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Tori Birthday Beach 9.14.13

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Tori Birthday Beach 9.14.13

I am a truly blessed human in this life because, on my 59th birthday, my friend Lee has risen to the truth, to the light and knows now the strength of unconditional love, the honor and admiration of being friend and the torture of threat to either one the other endures.

Neither are without fault and both actively participate in individual lives but the joy, the pure bliss in the security of rock-solid friendship, trust, faith from experience and the freedom to make mistakes. 

With my friend Lee there is a steadying of life, a leveling of the rough spots, an anchor and light to guide my soul as I dwell here in the fringes.  I feel blessed and protective of my friend Lee not for what he does or says but from the luminous being I know dwelling within the body across the room or across the globe.  It is the atmosphere of acceptance, the freedom of individual choice, the respect of and for one for the other and the compassion to forgive. Between friends freedom and occasional harmony are just the tip of the iceberg of the joy of companionship without reservation or complication.  The serenity and bliss is not in the bond or union and that is seen with envy by those cut from lesser cloth but from the unconditional love of family, the ability to love and let go, the honest and priceless quiet moments enraptured with the foundation of awe and admiration because this man is my friend and I his.

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead.

Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Albert Camus

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The quotes are guideposts in an often confusing and complicated world. 

As I work here overlooking Tori Beach with a tenuous and trying future ahead I pray my friend is able to accept and laugh with me again soon.  I long for the companionship, the humor, the often opposing views of a trusted confidant, an intellectual intimacy and acceptance born of compassion, common interests and acceptance of free will and self-responsible humans.

Should our paths diverge, as they have in the past, I am able to love and let go as demonstrated then; as is foundation now.  Somehow in this Universe of energy and light I know the resonance of soul will again bring us to cross paths and share life, share love and the pure bliss of Tori Beach a clear and real demonstration of the ability to be joyous, happy, loved and remain free within willing respectful bounds of friends.

This Giraffe is without fear, without animosity, without resentment because there is nothing and no one more important than my friend Lee, for me because of the history.  For me, regardless of the direction this life points I am secure, wrapped and surrounded by the love and light of my friend Lee and the memories of Tori Beach.

Thank you friend for being who you are.  I am honored in life to have shared experience, created beauty, joy and bliss restoring my soul, healing my wounds and for sharing strength when I was weak and failed.  Thank you for being My Friend.



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There is great value in this truth from Pat Condell, one of my heros in today’s world of InsaniTEA, lies, fraud and manipulation.

The divisive Cults of Jesus Inc with their Missionaries of Hate are a scourge on humanity with their “Christian,” Cults of Jesus Inc acts playing out in Uganda with the murder of David Kato, the suicides of LGBTQ youth in America, the obscenity of NOM, The Family Research Council, Liberty Council and every howling Evangelical fraud.

The illness runs deep in these Missionaries of Hate and will not stop until Americans stand up and re-take their Constitutional rights to freedom from religion as well as freedom of religion.  If one must join a Cult to feel part of society then the fundamental flaw lays within the individual and not this society.


The Corey Boy and I did the look at another house routine again today and this looks like a real winner.  I’m stoked and ready to make the move now.  It will take a couple of weeks to get everything organized but I have faith and direction from within to make this happen now.  The reality is that next year this time I will be buying this home through a conventional mortgage and be a homeowner once again.

Being here with Daughter Timmy has been a real lifesaver and I’m eternally grateful to Tim for his loving support and compassion but I’m not ever in this life having anything to do with the schizophrenic Roger.  Once I’m free of this place the Roger is history and his antics will reward him with homelessness or being warehoused in an institution where he belongs.  My compassion is gone toward this leech and coward Roger who is unable to support himself now or ever.

I’ve donned the bright yellow tee shirt with the 6X8″ “Danger, Keep Back 200 Feet” sign in the center of my chest.  A more accurate description for the day couldn’t be found.

it’s a day off work for me and I’m grateful for the vision of the veggie patch and the perennial border consuming my view this morning.

This is day 2 of being without the blood pressure meds or the anti-depressants and I’m doing OK.  I’ll get the refills tomorrow first before I even think about groceries for this place.

The deal has been that I provide food for the house in exchange for housing and the realty of feeding the Roger is too high a cost to value received for me to withstand even one day longer so I’ll just leave the place on the starving side of mother Hubbards cupboard and be happy for being free.


Manic Monday

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Manic Monday:

This is the kind of Hate-Mongering and race-baiting that the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and the Tea-Tards spew here and on Faux Spews.

