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What Should Government Do?

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 8, 2010

What Should Government Do?

America is in a world of hurt; of that there is no doubt.  There is no legal justification for the indeffinite internment of humans in  GITMO or anyplace else.

There is some good news in that Donald Rumsfeld is being charged in civil court with illegal torture of 2 Blackwater Contractors but this is far short from bringing the war criminals to trial and sentencing.

American Labor Reality:

This “World of Hurt” is the result of American gulibility, Corporate Communist Greed, Wall Street and Banking Fraud and open Thievery and the American Citizen’s failure to be self-responsible, politically responsible or culturally responsible.

We woke up in 1983 to pass a Social Security Trust Fund Rescue that the Congress and purchased politicians in Washington, DC have raped, pillaged and plundered to their own greed.  The deal was that we would pay increased tax to fund the current retired and pre-pay for ourselves.  We did this and the purchased politicians have filled the Social Security Trust Fund with a bunch of worthless IOUs and now present “privatization” and “reduction in entitlements” programs.  Orwell’s vision is upon us.

This comes to me from Alex Jones Prison Planet and demonstrates the thought police with McCain and Leiberman continuing to destroy the Constitution in Bush/Cheney style.  When are we going to charge these bastards with treason and hate crimes?

The American Citizens are sheeples and slaves.  We’ve just been robbed and we like it so much we are putting the Robber Barons in charge of Watching the tools they used to effect the largest transfer of wealth in history from a government to private banks.  Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing the Oligarchy was just fed and demonstrated total control of government.

The Bush Legacy is Barack H Obama.


End The FED

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 5, 2010

End The FED

From the Huffington Post comes this wonderful article on Ending The FED from Shahien Nasiripour Reporting:

“One of the world’s leading economists said Wednesday that the very structure of the Federal Reserve system is so fraught with conflicts that it’s “corrupt.”

Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, a former chief economist at the World Bank, said that if a country had applied for World Bank aid during his tenure, with a financial regulatory system similar to the Federal Reserve’s — in which regional Feds are partly governed by the very banks they’re supposed to police — it would have raised alarms.

“If we had seen a governance structure that corresponds to our Federal Reserve system, we would have been yelling and screaming and saying that country does not deserve any assistance, this is a corrupt governing structure,” Stiglitz said during a conference on financial reform in New York. “It’s time for us to reflect on our own structure today, and to say there are parts that can be improved.”

“The reason you talk about governance is because in a democracy you want people to have confidence,” Stiglitz said. “This is a structure that will undermine confidence in a democracy.”

Is there going to be sanity in the world?  The Financial World has lost its mind and purchased government.  The Taxpayers funded it and will pay for the rest of their children’s and grand children’s lives.


In this informative piece from Pam’s House Blend and the whore house running in Vatican City for Pappa Ratzi.  How nice to know and see the Catholic Cults of Jesus exposed again for their sexual hypocrisy.

Police wiretaps are expected to result in charges against Angelo Balducci, 63, a Papal Gentleman, as lay attendant are called, and the former chairman of the Holy See’s Public Works Department, which is itself caught up in a corruption investigation.

According to police, Balducci regularly contacted Chinedu Ehiem Thomas, a Nigerian man who sings in St. Peter’s Cappella Giulia, to engage the sexual services of young male members of the choir, along with seminarians and undocumented immigrants seeking residency status.

The scandal now envelops Balducci, a well-known and powerful local figure who is married with two children, who despite all this is said to have taken remarkable risks in setting up sexual liaisons even in Chigi Palace, home of the Italian prime minister, or immediately after a private audience with a cardinal.

In 72 pages of transcribed wiretaps, Ehiem tells Balducci about one possible candidate:  “Angelo … I’ll say no more. Two meters (6-foot-7), 97 kilos (250 lbs.), 33 years-old and completely active (top).”

In one wiretap from last December, Renzi is heard explaining the rules of engagement: “You’ll get up to 2,000 euros … Do not touch his balls. You need the money. Put on some music, take out the [inaudible], swallow the Viagra, and adelante!”

And this on the heels of the Franklin Coverup of Cults of Jesus pedophilla and prostitution.

I encourage all to watch the full program by following the link to You Tube.

In the same tone we have very recent news from California of an anti-Gay California Senator who has been arrested for DUI leaving a Gay Bar with an “unidentified male companion.”

From JoeMyGod

At least two California newspapers and the openly gay mayor of West Sacramento knew anti-gay state Sen. Roy Ashburn was gay and yetthey said nothing. On Wednesday, Ashburn wasarrested for DUI while leaving a Sacramento gay bar in the company of as yet unidentified man.

Last summer an editor at Ashburn’s hometown paper, the Bakersfield Californian, heard that a Sacramento paper was about to out him. So they called him and asked him point-blank if he is gay.

His response: “Why would that be anyone’s business? Including The Californian’s? “I think there are certain subjects that are simply not relevant and this is one of them. It has no bearing on the job I do.” During the course of our conversation I listed several instances in which a politician’s sexual orientation, or even just their sexual activity — straight or gay — would be relevant. If Ashburn were a staunch anti-gay activist but was secretly gay, I said, that would be a legitimate concern to his constituents. Ashburn agreed but said he didn’t believe he had been such an activist. I pointed out he had voted conservatively on gay issues throughout his career. Yes, he said, but he’d done so on almost all social issues. He represents a conservative district and votes as his constituents would want him to, he said. Several political organizations have ranked Ashburn’s voting record as extremely unfriendly to gays. (I’m not sure where those organizations rank Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez, a Democrat, who initially voted against all gay issues for much the same reason, but since has turned a new leaf.) And Ashburn did organize a “Traditional Family Values” rally in 2005 to drum up support for a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

The Californian decided that Ashburn’s sexuality wasn’t “relevant.” The unnamed Sacramento paper apparently did too and never published. To recap: It’s not relevant that a state politician with a 100% rating from an anti-gay group is gay himself. Can you fucking BELIEVE that? And it turns out that the openly gay mayor of West Sacramento has known about Ashburn for a long time.

These kinds of liars and hypocrites, self-hating homophobes are the worst kind of Uncle Tom bastards on the face of the earth.  Out them all and get sanity restored.