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Manic Monday 2.23.15

Posted in The Cost of War by activecitizen54 on February 22, 2015

Manic Monday 2.22.15

The Rudy Guliani idiocy from the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc is raging as complete distraction as the real news of American Terrorism directed by Nazinyahu’s ownership of the Congress & Senate is buried, covered-up, and purely ignored.

More than ever before in life I am completely disgusted with this once great nation now turned to Global Terrorist for the Israeli Crime Syndicate.

Weekend Warrior 08.23.14

Posted in The Cost of War by activecitizen54 on August 23, 2014

Weekend Warrior 08.23.14.



The Constitution is a living document that leads me to the positions, often resembling the blond in me, of absolute amazement from seeing contemptuous and UN-Constitutional actions from Government Officials. 

The bigotry coupled with corruption of soul, the culture, the foundation creating execution for Jay-Walking, Murder by Strangulation, the absolute Contempt of Humanity that exists today within & without AmeriKKKa.  From  the Gateway to the West, the Heartland of America is under attack.  (In my humble opinion.)

The bloated and abusive Corporate Super-Person, The Dynasty of Death, The Propagandist Tabloid TV , with images designed to discredit, denigrate & demonize the Citizens that “Corporate Super-Person” intentionally creates as “The Most Feared Other” today.

From the smoke-screens in Ferguson to Central & South America and now the Middle East, AGAIN, playing War because of things like: The Eric Prince flight to Dubai, Halliburton Bloat, Al Quada, The Taliban and now ISIL is the “Most-Feared Other,” the enemy Citizen on the streets of Ferguson too, The Corporate Army is here.  The War Profiteers need to feed their greed. The Bansksters & Wall Street Fraudsters have vacuumed the prosperity off Main Street in economic embargo through Obstruction of Congress. 

Every bomb dropped is a Wind Turban, Bullet Train or an entire Community Educated and fed. Why do we imprison more humans than any other government, for a plant, or chemical? 

The War On Drugs long declared.

To enrich the Corporate Super-Person.  Citizens are the Enemy and the imprisoned; a revenue source vacuumed off Main Street. Congratulations American Citizens; you’ve become a valuable commodity, soon to be traded.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” The Preamble.

This is what OUR Constitution guarantees to the Free Citizens of the United States. 

There are no curfews, no Militarized Police creating riots, by their own Contempt of “THE ENEMY Citizen.”  Using Tear Gas, manipulating a national scandal to distract the Citizenry to allow inflaming the “New Perpetual State of War” that this United States Government, by the power of corporate interests only, turns the Citizens of Ferguson, Mo. into that “Most-Feared Other” or “Domestic Terrorist.”  Always required to manipulate the unaware, the less-informed of this Nation’s creation too.

Look at the charming Reich Wing behavior from a Northwoods Document and Gestapo of Holy Christ-O-Fascists, Fearful fundamentalists, who bite the hand that feeds them after raping the “Global Economy” and clearly declaring WAR ON MAIN STREET.

The “Bill Of Rights,” amendments to the Constitution are here for the New York City Police, Ferguson too, for your clearer understanding of just who serves whom. 

To Serve & Protect?



Military Equipment and Assaults Prior to Curfew?

The Gestapo State is watching, 1984 long past fruition.


Manic Monday 08.18.14

Posted in Creative Construction, The Cost of War by activecitizen54 on August 18, 2014

Manic Monday 08.18.14

Ferguson, Missouri 8/18/14.

The War On Main Street is raging down Florissant Road, with beautiful Military attacks on the Enemy/Citizens of Ferguson.

Let’s just stop and think about that for a minute here:

1) This Suburb of St Louis, mostly bedroom community,once White now has 60% Black, Latino or other culturally diverse Citizens who are denied their Constitutional Right to Peaceful Assembly by the Bigoted, Bumbling, Glorified Hall Monitors holding their Citizens in Contempt. 

