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Terrorist Tuesday 11.25.14

Posted in Creative Construction by activecitizen54 on November 25, 2014

Terrorist Tuesday 11.25.14


Hovering here on the cusp of the dew, the night sounds soothing in the closeness of the air as only seaside dwellers understand, the wet-blanket feeling dragging me downward to collapse.  The damp breeze pushes heavily laden atmosphere into a nearly magical moonlight and starlight parade.

I am awake and very conscious now for 49 hours.  I meditated an hour last night in walking meditation keeping the cramps out.  Tonight has flown as the sea fog rolls across the tops of the fences, flowing as if under conscious control.  An hour of prone meditation and I’ve been up since.

The only way that this will be cured is to ride it through.  I refuse to take a pill.  I will retire this evening at my normal 11:00 PM.  This should effectively re-set my internal clock.

Now, I freely admit to being just a tad CRANKY, reading the news feeds out of Ferguson, MO.  Perhaps I snapped just a bit too soon, that remains to be seen.

A long time friend, CoinyerOneOOne, from Huffington Post and other news sites made this comment to an article about the Miami SWAT team breaking into the wrong home:

we need a war on stupid cops…,

  • Kevin Andrews God knows I love you Coinyer, I do wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season.

    However, These Cops are NOT stupid. They know their systems and bureaucracy better than the do-nothing Prosecuting Attorney, under Eric Holder’s very own personal guidance and close tutelage.
    The Eric Holder Department of Injustice’s track record isn’t pretty:
    Letting the Torturers free.
    The Traitors, still spewing their Sunday morning vitriol. 
    Holder admits that the Thieving Banksters and Scamming Wall Street Fraudsters,WERE NOT PROSECUTED OUT OF FEAR OF FAILURE!
    Lies to perpetuate the Dynasty of Death’s Wars, to enrich Halliburton, XE, Blackwater, General Dynamics ad nauseum MIC.
    All these are ELEPHANTS in the room of the intentional destruction of America by the 1%’s purchase of these cheap primates on Liar’s Mound.
  • Kevin Andrews I am leaving for Honduras sooner rather than later. At least, in Honduras, as a Citizen, I stand a fighting chance of carving out an honest, self-sufficient, safe and protected home among peoples with honor who grasp REALITY. 
    How many of the 1% are at home in the USA? 
    How many American Citizens fled the first Bush Presidency to Central America and South America? 
    The Second Bush Travesty, more Feces from Kennebunkport flushed into national consciousness by election fraud and a cowardly (or bought-off) Supreme Court.
    The Government Declared War On Main Street with the War on Drugs, our children, as always the pawns as We The People are now painted as THE ENEMY.
    The Fruits of 60 years of legitimized slavery now turned to big business by the “privatization” of Prisons.
    Look at the give-away to big Pharma too.
    Net Neutrality another way they say “Screw You!”
    The Corruption runs through to Ferguson, MO. and every Main Street in this once great nation brought to her knees by Christ-O-Fascists with Sharia Law for all.
    These Bastards in blue, tin badges on the streets, their peers in the DEA and HOMELAND Security Gestapo with NSA spying, leads me to grasp the revolution is expected. 
    Ferguson, MO is Hiroshima with the Big Bertha of Darren Wilson destroying lives of Humans indiscriminately, Sport Hunting Children; stolen cigars or not.
    That may not be such a good idea after all. 
    The 1% will NEVER BE EFFECTED BY PROSPERITY ON MAIN STREET.  These creatures are so Narcissistic, riddled with self-absorption, Greed, with Hate, Gluttony and Pure Toxins of Primate Pollution, that the handful of We The People who are fed this rich slop, will die a slow and tortured death like Citizens at Love Canal, Prisoners being WATER-BOARDED in some GULAG constructed by the USA in our Global Occupation through Christ-O-Fascism.
    The Christ-O-Fascist Missionary of Hate Prey on while the Tokyo Rove choir sings it’s methane blue tunes. Bishop Boner and Cardinal Coal excellent leadership to accomplish the destruction of America, as planned.
  • A real American “success” like, Small Pox infected blankets or the Koch Brother’s Daddy Stealing oil from the REAL NATIVE POPULATION. What about that sense of Dominion and Entitlement brought here by the Western European Invaders.
    Thanks to:
    The Eric Holder and BFF Do-Nothing Department of Injustice,
    The Conspiring FED,
    The Military Industrial Complex, it’s media now polluted with Borderline Personality Disordered Faux Spews & Fiends fairly unbalanced TABLOID TV fueling the Christ-O-Fascist drive to destroy America.
    The obscenity of robo-signing, vacuuming Trillions of Dollars from American  Main Street’s Prosperity; as was the plan when the Banksters made their Savings & Loan debacle now come to full fruition. 
    Slick Willie gave them a test run and then depended on Dubya’s idiocy to succeed.  A few presidential directives to stop the examiners and voi la.
    The Great Recession and now we want to re-cycle Bill as First Lady.
    Look at the performance of ‘Bishop Boner’ of the Holy Republican Cults Of Jeebus Inc’s feeding frenzy for the one percent. 
    Passing out checks on the Congressional floor from the Tobacco Lobby! 
    As for the FED; what Paulson began, Bernanke continued and the contempt of America, Americans and We The People is now repeated ten thousand fold from Skank of America’s stealing your money to cash a check, (drawn on them) to the rape of education through Privatization.
    America today is an absolute nightmare parody of the United States of America I grew up in.
  • Kevin Andrews I think I’m a little cranky here at 4:13 AM EST but I do take great pride and true relief in knowing I am only seven minutes from heaven… Love and hugs to all.
    *Blows Smoke Rings* Symbolic of the three days of actual, We The People’s Business, these Millionaire Lawyers, Liars & Layers of whole cloth lies, legitimized Bribery, Corruption and Graft from our ONE PARTY system proudly crowed accomplishment for SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!  TERRORISTS, ONE AND ALL.
    Look, there are 365 days in a year and from where I stand on Main Street in the middle of this Class War these Clowns are the problem, not the cure. 
    Where is the Military defending the American People from this financial Napalm and the Bush/ChainE “Deficits Don’t Matter!” Scorched-earth exit from the White House. That surely is an Enemy Domestic.
    There are real reasons that Bush boy finished the second coloring book for the Presidential  Lie-Bury and for painting his toes in Tyler, TX.  The Hague is watching.
    Could it be WAR CRIMES? 


