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Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah,  Merry Christmas, Merry Myth-mass, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Fertile Beltane.  For all we who fall in the category of “Other” all the best wishes for you and yours.  Are you happy now with the “Political Correctness?”  (I seldom raise to this Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc constructed out out whole Cloth as pointed out above…)

This is THE Party weekend across the USA & most of Europe, Russia and the Baltic States, Central & South America and Parts of Africa where the fine Tradition of Murdering those you are told are the “Most-Feared-Other” from those shining beacons of Christian Dominion, Scott Lively, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Frothy Mix, Senator Inhofe & their kind.

The Congress & Senator Critters didn’t waste any time in their Holiday Gift-Giving to the Corporate Super-Person Puppet-Masters right out of Main Street America’s pockets.  Hell’s Bells they even got themselves a brand new luxury limo perk on the Taxpayers Largess.  And, as we all know, the Banksters & Wall Street Fraudsters undid the Dodd-Frank joke of legislation to regulate the Greedy, Immoral Thieves.  By Blackmail and writing their own ticket for Main Street to guarantee their Gambling.  What a lovely and considerate Gift the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc provided for our Largess from Main Street.

Americans have also gotten their very own gift from the Eric Holder and BFF DO-NOTHING Department of “Just-Us” constructed their very own ‘Two-Tiered’ system of Injustice, effectively destroying the credibility of the United States Government to uphold “Equal Justice Under The Law.”

Now this 60 year failed policy of THE DECLARED WAR ON MAIN STREET, The Failed Prohibition has constructed the Unconstitutional Standing Army, the Vile NSA, The Gestapo States of America all for the Sheeple’s fleecing.

All I want for Christmas this year is an end to the Fascist States of AmeriKKKa. 


Weird Wednesday 12.10.14

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Weird Wednesday 12.10.14

Just who are the Domestic Terrorists?  Who are the Criminals? The Fraud on America of Execution for Jay Walking, Execution by Choke-Hold, Execution of Children for having a Toy Gun and Street Performers for having a rubber-prop blade then slandered by a Swiss Army Knife…


“Our Enemy is without conscious.  We must not be.”  Senator John McCain in response to the Diane Feinstien release of the Torture documents.

Our President Barack Obama is doing his waffling and preparing all of America for the harsh reality that American “Just-Us” is now a Two Tiered system clearly imposed by The Eric Holder & BBF Department Of Injustice.

The crimes, the corruption, the Wars of Lies and the absolute betrayal of:

International Law & our Allies through the Treaties of the USA.

The United States Constitution.

The Moral Character of the United States Citizens.

How does a Crime turn into a Policy Debate?

This apologist for the ChainE-Dubya Reign of Global Terrorism is the root of the real problems We The People have with this; Crimes Against Humanity.

The Hague has convicted ChainE & Dubya of War Crimes and all his Cabinet too.

Rachel Maddow’s Show is just now broadcast as the chill sets in here in Florida.  I’m digesting what I’ve heard and listening carefully but gentle readers this STINKS CORRUPTION.

The “Pardon,” if it happens or when it happens, must also include a complete and total ban of all affiliation of any type with the Dynasty of Death, Halliburton & the ChainE empire, all the investments and wealth are the property of the United States Citizens to be used to provide Universal Health Care, Minimum Social Security Benefits of $5,000.00 Free Education through life, A regular Citizen’s Bonus of $5,000.00 a month to repay Main Street what this War of Lies, the open Treason and collusion with the FED, Wall Street & the Banksters.
Americans have not had any difficulty putting away the largest prison population of Slave Labor into a “privatized prison system.”
I wonder if all those kids put away for petty drug charges are going to be “pardoned too?”

Hey, these bastards have let the Banksters, Wall Street Fraudsters walk free as they Vacuumed the Prosperity from Main Street in their abhorrence of the American Citizens.  These are huge Corporate Super-People too and those assets are just as easily attached as the pigs Rico law a car, house or whatever property they confiscate from the low level drug dealers as their reason to pillage and loot Main Street.