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Weekend Warrior 6.8.13

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Weekend Warrior 6.8.13


The Earth and reality shifting on it’s axis has come to an end.


As this new reality settles in with me more alone than ever in life a remarkable calm has descended upon the Oasis.  I’m not sure if this is reality or just the final fall-out from the devastation of the Imps leaving this world. In any event the Shamanic path is leveled, the reality adjusted and the 3-eyed Troll kept at bay.

I’ve had several days of absolute solitude and reflection in this beautiful garden, beach and Oasis of my construction and the positive energy is maintained.  My biggest fear in all this is that the poison of grief, anger and resentment would consume all the hard work and investment.  Been there, done that, not going back.

The newest member of the household is still learning communication skills and diligent in his pursuit of that goal.  Peace has settled in and perhaps this will be an effective solution all the way around. 

The Gay & Gray continues unabated as reality of becoming just another invisible Lesbian Taxpayer grows ever stronger.  A great part of what consumes me today is the idea of legacy in this world.  Somewhere in my Altered Perception the idea of what is left behind has begun to consume me.  The works of art, the writing, the random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty uphold and move me through without reward in this reality and yet I am loath to forgo them.

A great part of this may be just the normal aging process but without road-map and without role model moving through this road less traveled is frightening and exhilarating all at the same time.  I’m amazed at the recognition from within of how dependent upon other things my identity, self-identity truly is.  This is one of the moments when looking in the mirror the 16 year-old and the remnants of the child refuse to recognize reality.

Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Warrior

Thankfully there is sanity within HBO.  Bill Maher is dead on point with this one.

Unintended Consiquences

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Unintended  Consiquences

In San Francisco, CA today the closing arguments of the PropH8 trial concluded and the Slaggy Monster, Maggie Gallagher the disrespectful, hateful Catholic C*nt of all history was admonished by the Bailiff to get her bare feet off the chair in front of her.  How wonderfully descriptive of this gluttonous prude, the vile bigot who wraps her Hate in the Catholic culture and will end up imprisoned for her use of US Taxpayer money through the Bush Faith-Based and Community Initiative to fund her personal campaign of hate once the fraud is exposed.  Just because you stepped down as Queen Bitch and put your little faggot Brown in your place only means you’ll both enjoy the Graybar Hotel…  What a pretty image, the Slaggy Monster with a Bull Dygga owner and the Oh so Homophobic from self-recognition Brown and his Big Bubba Daddy selling him for cigarettes…

They, the Catholic Cults of Jesus Inc’s NOM have conceded that they have lost.  When you have no rational foundation for your Hate then you are just exposed as a religiously addicted bigot.  Way to go NOM!

And for the other offenders out there; the Cult of the Divine Underpants and the Fevered Minstrels of Hate, the Evangelicals from Rick Warrens “Purpose Driven” Hate campaign exported to Uganda to the Coral Ridge Ministry and Florida’s Attorney General with the Rekers and the Rent Boy scandal; buck up kids-we’re coming for you now.

Get your accounting cleaned up quickly because your Faith Based Initiative funding is drying up and you’ll be paying the US Citizens back those $150 million that you’ve stolen in the Bush Unconstitutional Act.  Can you say “Claw-Back” and TAX THE CHURCH.

Oh, one last thing Maggie Dear Heart; The study by Patrick Egan of New York University looking a polling on domestic partnerships and marriage equality determined that all those $104 million you and your fellow Haters spent from your good “Christian” communities were just pissed away; of no value; you didn’t change anyone’s mind.  Now wouldn’t it have been better to send that to Poppa Ratzinger so he could protect the children?  How about feeding the hungry?  Housing the Homeless?  Helping out your congregations of Haters?

Not only are you and your butt buddy the self-hating homophobe Brian Brown disgusting but you’ve just wasted a shit-load of money that you’ll end up paying back…

Tax the Church.


