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Manic Monday 2.23.15

Posted in The Cost of War by activecitizen54 on February 22, 2015

Manic Monday 2.22.15

The Rudy Guliani idiocy from the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc is raging as complete distraction as the real news of American Terrorism directed by Nazinyahu’s ownership of the Congress & Senate is buried, covered-up, and purely ignored.

More than ever before in life I am completely disgusted with this once great nation now turned to Global Terrorist for the Israeli Crime Syndicate.


Terrorist Tuesday 11.25.14

Posted in Creative Construction by activecitizen54 on November 25, 2014

Terrorist Tuesday 11.25.14


Hovering here on the cusp of the dew, the night sounds soothing in the closeness of the air as only seaside dwellers understand, the wet-blanket feeling dragging me downward to collapse.  The damp breeze pushes heavily laden atmosphere into a nearly magical moonlight and starlight parade.

I am awake and very conscious now for 49 hours.  I meditated an hour last night in walking meditation keeping the cramps out.  Tonight has flown as the sea fog rolls across the tops of the fences, flowing as if under conscious control.  An hour of prone meditation and I’ve been up since.

The only way that this will be cured is to ride it through.  I refuse to take a pill.  I will retire this evening at my normal 11:00 PM.  This should effectively re-set my internal clock.

Now, I freely admit to being just a tad CRANKY, reading the news feeds out of Ferguson, MO.  Perhaps I snapped just a bit too soon, that remains to be seen.

A long time friend, CoinyerOneOOne, from Huffington Post and other news sites made this comment to an article about the Miami SWAT team breaking into the wrong home:

we need a war on stupid cops…,

  • Kevin Andrews God knows I love you Coinyer, I do wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season.

    However, These Cops are NOT stupid. They know their systems and bureaucracy better than the do-nothing Prosecuting Attorney, under Eric Holder’s very own personal guidance and close tutelage.
    The Eric Holder Department of Injustice’s track record isn’t pretty:
    Letting the Torturers free.
    The Traitors, still spewing their Sunday morning vitriol. 
    Holder admits that the Thieving Banksters and Scamming Wall Street Fraudsters,WERE NOT PROSECUTED OUT OF FEAR OF FAILURE!
    Lies to perpetuate the Dynasty of Death’s Wars, to enrich Halliburton, XE, Blackwater, General Dynamics ad nauseum MIC.
    All these are ELEPHANTS in the room of the intentional destruction of America by the 1%’s purchase of these cheap primates on Liar’s Mound.
  • Kevin Andrews I am leaving for Honduras sooner rather than later. At least, in Honduras, as a Citizen, I stand a fighting chance of carving out an honest, self-sufficient, safe and protected home among peoples with honor who grasp REALITY. 
    How many of the 1% are at home in the USA? 
    How many American Citizens fled the first Bush Presidency to Central America and South America? 
    The Second Bush Travesty, more Feces from Kennebunkport flushed into national consciousness by election fraud and a cowardly (or bought-off) Supreme Court.
    The Government Declared War On Main Street with the War on Drugs, our children, as always the pawns as We The People are now painted as THE ENEMY.
    The Fruits of 60 years of legitimized slavery now turned to big business by the “privatization” of Prisons.
    Look at the give-away to big Pharma too.
    Net Neutrality another way they say “Screw You!”
    The Corruption runs through to Ferguson, MO. and every Main Street in this once great nation brought to her knees by Christ-O-Fascists with Sharia Law for all.
    These Bastards in blue, tin badges on the streets, their peers in the DEA and HOMELAND Security Gestapo with NSA spying, leads me to grasp the revolution is expected. 
    Ferguson, MO is Hiroshima with the Big Bertha of Darren Wilson destroying lives of Humans indiscriminately, Sport Hunting Children; stolen cigars or not.
    That may not be such a good idea after all. 
    The 1% will NEVER BE EFFECTED BY PROSPERITY ON MAIN STREET.  These creatures are so Narcissistic, riddled with self-absorption, Greed, with Hate, Gluttony and Pure Toxins of Primate Pollution, that the handful of We The People who are fed this rich slop, will die a slow and tortured death like Citizens at Love Canal, Prisoners being WATER-BOARDED in some GULAG constructed by the USA in our Global Occupation through Christ-O-Fascism.
    The Christ-O-Fascist Missionary of Hate Prey on while the Tokyo Rove choir sings it’s methane blue tunes. Bishop Boner and Cardinal Coal excellent leadership to accomplish the destruction of America, as planned.
  • A real American “success” like, Small Pox infected blankets or the Koch Brother’s Daddy Stealing oil from the REAL NATIVE POPULATION. What about that sense of Dominion and Entitlement brought here by the Western European Invaders.
    Thanks to:
    The Eric Holder and BFF Do-Nothing Department of Injustice,
    The Conspiring FED,
    The Military Industrial Complex, it’s media now polluted with Borderline Personality Disordered Faux Spews & Fiends fairly unbalanced TABLOID TV fueling the Christ-O-Fascist drive to destroy America.
    The obscenity of robo-signing, vacuuming Trillions of Dollars from American  Main Street’s Prosperity; as was the plan when the Banksters made their Savings & Loan debacle now come to full fruition. 
    Slick Willie gave them a test run and then depended on Dubya’s idiocy to succeed.  A few presidential directives to stop the examiners and voi la.
    The Great Recession and now we want to re-cycle Bill as First Lady.
    Look at the performance of ‘Bishop Boner’ of the Holy Republican Cults Of Jeebus Inc’s feeding frenzy for the one percent. 
    Passing out checks on the Congressional floor from the Tobacco Lobby! 
    As for the FED; what Paulson began, Bernanke continued and the contempt of America, Americans and We The People is now repeated ten thousand fold from Skank of America’s stealing your money to cash a check, (drawn on them) to the rape of education through Privatization.
    America today is an absolute nightmare parody of the United States of America I grew up in.
  • Kevin Andrews I think I’m a little cranky here at 4:13 AM EST but I do take great pride and true relief in knowing I am only seven minutes from heaven… Love and hugs to all.
    *Blows Smoke Rings* Symbolic of the three days of actual, We The People’s Business, these Millionaire Lawyers, Liars & Layers of whole cloth lies, legitimized Bribery, Corruption and Graft from our ONE PARTY system proudly crowed accomplishment for SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!  TERRORISTS, ONE AND ALL.
    Look, there are 365 days in a year and from where I stand on Main Street in the middle of this Class War these Clowns are the problem, not the cure. 
    Where is the Military defending the American People from this financial Napalm and the Bush/ChainE “Deficits Don’t Matter!” Scorched-earth exit from the White House. That surely is an Enemy Domestic.
    There are real reasons that Bush boy finished the second coloring book for the Presidential  Lie-Bury and for painting his toes in Tyler, TX.  The Hague is watching.
    Could it be WAR CRIMES? 


