducing America to a 3rd World Nation by stealing wages from labor, not rewarding increased productivity, suppressing education all while pandering to the lowest common denominator as demonstrated in the gent from Ohio.
    Does America have nationalized Health Care?
    America has a half-ass-stitched-together piece of Clingy Corporate Feces in our faces and our pockets.
    The Corporate Super-Person takes a big Duke dump of coal ash into North Carolina rivers, Fracking Chemistry poisoning ground water. What the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s answer to that is; “Give some of those empty park lands to develop, pollute and rape.”
    We have the ability right now to dismantle every Electric Utility and be residence sustaining.  We don’t for the same reason Gasoline goes to $4 per gallon.  It’s greed and these Corporate Super-Persons are immortal in this current atmosphere even though they’ve destroyed that Atmosphere.
    Americans are set to be defecated upon by the Corporate Super-Person’s “Privatization” howl from the Cannibal Cults.
    Look at the astronomical profits that the Sociopaths of Robert’s bouncing babies strips from Main Street.
    There is no investment or reinvestment from Crony Capitalism.
    There is only the obscene greed that drives John Birch Society Spawn to declare War as seen in Ferguson and coming to your back lawn now.
    Go ahead; take a real hard look around you America!
    According to the Media, that may or may not report anything accurately since the Rupert & Roger Road Show of Poisonous Persons Pontificating, AKA, Faux Spews & Fiends fairly unbalanced Tabloid TV, declared that everything that comes from a failed High School teacher is GOTP Gospel according to Huckabee and whatever blond bimbo he can get next to to have anyone pay attention at all.
    Feel Free America because as soon as the Koch Brothers find a way to sell clean air that their industry and rape of the planet hasn’t polluted; you will be billed.
    Four Trillion dollars is what the Dynasty of Death, Halliburton, GE and other “Government Contractors” pocketed off Main Street through the ChainE-Dubya Reign of Terrorists.
    Does America not remember what War Profiteering is?  If not there are several great examples in the Middle East right now.
    Twelve Trillion dollars is what the Banksters & Wall Street Scammers, who make things up instead of making things, stole from American Families’ Prosperity.
    If Minimum Wage kept up with inflation, and these Greedy Thieves profits, Americans would be earning $50,000.00 per year base pay.
    Take a long hard look America.
    The Great Captains of Industry in their greed fleeced Americans in off-shoring.
    The pillars of Academia and Economics sat on their hands, kept their mouths  shut and apparently became blind for SIXTY YEARS while the Kennedy Coup came to full fruition in the ChainE-Dubya Reign of Terror, Torture and lies.
    The Corporate Super-Person Killed Family Farms, Family Businesses and Big-Boxed this once thriving economy into having it’s gonads ripped out by the FED.
    What in Hell is wrong with America?
    Look to the Statesmen.
    What’s that?
    You can’t find any?
    Nonsense, Sanders, Warren, Frankel and a smattering, perhaps a handful in both Houses.  What populates the Hallowed Halls of our government are no longer Leaders of Men but Meat-Puppets on the Kabuki stage inside the Beltway that defecates on you through “Trickle-Down” that is really “PISS ON YOU AMERICANS” from these powerful artificial paper people who now have more freedom of speech than you or I.
    The beaming Mother/God Roberts declared that Money is free speech to insure the vampire squid he birthed completely strangles America in the Greed for the benefit of only those privileged few, the 1% who own them.
    Prepare yourself America.  Your children, your homes, your livelihoods and future are all now dependent upon the whim of John Birchers or any other source both foreign and domestic that can pony up enough cash to Purchase their very own politicians.
    America it is long past time that you grew up and restored this nation and the Constitution upon which it was founded from the SIXTY-YEAR SIEGE OF GREED, LIES & WAR ON YOU.

    Kevin Andrews Please Sister Lindsey and Crash McStain; tell me please what masters you serve because it is NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE now or ever in your pandering called a career while all you do is sleep through hearings.

Suicide Sunday 09.14.14

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Suicide Sunday 09.14.14

Suicidal Sunday is here!


The Blue Jays are out in force this morning doing their ‘Crash Gordon,’ no holds barred, stress-test the stubby-wings & tail while priming the landing gear for the inevitable bounce, as the peanut is snatched-up in bill, as only a touch & go, aircraft carrier ship pilot is able to appreciate. Raptors have nothing on these fighter-pilots of the sky either, with the Jays’ absolutely fearless attack on anything viewed as a threat to their home turf. Just thinking about the math these blue-missiles of energy transference live, calculate trajectory and plan, instinctively imbued, and my poor physics mathematician brain goes into overload.

