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Manic Monday 2.23.15

Posted in The Cost of War by activecitizen54 on February 22, 2015

Manic Monday 2.22.15

The Rudy Guliani idiocy from the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc is raging as complete distraction as the real news of American Terrorism directed by Nazinyahu’s ownership of the Congress & Senate is buried, covered-up, and purely ignored.

More than ever before in life I am completely disgusted with this once great nation now turned to Global Terrorist for the Israeli Crime Syndicate.



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Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah,  Merry Christmas, Merry Myth-mass, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Fertile Beltane.  For all we who fall in the category of “Other” all the best wishes for you and yours.  Are you happy now with the “Political Correctness?”  (I seldom raise to this Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc constructed out out whole Cloth as pointed out above…)

This is THE Party weekend across the USA & most of Europe, Russia and the Baltic States, Central & South America and Parts of Africa where the fine Tradition of Murdering those you are told are the “Most-Feared-Other” from those shining beacons of Christian Dominion, Scott Lively, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Frothy Mix, Senator Inhofe & their kind.

The Congress & Senator Critters didn’t waste any time in their Holiday Gift-Giving to the Corporate Super-Person Puppet-Masters right out of Main Street America’s pockets.  Hell’s Bells they even got themselves a brand new luxury limo perk on the Taxpayers Largess.  And, as we all know, the Banksters & Wall Street Fraudsters undid the Dodd-Frank joke of legislation to regulate the Greedy, Immoral Thieves.  By Blackmail and writing their own ticket for Main Street to guarantee their Gambling.  What a lovely and considerate Gift the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc provided for our Largess from Main Street.

Americans have also gotten their very own gift from the Eric Holder and BFF DO-NOTHING Department of “Just-Us” constructed their very own ‘Two-Tiered’ system of Injustice, effectively destroying the credibility of the United States Government to uphold “Equal Justice Under The Law.”

Now this 60 year failed policy of THE DECLARED WAR ON MAIN STREET, The Failed Prohibition has constructed the Unconstitutional Standing Army, the Vile NSA, The Gestapo States of America all for the Sheeple’s fleecing.

All I want for Christmas this year is an end to the Fascist States of AmeriKKKa. 

Broken Systems

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Broken Systems

On a much more secular level:

One has only to look around today to see broken systems all around humanity.  From the broken system of the environment that humans have used and abused; treating it as a septic system for so long that the total ecology of the Earth, human’s only habitat currently, is on the verge of collapse from the Pollution, Politics, Religion, Economics and Societies that create divisions rather than instill unity and cooperation for the improvement of mankind and the preservation of the planet.

The change for good happens one human at a time.

Nature has a way of correcting and adjusting that is yet to be seen directed toward humans on the levels of the prehistoric “bottle neck” of the human genome or the plagues of the Middle Ages. World Wars, Police Actions or natural disasters have not adjusted the human populations to sustainable levels, yet.  The Chinese limiting of children hasn’t solved the population issue and it is within the most impoverished that the Cults of Jesus spread their prohibitions against contraception.

Responsibility begins with self.

Mankind holds, in its very human but far from humane hands, the complete and utter destruction of life on Earth in nuclear holocaust, over population, abuse of the planet or other weapons of mass destruction that are all within our grasp now.  Even with this frightening reality of the ability to destroy all life as we know it, humans find ever-increasing reasons, doctrines, ideologies, theocracies, political movements or physical attributes to separate one from another rather than coming together to preserve, conserve and induce global peace and prosperity for all.

No one is free until we are all free.

We humans forget our unbreakable links to the natural world and, in supreme arrogance, the Western Religions build theocratic machines to “take dominion” over the earth as fueled by mythology and man’s baser urges that are encompassed in this doctrine that is far from divinely inspired.