  • OUR Public Representatives voted over 50 times to repeal or just not fund the ACA.
    Hello AMERICA!
    Do Americans have Health Care even half as efficient as France or Canada?
    No Americans have Illness Care and Bankruptcy as the Greedy Thieves eat up any assets that the ill may hold to satisfy their greed.
    These Congress Critters are the Meat-Puppets of the lying thieves who blew up the economy to set up the second prosperity vacuum while the Wars of LIES raged on feeding the GREED of the MIC.
    These “PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES” discovered that they can line their pockets best  by pandering to Monsanto, Exxon, CLEAN Coal with more War from Mercenary Americans fueling the problems on the ground. 
    The Corporate Super-Person of the Robert’s Kangaroo Court’s Immaculate Conception, Virgin Birth then Imbued with a Hobby Lobby Soul just like John Roberts Baptized the little honker himself.  Maybe the new “reformed” Catholic Church will accept the books of Roberts & Scalia.  The Church is the biggest Corporate Entity on the face of the Earth.
    365 days in a year and Bishop Boner schedules only 95 freaking work days in a year of doing We The People’s Business?  That’s Contempt of Constitution, Contempt of Office and mostly Contempt of We The People.
    Why not?  The American Sheeple don’t vote.
    So here is the long and the short of it:
    This is a carefully Staged Kabuki.
    Meat Puppets dancing on strings from C-Street to K-Street bouncing through revolving doors doing absolutely nothing except:
    Rubbing the nose of the American Citizen Taxpayers in the feces they excreted by not doing their jobs in oversight, funding or effective legislation for the Health and Well Being of all Americans.
    This One-Party System raped Main Street, Lied us into Wars, Raped Main Street some more.
    Look what they’ve done in reducing America to a 3rd World Nation by stealing wages from labor, not rewarding increased productivity, suppressing education all while pandering to the lowest common denominator as demonstrated in the gent from Ohio.
    Does America have nationalized Health Care?
    America has a half-ass-stitched-together piece of Clingy Corporate Feces in our faces and our pockets.
    The Corporate Super-Person takes a big Duke dump of coal ash into North Carolina rivers, Fracking Chemistry poisoning ground water. What the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s answer to that is; “Give some of those empty park lands to develop, pollute and rape.”
    We have the ability right now to dismantle every Electric Utility and be residence sustaining.  We don’t for the same reason Gasoline goes to $4 per gallon.  It’s greed and these Corporate Super-Persons are immortal in this current atmosphere even though they’ve destroyed that Atmosphere.
    Americans are set to be defecated upon by the Corporate Super-Person’s “Privatization” howl from the Cannibal Cults.
    Look at the astronomical profits that the Sociopaths of Robert’s bouncing babies strips from Main Street.
    There is no investment or reinvestment from Crony Capitalism.
    There is only the obscene greed that drives John Birch Society Spawn to declare War as seen in Ferguson and coming to your back lawn now.
    Go ahead; take a real hard look around you America!
    According to the Media, that may or may not report anything accurately since the Rupert & Roger Road Show of Poisonous Persons Pontificating, AKA, Faux Spews & Fiends fairly unbalanced Tabloid TV, declared that everything that comes from a failed High School teacher is GOTP Gospel according to Huckabee and whatever blond bimbo he can get next to to have anyone pay attention at all.
    Feel Free America because as soon as the Koch Brothers find a way to sell clean air that their industry and rape of the planet hasn’t polluted; you will be billed.
    Four Trillion dollars is what the Dynasty of Death, Halliburton, GE and other “Government Contractors” pocketed off Main Street through the ChainE-Dubya Reign of Terrorists.
    Does America not remember what War Profiteering is?  If not there are several great examples in the Middle East right now.
    Twelve Trillion dollars is what the Banksters & Wall Street Scammers, who make things up instead of making things, stole from American Families’ Prosperity.
    If Minimum Wage kept up with inflation, and these Greedy Thieves profits, Americans would be earning $50,000.00 per year base pay.
    Take a long hard look America.
    The Great Captains of Industry in their greed fleeced Americans in off-shoring.
    The pillars of Academia and Economics sat on their hands, kept their mouths  shut and apparently became blind for SIXTY YEARS while the Kennedy Coup came to full fruition in the ChainE-Dubya Reign of Terror, Torture and lies.
    The Corporate Super-Person Killed Family Farms, Family Businesses and Big-Boxed this once thriving economy into having it’s gonads ripped out by the FED.
    What in Hell is wrong with America?
    Look to the Statesmen.
    What’s that?
    You can’t find any?
    Nonsense, Sanders, Warren, Frankel and a smattering, perhaps a handful in both Houses.  What populates the Hallowed Halls of our government are no longer Leaders of Men but Meat-Puppets on the Kabuki stage inside the Beltway that defecates on you through “Trickle-Down” that is really “PISS ON YOU AMERICANS” from these powerful artificial paper people who now have more freedom of speech than you or I.
    The beaming Mother/God Roberts declared that Money is free speech to insure the vampire squid he birthed completely strangles America in the Greed for the benefit of only those privileged few, the 1% who own them.
    Prepare yourself America.  Your children, your homes, your livelihoods and future are all now dependent upon the whim of John Birchers or any other source both foreign and domestic that can pony up enough cash to Purchase their very own politicians.
    America it is long past time that you grew up and restored this nation and the Constitution upon which it was founded from the SIXTY-YEAR SIEGE OF GREED, LIES & WAR ON YOU.

