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Dear Mr. President

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 25, 2009

Dear Mr. President:

I am Activecitizen54, and I would like to extend my personal apology to you for the revolting behavior of segments of our society who have employed shock schlock to defame and denigrate the President of the United States.  I am embarrassed by the performances I’ve seen with “Nazi” accusations or The Joker images; as revolting as the Hitler images. Although I find these things offensive I will fight to the death for others to maintain the ability to protest and hold their opinions.  I hold these things as offensive though and feel moved to apologize for these unwarranted and unconscionable acts because of the bigotry and purely obstinate position they represent to me.

I don’t require yours or any one else’s opinion; I require facts including costs and methods of payment to enable me to make an informed decision.

As an average citizen of The United States of America residing in the State of Georgia currently, a deeper understanding of the overwhelming scope of the issues confronting you are made apparent in the sad petty agendas that are displayed for all to see.

To quote my Great Aunt Hattie, “It’s a mucking fess out there.”

I’m a little disappointed, at the moment, in the way this Universal Health Care Program is being handled.  As President it is your duty and obligation to provide clear leadership and that is inextricably linked to communications.  Please, let’s just get a clear position and move forward on this Cure for America now.

The changing face of America and the goal of American freedom, family, opportunity and sharing the blessings of this great nation appear to be derailed and misdirected at the moment.  We have a fear-mongering pseudo-debate raging in America over Health Care with little focus on reality and the shopping trip to see which way the wind blows has to end now.

Universal Health Care; just say it.

I’ll support a Universal Health Care program for all US Citizens now providing I know we are able to pay for Health Care without having to pay obscene 35% profits to a private corporate entity who may or may not cover the medical need, straps me with excessive deductibles, spends 25% in administrative cost and declares Billions of dollars in net profits annually while denying required testing and treatments.  It is vile that in this nation corporations (and the people behind them) think that it’s OK to profit off the illness of others and buy Politicians to support this position.

We have a couple of other topics to discuss as well like the use of “Blackwater” military contractors to maintain military strength in Iraq, Afghanistan and on American Soil.  I know that Poor George started this practice and that’s one of the many reasons why I worked to push the impeachment process against him while he was in office.  Please don’t continue this treasonous act and let’s stop offending our troops on active duty with the obscene pay the military contractors’ receive by comparison to the military family.  It’s wrong; we all know it’s wrong.

With only a little spine, the perpetrators of torture with the USA seal of approval can be resolve in a normal, upright and human way under our judicial system demonstrating America is still the land of honor and justice.

The last aspect of this military issue is the clear insult it is to have private military contractors as agents for protection of VIP American Politicians too.  What are we employing a military for if you have to hire out of the open market of mercenaries and pay for protection through corporate America?

Great Aunt Hattie says, “It’s just plain wrong.  No defense; go sit in your corner and think about it for as long as it takes to understand the concepts.  See me when you’re done.”

Stop the “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” insanity as well.  Its easy, honest and clearly the right thing to do.  You promised so man-up and keep your word.

Great Aunt Hattie is clear on this issue: “Who am I, or where does anyone get the right to tell someone else who to love?  God doesn’t make mistakes and she made Gay and Lesbian people as well as a whole rainbow of humans.”

Thanks for quietly ending the war on Terrorism and here’s a hint from the American people for paying the cost of Universal Health Care:  Universal Health Care is much less than the cost of the Wars in the Middle East or the War on Drugs.  It’s time for a truly compassionate America with freedom and justice restored for all.

Last of the issues to discuss this time is the campaign reform, the Special Interests buying people like George W Bush into office and the real need for term limits on all politicians.

Great Aunt Hattie has way too much to say on this topic as why America is broken.

Thanks for listening.

Hybrids are often sterile.

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 24, 2009

What of the hybrid system with a portion from Government and the balance from the Private Sector?

Legislation to demand individual purchase of health insurance and then have the Government reimburse a nebulous portion of the cost of insurance is not a solution and is not sustainable.  Paying the Insurance Industry obscene profits is not sustainable either and a single payer system is Universal Health Care on a level playing field.  Ask the 18% of Americans who are denied private insurance or the 30% who are rated-up with demand for higher premiums how true this Insurance Company greed is.  Ask someone with a pre-existing condition contemplating changing insurance companies to reduce cost how powerless they are and how the current private sector insurance providers, who are not health care providers, deny health care to them.  Insurance Companies are profit providers for their shareholders and owners and are not at all concerned with the health of the Americans they rape for the billions of dollars in profits annually that they enjoy at our expense.