The vicious, vindictive acts of hate from the Catholic Church, the lies of this Nazi sympathizer, Pope Benedictine XVI, with his statement that “Condoms increase AIDS” in Africa, South America and everyplace the poor, ignorant and powerless cling to this fraud demonstrate that no morality exists within organized religions.  That’s amplified in the Evangelical and LDS/Mormon hate-mongers’ activities recently demonstrated.  Maggie Gallagher’s activities in the United States in her $25 million hate campaign sponsored by the Cults of Jesus Inc against the LGBT community demonstrates clearly the agenda in the vile and despicable hate speech leveled against God’s children whom she and her church have decided to vilify as the “other” against which they may rally their troops to cough up more cash.  Time will demonstrate that this is funded by the “Faith Based Initiative” of the United States Government established by George W Bush as one more fraud and Dominionist act of his administration.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

The instigation of American evangelicals in Uganda has created the “Kill the Gays” bill that is being considered for legislation and has inflamed violence and induced hate in good Cults of Jesus style.  Corpulent vile creatures like Saddleback’s Rick Warren, the discredited liar Scott Lively who is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Group list, the C-Street Family from Washington, DC and the United States Congressmen and Senators who have assisted in manipulation of this demonstration of hate inflate the examples of this philosophy of “love” as the Cults of Jesus claim in their lies and fraud.  The only “love” the Cults of Jesus demonstrate is the love of money that their divisive and hate-mongering actions help to fill their coffers with other bigots’ dollars as these birds of a feather flock together demonstrated in California most recently.

Within the politics of the United States we have a War Criminal and his cabinet still at large with no hope of justice being delivered in Corporate AmeriKKKa because of the purchased politicians on Capital Hill.  The liar in chief, “the decider” George W Bush along with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are all guilty of murder and war crimes for torture and a political Supreme Court siding with Yoo makes no difference in the minds of Americans because we see the truth and know the truth in spite of the judicial or media spin doctors.

Karmic law will not be denied.

The system is broken and unless we American Citizens step up and recover our government we are doomed to become slaves to the Oligarchy that Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and Bush just handed the treasury of the United States over to in the largest transfer of wealth in history from the taxpayers to the Oligarchy.  We, the American Citizens, have no clue of where or how this money was spent either when it was handed over to this private banking cartel.  There isn’t accountability at any level in this process even with Elizabeth Warren’s diligence in being watchdog.  To add insult to injury the very creatures who created this are even more powerful now and back to business as usual with the very same Bernanke and Geithner at the helm directing the next round of rape of the United States citizens.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Have any of the Corporate Communist criminals who nearly brought the global economy to a point of collapse been charged with the crimes they committed in the fraud of credit default swaps or bundled derivative fraud?

Why, on God’s green earth do we have Bernanke reconfirmed?

Face the reality people; The United States Government, at the hands of George W Bush, just funded the war against the American Middle Class Citizens by the Oligarchy.  This war began with the establishment of the FED and its been going on for the past 100 years. The escalation over the past 30 years, that we all are aware of with reduced wages and living conditions being third world, speaks eloquently to this.  The American Middle Class is destroyed, our homes foreclosed upon, our investments raped and stolen and our retirements destroyed because of the greed of the Oligarchy and the corruption of government.

We know the reality that our homes are foreclosed upon, our assets seized and we are left homeless and lost while the Oligarchy is bailed out with United States Citizens money because they are “too big to fail.”  The lie and the fraud is exposed.  We are left to fail, we are robbed of our life’s work and these corrupt Corporate Communists are propped up with our dollars.  Main Street can go broke but the Oligarchy is fed.

Take a close look at the former Soviet Union and understand that this is the model the Oligarchy desires in the United States and then get the reality that unlimited Corporate Communist contributions to political campaigns is Supreme Court approved now.  The George W Bush presidency was brought to us by Blackwater aka Xe now and the Industrial Military Complex with the results upon us.  President Barack H Obama sponsored by Goldman Sachs would be an accurate campaign slogan from the evidence presented today.