    Kevin Andrews Please Sister Lindsey and Crash McStain; tell me please what masters you serve because it is NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE now or ever in your pandering called a career while all you do is sleep through hearings.

Ripcord In 3, 2, 1

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Ripcord In 3, 2, 1

As a very concerned American Citizen I’ve watched this grand Kabuki playing for 6 decades and the current conditions are reprehensible, an absolute abrogation of the duties of their offices as this Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s obstruction and War on Democracy continues unabated.

And President Obama is far from innocent in this.

“Looking forward, not back,” is the tool to legitimize Fraud on America and the Global Economy while holding the perpetrators harmless.
“Looking forward, not back” leaves war criminals holding How-To Off-Shore America seminars in the Caymans.
“Looking forward, not back” is what keeps the Eric Holder and BFF Department of (In)Justice chasing the low-hanging fruit of Pot-Smokers for 3 to 5 years trips through the perverted courts system at all our expense feeding the greed of the Corporate Prison while fraud on Wall Street is declared to be “Doing God’s Work” in a Christmas homily from the trigger-man of the Heist of History.

Our moderate republican President Obama has pandered to these angry old white men for too long.

The facts, written in the most recent history, demonstrate a complete contempt of Main Street from these Purchased Politicians who’ve legitimized bribery and declare open War on Democracy and Main Street.

A real Statesman, a World Leader would L-E-A-D by example, and the example of President Obama is one of complete ownership by Goldman Sachs and the Oligarchy without concern for Main Street.  The only concern is with that Corporate Super-Person socio-pathetic pure focus on the God-Almighty Profit that drives the current theocratic oligarchy to shoot themselves in the foot by starving those who’ve made them.

The clear intent of the Drama-Queens on CapitAl Hill is to drive their divisiveness through High Kabuki and open fraud, lies and War on Democracy.

A seditious Minorety Leader brings governance to a screeching halt.
A pickled Speaker can’t herd the faithful flock of Fearful Fundamentalist Buy-Bull Thumpers in their 7 Mountains Mandate of flying spaghetti monster insanity.

The damage done is reality in the down-grade of the United States and that’s not just the Standard and Poors rating either.

The Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc rode herd over the largest transfer of wealth in history and Americans accept this?

President Obama, I deplore you to “Just Say NO!”
Bring on the Depression Boys because your War on Democracy is seen.
Americans are prepared. 

On Christian Retailing
*Breathes DEEPLY.  Counts to 10 twice.  Kicks toe in dust, adjusts crotch, spits, grins and lets the spirit of Julia Sugarbaker inhabit my linebacker’s body.*

Let’s give it up for the Christian Brown-Shirts!

Hooray for the Manhattan Declaration!

The problem is that somewhere in that Buy-Bull that’s too often thumped there is story about this wonderful Savior throwing the money-changers out of the Temple.  
This must be where they set up shop.