Support of government subsidy for Health Insurance costs on the individual is an open invitation to the corporate greed of health insurance companies to raid the country’s coffers to a greater extent than they have raped their corporate consumers or private insurance purchasers and will still leave the economically challenged without adequate health care coverage for prevention or catastrophic care.  Government subsidy will amplify the problems to a gargantuan position of economic ruin and Joe Lunchbucket will still chose food on the table and a roof over his family’s head over paying the extortion of mandated purchase of health care regardless of reimbursement.

What is to be done?

To solve the Universal Health Care puzzle the foundation of sharing the costs of care for the few across the population of many must be truly universal.  It is only through the power of a single payer system that Americans will enjoy universal health care and begin to bring the citizenry into a healthy condition at reasonable cost.  Subsidizing the obscene profits, continuing with the crapshoot of denial of services or care to individuals to protect profits must be eliminated now and into the future.  Our health and the health of our families, our communities and our Nation are dependent upon making this paradigm shift now so we have a healthy future for all without the perversion of obscene profits paid to the gatekeepers or the corporate manipulation of the quality of care we receive.

As American Citizens we demand that we receive some value for the Tax that we pay, before we see our incomes in our hand, from this Government.  My brothers and sisters will agree that if we can fund wars in the desert and on our own population we are able to sustain the cost of this Universal Health Care by making the easy choices of stopping war, stopping the greed of the insurance companies dead in it’s tracks and focusing on the health and well being of the American Citizens as the radical change required now.

We can and must do this now to sustain this great nation into the future and begin to rebuild from the ruins of the 20th century that is upon us.  We have no fear of the end of the war on drugs in the USA or moving the funding from Homeland Security Gestapo to pay for universal health care.  We have no fear of the total withdraw of our troops in the deserts of the Middle East or mountains of Afghanistan to pay for health care for the American population.  We have no fear of elimination of the massive foreign aid subsidies Americans make globally and we demand the American Government become focused on the health and well being of our brothers and sisters here at home.  We are not children and we are offended that the politicians in Washington and every State House have mortgaged our great grand children’s future with the corruption, greed and fiscal irresponsibility as demonstrated to date.  We are outraged at the fear mongering and the pandering to special interests these politicians spew as excrement directed at all Americans across this great nation.

There can be no doubt within the hearts and minds of Americans that Wall Street Greed, Insurance Company Greed and Banking Greed plunged the world’s economy into a global depression that may be stable now but watch out for what’s to come if we continue on this path of fiscal irresponsibility.  Corporate bail outs of the criminals who created this economic collapse through pure greed and the continuation of the mindset that the American Taxpayer is responsible for paying for the ill gotten gains of the corrupt and greedy creatures who brought us to this place has to stop now and this single issue of Universal Health Care is the perfect tool for Americans to begin accomplish that goal.

Demand single payer Universal Health Care in the United States now and the Corporate Greed driven Insurance Companies can find their own way through to establishing a private health care system based on the greed and denial of services that they have inflicted upon the American citizens for over 100 years now.  Let the Insurance Companies invest their obscene profits into services or institutions that meet the criteria they demand and if they don’t survive the transition then we are better off because the dinosaur and leech on the economy that exists now passes into extinction and death to equal the hundreds of thousands of deaths created by their focus on profits over human welfare.

There is no advocate for purchase of the Insurance Companies by the Government as a solution to this Universal Health Care issue either unless it comes from the puppets they paid to put into office.  We Americans are able to do a better job of Universal Health Care than the insurance company greed has ever demonstrated.

Make no mistake about it; the American Citizens are up in arms over this issue with the graying of America upon us now.  Without Universal Health Care the demands will turn to real economic stimulus direct to the people.