This is no longer the America that I remember across the past 55 years.
The fear and hate-mongering of fearful fundamentalist, Neo-Cons and excessive greed present an abhorrent Orwellian truism playing out more and more every day.

The Church abandons missions to help the poor, feed the hungry and house the homeless to focus on $140 million spent on pogroms of Lies, Fear and Hate-mongering against the LGBTQ citizens equal rights and Governors who have no concept of the US Constitution or Bill of Rights.

CONservatism is a disease; treatable with education and medication.
God loves the CONservative but hates the CON.


I’ve spent a little time the past couple of weeks getting centered and keeping away from the incessant 24/7 “news” cycle of propaganda and Corporate Fascist manipulation.  I’m back now.


From Huffington Post the article is on a Bush CIA director spinning the Neo-Con narrative of War against Iran and it’s linked.

This is the “discussion thread” at HP.

It’s apparent that I’ve pissed off another HP censor this morning. Maybe this post will get through.

The Neo-Cons who’ve created the Terrorist United States of AmeriKKKa with Dubya and the Wrecking Crew lying us into the prosperity vacuums of illegal wars stealing Oil in Iraq, guarding Opium Poppy Fields in Afghanistan and Pakistan are pure War Profiteers driven by the Vampire Cheney from Daddy Dubya through today.
Who profits? The FED with the indebtedness; the Corporate Fascists and Military Contractors who have created a construction boom in Dubai with plane loads of US Cash flown out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The blood and treasure are obscene.
We, as Americans, would be further ahead if we just paid every Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani $50K and got out. We would save trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives.
End the fraud and end the Wars.

Justice Goodyear responds: “Do you really believe this stuff you right? Kevin, do you spend time reading conspiracy theories on the net?”

Justice, we will agree to disagree on many topics but unless you’ve been living on another planet it’s apparent that there were no WMD in Iraq, that it was Saudi pilots and Cocaine Cowboy “diplomacy” that caused 911 and this “Pre-emptive War” that the Neo-Cons and Dubya’s Wrecking Crew of War Criminals created is purely a profiteering racket with no intent or idea of what a “win” looks like.
The Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc, Dubya and the Wrecking Crew with FED endorsement and Corporate Fascist eager backing is what created these obscene wars and prosperity vacuums. The Neo-Cons are Anti-American war mongers without conscious or morality and absolutely devoid of any motivation save cash and hate.

Alex Jones contributes: “Do you really believe this stuff you right?


your freudian slip is showing.”

Step back from the Faux Spews and look at the history.
Daddy Bush builds the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the “clandestine” war against the USSR that brought them down exclusively through economics that Larry Summers, the man who tanked the Harvard Endowment and Citicorp, helped to build the Russian Oligarchy.
Al Qaeda, using US tactics, allegedly attacks the USA and there is still no real substantiation of who was behind 911.
Without any evidence of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan the US invades.
Without any evidence of WMD the US invades Iraq.
Without any transparency the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc controlling the Senate and the Congress (404 traitors) pass “the patriot act” and secretly fund the prosperity vacuums of 2 wars and the Wall Street and Banksters gambling parlor.
The Halliburton White House of Dubya’s Wrecking Crew and War Criminals changes hands to the Goldman Sachs White House for $4.6 trillion in the Heist of History as pallets of cash are flown out of Iraq and Afghanistan and Military contractors electrocute troops and embezzled Billions from the US Taxpayers.
To what end? What is the goal?
The Bankrupting of America and the destruction of this once great nation by the Neo-Cons and Corporate Fascists.

TryThis jumps in: “You don’t mean “right” do you? Do you spend any time learning to spell? To put a comment into print is to “write”.”

Alex Jones again: “”right” reveals his bias.”

ShrodingersKatz contributes: “These aren’t ‘theroies’ anymore.

A little history lesson: nothing is done without some sort of conspiracy.”

LAThinker chimes in: “I think he spends his time creating those theories.”

Oxygen to the rescue: “kevin you say end the fraud and end the wars and someone flags that as abusive!! unbelievable – you are on the money and not abusive don’t worry I am sure you know that”

Thanks Oxygen:
The Neo-Cons and Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc trolls that wander through here have no concept of Constitutional Free Speech and anything that opposes their petty narrow world view is “abusive.”
I learned long ago that CONservatism is a disease; treatable with education and medication.
God loves the CONservative but hates the CON.
I’m fan #254

Alex Young comes to the rescue: “how can kevin’s comment warrant a flag?

the desire for peace is abusive?
truth is abusive?

never underestimate the petty revenge of Commandant H.P. Nazi.”