The Ferguson Police Department, in this instance, is no better than the Israeli invasion of Gaza and is complete with FAA ordered “No Fly Zones” to insure the Police Helicopters (Think Sarah Palin hunting wolves.) are unobstructed.  A “State of Emergency,” declared by tone-deaf idiots who have no place in the public square and demonstrate contempt of Constitution and their Citizens is in place.

2) The local Constabulary is “Diverse, representative of the community,”  with only 3 officers of ethnicity other than Caucasian.  What a great demonstration of credibility that is from the Police.

3) Michael Brown, executed for Jay-Walking with a friend and witness, dead at the scene with an alleged Drive-By EMS call, is shot 6 or more times by Darren Wilson, recognized by the statements from Chief Thomas Jackson, and the officer leaves the scene of the crime.

4) This Officer Wilson, with his execution for Jay-Walking complete, also defiles a crime scene, responded to by a superior officer, Wilson leaves and the body of Michael Brown left in the street for 4 hours.  This very same police force charged another human with “Getting blood on their shirts” because they beat him senseless just for fun, I’m sure.

5) The absolute acts of a corrupt culture and inept police acts of refusing to provide the name of the Officer involved in the shooting.  This performance of Guilty Glorified Hall Monitors with Military Toys and Contempt of those “damned Citizens,” you know the “Domestic Terrorists & Drug Lords” who live there are contained in the Video History of the Opening Shot of the War On Main Street.  From NY to Miami and Los Angeles this Militarized  Police presents hundreds of times each minute in AmeriKKKa today.

6) The State Police send Captain Ron Johnson who joined the peaceful protest as he is Resident Citizen{The Enemy} in State Gestapo robes being human, humane and compassionate.

7) The Gestapo State strikes against it’s Citizens/Enemy/Most-Feared Other under the guise of “To Protect & Serve” their terrified aristocracy of The Military/Industrial/Congress who, with clear intent to Corporate Super-Person protect against the Enemy/Evil Citizens protesting Murder for Jay-Walking, (choke holds & Failure to obey an officer of the Court, The Law) or responding to shop-lifting, bullying or thuggishness. 

No different than the FBI never having an “accidental or unjustified shooting.”  The fox guards the hen house.

8) Rinse, Spin, Slander, Slur & Repeat methodology aside, America and The Globe is seeing unrest in the mean Streets of a United States Government-declared War On Drugs, War On Main Street, Wars Of Lies with the easily identified fatalities of your and my sons or daughters next. 

Hands-Up, Don’t Shoot!

9) A much loved and valued human being is dead, gunned down in the streets.  Parents grieve, family & friends, hard-working neighbors, loyal to a once great nation, are now “The Enemy” by the very well military-armed, willfully-ignorant and inept Local Gestapo’s demonstration. 

The Police continue to demonstrate that their Loyalty is to the State.  The Citizens of Ferguson are declared the Enemy of the State. 

Attacked and Police Controlled with Military Actions against their peacefully protesting.  The Citizens Constitutional Rights to Assembly and address grievances to the State, the very people they pay to keep themselves, their neighbors, property & lives safe, approach Citizens in fear and contempt because of their knowledge of guilt.

10) God loves Michael Brown.  Michael Brown’s Mother & Father, Family & Future will now suffer this loss.  My deepest condolences to all the Brown Family.

11) Solution?  The Ferguson Cops think that their smear-campaign against a murdered young adult, with no “criminal record.” (An accomplishment in and of its self with the attitudes, the Police culture of, “they are the enemy & we out-gun them!”)  This an obscenity, a reality demonstrated here and now. 

Even if a cocky, thuggish young man reached into the vehicle of the cop; is murder justified? 

Where is the Justice? 

Is Darren Wilson in custody? 

This is Domestic Abuse on a Community and Cultural Scale that is disgustingly Primate from the State and astoundingly peaceful from those identified by the State Of Missouri as being “Enemy,” you know their Citizens. 

How does one in Missouri tell the difference between Freedom and the Police State?