What a funny demonstration of Christian Compassion to inflict their patriarchal rule upon every woman’s vagina.  How wonderfully encompassing and compassionate to deny appropriate individual health care based solely upon one’s theology inflicted upon everyone else.  
Infringement of “Religious Liberty?”  I think not.

I wonder:
If they consume fish without scales?
Wear two types of cloth?
Plant more than one kind of crop in a field?
Work on the Sabbath?
What price will they put upon their daughters when they sell them into slavery?

The American Taliban of Evangelicals as these demonstrate have now invested this Gay Man with the power to control weather and as a friend of Dorothy I am sorely temped to send tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

However, the compassionate, loving God that I know accepts their position and moves my money elsewhere (not that I would ever set foot in their shop) considering this more of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc eating their own.

The prevalence of Christian Retailing is accepted but the KKK clothier down the street is out of business and that McCarthyite burger place died too.

Oh well.

I really have to chuckle whenever I see this August Gentleman from KY, slippery as he is.

The Seditious Senator, the miraculous Do-Nothing man of the hour for the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc is like a cat trying to cover the crap he left in the litter box.  The only problem here is that “litter box” is Main Street and the crap is spawned by his peers.  

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

How about a few color codes to tell us our threat level today Mitchy Poo?

Those 250,000 Kentuckians you are “fixing to gleefully starve” have their eyes set on 2014 and there isn’t a Coal Mine dirty enough for you to hide in then.  

There is a very sound reason why these proponents of Government Secrecy use their Theological strangle-hold on dialog. Their “arguments” are demonstrated a pure lies, deceit and deception by their War on Democracy.  They have ridden herd over the Heist of History and legitimized the K Street Cottage Industry of Koch Brothers Purchased Washington with the disease spreading red, red, red…

Their Presidential Candidate couldn’t tell the truth.

Myth’s poor little Vulture-Capitalist, Off-Shore America, US Chamber of Commerce position of the 2% Corporate Super-Person needs to be water-boarded, dog on the rooftop sensibility offended, Lies in the name of God are still Lies reminded by demanding human responsibility for the sociopath’s acts from someplace other than Main Street or Granny’s cupboard.

That would be doing Blankenfein’s alleged “God’s Work.”

This mouthpiece for the New Gilded Age crawled up off the Monopoly Board and has lost his dice.

I can almost hear the Charles Kuralt-style battle ground news cast:

The Broadcast begins:
The Drone’s eye view video of Tallahassee done up Inauguration festive in blood red cuts to the Rick’s Ranches of tents from the homeless 199ers and back to those lovely embroidered dresses, silk shoes and smoking purses as the Vatican (the original corporate person) entourage arrives.  The Salt Lake City Magic Underpants precision bicycle brigate pivots and waves Phelp’s Corporate Banners.

Karault breaks the magic of the moment:
“General Voldemort of the Brotherhood of Greed’s Corporate Paper-People’s Army has a stunning victory in the War on Democracy being waged by the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc against the Citizens on Main Street while under their direct funding.”

The Fleecing continues.

Karault continues:

“This stunning stroke of political underhandedness is a tactic often utilized by the Reich-Wing with the most recent Tithes for Lies Propaganda pogrom from the Vatican to Salt Lake City demonstrating how easily love is perverted into hate with just a little cooperation and coersion.  Apparently the money too.”

Voldemort explains: 
“The cutting down on early voting days is a clearly demonstrated economic “saving” to the State.
We are enjoying that saving here tonight in a State Dinner of Lobster and Tuna Steak immediately following the Profits Prayer Service or whenever the caterer says it’s ready and the serving slaves are searched.”

Karault continues:

“Florida in particular suffered greater than average fatalities as 49,000 were disenfranchised, left-behind in the trenches with the Fraudster delivering siege to Grama and Gramps retirement years, education and high-speed rail all crippled too.”

General Voldemort’s quote of the day: 

“The high cost of the War on Democracy must be born by someone and these Fearful Fundamentalists are easily manipulated.   I spent my money to get into this State House and I’m not like Jan who hates the Tan.  I won’t sell the place and lease it back at a profit yet.”

Cut to a quick screen of The Most Righteous Reverend Mother Mayhem Maddow of the Sisters of Bull-itis surrounded by the Cardinals of Compulsiveness Drones.

“The body count for disposable teens in the LGBTQ community has not yet arrived.” The Reverend Mother Maddow reports.  “The Sisters of Bull-itis are still un-thumping Buy-Bulls from the backs of the real victims trying to resuscitation intellect in these spiritually abused children from this morning’s Focus on The Family and the Family Research Council attacks.”

Karault closes:
“A very successful campaign in the War on Democracy brought to us by the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc and the Missionaries of Hate.”

“Stay tuned for the thrilling reporting on the Pope blessing the Ugandan LDS Minister sponsor of the Kill The Gays Bill live from Scott Lively square next to the choirboy’s.”