President Barack H Obama has his plate full and the rabid Republican Cults of Jesus, Right-wing bigots are hell-bent on making sure that he fails.  This idea from the Republicans that Health Care Reform will be Obama’s “Waterloo” defines the treasonous, traitorous and Corporate-Owned Republican Cults of Jesus agenda for the failure of the United States as George W Bush set this standard.  The outright lies of the Republican Cults of Jesus demonstrate this agenda of failure of the United States as does the mortgage of the United States to China.

Make no mistake about it ever that the Republican Cults of Jesus agenda is dominion over everything and they are the Oligarchy.  Bush and the Republicans set up the funding of the Oligarchy, fed them through Military Contractors and Oil Wars and set us on this path to absolute destruction.  When you see “Republican” automatically think Corporate Communist Oligarch and you’ll be dead on accurate.

Is this the America that you want to live in?  Is this the world you want to live in?

America and Americans deserve better than what George W Bush delivered and what the Oligarchy does.  Our Constitution was raped, pillaged, plundered and violated by Bush and 404 elected officials who all voted for the patriot act.

President Barack H Obama was duly elected and the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc have worked hard and long to discredit and push the idea of failure of the President as a goal worthy of attaining.  This is the most vile and perverse action I’ve ever witnessed.  This President Obama is more effective within his first year in office than George W Bush was in his two terms.  The reality that President Obama took on when he rose to the office of President was a nation at war on 3 fronts with the US Treasury handed over to the Oligarchy.  He may present a Goldman Sachs Presidency but that is not yet proven.

There is no question that Americans are fed-up with this reality.  The Tea Party movement demonstrated this but they’ve been hijacked into yet one more puppet of the Republican Cults of Jesus and have no effective leadership or goals other than demonstrating their unhappiness with how Faux Nuz lies about the Obama Presidency.  Presenting a Rupert Murdock and his Arab butt-buddy tabloid style propaganda machine in Fox News is the Oligarchy speaking.  Don’t ever think that Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Faux Nuz are your friends or your voice because these vile creatures are the propaganda arm of the Oligarchy.

The world and America are in a world of hurt because of the actions of the Oligarchy, Wall Street and the Banking interests who now hold themselves insulated with the knowledge that they own the United States of America.

What they don’t own is our soul.

Politics As Usual?

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Politics As Usual?

American politics stooped to new lows over the past year with the abysmal pit being the Tea Party Convention in Nashville appropriately kicked off with Jim Crow racism and proceeded to sink through Sarah Palin’s vitriolic diatribe to appease the Cults of Jesus Inc in full attendance.

A great part of this current political condition is driven from Faux Nuz, the Cults of Jesus Inc and the Republican Party’s failure to accept election results and move into the business of governance.  The Cults of Jesus Inc and Republican Party have continued the open rhetorical warfare against President Barack H Obama in open efforts to discredit the President.  The Right-Wing conservative movement has left no opportunity unexplored from screaming Joe Wilson in a joint session to the current Cults of Jesus Inc sermons and fear-mongering through radio talk show bullshit.

This is from the campaign in June of 2008 and nothing has changed except the venom gains footing within the Wingnuts and Right-Wing Cults of Jesus Inc.

These are are the Cults of Jesus Inc hate and fear-mongers:

There is no clearer statement than what comes from the mouths of these lying spin doctors, hate-mongers, fear-mongers and frauds.  This is not journalism by any stretch of the imagination.

The lies from this media outlet, driven by the Cults of Jesus have escalated and are damaging to the national consciousness.  The malevolence of this group is apparent in the lies they spin into “entertainment” and this is no news.

The basic fraud of these Republican talking points and Cults of Jesus Inc are based upon “End of Life Counsiling” proposed within the Health Care Reform bill.  This “End of Life Counsiling” focuses on the patient’s desire for treatment or not before they would be incapacitated an unable to represent themselves.  Having the experience of being primary care-giver for terminally ill humans I understand the importance of these very private and individual decisions and, as difficult as it may have been, I’ve learned to respect the choices made by my loved ones before the fact of need.  The treatment of this serious topic being spun into the campaign of fear delivered from the clowns at Faux Nuz demonstrates clearly the Cults of Jesus Inc contempt of the truth.