The only creature that I hold more reverence for is the Hummingbird. Hummingbirds truly live in the now and hold the ability to fly backward. Add iridescent plumage, a pure and fearless heart that will look you in the eye and their helicopter pilot life is envious.

The Bushy-Tailed Tree Rats are snatching up peanuts from the deck too, bouncing around as if on a trampoline, acting as if they owned the place while I simply utilize them for Cooper’s Hawk bait. These silly acrobats have decimated the hibiscus blooms all summer, climb across the screens on the lanai for their entertainment, all while the wooden fences become highways with the utility lines and poles as expressways.

Today is one of those days when I am absolutely amazed at just how fearless these critters truly are. Just as in my childhood, the natural world knows I mean no harm and do no harm. I am an ethical human holding respect of & for life.

The great pain and agony this morning is the general economic condition life in the United States it exists today.

President Eisenhower, still only a General, is the point where I entered this experience of American life. Spawn of McCarthy? No, the anti-Thesis is more accurate. A true American, Butch Dairy Queen Naturalist, second generation for 75%, the remaining 25% from Native North American, very resentful for the Illegal Immigration of the Western European.

We don’t ‘blame’ or ‘shame’ in our way of life. Mother Earth, Family, Tribe & Nation are upheld, revered and protected with body & spirit given to me from this place. At my instinctive genetic drive is preservation, harmony and union with this miracle that is you & me.

That is perhaps much too high a standard to hold the Western European to with their Missionary of Hate telling lies, fomenting hate.

The “Savages” they must exterminate.

Convert or die?

It is way too late.

Learned in our lodges, this Congress & Senate, with all in agreement for those the People sent to represent, by vote in their houses or actions of valor. All People represented from all Nations connected by family, freedom and Tribe, vote now in our Counsels by voice all duly elected. The Elders debate and then engage the Tribes, all voices considered and then decide. We live by agreement with nature and all others.

Your Democracy, as practiced by we Native North Americans, is corrupted by Corporate Zombies, Cannibal Cults, who take your money and enslave all with fear and guilt. Their Poison & Toxins now injected into Earth, our Fountain of Water’s blessings, once pure, now is lost.

What they did to our Nations once strong, true and proud, is boiled in oil pulled up from under ground to where we all must live, to fly in the air. Poisoning all that we breathe. That’s truth of the wicked wampum you worship. Legitimized Bribery, Theft, Terror, Torture and Treason, Politics Polluted as sure as this Earth by the same Zombie constructs your law reveres.

Murdering the Sea’s blessing with glee, the streams, rivers and mountain tops too, polluted and hollowed-out or spewed on the ground. Now pulled up and pushed up in termite like mounds. Like ants in the hive, their group-think confirmed, their industry burns, churns and rapes all like their cattle and sheeples, in fear of their self-extermination, too ill to retaliate.

Where is the Eagle? Owl, Falcon or Hawk, replaced now with drones, planes and bombs, spying eyes where we walk.

The Moose, Elk, Deer, Bison or Antelope no longer roam the plains free. Replaced with your boundaries, barbed wire on me.

The fish in the streams, no longer fit to eat, are marinated in chemicals you spray into all that we eat.

The Smog and pollutants into the mountains and sea bring special promotions of Mercury & Acid Rain now eating the seas and the trees.

The Reefs are dying, our Mother Earth’s lungs for carbon sequestration like Coral Reefs, Mountains and Trees are flaming and spewing, bone dry soon will be, from the fever Mother Earth is running from your coal and gasoline.

“Clean Coal!” You may puppet-like decree, I admire BLIND-FAITH.

I chose observable reality.

The storm fast approaching will grind out this madness.

Mother Earth is resilient, like the Phoenix from the ashes, seen many changes through the ages laid down in the rocks, like Trilobites forgotten the eons still pass. What kind of impression will your fossil cast? Its not just your future you kick in the ass, but all that’s before you because we just don’t last. Until you return the very same substance you are addicted to and burn, into this Earth, you are the Global Terrorists & Genocide of Suicide Sunday’s birth.

This Earth is my Mother, Father & Siblings in life now, so ask how do you treat them?  

I may look to see all.

Stand tall, take a bow.

Its Suicide Sunday each day that unfurls, this Oil, this Meth-Like Addiction is in this Matrix revealed.

Manic Monday 08.18.14

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Manic Monday 08.18.14

Ferguson, Missouri 8/18/14.