For we the people, real economic stimulation would be paying us, in real cash dollars, what we have contributed to Social Security so we each may guide our financial security into the future with our own hands.  This provides each of us the opportunity that presents within a healthy and viable economy that would be created with this real economic stimulus instead of rewarding the criminals who nearly collapsed the global economy with million dollar bonuses to maintain the royalty.  But wait, the Social Security Trust Fund doesn’t exist because the corrupt, greedy politicians violated our trust and used that real money to pay off the interest on the loans that they have taken out to support their greed, corruption and the rape of the American population through oil wars, drug wars and lining their own pockets at every American’s expense.

Then, to add insult to injury in this current economic crisis, the retirement accounts we each personally established to insure we have a financially sound future were destroyed when Wall Street went straight into the crapper as a result of the greed and corruption of Bankers, the Insurance Industry and Corporate America’s focus on the quick buck instead of the long-term health and welfare of the nation, the economy, the environment and the humans who created the wealth they wielded to create this current global economic crisis.

Make no mistake about the opportunity that is presenting to the American people now.  We pray each and every American seizes the banner and marches forward to insure Universal Health Care is a reality sooner rather than later.  Americans have the courage to confront the despicable system that exists now and bring themselves to a position of equality with their brothers and sisters in Europe, Canada and elsewhere in the industrial western world.  Americans have the courage, the determination and the tools required to bring their government into control and send the clear message to the corporations that greed, rape and pillaging of the citizen taxpayer and investor are not now nor ever have been real American ideals.

The remarkable changes within the US economy and culture made with this one compassionate act of Universal Health Care for Americans will drive the American Dream with increased productivity, decreased child mortality and a higher standard of living, higher wages and a better quality of life for all American Citizens.  The inequity of the current system with the gatekeeper of corporate greed deciding who may or who may not be treated and in what way that treatment is to be delivered, dependent exclusively upon the depth of your personal pocket, will be removed.

This is not an easy battle to win for the average American because of the vested interest the Government has in taxation of the obscene profits of private Health Insurance and the Special Interests of Corporate Greed feeding mega bucks to the politicians who are representing them instead of you.  Divide and conquer is the strategy of the Government and the Corporations involved in this battle that is as financially devastating to them as an uninsured illness is to you.  Take our health care out of the hands of our employer and off the backs of small business and this is with the clear expectation that my wages will increase and the consumer price will reduce because that Health Care Insurance cost of business is removed from corporate America and small business America’s balance sheet.

You and your physician will determine your health care and each and every American citizen deserves to have open access to health care as an integral portion of his or her citizenship in this great nation.  The tools to have this Universal Health Care come into reality exist and the funding to support the cost exists now without additional taxation of the productive American population.

Do we have the courage to do the right thing?

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 22, 2009

Do we have the courage to do the right thing?

Universal Health Care being denied because of a fear of administration is a very weak argument from cowards who have brought this nation to its knees as a result of fearful inaction coupled with the personal greed driven by special interests buying politicians into and maintaining them in office.

The American Political climate, culture and population of representatives are not Statesmen focused on the good for all Americans.  Politicians are self-serving, once in office, and only heed the voter, their constituents, when confronting elections and those are, more often than not, positive result directed proportional to the amount of money spent in advertising less than truthful opinions or representative records that focus more upon slinging mud than solutions to any single issue.

It is in the Government’s best interest, in the politician’s best interest to keep American’s divided and living in fear of repercussions from the police states of Amerika today 25 years after the Big Brother Orwellian vision.

What to do about the fear of socialism?

To begin an answer to that question it is required that a clear understanding of the reality of Socialism in the USA today is understood with the US Government being the largest employer.  The Government employs 9 million more people than the private sector.  That’s Socialism and there is no way that Republicans, Democrats or any members of society are able to deny the reality of this one fact of American Socio-Economics.  Americans faced the Socialist threat with FDR’s New Deal and Social Security, Lyndon Johnson’s driving Medicare and Medicaid through into reality and now we own AIG, GM and have fed Corporate Greed creating Mega-Banks with TARP funds, Wall Street Bail-outs and taxpayers have paid obscene bonuses to the criminals who brought us to the very brink of Depression and economic ruin and we bowed to the extortion from Corporate Greed thanks to George W. Bush and company.