Don’t feel bad Alex; only half of what I’ve posted has made it past the censors.

There is a reason for suppression of truth and it’s not to enrich the masses.


The topic thread on this comment is the proposal that Hawaii is undertaking in buying one-way plane tickets for the homeless to return to the mainland.

This is no longer the America that I remember across the past 55 years.
The fear and hate-mongering of fearful fundamentalist, Neo-Cons and excessive greed present an abhorrent Orwellian truism playing out more and more every day.

The Church abandons missions to help the poor, feed the hungry and house the homeless to focus on $140 million spent on pogroms of Lies, Fear and Hate-mongering against the LGBTQ citizens equal rights and Governors who have no concept of the US Constitution or Bill of Rights.


Venezuela’s Chavez is threatening to stop sales of Oil to the USA if the Colombian government pursues its claims of rebel leaders encamped across the Venezuelan border.

Dubya and Chevez are twins separated at birth. If one remembers this accurate analogy then the rabid spewing from Chavez is very understandable.

The reality that the US manipulated the 2002 Coup attempt by Hugo Llorenz (who is now the Ambassador to Honduras in support of the Lobo Coup of Zelaya) didn’t ignite an oil war is a minor miracle. The insult to Venezuelans that this Oligarchy in Honduras is a US puppet and has the Cuban Prince Llorenz installed only continues to inflame.

The United States is a Terrorist Nation. When one looks at the history of Central and South America the US manipulation from Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and the Contra War funded with CIA crack cocaine trafficking into South Central Los Angeles and the lie of the Drug Wars makes US Terrorism transparent.
Gary Webb, a Mercury News reporter was murdered by the USA because he exposed this. The Narco News has Gary’s original website here:

Look at what the USA did in Panama with El Pina. When he threatened to expose the FED and the World Banking Community in their activities in the Drug Trade Daddy Bush took him out; locked him up and threw away the key and now we’re sending him to France where the Rothschilds can take care of him in his old age.

This is not “conspiracy” but historic fact.

Guarding Opium Poppies now makes sense…

This breaking news today is the Wikileaks Afghanistan War Diary of the US Military.  Brilliant and it’s about time the truth is told of this obscene war to guard Opium Poppies for the Oligarchy’s heroin trade.

I’m sure this will drive the narrative to new extremes as the reality of the War is now a matter of public record and the exposure of the lies brought to the public’s attention.

The White House has already begun the spin campaign to discredit the leaked Military documents.

I’m sure the Corporate Fascists and the FED are not happy about their cash cow being exposed.

Cool Change

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Cool Change

The weather is here.  The certified tropical fruit is well on the mend from the brush with nasty four-letter northern word, “Snow” this is all too closely associated with Cold, Frigid, Ice, gray, Cold, did I say COLD?

The new Dr Who is kind of a hoot but I have to admit that I still favor David Tennant and Captain Jack.  Actually more Torchwood Captain Jack…

I can’t get away from the staunch conservative position of Ron Paul with the Corporate Communist Bernanke.

Whatever…  This Bernanke creature makes it perfectly clear that this Private Banking Cartel is driving this crisis for it’s own good.  Audit and end the FED.

Bernanke: “It’s a loan.”  Of course it’s a Loan from the Central Banking Private Banking Cartel Printed on the US Dollar.

From Bill Moyers comes the words of a man I would like to see sitting on the Supreme Court, Mr. William Black.  If you link through to nothing else; link to this and watch the interview.

Where is Mr Holder?  War Criminals walking free; The FED, the foundation of the Wall Street and Banking Fraud holding United States Citizens in open and clear contempt.

As a concerned American Citizen I watched in horror as the Honduran people were subject again to the Oligarchy reinforced with Hugo Llorens, a Bush appointment.  I’ve spoken out and blogged till I’m blue in the face.  The issue remains and the Oligarchy rules without democracy.  I see much the same in the current United States from the Goldman Sachs White House with Larry Summer the founder of the Oligarchy in Russia lying about breaking up the “too big to fail.”

It’s time for morning PT; someone kicked the soapbox out.

As a concerned American Citizen:

1) The War Criminals, Murderers, Torturers of the Bush Administration are still out walking free.  Americans are exceptional people and see the fraud, know the crimes committed and the reality of the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc fully exposed.