This from the New York Times. “The role of the National Guard will be limited, Mr. Nixon said in a statement. Troops will protect the police command center here, which the authorities said came under a coordinated attack on Sunday night.” The Governor afraid of his Citizenry, with good reason, lifts the curfew.

Were I close enough or well heeled enough I would be there with the prayer that every United States Citizen stand up and shout: “Hands-UP, Don’t Shoot!”

I would love to see America present a unity to send the message now that our political divisions be damned!



I pray for Americans to take an active stand now.  I would be overwhelmed with joy to see Ferguson flooded with Citizens all shouting “Hands-UP, Don’t Shoot!” from the interstate to surround the police until the Feds finish their whitewash “Investigation.”

One should understand we live in Bush-Lite Matrix and that is surely without any concern but profit. 

How is it possibly profitable to divide our Citizens into “Class Warfare” to the Real War On Main Street? 

It is all driven by fear and greed.

The Heist of History complete but the reign of Terror seeks new markets, new fodder for corporate prisons.

Poison our Air our Water too, please may I have another, Sir?

The Wars of Lies are coming home to roost.

5:30 pm EST, OK, update post Obama Statements:

President Obama is into his “Grown-Up Politics” mode.  Blame the victim, praise the system, define a pipe-dream in the face of this reality of this Fascist Government.  More “safe involvement, without boots on the ground” (800 or 1,000 already there) for Iraq. 

Democrats resemble cat-herding idiots (I am an equal opportunity offender). From this Democrat named Nixon right down to the Freddie Kruger Wilson with the Chief Clown in residence being the profusely sweating Tom-ass Jackson and his, Poisoned by Pinochet hero-worship world, brings the new Military toys out to play. 

What an America we live in.

This is no Pissing Match to We The People.

The time is now to come out with full-throated demand for Darren Wilson’s indictment. 

An American Leader has the same future as Kennedy were they to stand against the current racists applications of a War On Drugs that is a War On Main Street that feeds the greed like the Wars of Lies and ego and dick size or Buy-Bulls.  Dynasty of Death and Vampire Squids pale to the Assault on Main Street USA with this Gestapo Policing, FUBAR Department of (In)Justice of the Eric Holder & BFF’s failure through fear.  The System protects it’s own.

Can you imagine a past President being Indicted, brought to trial, convicted and imprisoned?  I can and Iceland did it

Why on God’s Green Earth Can’t We The American People?

The myth of American Exceptional-ism still exists.  Americans may be proud of being Number ONE, 1, uno, einse & hold that place twice.

We are first in an apparent racist rush in IMPRISONING our fellow Citizens for non-violent crimes.  A real Global Example of sharia law so feared in front of the cameras for all to see and the growth industry of Corporate Prisons Inc.  How compassionate and completely Draconian is the Failed Prohibition?

The Wars ON:

Drugs, Main Street USA, On Journalism, The Constitution, the “Terrorist,” the Women of the USA, Privacy War, War, War.

Americans are damned well just War weary and your greedy fat cat inherited cash ass is no better than mine.  Will Rogers Said it best in the last Gilded Age:  “America has the best Government money can buy.”

A real American Leader stands up and speaks out as FDR did and as President Obama has the opportunity still; hope springs infernal.

A real American Leader stands on the platforms of all those that came before him and a real opportunity exists RIGHT NOW to make the shift, push the change and tell this Nation’s Greediest that the 50% tax, the Social Security Cap removed, the proceeds to direct aid to American Main Streets and businesses brutalized by the abuse of Vulture capitalism and in dire need of facing Social Responsibility. 

A real American Leader has a Congress willing to Invest in the Nation they Raped in 8 with “Deficits don’t matter” ChainE/Dubya reign of torture & terrorism.  They aided and abetted in The Heist Of History and what is more fitting for the Dynasty of Death but profit from War, unrest?

That’s really the bottom line of this.  Where is the integrity of soul required to stand in the bully pulpit and repeat FDR?

Then just freaking do it.

November is coming…


Real Solutions for the War(s)

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Real Solutions for the War(s)

The Cost of War

Here is the Matthew Hoh article referenced in the above piece.