To answer the question of what to do with the current Insurance Industry it is important to understand what health insurance was established to accomplish and how it has come to what we see today.  Insurance companies began with a great idea of spreading the liability of the cost of medical care across a large group so no one individual would face the financial devastation of a serious illness.  Everyone pays into the “pool” of money available to pay for treatments required by the few among the members who require care.  The Private Sector offered “disability insurance” beginning in the 1890s, Health Insurance as we know it began in 1911 and hospitals began to cash in on it with “group” or “Health Maintenance Organizations” or “Co-ops” as pre-paid health services in the 1920s.

Corporate America picked up on providing health care as a portion of employee compensation, thanks to the Unions, and is the resource most commonly expected to provide the cost of insurance and to sustain the inflationary spiral of these corporate insurance group policies.

We don’t desire our health care to be dependent upon employment and we expect that substantial price reductions and wage increases would result from completely removing this employment benefit from Corporate America’s hands and removing the burden of health insurance costs from the small business person too.

Here’s the real kicker for you kids: Regardless of how this idea is administered it is a social (as in socialist) tool of elected payments as “premiums” or “Taxes” to spread the costs of care across a large social segment.  It’s a great idea that works as long as the population is able to sustain the costs of the few spread across the premiums or taxes on the many.  Universal Health Care works providing the Health Care Industry agrees to standardized costs of treatment.

To insure that a fair and comprehensive Universal Health Care is installed we demand that the Government employees, inclusive of the politicians are covered under the same plan as all Americans to remove one more entitlement from them and help facilitate a realistic solution being found immediately.

Today the root of the “problem” in the Health Care, the Pharmaceuticals and Health Insurance Industry included, is the greed that drives excessive profits inflating the costs upon everyone.  Private insurance is a complete crapshoot as to whether or not your claim will be paid.  Adding to the gamble of private health insurance is the question of, is the individual requiring treatment able to meet the excessive deductibles or price-fixed service cost overruns?  We fully understand that highly educated health care professionals deserve to be paid and we support Universal Single Payer Health Care for that very reason.

The “problem” amplifies exponentially when Americans are not individually responsible for payment to these Health Care Professionals for their services and Hospitals, the Government or the Health Care Industry its self absorbs the costs of the un-insured, under-insured or legal costs wrangling with private health care insurers for partial payments (or the physician bills at an increased cost to cover Medicare and Medicaid shortfall) and then re-distributes these real costs incurred upon them through the hideous inflation of the actual cost of care of an individual who is able to pay in an effort to recover income lost in treating those unable to pay.  That’s demonstrated in the $60 aspirin or $35 band-aid that we’ve all heard rants about or sustained ourselves under the guise of health care costs.

Leaving these private insurance corporations as the gatekeepers to health care in the United States is exactly what has brought us to this place of 37th in the world in health care ranking with the most expensive costs of care on the face of the earth and a higher infant mortality rate than many third world countries.

Let’s Address Cost

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 22, 2009

Universal Health Care cost is now defined.  End the wars, care for the population.

These are the numbers as of 12:25 AM 8/22/09 and do not include the Bush implemented Black water military contractors or his private CIA from Black water Military Contractors.  I supported impeachment of George W Bush for these Military Contractors allowing him an unregulated armed forces as an act of Treason and with Obama continuing the practice he is also guilty of Treason on the same grounds.

What is to fear?

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 21, 2009

What is to fear?

Listening to the concerns of the citizens about “death panels, paying for abortions, reduced quality of care or access to health care or the fear of illegal immigrants receiving health care” helps to clearly define the petty, bigoted and selfish nature of the all too vocal minority expressing mythology, ideology and unfounded fear instead of fact.

There will not be death panels, as Ronald Regan and Ms. Palin would have us fear.  End of life counseling is a valid and compassionate requirement for the terminally ill and family.  So are hospice services and facilities required because none of us will get out alive.

If an abortion is paid for by Universal Health Care or Private Insurance makes no difference.  We would strongly recommend that the anti-abortionists, the cult of Jesus, get their noses out of every woman’s womb and learn to respect individual choice as an upright moral citizen who understands Roe vs. Wade is the law.

As American citizens we could care less about the Cult of Jesus ranting and demanding control of every woman’s womb.  In fact, we are fully supportive of taxing the churches, synagogues, mosques and Ashrams to help support Universal Health Care and restore the separation of church and state with the religious freedom the constitution guarantees.  Get religion out of our Government on any and every level including impeachments of the Congressional Christian Boys Club with its unregistered lobby.