Sponsored by the Stand Your Ground For doG Tokyo Rove Chior of Missionaries of Hate.
Myth ChainE and the Sisters of Bachmann Loonassy host.
One Million Moms has flipped.  MOM is now WOW.

Eaters meet at 7:00 PM to clean up the scraps.

And, of course the ever-present evangelical commercial at Billy Mays volume follows.

Brothers, have you felt threatened?  Does loud music offend you?  Do skittles and a can of soda send you over the top chasing down teens?  Well we have a special surprise for you today.

Introducing the Huckster-tastic, twice as elastic, plugs it up and shuts that thing down AR69 combination chastity and personal shield weaponry.

Yes men, you get your wish.  Total control of the womb and Stand Your Ground all rolled up in that handy dandy feminine body shield.

Act now and you’ll get not one but two and we’ve arranged special shipping and handling for the slaves direct to your door for only $199.95 each.

Hurry and act now and get the free bonus of the boys butt-plug bomber to protect your backside and travel the mean streets in safety.  

I have to respect the “Compassionate CONservative” path of Brooks.

The reality of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc:

The Seditious pledges:
The Manhattan Declaration
The Norquist rot
The “One-Term President”

The Accomplishments:
The Destruction of Glass-Steagall
The Heist of History
2 Unfunded Wars
Spending more than all the administrations of the United States Government history combined and demanding Main Street Pay $14 Trillion in fines for stupidity by putting these fools in office to begin with.

And the Democrats are completely complicit.

Now what are we going to do about it?

Just ending the Bush Give-Away to the Rich only addresses a small portion of the real Fiscal Illness of these Greedy K Street whores, the Pigs Feeding At The Trough.

What about:
Ending the cash hemorrhage of Military Contractors who now outnumber troops on the ground?  This is the real Elephant in the room.
Ending the Wars?
The real blood and treasure Middle East ones
The War on Democracy
The War on Women
The War on your kids
The War on LGBTQ civil rights
The War on Tan
The War Main Street
The War on Unions

It is long past time for America to produce a real Statesman to speak the truth of the real cost.

The real cost of this is:
American Labor is living subsistence existences in the richest nation on the Earth with open War declared on them by the Corporate Paper Super-Person and Americans are too freaking stupid to see this is an assault on their homes in the height of a foreclosure crisis not seen since the Great Depression.

The down-grade of the USA: 
America’s global position as #38th.
First in Gun fatalities.

No high-speed rail, alternative energy and mass transit systems.

Infrastructure rot

The after-birth of the Roberts’ Supreme Court decision that the Corporate Super-Person has more rights to free speech than you or I.

Working diligently to make Main Street pay for folly from their cupboards.

The continual legitimized bribery, spying on Americans, rule by Fear Alone continues.

Where is the unified America that once existed?

Lost to the divisive Faux Spews and Fiends, Tokyo Rove minions and the ever-present Missionary of Hate choir singing their sad songs of “Infringement on Religious Liberty.”
Tithes for Lies anyone?

ReThink Afghanistan

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ReThink Afghanistan

With the news of XE aka Blackwater bidding on training Afghani Police I was struck with absolute horror.  Haven’t we learned our lessons with the murders in Iraq from this Military Contractor?

A larger question, in light of Caribou Barbie calling for war in Iran; haven’t we learned that was just doesn’t work?

The parallels between Viet Nam and the current wars are disgusting and deplorable and this war is just not winnable.

With the Cults of Jesus Inc, Right-Wing Republicans and the Industrial / Military / Congressional Complex working against President Obama for the destruction of America and crying for a reduction of deficits; ending these wars makes great sense.  Of course this 800 pound gorilla in the room is considered sanctified because it’s good business for the FED, good for business and keeps 130,000 able bodied troops overseas and occupied where they can’t be turned against the Oligarchy or the population of the USA.

Why is no one listening?

Why aren’t we ending these travesties of War and bringing George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the Bush Administration to trial for their war crimes, for murder and treason?

The information is available at as reported here all along during the debates leading up to the announced surge.

Remember that 404 members of the Senate and Congress voted against the Constitution of the United States of America in the Patriot Act.  To think that these traitors are going to develop any sense of fiscal responsibility with the demonstrations of TARP gifts to Wall Street and Banking, the fiasco of Health Insurance Reform selling out to the Insurance Companies and Drug Manufacturers, the Stimulus that favored the Oligarchy and leaves Main Street to suffer defines the intent of these purchased politicians.  Congress has the ability to end these wars and stop the Imperial Actions of the United States of America by withholding funding.  Game over.  Do you think it’s going to happen?

The American people, a majority of the American people want Universal Health Care and these pseudo-royalty line their campaign pockets and their personal pockets at the expense of their constituency.  This isn’t along party lines either.  This is a clear demonstration that the system is broken and the American People are rising up to effect a wholesale housecleaning the likes of which these corrupt bastards have no clue and it’s never been seen before.  The People of the United States of America are fed up with the status quo and the far right is winning as a result.  Change is coming rapidly.

This is the current business standard as reported in Sick For Profit.