The War On Main Street is raging down Florissant Road, with beautiful Military attacks on the Enemy/Citizens of Ferguson.

Let’s just stop and think about that for a minute here:

1) This Suburb of St Louis, mostly bedroom community,once White now has 60% Black, Latino or other culturally diverse Citizens who are denied their Constitutional Right to Peaceful Assembly by the Bigoted, Bumbling, Glorified Hall Monitors holding their Citizens in Contempt. 

The Ferguson Police Department, in this instance, is no better than the Israeli invasion of Gaza and is complete with FAA ordered “No Fly Zones” to insure the Police Helicopters (Think Sarah Palin hunting wolves.) are unobstructed.  A “State of Emergency,” declared by tone-deaf idiots who have no place in the public square and demonstrate contempt of Constitution and their Citizens is in place.

2) The local Constabulary is “Diverse, representative of the community,”  with only 3 officers of ethnicity other than Caucasian.  What a great demonstration of credibility that is from the Police.

3) Michael Brown, executed for Jay-Walking with a friend and witness, dead at the scene with an alleged Drive-By EMS call, is shot 6 or more times by Darren Wilson, recognized by the statements from Chief Thomas Jackson, and the officer leaves the scene of the crime.

4) This Officer Wilson, with his execution for Jay-Walking complete, also defiles a crime scene, responded to by a superior officer, Wilson leaves and the body of Michael Brown left in the street for 4 hours.  This very same police force charged another human with “Getting blood on their shirts” because they beat him senseless just for fun, I’m sure.

5) The absolute acts of a corrupt culture and inept police acts of refusing to provide the name of the Officer involved in the shooting.  This performance of Guilty Glorified Hall Monitors with Military Toys and Contempt of those “damned Citizens,” you know the “Domestic Terrorists & Drug Lords” who live there are contained in the Video History of the Opening Shot of the War On Main Street.  From NY to Miami and Los Angeles this Militarized  Police presents hundreds of times each minute in AmeriKKKa today.

6) The State Police send Captain Ron Johnson who joined the peaceful protest as he is Resident Citizen{The Enemy} in State Gestapo robes being human, humane and compassionate.

7) The Gestapo State strikes against it’s Citizens/Enemy/Most-Feared Other under the guise of “To Protect & Serve” their terrified aristocracy of The Military/Industrial/Congress who, with clear intent to Corporate Super-Person protect against the Enemy/Evil Citizens protesting Murder for Jay-Walking, (choke holds & Failure to obey an officer of the Court, The Law) or responding to shop-lifting, bullying or thuggishness. 

No different than the FBI never having an “accidental or unjustified shooting.”  The fox guards the hen house.

8) Rinse, Spin, Slander, Slur & Repeat methodology aside, America and The Globe is seeing unrest in the mean Streets of a United States Government-declared War On Drugs, War On Main Street, Wars Of Lies with the easily identified fatalities of your and my sons or daughters next. 

Hands-Up, Don’t Shoot!

9) A much loved and valued human being is dead, gunned down in the streets.  Parents grieve, family & friends, hard-working neighbors, loyal to a once great nation, are now “The Enemy” by the very well military-armed, willfully-ignorant and inept Local Gestapo’s demonstration. 

The Police continue to demonstrate that their Loyalty is to the State.  The Citizens of Ferguson are declared the Enemy of the State. 

Attacked and Police Controlled with Military Actions against their peacefully protesting.  The Citizens Constitutional Rights to Assembly and address grievances to the State, the very people they pay to keep themselves, their neighbors, property & lives safe, approach Citizens in fear and contempt because of their knowledge of guilt.

10) God loves Michael Brown.  Michael Brown’s Mother & Father, Family & Future will now suffer this loss.  My deepest condolences to all the Brown Family.

11) Solution?  The Ferguson Cops think that their smear-campaign against a murdered young adult, with no “criminal record.” (An accomplishment in and of its self with the attitudes, the Police culture of, “they are the enemy & we out-gun them!”)  This an obscenity, a reality demonstrated here and now. 

Even if a cocky, thuggish young man reached into the vehicle of the cop; is murder justified? 

Where is the Justice? 

Is Darren Wilson in custody? 

This is Domestic Abuse on a Community and Cultural Scale that is disgustingly Primate from the State and astoundingly peaceful from those identified by the State Of Missouri as being “Enemy,” you know their Citizens. 

How does one in Missouri tell the difference between Freedom and the Police State?