Because this is in the News and on everyone’s mind I’m submitting this video:

I can’t watch without crying.  The Citizens of the United States and the Gulf Residents have no idea just how absolutely devastating this apocalyptic event is.  BP would’ve done less damage by dropping a Nuclear Bomb into the Gulf and the effects are going to be as generations long damaging as the half-life of Strontium 138…  It will be 20 years, minimum and the oysters, the shrimp, the entire food web and web of life is disrupted for generations.  All for GREED.  There has to be a better way.  Why do we poison our only world?


It’s a rough world when the Fascists do this for Jay-Walking in Seattle, WA…  The Hall Monitors are out of control.  This is the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc’s dominion and Theocracy in action.  Is this the America you want to live in?

And this from Seattle, WA again.  The absolute Contempt of the individual’s civil rights, person and Fascist acts are even more repugnantly played out across America daily.

Just so you know this is not an isolated incident.  It takes damned little time today to find hundreds of examples of this FASCIST Tyranny.

Are you feeling more secure?  Does this make you feel safer?

This is beyond the pale.  How wonderfully the Fascist Pig demonstrates his contempt of life and of the badge.

And here’s an example from Florida that is “still under investigation.”

This is the FASCIST totalitarian regime in Florida.  Not only do we have McCollum with his Rekers Rentboy scandal from his desperation to support his hate of Teh Gays, but in good Republican Cults of Jesus Inc dominion over all of the 7 Mountains Mandate this Murder occurs.

Do you feel safe now?

Rise up Americans and Speak Out while you still can.  Unless and until we get our collective voices heard these travesties of justice, these abuses of power are only going to increase.

Why do we have these para-military, violently dangerous, Hall Monitors on our streets harassing the peaceful people of the United States?

Why do we have City Police, State Police, Sheriffs, Federal Marshals, the DEA, The AFT, The NSC, FBI, CIA and Homeland Security?

Isn’t it about time that the War on the Free Citizens of the United States Came to an end?

I’m toast…

Manic Monday

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Manic Monday

I give DC Douglas a ton and a half of credit for speaking out and delivering this very important message of the Fascism of the Cults of Jesus, the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc Tea-Tards and the Corporate Communist backing of the Koch brothers and the Freedom Works sponsors of this subversion of ignorance…

And Bill says it best:

And in a fun, final link for the day from Huffington Post.

This is fun…  Linda Lingle Governor of HI has a “civil unions” bill on her desk.  And what’s this?


She’s really John Stewart in drag…

The C-Street Family In Action

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The C-Street Family In Action

This link provided is just the tip of the iceberg that is the vile Talibangelist, Cults of Jesus Inc housed in the C-Street House in Washington, DC and providing shelter and “guidance” to members of our Senate and Congress and adulterous Governors of South Carolina.

And this is the foundation for my smoldering revulsion and hate of the Bush Administration and substantively demonstrates the War Criminals were unfit for office and treasonous.

Bring these War Criminals to trial and sentencing.


The 7 Mountain Mandate and Sarah Palin; a clear and pressing danger.

Wake up people; this is the C-Street Family, the agenda is spelled out clearly.  This is sedition, this is the Cults of Jesus agenda.  This is the Rick Warren, Saddle Back Church “Purpose Driven Nation” that has the “Kill the Gays” bill in their legislature now defining the Hate and Fear Mongering of this Un-Godly and Anti-Christ like acts of intolerance.

Listen carefully when you hear the Tea-Baggers begin to scream that they want “their country back.”  Understand that this person is a Dominionist who believes that God has provided to him or her the divine directive to rule over all of Earth, all peoples.  The newest directive coming from the C-Street Family is this concept of “The 7 Mountains Mandate”  to “take over” Culture through infiltration or conversion of Family, Church, Education, Media, Entertainment, Economy and  Government.


The truth of Thomas Jefferson - priests are the greatest enemies

To maintain my equal opportunity offender status: