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Weird Wednesday 12.10.14

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Weird Wednesday 12.10.14

Just who are the Domestic Terrorists?  Who are the Criminals? The Fraud on America of Execution for Jay Walking, Execution by Choke-Hold, Execution of Children for having a Toy Gun and Street Performers for having a rubber-prop blade then slandered by a Swiss Army Knife…


“Our Enemy is without conscious.  We must not be.”  Senator John McCain in response to the Diane Feinstien release of the Torture documents.

Our President Barack Obama is doing his waffling and preparing all of America for the harsh reality that American “Just-Us” is now a Two Tiered system clearly imposed by The Eric Holder & BBF Department Of Injustice.

The crimes, the corruption, the Wars of Lies and the absolute betrayal of:

International Law & our Allies through the Treaties of the USA.

The United States Constitution.

The Moral Character of the United States Citizens.

How does a Crime turn into a Policy Debate?

This apologist for the ChainE-Dubya Reign of Global Terrorism is the root of the real problems We The People have with this; Crimes Against Humanity.

The Hague has convicted ChainE & Dubya of War Crimes and all his Cabinet too.

Rachel Maddow’s Show is just now broadcast as the chill sets in here in Florida.  I’m digesting what I’ve heard and listening carefully but gentle readers this STINKS CORRUPTION.

The “Pardon,” if it happens or when it happens, must also include a complete and total ban of all affiliation of any type with the Dynasty of Death, Halliburton & the ChainE empire, all the investments and wealth are the property of the United States Citizens to be used to provide Universal Health Care, Minimum Social Security Benefits of $5,000.00 Free Education through life, A regular Citizen’s Bonus of $5,000.00 a month to repay Main Street what this War of Lies, the open Treason and collusion with the FED, Wall Street & the Banksters.
Americans have not had any difficulty putting away the largest prison population of Slave Labor into a “privatized prison system.”
I wonder if all those kids put away for petty drug charges are going to be “pardoned too?”

Hey, these bastards have let the Banksters, Wall Street Fraudsters walk free as they Vacuumed the Prosperity from Main Street in their abhorrence of the American Citizens.  These are huge Corporate Super-People too and those assets are just as easily attached as the pigs Rico law a car, house or whatever property they confiscate from the low level drug dealers as their reason to pillage and loot Main Street.



Funny Day

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Funny Day

Sorry for the late posting; I’ve been distracted.

We’re in a war; they are a bunch of Socialists.  There coming for our…  Take this country back from the Socialists.

I’m really sorry folks but on many levels I agree with these people on the podium on principle but not heckler response inspired.  I cannot condone calls to violence ever and a call to war is unconscionable.  Freedom from Tyranny, Free Speech, The Constitution and Bill of rights but someplace in this disturbing clip the direction turns from equality for all to “equality for the privileged few.”  That’s my sticking point as it were.

I believe in the Presidency of Brack H Obama and respect the directions he has pointed to on many of the issues of the day.  The Republican Cults of Jesus and Koch brothers Tea-Tard Wasps will never accept a black or Democratic President just because of the privilege provided to them by Bush transfer of wealth.  What difference buying a Politician or buying the whole damned movement; right?

I promote voter registration and going to the polls.

We are all Americans although I identify with the pain and the fear, the foundation must be reality and not Faux Noise propaganda.  Yes, I feel threatened by the government.  News from Arizona, Virginia, California, Maine, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire all cause alarm on multiple levels. The obvious Purchased Positions of Politicians who have inflamed and misdirected while the Plutocracy looted are not to be trusted ever.  I feel even more threat from the Theocrats with 7 Mountain Mandates of Dominion and the fruits of those labors in Uganda and the minds of the uninformed.  Perhaps it is a measure of critical thinking confronting reality.

What’s so bad about Socialsim?  This group spewing vitriol is enjoying socialized medical care; I’m not.  The VA Hospitals are Socialized Medicine, Medicare is socialized, Social Security, your money, is socialized elder-care and should be.  The Iraqi citizens get Socialized Medicine and my country won’t extend the same to me?  The Socialist structures are toll roads. I’ll happily pay for my peers and parents care in small portions with every debt exchange coupon but you will never get me to pay Corporate Communist Insurance Companies a “God Almighty Profit” for the right of health care.

It is clear why I fled the Atlanta-tude expressed in the above video.  Give me a patch of paradise anytime. Living behind enemy lines in the heart of the Bible belt with a detour to the 1950s provided me insights I may not have grasped without the experience.  If you think the rhetoric above is seditious, violent, fringe or insane just understand IT IS GENUINE!  These arrogant, ignorant Cults of Jesus Inc group-think, threat to their own foot, pandering to polluted thinking; then remain silent in the Fall.  These creatures are organized in Evangelical Enclaves that extend through Prince Blackwater aka Xe and the 7 Mountain Mandate of Dominion over all.  Deutscheland uber ales. Bush and Cheney Built this machine and we know it.

From 3 years ago:

From 1 year ago”

I won’t do the third repetition; it should be hammered home.

I’m absolutely enraged, completely insenced over the Bush Transfer Of Wealth Campaign.  War Criminal, greatest theft ever and left all the perps in place to do it all over again.  Go figure.

What is clear in the opening video is that these poor, misdirect by the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and the Koch Brothers Tea-Tards Wasps were easily manipulated by Faux Noise into Obama-Hate and one can only marvel at the Rupert Murdock / Roger Ailes propaganda machine’s trial run turned programming al-la Bushite group-think.  I support the First Amendment but there are limits to civil discussion that do not include Lies to inflame and Lies period from anyone representing themselves as “News;” “Journalism” is beyond their grasp with Hannity, O’Reilley, Beck and crew.

Sister Sarah Screech Palin isn’t worth the grifting she’s accomplished.

On the same tone: Michelle Bachman, Mr Braun, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Mitch McConnel all deserve full-fledged Censure by their peers.

We know the tools, we know the results, what’s the cure with 98% of the Population suffering, focused on 2% who are corrupt, greedy Corporate Communists?

You want to identify an “enemy?”

I think I would look to that 2% quickly.

What is good about this Financial Regulation?

The Democratic, “It’s a start.” When it damned well should be; Audit and End the FED.  Restore Glass-Steagall, two years ago so do it now.

Bring the criminal charges, RICO and Recover,  7 billion across 310,000,000 is a $40,000 bonus I could sure use now.  The Corporate Communists and Oligarchy have stopped all credit to the 98% to continue the punishment, inflame the war and enrich themselves at all our expense.  War?  One only needs understand how the FED operates to our detriment, has not fulfilled it’s directive ever and feeds the Oligarchy is not far-fetched.

Resolution authority.  The Lairs rule…LOL

Higher Capital requirements.  When was the last time your private bank got to print you all the money you ever need?  That’s what the FED does.  A private bank printing US Money.

Audit and End the FED.

The FED regulates?  Hardly.  We don’t have to look far to hear Timothy Geithner admit “failure of regulatory oversight” and whine about “not having a crystal ball” while paying off on par.  Way to go Timmy; you are the lynchpin tool alongside your butt-buddy Bernanke who printed the cash to perpetrate the fraud and then did it again for Greece…  Woo Hoo the rape goes on and not even the courtesy of a reach around…

The Geithner Treasury gave away the bank on a Cheney-esqu “Deficits don’t matter” on “on par” or $1 for $1 purchase of “Toxic Assets?”  The same assets they are foreclosing now? Build the house at someone else’s expense with second rate material warranted as grade “A” prime; insure the house, sell the mortgage knowing it will fail, Insure self against the failure of the second-rate warranted as grade “A” prime, strangle the ecomony to torch the house collecting the insurance on the house, for the mortgage and ending up with the house back as an asset to be sold again.

Folks, wake up!  This is the ultimate Scam.  Clinton’s Whitewater led to Bush’s Bilderberg twice; today we see the bones of the Bush / Cheney adminstration.  Torture, Wars, Spying on the Citizens, failing to uphold the Constitution.  I wonder if Dubya ever remembered that silly little oath of office?   Hmmmm? An illegal private standing army in Military Contractors controlled by the Corporate Communists as they’ve purchased the Politicians and push legislation that lets the vampires continue to feed.  The Corporate Communist Masters have cracked the whip and the Purchased Politicians are now going to tow the line and give the Wall Street and Banksters just what they want in an open gambling parlor and failure to break up the too big to fail.  Liars and thieves everyone.

In Arizonia Latino Americans now have to carry immigration papers.  If you don’t look American you may be arrested and forced to prove who you are.  With a McCain endorsement.  There’s something big coming folks and don’t you ever forget you heard it hear first.  This nonsense has to stop.

I keep hearing these commercials on TV about, and clearly stating after video of an IED explosion in Iraq/Afghanistan; “This is what our troops are up against.  IEDs are being manufactured in Iran. Every $1 in gas translates into $1.5 billion for our enemy Iran.”  Sure sounds like a sophisticated run up to war.  Use a non-profit or US Veteran’s organization to air it.  That’s a good Oligarchy, the huddled masses won’t notice.

Watch this closely folks.  The Oligarchy, the Plutocrats have lied us into 2 wars and will not stop until World War is accomplished with the United States as focus for the rage positioned globally.  The New World Order wants you to breed and be merry to feed the cannon fodder need.  They are coming for you now.

There should be a one person, one vote; vote of confidence.  What are the Census returns Statistics?  The rate of return dates could be a great test of good sheeple, bad sheeple for the coming charge of the Theocracy to shatter the Plutocrats, the Oligarchs, The Corporate Communists; do you feel like a pawn yet?  You should.

President and Mrs Obama, please accept my apology.

I hear and understand the concept of “Looking Forward And Not Looking Back.” However, there comes a time for full accountability and with the fruits of the George W Bush Administration and Corruption it’s about time we acted and brought these War Criminals, confront the Treasonous malfeasance and unconstitutional acts of these creeps to trial and conviction.  We must look back and face the criminal history to move forward with a clean conscious, retribution and restitution.

Rachel Maddow had this hysterical re-enactment of testimony from the Georgia Legislature and the “No Humans Micro-chipped” is now the law of Georgia.  Damn, that New World Order is foiled now we’ve got them Gays and the Government at bay.

Georgia Legislature; micro chip implants. in your genitals… ROTLMAO

“MY VAGINAL-ANUS AREA. (A Taint implant!) I’m under the DOD coming before the coming before the US Appeals Court. They voted for the bill…” ROTFLMAO  Oh my… I’ve only loosely quoted.

Life is stranger than fiction could ever be: The Scott Brown, Sister Make It Up On The Spot.  LMAO  What a hoot that piece is.  God knows I love Rachel.  Scott Brown lies about Rachel running and Rachel just keeps calling him out.  Karma is good.

Jabba The Rush is jabbering about the Earth opened up; God may have replied.  God is punishing Iceland?

It’s amazing that England has a mass transit system; France Le Grand Vitei the Bullet Train to immediately take up the traffic from London to Paris, the rail and mass transit systems are all still functioning.  I don’t buy this loss of commerce…  These thieves are just building debt.  A few days or a few weeks they’ll cope with a few derivatives.

The Corporate Communist Puppet who is retiring has identified his intent with the Chris Dodd Corporate Communist Collusion and Cooperation Act Of 2010.  Haveing spent way too much time reading the damned legislation I’m just totally disheartened and understand this will be another Democratic give away and know third world status is upon us.

Restore Glass-Steagall and tear down the “Too Big To Fail” who played ponzi and are caught.

Dorothy Height: “Civil rights are civil rights. There are no persons who are not entitled to their civil rights. We have to recognize that we have a long way to go, but we have to go that way together.” – Civil rights pioneerDorothy Height, speaking to the Human Rights Campaign in 1997. Height died today at the age of 98.