Bill Moyers reports fairly, accurately and of the history and current events. None of us wants the current system to continue as we are squeezed ever harder by the growing costs of health care for profit.  Now there is nothing wrong with profit for the Doctors, Technicians, Nurses, Hospitals and Clinics but the middle man, the for profit Insurance Companies and Drug Companies have become greedy and drive the costs 25% to 30% higher to line their pockets and pay Wall Street profits.

Americans are ready willing and able to pay their fair share and Universal Health Care, Medicare or Medicaid for all is an honest solution that presents real competition to these greedy Corporate Communists.  Four Hundred Billion Dollars is what Americans currently pour into the Corporate Communist’s pockets in excessive administrative “costs” while people die from being denied coverage.  Do away with the Health Insurance Industry and save $4 trillion now.

Here is real cost relief for the Small Business People by getting the Insurance Company Corporate Communists out of their pockets.  We’ll still pay for the costs of medical care but at a reduced rate within the structure of our current tax payment methods.  Single Payer Universal Health Care is a business bail out.

Medicare wasn’t disruptive to the health care delivery system.  It was disruptive to the Insurance Industry Corporate Communists.  Medicare is a Socialist System that works just like our Libraries, Fire Departments, Police Forces are all Socialist Systems.  What is to fear?

The Insurance Industry, if it is to be competitive and survive, will provide Universal Health Care at reasonable costs or it will pass into non-existence as the horse and buggy have passed into being collector’s items.  This knowledge is what drives their rancorous rants on television commercials, their absolute spending spree in Washington, DC and on the State levels and it has served to expose the very corrupt nature of politics today.

This is about the people.  There is no doubt and the people understand clearly that purchased politicians do not have their best interest in mind or heart.  November is coming and this is open war on the incumbents without real reform that includes Universal Health Care.  I will not pay to the Corporate Communists one red cent.  I will pay my fair share into a national health program through my job or out of my own pocket but I will not pay the Corporate Communists ever.

For less than half the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq we could have Medicare for all and begin paying down the national debt now.  That’s the reality of the choices that are presented to us.  Why are we a global imperial force now with military bases in 191 countries or territories around the globe and not caring for our citizens?

Spending Freeze? When Hell Freezes Over!

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Spending Freeze?  When Hell Freezes Over!

President Barack H Obama’s staff leaked a suggestion that the President is proposing a discretionary spending freeze and all hell broke loose.

Is this just a political ploy to get the Republican run against the Social Security and Medicare programs disarmed before they can deliver a scathing review of their actions in raping the Social Security Trust Fund and raiding the Medicare Reserves to feed the greed and go to war based on lies?

That’s the Republican way as Alan Grayson pointed out; “Don’t get sick.  If you do get sick; Die Quickly.” that’s the Republican way.  What’s waiting in the wings at this moment is the Republicans doing the “figures don’t lie but liars figure” routine to attempt to hang the Republican rape of the Social Security Trust Fund that started with Reagan and has continued through Bush on the Democrats like they lie about the budget deficit now.  The Republicans spent the Social Security Trust Fund, that yours and my 1983 tax increase fattened up, to prevent the very bankruptcy that Republicans are preparing to land-mind Obama with now.  The Republicans under Reagan opened this fund to the Congress to spend and the Republicans in Congress have spent it and another 500 trillion to boot.  Republicans in the lead, the party of Tax and Spend and War and steal from the working folks for fat-cat salaries and lots of privilege.

Perhaps President Obama will grow some balls and make this point in his State of the Union Address…  One can only hope.

Economist Bradford DeLong,  at UC Berkeley provides enlightenment at his website writes:

“As one deficit-hawk journalist of my acquaintance says this evening, this is a perfect example of fundamental unseriousness: rather than make proposals that will actually tackle the long-term deficit–either through future tax increases triggered by excessive deficits or through future entitlement spending caps triggered by excessive deficits–come up with a proposal that does short-term harm to the economy without tackling the deficit in any serious and significant way.”

Grasping Reality with Opposable Thumbs


“A spending freeze? That’s the brilliant response of the Obama team to their first serious political setback?

It’s appalling on every level.

It’s bad economics, depressing demand when the economy is still suffering from mass unemployment. Jonathan Zasloff writes:

Obama’s Self-Inflicted Lobotomy Proceeds Apace « The Reality-Based Community: I’m trying to think of what could possibly be a worse plan.  Let’s see: we might be entering a double-dip recession and unemployment is in double-digits, and you are going to freeze spending?  What in God’s name are they thinking? Perhaps the worst thing about this is how it cedes the ideological ground to the Republicans.  At some point someone must make an argument for government.  I think it was former Senator Paul Simon who said: “give the voters a choice between a Republican and a Republican and they will choose a Republican every time.”

What next?  The rotting corpse of Andrew Mellon as Treasury Secretary?  Or do we already have that?”

President Obama seems to have decided to fire Tim Geithner and replace him with “the rotting corpse of Andrew Mellon” (Mellon was Herbert Hoover’s Treasury Secretary, who according to Hoover told him to “liquidate the workers, liquidate the farmers, purge the rottenness”.)