2) The Purchased Politicians with Bush at the lead and lining their pockets from the Corporate Communists, Wall Street and Bankster fraud have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo that pays them so handsomely.  There is no two party system because they are all purchased lock, stock and barrel by the Corporate Communists or the Religious Fascists.

3) The Faith Based Initiative providing funding to  deny the civil rights of the LGBT Community and being pandered to in the continuing inequality within the Military is disgusting, repugnant and unconstitutional.  We know the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc spent $42 million in California on PropH8 and $22 million in Maine.  Are you, as an American or “Christian” proud of what your Church does for you and your kids?

4) The Cults of Jesus standing army created with George W Bush’s Praetorian Guard in Military Contractors, mercenaries, an illegal but no-bid mainline of funding to malitias from the Prince family cults of Jesus C-Street Congressional whore house.  We are exceptional Mr. President and we see, we understand, we know how to sort the propaganda, look at verifiable facts and documentation.

5) The Fraud of the FED and the theft of America’s future by the Corporate Communists.

6) No confidence in a Goldman Sachs “too big to fail” supporting White House with the principal architect of the Russian Oligarchy in residence.

If this Democrat Party expects to maintain office we, the people, demand to see real action to correct the created problems that include criminal charges, Indictment, prosecution and conviction of the principal players and all involved.

I wonder if Pat Robertson will declare the tornado in Mississippi the result of Haley Barbour the Governor braying about presidential runs and whining about slavery?

From the great State of KY comes good news on separation of church and state.

And the latest Tea-Tard report:

Stephen Hawkings gives a resounding “Maybe” on human survival:

Settling In

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Settling In

Yesterday was a real bear of a day.  Started @ 5:30 AM and lasted till 5:30 AM today.  The dash to take Shannon back home to Alabama was on and I could’ve nearly driven to NYC for the 1,150 miles the Trooper laid on.  I’ll tell you what, the $2.50 per gallon gas was a killer too.

Back home here was a minor miracle for me because I plain don’t remember Interstate 75 from Lake City to Pasco County and know I slept through it behind the wheel.  Dangerous, stupid and typically blond me though.  I was exhausted and caught myself nodding off several times just over the Florida State Line.  I’m happy the experience is over and I’m now getting unpacked here in peace and quiet.

Avery is exploring his new domain.  I just spoke sharply to him about his wandering the house.  The bill grinding and foot stomping on the cage are his response.  He’s a good bird and he just wants to be on me to reassure him that I’m not going to go away and leave them.  Left-overs from yesterday’s trip and a risk I took setting them on a regular playtime schedule everyday.  He missed his playtime with me yesterday and is making up for it today.  Bea bird is brooding infertile eggs and I’m just not up for doing battle with her to make them go away yet.  This weekend will be soon enough and then all hell will break loose.

No rest for the wicked tonight.  The Avery, sounding much like the Roadrunner Meeeeep, Meeeeeped down the hall to the bedroom and is now supervising the blogging.  Just what I need is a bossy Red Sided Eclectus hanging in here.

Now you know why I spoil them.  Avery is Green and Bea Bird is Red.

I actually thought about taking off on a rant about the CPAC bullshit going on but it’s just so damned Iranian that I’m not going there.  Lies from the Cults of Jesus, Theocrats galore and just absolutely no grasp of reality.  These creatures live in an altered reality and are not deserving of anything but extermination.  I have a very good grasp of what the Romans had going on right.

These creatures are really dangerous because of their acts and we all know that no one can believe their words.  We, reality-based humans, understand the addictions these conservatives have to ignorance and mythology.  That is their defining virtue.  Ignorance is bliss.


These Cults of Jesus are Fascist and disgusting and don’t deserve a second glance but for creatures like the Evangelicals.

Anyway, if you are just up for amusement there is a fun site for Bible Study, no I’m not joking, although it is a very humorous site.  Check it out.   I was looking for a Lily Tomlin quote, “God must’ve been partial to Gays over the Breeding Stock.  There are only 6 possible admonitions for Gays and 136 for Heterosexuals.  They just need more supervision.”

It’s like the Bible promises heaven is going to be 144,000 male virgins.  What does that say about God?

This is a fun Excerpt but not what I was looking for.

16:49 Sodomy is not homosexuality after all as the religious right tell us; it is, surprise, something that sounds suspiciously like modern Republicanism i.e. a combination of four elements:

  1. pride
  2. gluttonous wealth
  3. idle wealth
  4. heedlessness to the plight of the poor

Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
Ezekiel 16:49

It is an abomination to charge interest on a loan.