This from the New York Times. “The role of the National Guard will be limited, Mr. Nixon said in a statement. Troops will protect the police command center here, which the authorities said came under a coordinated attack on Sunday night.” The Governor afraid of his Citizenry, with good reason, lifts the curfew.

Were I close enough or well heeled enough I would be there with the prayer that every United States Citizen stand up and shout: “Hands-UP, Don’t Shoot!”

I would love to see America present a unity to send the message now that our political divisions be damned!



I pray for Americans to take an active stand now.  I would be overwhelmed with joy to see Ferguson flooded with Citizens all shouting “Hands-UP, Don’t Shoot!” from the interstate to surround the police until the Feds finish their whitewash “Investigation.”

One should understand we live in Bush-Lite Matrix and that is surely without any concern but profit. 

How is it possibly profitable to divide our Citizens into “Class Warfare” to the Real War On Main Street? 

It is all driven by fear and greed.

The Heist of History complete but the reign of Terror seeks new markets, new fodder for corporate prisons.

Poison our Air our Water too, please may I have another, Sir?

The Wars of Lies are coming home to roost.

5:30 pm EST, OK, update post Obama Statements:

President Obama is into his “Grown-Up Politics” mode.  Blame the victim, praise the system, define a pipe-dream in the face of this reality of this Fascist Government.  More “safe involvement, without boots on the ground” (800 or 1,000 already there) for Iraq. 

Democrats resemble cat-herding idiots (I am an equal opportunity offender). From this Democrat named Nixon right down to the Freddie Kruger Wilson with the Chief Clown in residence being the profusely sweating Tom-ass Jackson and his, Poisoned by Pinochet hero-worship world, brings the new Military toys out to play. 

What an America we live in.

This is no Pissing Match to We The People.

The time is now to come out with full-throated demand for Darren Wilson’s indictment. 

An American Leader has the same future as Kennedy were they to stand against the current racists applications of a War On Drugs that is a War On Main Street that feeds the greed like the Wars of Lies and ego and dick size or Buy-Bulls.  Dynasty of Death and Vampire Squids pale to the Assault on Main Street USA with this Gestapo Policing, FUBAR Department of (In)Justice of the Eric Holder & BFF’s failure through fear.  The System protects it’s own.

Can you imagine a past President being Indicted, brought to trial, convicted and imprisoned?  I can and Iceland did it

Why on God’s Green Earth Can’t We The American People?

The myth of American Exceptional-ism still exists.  Americans may be proud of being Number ONE, 1, uno, einse & hold that place twice.

We are first in an apparent racist rush in IMPRISONING our fellow Citizens for non-violent crimes.  A real Global Example of sharia law so feared in front of the cameras for all to see and the growth industry of Corporate Prisons Inc.  How compassionate and completely Draconian is the Failed Prohibition?

The Wars ON:

Drugs, Main Street USA, On Journalism, The Constitution, the “Terrorist,” the Women of the USA, Privacy War, War, War.

Americans are damned well just War weary and your greedy fat cat inherited cash ass is no better than mine.  Will Rogers Said it best in the last Gilded Age:  “America has the best Government money can buy.”

A real American Leader stands up and speaks out as FDR did and as President Obama has the opportunity still; hope springs infernal.

A real American Leader stands on the platforms of all those that came before him and a real opportunity exists RIGHT NOW to make the shift, push the change and tell this Nation’s Greediest that the 50% tax, the Social Security Cap removed, the proceeds to direct aid to American Main Streets and businesses brutalized by the abuse of Vulture capitalism and in dire need of facing Social Responsibility. 

A real American Leader has a Congress willing to Invest in the Nation they Raped in 8 with “Deficits don’t matter” ChainE/Dubya reign of torture & terrorism.  They aided and abetted in The Heist Of History and what is more fitting for the Dynasty of Death but profit from War, unrest?

That’s really the bottom line of this.  Where is the integrity of soul required to stand in the bully pulpit and repeat FDR?

Then just freaking do it.

November is coming…


Freaky Friday 08.15.14

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Freaky Friday 08.15.14

The house is quiet this morning as I’m getting my coffee on the patio.  Florida Summer is here and I love this steam-heat and tropical rains.  I am in my element here with sunshine and cool sea breezes gently nudging the palm fronds into whispers.  I’m doing OK today since the back has decided to repair its self again although I’m sure it will jump up and bite me again it appears as if we have a truce today.  That’s a good thing for me.