FEED THE OLIGARCHY!  This is the rally cry of the Obama camp and it’s more pandering to Right-Wing Republican Cults of Jesus, Banking, Wall Street and Corporate Communists who are now well insulated from the real financial collapse of the Middle Class that their Ponzi Schemes created in the global economy.  These bastards wrote the toxic predatory loans, bundled them and sold them, then insured themselves against the failure of the toxic assets, collected on the insurance through default swaps and Geithner’s gifts and kept the assets.  The United States Taxpayers just bailed their unhappy asses out and we are now cannon-fodder for their greed.  YOU BET AMERICANS ARE ANGRY.

The claim this morning that “Liberals are Cool on Obama’s Freeze” may be true for some liberals but this one is off the scope.  I am beyond “Not Cool” and all the way to “Certified Outraged” by this proposal that will strike at the very people who are under complete seige and assault by the failed economic policy of George W Bush carried into the Obama administration.  The American Citizen is under attack and the Government is declaring another war on the population in this obscene act.  This is the Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and Summer’s philosophy of “get the citizens to pay for our excess.”  Can you say “Claw-Back” ten times fast?

First and foremost in this outrage of a “freeze” is the Department of Defense entitlement program and Homeland Security entitlement proposed to continue unchecked and infinitely inflatable.  That is truly obscene!   These items already consume 54% of our government’s budget and are obscene when one looks at the other nations’ around the earth.

The War on Drugs may be winding down but the War on the United States Citizens is now in full force and proceeding as the Oligarchy of the Corporate Communists created.  The FEDs are clearly allied with the Oligarchy of the Corporate Communists and the purchased politicians are just puppets.

“Those that would give up essential liberties for a moment of security deserve neither liberty or security.”  Benjamin Franklin



Here is real saving for the United States Government.

The Cost of War

What could be better for the United States?

How will ending these illegal, immoral and impossible to win wars lessen the security of the United States of America?

Ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will not create additional “terrorist activity” globally as the war-mongers howl.  American exit and UN exit of troops may serve to quell the foment of terrorism by the cessation of murdering civilians.

Why are we fighting a tactic on soils that the sovereignty, the existing governments had nothing at all to do with the Twin Trade Tower attacks on 9/11/01?

The answer is OIL.  In both instances the clear answer is OIL and the economic interests of the Oligarchy, the Corporate Communists within the United States and Globally is the foundation for these insane wars begun by George W Bush’s lies.

The lineage of these Wars is all too clear.

George H W Bush laid the foundations for what passes today as the Wars in the Middle East by training, equipping and funding the Taliban and a recruit out of Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin Laden, while waging a CIA secret war against the Russians in Afghanistan.  The Russians got smart and just pulled out, we should take that lesson too.

We are effectively fighting the very men we trained and equipped to fight the Russians and the “terrorist” tactics they use are of CIA and United States author.  By removing ourselves from the Arabian peninsula we are not creating instability but returning this region to its rightful sovereign owners and peoples.  The insanity of this drives through the George W Bush lies and frauds of creating this war and defines the very foundation of the torture and war crimes committed against the native populations.

These wars are inextricably intertwined with the Israeli actions and Human Rights violations of the Palestinians, the Israeli refusal to bargain in good faith.  The Israeli determination to deny a Palestinian homeland that the USA supports.

The Corporate Communists are up to their ears in this too with Military Contractors illegally employed by Bush and Cheney to do the work the US Military refused to do and Bush and Cheney lied about being “more cost effective” than US Military personnel.

The truth of these Wars and the obscene greed and feeding of the Corporate Communists detailed in chapter 7 of God And Whose Army is available for free online here.

“In my line of work you have to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”  George W Bush.

The pampered son of privilege lies, lies, lies….  Charge him with treason, murder and willful malfeasance and bring him to trial now.  An honest, just and American Administration would bring this man and his administration to justice as rapidly as is humanly possible.

George W Bush and Dick Cheney with Donald Rumsfeld ENDORSED AND PRACTICED TORTURE!  They are War Criminals, of that there is no doubt.



We are not at risk of becoming involved in another Viet Nam type conflict; we are hot at creating this Viet Nam conflict to serve the greed of the Military Contractor, the Oil Interests and the Corporate Communists who fear the result of a population of well-armed and well-trained American men and women being on domestic soil as they overtake the United States Government lock, stock and barrel. The Corporate Communists have already purchased Washington.  That’s obvious from this decision, this insanity of a “spending freeze.”

This openly political ploy of a “spending freeze” is a promise designed to be broken and strikes at the very core of an economic recovery for Main Street.  The purchased politicians in Washington, DC now see, know and understand that their days are numbered because of the insane dysfunction of the process that more Americans than ever before in history have paid attention to because we want real Health Care Reform.  Pandering to the Cults of Jesus, right-wing Republicans and bowing to the Corporate Communist masters is not a position any elected official would assume, provided that they have even an ounce of common sense.  Obama did this by refusing to take a stand during the Health Care lies espoused by the Republicans of “death panels” and has gone downhill to this.