I’m sure that I’ll track it down.  Bare with me…

1:10 Planning a sacrifice to please the lord? Make sure you pick a male animal!
1:11 God wants goat’s blood sprayed around the altar in your local church. It might help cut down the attendance.
2:7 God likes his meat fried southern style.
2:15 God likes his meat seasoned with frankincense and salt.
3:16 God likes a high cholesterol diet.
4:6 Priests should dip their fingers in blood and draw on the altar.
4:11 God likes the smell of burning dung.
5:7 God will let you off the hook when you have sinned if you give him two turtledoves and, presumably, a partridge in a pear tree.
5:15 God will let you off the hook when you have sinned in ignorance if you give him a perfect ram, or the equivalent in money. I wonder who actually eats the ram and spends the money?
7:18 It is an abomination to eat leftovers on the third day.
8:7 Aaron wears a girdle.
11:9-31 Lobster, clams, shrimp, oysters, camel, rabbit, pork, swans, owls, eagles, ospreys, bats, dogs and snails are forbidden. Locusts and beetles, yummy!
12:1-8 God decrees childbirth “unclean” One week for male children, two for female.
12:3 God demands genital mutilation
13:2-14:57 How God wants you to diagnose and treat leprosy.
14:1-8 Cure leprosy by dipping a live dove in dead dove blood. If that does not work, try a sheep. And God knows everything? He is a quack.
15:16-18 Sperm & intercourse are “unclean”
15:19-33 Menstruation is “unclean”
15:29-30 Women make offering for “sin” of menstruation
16:10 Origin of the term “scapegoat”.
16:21 Goat acts in the role of father confessor.
17:4-6 Spraying blood all over the place
18:11-20 No “uncovering nakedness”, especially female nakedness. It is a property crime.
18:19 No sex during a woman’s period.
18:22 Homosexuality is an abomination. All gays to be killed. Literally And you will not put to sleep the male the woman’s naps abomination he is. One modern interpretation is it is not ok for men to take afternoon naps but it is ok for women to. Part of the confusion comes because the original Hebrew is not grammatically correct. You’d think the deity would be better at grammar. You might invoke the principle of reasonable doubt here on whether the deity wants all gays slaughtered. Why is it modern Christians so love this verse but ignore all the rest of this great stuff in Leviticus?
18:23 Much talk of bestiality
19:20-22 Man forgiven, woman gets flogging
19:25 No eating fruit until the fifth year after a tree is planted
19:26 No blood drinking or eating, no tarot cards, no horoscopes
19:27 Square beards only
19:28 No tattoos
20:10 God commands death to adulterers
20:13 God commands more death to homosexuals. Literally And a man who will lie down the man the woman’s naps abomination he does both-of-them death he will die their blood in them. Clarity is not one of the deity’s major virtues. It’s almost as if God said Plant your rutabagas in a straight row.and the overeager Christians took it to mean Kill all the homosexuals. It is worthy of Monty Python.
20:14 Sex with both wife and her mother? All burn to death
20:15-16 Death for bestiality (including the poor beast)
20:24 God kicks off the Arab-Israeli conflict by promising the lands then occupied by Arabs to the Israelites.
20:27 “Wizards” to be killed with rocks
21:11 no necrophilia
21:14 Only virgins may marry, no widows, divorced or loose women.
21:18-21 Dwarves, men with flat noses, those who have damaged testicles or six fingers are not welcome in church.
23:6 God recommends a yeast free diet.
23:30 God will “destroy” you if you mow the lawn on Saturday.
23:32 The Sabbath isn’t Sunday (as the Christians believe) or Saturday (as the Jews believe), or Friday (as the Moslems believe), but the 9th of the month.
23:32 The sabbath is not the 9th after all, but July 15th and 22nd.
24:16 Stoning to death for “blasphemy”
24:17-20 An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
25:4 Every seven years let all your lands lie fallow. What do you eat that year?
25:10 Every fifty years, call a Jubilee with massive wealth redistribution.
25:44-45 Buy yourself a bunch of slaves. It is perfectly OK, so long as their are foreigners.
26:15-16 Horrible punishment for “disobeying”
26:29 A curse: Cannibalize your sons and daughters
27:2-4 Men are worth 50 shekels, women 30 shekels.

OK so I couldn’t resist.  This is just funny stuff.  I like to have this stuff on hand.