America and Americans are fed-up with bloodshed and pissing away cash in the sand of the Middle East with the manufacturing profits of these wars ending up in Corrupt Communist Corporations and we know that there is a better way. The Europeans are in the same place as we and they see and understand war on an intimate level as no American is able unless you had family in the World Trade Towers or lived and worked in NYC during this act of terrorism.

WITHDRAW ALL OUR TROOPS NOW.  Immediate withdraw of all UN, NATO and American troops within 30 days sends a clear message that the war is changing. It requires very few American citizens, intelligence people on the ground, to know beyond a shadow of doubt where “problem areas” are within Afghanistan or Iraq.

There is no reason to or for spilling the blood of our best and brightest in the sands. Dumb and Dumber, Bush and Cheney, involved us in these wars and deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their lies, corruption and fraud in involving the United States in these Wars.  They deserve to be tried as war criminals for the torture of prisoners.  The murder of American Citizens is directly related to their actions and those charges should be included as well.  The terrorist attack on The United States of America is a direct result of failed US diplomatic policy in support of despots, corrupt leaders and begins from the founding of the State of Israel but Dumb and Dumber desired to feed the wealthy of the US and perpetrated this fraud against the Citizens of the United States of America.  If you are going to tell a lie, make it a big one.  That certainly applies here.

President Barack H Obama is in a very difficult position in making effective choice in these wars created by Dumb and Dumber plus dealing with the economic disaster of Dumb and Dumber opening the US Treasury to the Corporate Communists who put them in office and kept them in office. The only fiscally responsible action is to withdraw now with the support of the US Citizens in this action and the caveat of a new policy of scorched-earth locked firmly in place.  Swift and certain retribution is a Global policy that will work now with UN involvement.

It is only because they (Bush and Cheney) are viewed as members of “the ruling class” combined with the knowledge that accountability will be forever a portion of the American Landscape in politics were this to happen, that prevents their trials and convictions. The purchased politicians on Capital Hill* know this with certainty and that’s the reason the trial of these war criminals has not occurred.  It is in the best interest of the bank accounts of the politicians and that’s the bottom line that Americans have been brought to see by what Washington, DC has done as written in history now.

We’ve spent our children’s futures in development and construction of “smart” armaments and the platforms to make use of them so let’s just use them. We have the intelligence ability to know, within a reasonable doubt, where the problem areas are within these regions.  It is very easy to move this information through the UN Security Council and obtain endorsement prior to action.  We are able to sit in our ships off-shore and target, with smart bombs, the villages and cities that are responsible for producing the terrorists and where these terrorists are provided shelter.  And let’s not forget who is funding them either.  Let’s just bomb them off the face of the earth.

As an International effort at control of terrorist activities this policy is able to enjoy universal application. It makes no difference what sovereign nation these “terrorist training camps” and community support centers are contained within.  The populations of innocent civilians who provide shelter to the individuals responsible for “acts of terrorism” are guilty by association.  Bomb them out of existence.  If it’s the War on Drugs in Afghanistan then napalm the poppy fields and be done with it.  Sure, swift and irrefutable evidence that the Western world is no longer tolerating the terrorist with actions like these will put an end to the issue.  Reduced to rubble is a position that Afghani, Iraqis, Iranians, Israelis and anyone else is able to comprehend upon viewing the ashes.  Will they, the natives, view their Al-Qaeda, Taliban or Hamaas as heroes when the ruins of life and living are all they see?

The clearly stated idea that American and UN Troops on the ground are able to conduct one-on-one diplomacy to win wars is utter nonsense and pure drivel. What diplomacy when the man has a gun in your face at your door?  Al Qaeda, the US created and armed Taliban, Hamaas or any other terrorist group employs suicide bomber diplomacy and that defines clearly the stage upon which we must act to stop this insanity now.  There is nothing humane in the actions of suicide bombers, bombers in general and the response and retribution must be swift and sure.