I fervently hope and pray that President Barack H Obama comes to his senses in his State Of The Union address and presents clear, direct leadership and solid solutions because without this roadmap this President and this nation is screwed. If President Obama gets the courage to address the obscene obstructionism of the Republican’s use of the filibuster to point up the Republican responsibility and drive home Bush failed policy brought us to this point the Democrats may get an upper hand over the Cults of Jesus Republican Right-Wing lie machine.  There is no “polite” way to express that one more BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again) moment is waiting in the wings for the American Taxpaying Citizen.

The proposed Depart of Defense spending left intact is the biggest single mistake that this President could ever make within the context of the current FED manipulated global economic conditions.

Congressman Barney Frank argues that Defense Spending has “little use as a social safety net.”

Alan Greenspan takes this even further, “military spending is like insurance: if necessary to meet its primary need, it had to be done, but it was not good for the economy; and to the extent that it could be reduced, the economy would benefit.”

“The math is compelling: if we do not make reductions approximating 25% of the military budget starting fairly soon, it will be impossible to continue to fund an adequate level of domestic activity even with the repeal of Bush’s tax cuts for the very wealthy.”

These statements made many years ago are at the core of the crisis that is upon us now.  WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO SUSTAIN A PERMANENT STATE OF WAR!

To the normal, rational, sane human being this would be apparent from the ruins of an economy laying about us now.  Make no mistake about this; this destruction of the United States of America will be as complete as the destruction of the USSR if we maintain the course that George W Bush set us upon in his illegal, immoral Faith-Based Oil Wars.  Our politicians, 404 of them, have abrogated their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America in voting yes on the “Patriot Act” which is neither patriotic or necessary but a tool to deny every free citizen of the United States their constitutional rights to privacy, to due process, to search and seizure and ultimately the rights to bear arms.  This, more than any aspect of the Bush Imperial Presidency is the single point of his agenda that escapes the American Citizen.  This is the intent of the Dominionist Right-Wing Republican agenda and it is coming to fruition with President Barack H Obama demonstrating that there is no difference from the disastrous prior administration and carries into his administration the very creatures who destroyed the economy in the persons of Bernanke and Geithner.

I am and every American Citizen should be absolutely outraged at this continuing fraud from our government.  These Wars are the absolute economic destruction of the United States of America and there isn’t a Rosie the Riveter in the wings to paint a positive spin on the obscene spending and human rights violations perpetrated by the United States in these Wars.

It will take more than a David Plouffe to haul the purchased politicians on Capital Hill out of the absolute divesting of incumbents that is upon the Congress and Senate and this presents nothing but increasing opportunity to the Republican Cults of Jesus subverted contenders at the expense of the Democrats.  Our future is heading to Theocracy because of these failed policies and this administration either desires this or is too short-sighted to see this or too cowardly to confront it.

This is no time for a “Centrist” or Bi-Partisan bullshit.  This is no time for the President of the United States to pander to anyone or any voice within his “inner circle” of Corporate Communists and Wall Street Banksters.  Now is the time for the President of the United States to stand up and LEAD.  A “freeze” on spending anyplace but the Department of Defense is a colossal mistake.

Real solutions are:

Direct lending to Small Business.  We bailed the Corporate Communists out, the Banks and Wall Street and they are not lending to small business but rather shooting craps on derivitives, hedge funds, insurance against themselves that pays off 100% on the dollar when they break the system like Bernanke and Geithner did.

Home Mortgages rolled into bankruptcy and a direct from the government mortgage relief program with short-sell to the Corporate Communists, Banksters and Wall Street that created the bubble and burst.

Direct Student Loans and Technical Training programs.

America Works Program  to build green energy solutions in States with unemployment rates of 10% or higher.

Immediate Taxation of Banks, Value Added on Wall Street and Corporations to 35% to fund the America Works Program.

Tariffs on imports and 15% tax on re-imports of manufactured goods from United States based companies that moved off-shore for slave labor.

Universal Health Care.  Electronic Medical Records.

Tear down the FED and put the United States Citizens Bank in place.

In Budget terms this graph, produced by, is a “comparison” between actual deficits of George W Bush and projected deficits of Barack H Obama.  The $236.2 billion surplus is what Bill Clinton delivered to George W Bush with a healthy economy.


From March, 2009

It is important to remember that George W Bush delivered to President Barack H Obama an economy in ruins with the TARP program to “bail-out” the Corporate Communists already in play.  Bernanke and Geithner, Goldman-Sachs and Citigroup were already directing this debacle.

Here is a simple and accurate pie chart of the United States Budget for 2009 fiscal.

This is from the website.

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes FY 2009

FY2009 federal piechart


The United States Congress has borrowed 80% of the past military debt that we are paying interest on and proposes to escalate the war in Afghanistan.  Where is this money coming from?  The freaking Corporate Communists, China and the Oligarchy that is the FED printing fiat dollars is where this money comes from and it mortgages our labor, our childrens’ labor and has bankrupted this nation because of the fiscal irresponsibility of the Republican Congress and past President George W Bush because he LIED and took us to War.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this.