The past few weeks have seen the escalation of the War On Main Street with murder by Gestapo Police recorded on camera with choke-holds and the Militarized Police showing off their Army surplus toys to intimidate after having gunned down an unarmed teen in Missouri while refusing to disclose the name of the officer responsible.  It is all too clear that this Gestapo of the Government’s creation is Hell-Bent on the oppression of the people.

The System of Government is intentionally broken and at the root of this lies the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc as the Meat-Puppets for their Corporate Masters.  Our Democratic Republic is purchased and we are all paying the price in loss of liberty and opportunity within this once great nation brought to her knees by the ChainE-Dubya Administration and continued through the Bush-Lite of Obama.

At no time in American History has a political party declared War on the American Citizens but the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc have done that since the shredding of our Constitution by the ChainE-Dubya administration of Torturers, Traitors and Treasonous bastards who lied us into war for their own enrichment.  These histories of the Dynasty of Death and Part 2 are the clearest statements of just how America has become the Gestapo State. 

We have a Do-Nothing Congress and worse a Do-Nothing Department of Injustice with Eric Holder & BFF letting the Banksters and Wall Street Fraudsters walk free and by not bringing charges against the War Profiteers and the Administration of Lies and Treason.  Add to this a racist and bigoted Reich Wing Tea Party driving the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus into insanity and War On Main Street and the demise of America is upon us. 

The murder of the United States of America began with warning from Ike Eisenhower about the Military Industrial Complex, continues through the assassination of John F Kennedy who cleaned house because of the “Northwoods Document” and was set to put America back on a Gold Standard by taking the ability to print money away from the FED.  Murder is what was achieved in that instance and it is clear that Murder will occur again with anyone attempting the same.  Nixon & Reagan’s “War On Drugs” was the declaration of War On Main Street and our Constitution with the birth of the Nanny State of corporate welfare.

Judge Jim Gray says it all and says it best in his Six Groups Who Profit From The War On Drugs.


The opening statement is more than enough for any right-thinking, right-acting American Citizen to understand just how vile and low this once great nation has sunk.  Our Representatives on Capitol Hill take $4,000.00 (based on $50,000.00 annual income) and send it to their Corporate Masters from each one of us yet only $360.00 goes to all food stamp, welfare and social relief funding.  Add to that the bloated Military that steals 35% of the revenue proceeds from America to piss away in their Global Terrorism.

It is long past time for Americans, for America’s Main Streets to rise up and bust the balls of these lying thieves and terrorists who inhabit Capital Hill.  Vote in November or be the victim of your own folly as this nation turns Christ-O-Fascist…

Weird Wednesday 07.23.14

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Weird Wednesday 07.23.14

Now just hang tight as the Christ-O-Fascists start howling.  I love me some Romanovsky & Phillips and you don’t have to worry about the kids.  They’ve been singing these songs already…

Yesterday was Montgomery Lee Freeman’s 36th Birthday.

Hump Day Happiness 10.30.13

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Hump Day Happiness 10.30.13

South of the Border

South of the Border

Yesterday morning, bright and early on the bus and down to south St Pete to the psychotherapists provided me some sense of empowerment in life of and for me.  It’s making the adjustment to life of and for me that is most difficult at this moment.  I am now two weeks camped out at Richards place with the cable and internet installed so I may continue to work here as I did at home on Tori Beach.  Lee’s last appearance was on Friday and, much to his credit he did keep his word to help me get to the psychiatrist.

(The great humor in that is the reality of just how he “helped” get me to the psychiatrist with that nasty mean-drunk and no count Vienna sausage-dicked JAP gutter snipe and his manipulative games and primate displays.)

I know I probably should have cropped off the dangley parts when I had the opportunity but I didn’t for the sake of reality press.  You do know how I live and breathe to keep things real.

Anyway the topic here is me (for a change) and I’m doing OK today.  Feeling worn out but that’s just the lack of sleep since Saturday.  Yes, I’ve had great difficulty sleeping since seeing the psychiatrist but it was Lee who did the damage that keeps me awake doing the required repairs.  This display to the left is what The Lee did for himself to “show-off” and “provide motivation” for me while I was working on the phone in the front office of the Gardener’s Cottage on Tori Beach.  I’m thinking this photo was taken 8/28/13 or close to that.  I suppose Lee didn’t think he had the hooks set deep enough yet to accomplish the desired ending and, thankfully, those hooks were never set because I just wouldn’t allow it.

The pain created by Lee on Friday arises from his clear intentions and his vile attitude that is founded solely within himself as is everything Lee.  So for me, doing this is therapeutic and displays the very essence of what this emotionally handicapped creature, this manipulative monster, the Bad Seed Lee is all about. 