We encourage Christian Women or any of the Cult of Jesus or other religions to respect the demands of their religious convictions and refuse abortion or medical treatment, if that’s what their religion demands, but don’t inflict the insanity of someone else’s belief system on me.  Denial of Universal Health Care on the basis of puritanical repression of reproductive issues is pure insanity.  Founding the denial of Universal Health Care based on religious conviction is exceptionally un-Christian and barbaric even from the Cult of Jesus followers.

The open bigotry expressed in the fear that illegal immigrants would receive health care at our expense is reprehensible, un-American and very defining of the hate mongering and arrogant attitude that Americans are notorious for globally.

Listening intently to this current “discussion” of Universal Health Care in the USA one is reminded of spoiled children clamoring in fear that someone else may get more or better than what they have received.   It’s rather a grand reflection of what happens in every State House and on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC as business as usual in American Government with fights for the scraps of tax dollars to feed the greed and fulfill the special interest desires that rules the government today.  If the money doesn’t exist then don’t worry, the Federal Reserve Board will just print more and the mythology and greed will continue to expand.

A pervasive fear of Government is also a very integral portion of this discussion, and with good reason considering the Bush government, as it exists today, has given us this current economic crisis and insulted every American with the Corporate and Banking bail- out fiasco as one more demonstration of pandering to special interests and Corporate America’s Greed.  We have the power to face our fears, face this Government, and prevail in making effective changes for all Citizens of the USA and to do it now.

We, the American citizens, may never again be provided the opportunity to seize control of this juggernaut of out-of-control Government so think long and hard of what inaction will provide as legacy for this nation and our children’s welfare.

What is to fear of an America with Universal Health Care?

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 20, 2009

Our life expectancy will increase.  Infant mortality rates would reduce.  Populations of people kept from seeing a doctor, dentist or other health care provider because of economics will receive preventative care instead of high cost catastrophic care.  Emergency rooms may become places to treat trauma and catastrophic illness instead of the only option available to the working poor to obtain health care at outrageous costs that, more often than not, are never paid.   The basic quality of life will improve with universal access to medical care.  We may become a country focused on wellness instead of being reliant upon the medical community repairing what years of poor diet and lack of exercise creates in obese America.  We also remove a cost of labor from the corporate costs of doing business and put the individual in control of his or her health care.

What is to fear?

The real threat in Universal Health Care is that Insurance Companies, HMOs, Drug Companies and the Hospital and Health Care Industry will no longer have the ability to rape the citizenry at will by denial of services or pricing insurance or health care services beyond the means of the average citizen with or without subsidy from the government.

The implied threat is that “the Government” is in control of our health care and we all “know” that government involvement is expensive, unwieldy and unproductive.  Bull plucky and bunk is the best description of this flavor of fear mongering that comes to mind.

The reality of Universal Health Care is that “the Government” has control over the payment of and for health care on our behalf as free citizens but the acts of medicine; the practice of medicine is between the patient and his or her doctor or medical professional.  The reality is that with single payer health care the inflation driven by attempt to recover cost of care for humans unable to pay will stop and a realistic cost of care restored.

Medicare and Medicaid are viable and have done a partial job but it’s time to do more than the Lyndon Baines Johnson driven programs that were never intended to be the end result but a path to universal health care by compassionately caring for those among us who are not able to care for their selves or have provided a lifetime of service to the USA.

The Veteran’s Administration hospital systems are touted as an example of National Health Care gone badly and that’s not without some justification but we are very able to learn from this experience and do the job right.  We have valuable lessons contained in this experience.

The reality is that it is good business to get (and keep) people healthy and happy for the Health Care Industry and overall US economics.  The reality is that we have the ability to do this now and make a real difference in the quality of life for all Americans.

Universal Health Care

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 20, 2009

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

This, the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, is the opening of the broad framework that allowed Americans to rise from rebellious colonists to free citizens demonstrating global leadership and promoting democracy around the world. As a society and model of democracy we’ve faced challenges and have done OK until the compassionate call for Universal Health Care brought every fear mongering crazy bigot out of their closets to proclaim their individual insane and ill-informed opinions garnering attention away from the real issues of the obscene inflationary spiral of health care and the unavailability of appropriate medical care on a preventative rather than catastrophic level to all American citizens.