In Afghanistan we are able to clearly identify the problem areas, the towns and valleys where the Taliban and Al Qaeda are maintaining strongholds. Remove our troops and just bomb these locations into rubble, bomb them back to the stone age and leave them to recover to their 16th century life style as they may desire but get the job done now very quickly, efficiently and without great risk of American or UN lives.  It requires very few troops and a minimal amount of funding to wage this war on the terms defined by Al-Qaeda, the Taliban or Hamaas.  Economic sanctions have no effect in these areas of the globe.

In Iraq we know the towns and villages where the opposition is finding aid and comfort so we just bomb them into rubble and have the job done. Why should our sons and daughters be subject to being shot at by theology?  From a safe distance we are able to solve “the problem” and save American lives.

In Iran we know where the uranium enrichment facilities are located and where the nuclear reactors are that Iran has constructed. We bomb them into oblivion and ignore the diplomacy that Iranians hold in contempt.  It is clear that the Iranian government is unable to maintain an honest 21st century position so a few well placed bombs will put them back into the 16th century where they enjoy living. With all due respect to the Iranian population the reality is that they have tolerated an illegitimate government (something America knows about after 8 years of Dumb and Dumber) and taking these kinds of actions is sure and swift resolution to the corruption they are unable to overcome.

Let’s take, for instance, the West Bank territories in Israel. We know that the West Bank Settlements of the Israeli’s manufacture are a stumbling block to peace with the Palestinians.  We and the International community simply announce that on November 15, 2009 at high noon Jerusalem time that we are bombing these settlements out of existence and then do it.  This announcement is the compassionate notice to the settlers to vacate and the assets that are in question are destroyed, the occupation by Israeli settlers is stopped.  The problem is settled and the Israelis then are back at the negotiating table to get the issues solved once and for all time.  We stop all foreign aid to the Israelis and insist that they behave as human rather than the terrorist they demonstrate. Equality for all is an American trademark.

You think this to be a “harsh, without compassion or unrealistic” method of resolution?

I ask you what is compassionate about sending our sons and daughters into Wars based on lies, fraud and the desire of the rich to get richer?

I ask you what is compassionate about land mines, bombing in market places, mosques and busses?

I ask you what is compassionate about being an occupying force in any foreign nation?

What is compassionate in Dumb and Dumber’s Crusades?

It is a much more compassionate action to reduce “the enemy” and their supporting populations to a crater on the face of the Earth than it is to spill the blood of our sons and daughters in this protracted lie of War from some “moral” high ground.


Be it the War on Drugs in the USA, the longest running war in United States history.

Be it the War in Afghanistan or Iraq based on lies, fraud, the corruption and greed of Bush and Cheney and their economic war machine.

Be it the War on the Middle Class in America by Corporate Communists and Government Corruption as seen in Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner and the largest transfer of wealth in history.

The dangers in these kinds of actions, in adopting this kind of policy is, of course, the “collateral damage” of innocent civilians, the infrastructure of the nations attacked and the global addiction to oil.  The economic reality is that Halliburton, Blackwater and hundreds of Government Contractors traced back to a very few Corporate Communists in the USA will no longer be enriched by war.  That is the end result.

The difference that this Scorched-Earth policy represents is that our military is home in the USA and we are able to turn the obscene government spending on War into a positive investment into America for a change.

The difference is that we may begin to care for Americans now and have the ability to buy back the USA from China where Dumb and Dumber and the Corporate Communists have sold us.

The difference that this Scorched-Earth policy represents is fighting terrorism with terrorism on a level that any nation involved in these kinds of activity will come to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The difference is that America will have the ability to face the real Economic War at home and restore freedom, liberty and individual prosperity in this nation first.

Here is a clip from history where the Liar in Chief, Dumb as a Box of Rocks George W Bush made his declaration of “Winning the War in Iraq” on May 1, 2003 and we are still there.

* Note: I am very aware of the difference between Capital (as in cash) and Capitol (as in seat of government) but prefer honesty over vocabulary correctness.