Long time Political Activist David Mixner being honored by the HRC received this video from the UK:

Thank you for your hard work Mr. Mixner.

On a less than pretty front the news out of Jacksonville about Clay Yarborough opening up and doing a full-throated Cults of Jesus act of ignorace and bigotry is best defined as “You shall make no test for religion for public office.”  I think we should and qualify candidates who fulfill the demographics just to insure these kinds of assholes get their bigoted voices heard.  This is one of the best defining acts of the Cults of Jesus Inc in the past few months displaying their ignorance and inability to understand critical thinking or the Constitution.  From JoeMyGod.

And in a somewhat related story:

Seems like a First Amendment issue to me.

And a moment of pure giggles courtesy of Betty White:

It’s over at JoeMyGod for the whole piece.  It’s a hoot.

Edits for future reference:

I was giggling to myself during Rachel Maddow tonight with the “Guns Rights Rally” in Washington DC…  Big ole Bull Dygga nearly made me cringe in a corner…  I was askeert of it.

We have a lot of enemies, in Congress and the White House.  This is all about protecting ourself from a tyrannical denial of rights.  What a pretty crew.

There are better methods of communication.  I like the kids position of Days of Silence.

Michelle Bachmann crazies.

Jabba the Rush requires a muzzel

Sunday Funnies?

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Sunday Funnies?

Marine Commandant General James Conway is afraid of teh Gays!  If we have this much power to incite fear in a Marine Commandant General they should be begging us to come frighten the enemies of the United States of America.

As an American I find this Republican Cults of Jesus Inc to be the most hysterically funny piece of hypocrisy from the Talibangelists who represent only their narrow position and the party line.

Corporate Communists, one and all.

For anyone and everyone who may have missed this link it is required reading.

If you haven’t had enough laughter for today there is a wonderful Bill Moyer’s piece about the Financial Reform process with the Chris Dodd Corporate Communist Collusion and Cooperation bill now heading through Congress.

Let’s just face the truth here; America is destroyed by the greed and Corporate Communist Cooperation from Capital Hill and there is slim to no chance of that ever being restored to a Democratic Republic.


And even more from the “C-Street Family” and their military counterparts from the Huffington Post. Excerpts from the complete piece are below.

Knowing that the Family’s agenda involves a worldwide strategy, one of the first things I looked at when Jeff brought me in on the C Street investigation was the travel records of the congressmen and senators known to be associated with the group. Members of Congress are required to disclose any travel paid for by private companies or organizations. What I immediately found were eighteen trips to foreign countries, taken by two senators and six congressmen, that had been paid for by the International Foundation, which is just another name for the Family. The senators taking these trips were John Ensign and Tom Coburn; the current congressmen were Robert Aderholt (R-AL), John Carter (R-TX), Mike Doyle (D-PA), Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), Joseph Pitts (R-PA), and Frank Wolf (R-VA).

In addition to his five foreign trips for the Family, Wolf also took a trip to “meet with government officials” in Kona, Hawaii, paid for by the International Foundation and the University of the Nations. What’s the University of the Nations? Well, it’s the Kona, Hawaii headquarters of the worldwide organization Youth With A Mission, the organization listed on the property records as owning the C Street House. Wolf was accompanied on this trip by former Ohio congressman Tony Hall. Neither Wolf nor Hall specified on their disclosure forms the country or countries of the government officials they met with.

Then there was the travel of Sen. James Inhofe, which did not show up in a search of the disclosures of foreign travel funded by the Family. That’s because Inhofe’s numerous trips to Africa were taken at the expense of the taxpayers, although there is no question that Inhofe was on a mission for the Family. Inhofe himself admitted this in a video, clips of which were shown by Rachel Maddow during one of Jeff Sharlet’s recent appearances on her show. In this segment, Jeff explained why the Family has been sending all these senators and congressman to foreign countries.