What’s recently displayed by our news media for all to see is an appalling demonstration of bigoted fear-based rants with no foundation in fact.

Although President Obama is well aware of President Clinton’s attempt at this honorable and very desirable goal of Universal Health Care for American Citizens, Obama failed to deliver what would be preventative information in rolling out a full proposal with accurate cost information.  For this oversight I place blame for the current brouhaha squarely upon his shoulders.  I do understand how this could be a measured effort to appear as the cavalry is rushing in to save the day too, based on this consummate politician’s history.  Providing real direction to this discussion is an obligation of his office that he has failed to perform at this moment while loosing valuable time defending against the “death panels” propaganda.  With Ms. Hitlary Clinton at his side and with her experiences it is even more convincing that the current condition is completely manipulated.

The stage is set:

The New Deal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt established the punishment of the poor, manipulation of the economy and oppression of the population by taxation and regulation of wages, prices and American Industry.  Many of these government inspired programs were found unconstitutional after the fact of implementation and extended the pain of the Great Depression by years.  These New Deal Government actions, the grand social experiment of redistribution of wealth, coupled with the homogenization and urbanization of the American population, the destruction of the family farm and small business, the ideal of individuality and the overall assault on the American Family perpetrated since FDR’s New Deal, brought us to the third world status that is the Republicans’ and Bush family legacy of the industrial, military, congressional complex in America today that Ike Eisenhower warned us of.  America is hijacked.

Lyndon Baines Johnson pushed through Medicare and Medicaid as a safety net appropriate to the time and was branded “socialist” as a result of this compassionate act, his pro civil rights position and his “Great Society” aspirations.  As a result, this Statesman refused to run for election for a second full term and the supposition is that he was unwilling to struggle through the gargantuan task of informing and educating a vitriolic vocal population of elitists expressing fear that somehow caring for our aged, economically challenged and infirmed coupled with racial equality would lessen what white America felt they had become entitled to.  This history is a sad chapter in America that is once again playing out across the sensationalized sound byte, fear-mongering media coverage today as the Universal Health Care issue presents again.

Today I give Barney Frank hats off and applaud his candor in addressing the ignorance that confronted him by asking, “What planet do you spend most of your time?” and then expressing his completely understood frustration with “I may as well be talking to the dining room table.  I’m not going to argue with you.” Concerning the demands from a Lyndon LaRouche inspired confrontational citizen who wouldn’t or apparently couldn’t grasp the concept of Universal Health Care because of the fear that she may loose something in the process.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Action Now

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 17, 2009

President Barak Obama calls for “a day of national service” on 9/11.

To that end Activecitizen54 calls for a National Citizens’ Solidarity day on 9/11 to demonstrate to the Government, from the Congress to the State Houses, that Americans are no longer going to tolerate business as usual on Capitol Hill or in the State Capitol.  A National Labor Strike, a day of boycott of the manipulated economy and protest against the banking abuse we, the American Citizens, sustained and our taxpayer dollars bailed out.  A unified day of service through protest of the Wars on all fronts that this Government engaged us in and spends the very lives of our daughters and sons to support from the sands of the Middle East to those on Miami Beach.  A day of personal action to promote solidarity of the citizens and demonstrate to the politicians who hold we the people in contempt in their actions by reminding them where the power lays within the United States.

Hello World

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August 15, 2009

This feels a bit like the first day of school in making the voyage into the blogosphere.  To that end I’m all scrubbed up and done up in my best duds working to make a good impression.

Why Blog?

Like many of my peers I’m feeling a bit disenfranchised and frustrated with the conditions of life in the manipulated economy where corporate greed, banking industry greed and politicians’ greed  in pandering to special interests brought us AIG bailouts, GM bailouts, Banking bailouts and funded the obscene bonuses paid to the creatures who manipulated and created this fiscal crisis on a global basis, I’m fed up.

Being an optimist at heart and holding fast to the Constitutional guarantee of free speech, as long as it lasts, I am moved to communicate in a public forum now.

Watching with horror the fear mongering and rants from the right, the disgruntled housewife, the birthers and cult of Jesus crazies, I’ve become motivated to publish now in any and every forum available in a heartfelt effort to bring some balance to discussion of the pressing issues upon every citizen today.