I wounded myself in forcing Lee to keep his word.  After not seeing or speaking to him for 3 weeks I pushed and got my way.  I’m sure the wounds are equal on both sides but then again for Lee to be wounded he would require a conscious and that’s non-existent.  This is the man who “uses” others to gain what he wants now.

The image is important only to me but for me it portrays the fundamental and essential lie and foundational fraud of the narcissistic creature captured in digital imagery here. 

The good news is that Jorge Villatoro and I spoke yesterday about getting the hotel and ecotourism business up and running into Mezapa, Honduras and I’ve agreed to assist in the funding for that project as well.  Here I go pleading to the mafia for a million.  I may end up married to accomplish this but it will be well worth the suffering.

During the course of the day today I spent a small amount of time and sent this email off to Lee:


October is nearly over and in a strong desire for closure, resolution for myself, I am compelled to impose upon you for a brief moment here.  Thank you for your indulgence.

I miss my friend Lee.  I hold no ill will toward you nor would I ever wish you any harm now or ever. I pray you obtain all you desire in life and want you to know that I do love my friend Lee now and always.  It is because I do love and care about your health and well being that I addressed honestly and directly the addiction and the behavior changes that are damaging to you and clearly damaged me. 

Do you understand that Lee?
You have clearly and intentionally damaged me.
You employed intellectual intimacy and used others to accomplish this.

For me to heal I have to bring myself to a point of forgiveness and compassion for you and mostly for myself. 

You’ve been very clear that your intent now, as from May forward, is to inflict as much pain, deliver as much venom and poison life in any and every way you could manipulate inclusive of the use of others.  I see this, I know this and I forgive you for your foundational fraud and basic lie of life in your betrayal of trust and total departure from truth and reality.

Lee you came to share a home with me, WE found and CREATED Tori Beach as a cooperative effort.  YOU began the sabotage and destruction founded in your resentment and dishonesty in March nearly a year later (11 months to be exact).

I do forgive you and want you to know that I spent the happiest year of my life living peacefully with my friend Lee who I do love and care for but I am not in love with.  I would be happy today living with my friend Lee but the creature you’ve become under the influence of crystal meth is obscene.  The liars and thieves with whom you associate disgusting and without any redeeming qualities and unwelcome in my life now or ever.  Those are your choices as the current life conditions demonstrate with my active destruction of Tori Beach.

The record is clear that it was and is my financial failure that created the destruction and I remind you one last time that you are and were held harmless and without liability while being FULLY INFORMED.  It was and is with your full knowledge and totally above-board as I struggled to meet the demands of maintaining Tori Beach.

My resentment began with your crystal meth induced paranoia, your obscene demands to turn OUR Home into someone else’s closet and the obscene use of the nasty JAP to drive the wedges you obviously required to move on.  Ask yourself Why?

Lee, I do forgive you and wish you happiness and fulfillment in this life.

You defined clearly the creature that you aspire to be and that is not acceptable to me.  I pray you receive all you desire in this life, that you are happy and that one day, my friend Lee may reappear.

Your friend, who loves you,


Terroist Tuesday 10.29.13

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Terrorist Tuesday 10.29.13


My sensitivity levels are off the scale and beyond the charts after seeing the psychotherapist today bright and early this morning. 

I pushed Lee into taking me to the psychiatrist’s office last Friday; in effect making him keep his word to me. I clearly viewed this then and now as a self-inflicted wound and truly enjoyed delivering wounds of my own upon him as rapidly and fluently as I was able while maintaining the appearance of civility.

After sustaining the 5 months-long terrorism of Lee’s chemically induced paranoia; the manipulation of the Jim’s Jewish Princess issues compounded by their economic warfare with A/C cranked down, windows thrown open and sustaining the $350.00 to $550.00 power bills, then  having the nasty mean-drunk Jew feeding off my wallet and out of my refrigerator and cupboards.  I am finally feeling some relief.  I have taken refuge with friends and that too is a tremendous disappointment to the vile gutter-slime creatures as demonstrated because I am not homeless, wandering the streets being criminalized for being homeless.

I do have to admit that I am gratified that Tori Beach is denied to all.  I am proud of my and Lee’s and my accomplishments with Tori Beach but I am not proud of the paranoid creature my friend Lee demonstrated then and continues to demonstrate now.  It is vile and disgusting, a walking cadaver, a mere husk of primate who now plasters his emaciated form on line.

Karmic Law will not be denied.  The players are on notice; Karmic Law will not be denied..