The talking head carries on about the death threats to President Barack H Obama that are directly attributable to the Cults of Jesus Inc hate and fear-mongering.

There are no clearer statements of hate from the Cults of Jesus Inc and this is not an isolated instance in this land of free speech.  These are common operating practices from these creatures who masquerade as religious leaders but are pure Christian Hate personified and now exposed.  This is exactly what is wrong with America.

Faux Nuz bears great culpability with the murder of Dr Tiller as a result of Bill O’Reilly’s continued descriptions of Dr Tiller as “Tiller the Baby Killer” on his broadcast and I would hope that if criminal charges are not brought against this man then the family would pursue civil charges against this vile and dispicable person.

Here’s an interesting bias:

Now look at the headline of “Pastor Beaten By Obama Goons In Arizona” and listen carefully to this recounting of experience.

How is this “Obama Goons?” doing the beating?

These are State of Arizona (John McCain territory) officers and Federal Agents at a Border Control Check Point.  This is America?

Know that this is a result of Bush Administration’s fear-mongering and fraud over “illegal Immigration” that continues to be pandered to by the media, these types of occurrances are commonplace.  George W Bush and his handlers tore up and threw out the Constitution of the United States of America just as the 404 members of the Senate and Congress who voted for the Orwellian Patriot Act that is neither patriotic nor Constitutional for its Fourth Amendment violations alone.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Twenty-five nations, our allies, are fully integrated with Gays,Lesbian and Bisexual troops serving openly without discord or rancor of any form and the Brits said it best: “Respect of others is not an optional extra.”  This from an earlier posting linked here.

“Military Intelligence” may be the ultimate oxymoron in the USA but within the ranks of the British Military Community “respect for others is not an optional extra” according to General Sir Richard Dannantt.  His statement at an LGBT conference appears in an interview with Ben Rakestrow, an openly Gay Serviceman, regarding Gays in the Military is excerpted from The Guardian below:

“Earlier this year the then head of the British army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, became the first army chief to address a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender conference. “Respect for others is not an optional extra,” he said.”

But in America, the land of the Free and the home of the brave, here’s the Cults of Jesus Inc. doing the hate and fear dance from Orin Hatch.  We all know this man’s position from the Prop H8 in California and the collusion of Hate that cost $46 million of the Cults of Jesus Inc cash from the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc’s congregations of hate and fear-mongers mobilized and clearly identified. When will they ever put the “Christ” back in “Christian?”

The Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc are discredited and ultimately discreditable anytime and every time they assume their positions of Hate and Fear-Mongering.  It does my little heart good to know they are exposed and that they have $46 million squeezed from their congregations to spend on Hate.



From around the web:

The reality of this is the Military is able to make this change rapidly.  From Pam’s House Blend comes the reporting of Adam Bink for Open Left.  The long and short of it is that this doesn’t need to take a year or be “studied” any longer.  It’s the right thing to do and it can just be done.

When Collin Powell came out in support of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell the Military politics handwriting is on the wall.  The Military is just as tired and disgusted with the Hate and Fear-mongering of the Cults of Jesus Inc operating within the Military as within Congress and this is the perfect opportunity for the Military to expose them and rout them out.  I’m sure, with reports from enlisted friends, that this is happening as I write this today.  Friends from Ft Benning, GA, Charleston, SC, Pensacola, FL, Altus, OK and Jacksonville, FL report that major structural changes are being ordered within the Army, Air Force and Navy within the past few days.  Good on ’em for doing the right things.