As I said at the beginning of this piece, MRFF’s monthly newsletter features a “Violation on Video,” which is often a video of service member doing something in uniform that military regulations prohibit them from doing in uniform. This month’s video stars Marine Lt. Col. Sam Mundy, one of the military liaisons who has accompanied Sen. Inhofe on his travels to Africa. In violation of military regulations, Lt. Col. Mundy appeared in full uniform on the Christian television programTotal Victory Today.

LTC Mundy’s appearance on this program in uniform isn’t just an example of a violation of military regulations. It’s also an good example of what those of us who research fundamentalist groups frequently run into — the multiple connections between the groups we’re looking at. In this case, it starts with the program’s producer, Total Victory Ministries, Inc., being affiliated with Student Venture, the high school and junior high ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Campus Crusade, of course, is also the parent organization of Christian Embassy, whose promotional video included two congressmen who are members of the Family. The Family’s C Street House is owned by Youth With A Mission (YWAM), whose founder, Loren Cunningham, has often told the story of how Campus Crusade’s founder, Bill Bright, was instrumental in the founding of YWAM and its strategy to take over the world — the “7 Mountains” strategy, in which the “mountain of business” must be controlled in order to take over all other “mountains of culture” and achieve dominion around the globe. Campus Crusade also runs Military Ministry, which is already firmly entrenched at all of our military’s largest basic training installations, the service academies, and ROTC campuses, and whose strategy for “transforming the nation” includes transforming the military, which “excercise[s] … the most intensive and purposeful indoctrination program of citizens,” into a force of “government-paid missionaries for Christ.”

Like the Family, Campus Crusade’s Christian Embassy has been sending members of Congress on missions to foreign countries. Two of these congressmen, Robert Aderholt and John Carter, who are also Family members, talked about these trips in the Christian Embassy promotional video. But, although Adeholt and Carter were clearly talking about traveling to Africa for Christian Embassy, we can find no record of these trips in their privately funded travel disclosures. In fact, the only Christian Embassy funded trip reported by any member of Congress was one trip taken by Aderholt to meet with the president of Paraguay.

In addition to the travel records of Family members, we’ve been looking at the earmarks these members of Congress have requested, and one of the first things to jump out were the earmarks for large chapel complexes on our military bases. Jeff Sharlet got into this subject a bit on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Among the most expensive and extravagant of these mega-church military chapel projects are two of those requested by members of the Family. One, requested by John Carter for Fort Hood, already received $17,500,000 in last year’s Defense Authorization Act, and this year’s House bill adds an $8,500,000 addition to the project, for a total of $26,000,000. The other is a $14,400,000 mega-church for Fort Campbell, already approved in both the House and Senate versions of this year’s bill. Requesting this earmark for Fort Campbell were the representatives of the two congressional districts in which Fort Campbell lies, which is who would normally be requesting an earmark for the base. But, also requesting this earmark was Family member Zach Wamp (R-TN), whose district is nowhere near Fort Campbell. Why is Wamp involved in this project? Well, a private group, the Citizens for Fort Campbell (CFFC), lobbied for it and Wamp pledged to help them get the funding for it. Wamp is on the House Appropriations Committee’s subcommittee for Military Construction, as is John Carter. In fact, three of the four republicans on this subcommittee are members of the Family. The third is Ander Crenshaw (R-FL).

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc appear to be ramping up their assault on the Separation of Church and State through the Military and these officers are in violation of their oaths by appearing in full uniform on Christian programs.  No wonder we have Biblical Verse engraved on gun sights with this kind of insidious infiltration of both the political process and military.

For those of us who take the separation of Church and State seriously these are links to Sarah Palin reporting:

And the Blackwater aka Xe Cults of Jesus connection spelled out:

This is the Bush-Cheney legacy and the foundation of exactly why these War Criminals and all connected to them must be brought to trial.

President Obama, end this Military Contracting now and bring this Domestic Terrorist threat to a close before they strike United States Civilians.  We are not safe on our own soil.