Of course the Family Research Council is yammering and Good As You has a substantial piece reporting on this Hate Group of the Cults of Jesus Inc.   I’ve wasted enough ink on these creeps for a lifetime and am just over having to cope with their bile and viscous diatribes.  You can check it out from the links.  These people are discredited and ultimately discreditable and it just does my little heart good to dismiss them like I do any Bigot, Racist or homophobe who live petty narrow lives of exclusion from hate rather than inclusion from love.



Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters posts, for black history month, a true American Hero.  Barbara Jordan, the last true United States Statesman moved me on every occasion I was blessed to hear her speak.  The woman’s ethics, courage, integrity, honor and comportment broke stereo types and demonstrated a true gem of humanity who pursued the truth at all costs.  The world is a much richer place for Barbara Jordan having graced us all with her being.



Here’s the Daily KOS Republican poll that everyone is carrying on about.  The Brad Blog calls the party “Nucking Futs” and I have to admit I agree since they’ve been overrun by the Cults of Jesus Inc and all that crazy what can you expect?

The Brad Blog rant on this poll is enlightening too.

With the Tea-Party convention going on watch these Cults of Jesus Inc and understand you can tell a Conservative but you just can’t tell them much.



The Nation, yesterday, Lawrence Lessig did a piece on the real fundamental problem within this country and lays is squarely on the Congress, Senate and the reality of Purchased Politicians.  The reality that Lessig and Obama were collegues in college and the obvious respect this man holds for the promise of the Obama Presidency are clear in this thoughtful and articulate piece calling for a Constitutional Convention to address this issue of Campaign Financing and Lobbyists.

In a 2/01/10 posting these issues and the difficulty confronting the Citizens of the United States were more deeply explored.

Accurate or not the basic appearance of corruption within the political process of the United States of America creates an electorate that feels it is discounted, ignored and unheard at best.

The call for a Congressional Congress is a possible solution and I would add to this that Americans, the Middle Class especially, stand to gain the most from calling a Congressional Congress.

Addressing the issues of Campaign Finance in light of the Supreme Court Ruling providing the Corporate Communists unlimited spending opportunity and even foreign corporations the ability to influence American politics presents a risk that only a Constitutional amendment is able to solve.

Additionally, in this Congressional Congress the Balanced Budget amendment must be addressed to restore fiscal responsibility to the United States of America.

Opportunity within this Congressional Congress also exists for the fundamental change to our election process in doing away with the electoral college and restoring one person one vote and the outlaw of easily manipulated without record Diebold Electronic Voting Equipment and restoration of paper ballot back-up.  We made this manditory within the German Constitution after WWII but do not have this protection here and the Supreme Court decision in Bush v Gore provides us sound foundation upon which to demand this inclusion into a Constitutional amendment to insure a government of the people, by the people and for the people rather than the USA sponsored by Enron or Exxon.



It seems the Obama Presidency is going the way of Poor George and we are all poorer because of it.  From the Raw Story comes a new report on the budgetary proposals of the Obama administration.  Americans must wake up and understand this is a War against the American Public that is feeding the Corporate Prison system and is an obscene drain on our resources that criminalizes a predominately population of color for pursuing the American Dream of Capitalism with substances that are less harmful than the legal drugs of Alcohol and Tobacco.

Prohibition doesn’t work.  Prohibition causes crime.  This fraud perpetrated against the Citizens of the United States is obscene and seen around the globe as one more piece of American Mythology.

On a closing note for today T Boone Pickens is bemoaning the fact he has $62 million into HR122 the bill to convert from diesel to natural gas for the fleet of 18 wheelers in the USA today. That would remove 50% of our dependence upon OPEC but on a more sinister note; here is business legislating market change.  Makes you feel comfortable doesn’t it?

Hey Harry Ried is all for it and there are allegedly 138 co-sponsors of the bill.  You bought ’em cheap Mr Pickens.  The Insurance industry and Banking / Wall Street Corporate Communists have dumped several hundred million dollars into purchasing politicians…