  • OUR Public Representatives voted over 50 times to repeal or just not fund the ACA.
    Hello AMERICA!
    Do Americans have Health Care even half as efficient as France or Canada?
    No Americans have Illness Care and Bankruptcy as the Greedy Thieves eat up any assets that the ill may hold to satisfy their greed.
    These Congress Critters are the Meat-Puppets of the lying thieves who blew up the economy to set up the second prosperity vacuum while the Wars of LIES raged on feeding the GREED of the MIC.
    These “PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES” discovered that they can line their pockets best  by pandering to Monsanto, Exxon, CLEAN Coal with more War from Mercenary Americans fueling the problems on the ground. 
    The Corporate Super-Person of the Robert’s Kangaroo Court’s Immaculate Conception, Virgin Birth then Imbued with a Hobby Lobby Soul just like John Roberts Baptized the little honker himself.  Maybe the new “reformed” Catholic Church will accept the books of Roberts & Scalia.  The Church is the biggest Corporate Entity on the face of the Earth.
    365 days in a year and Bishop Boner schedules only 95 freaking work days in a year of doing We The People’s Business?  That’s Contempt of Constitution, Contempt of Office and mostly Contempt of We The People.
    Why not?  The American Sheeple don’t vote.
    So here is the long and the short of it:
    This is a carefully Staged Kabuki.
    Meat Puppets dancing on strings from C-Street to K-Street bouncing through revolving doors doing absolutely nothing except:
    Rubbing the nose of the American Citizen Taxpayers in the feces they excreted by not doing their jobs in oversight, funding or effective legislation for the Health and Well Being of all Americans.
    This One-Party System raped Main Street, Lied us into Wars, Raped Main Street some more.
    Look what they’ve done in reducing America to a 3rd World Nation by stealing wages from labor, not rewarding increased productivity, suppressing education all while pandering to the lowest common denominator as demonstrated in the gent from Ohio.
    Does America have nationalized Health Care?
    America has a half-ass-stitched-together piece of Clingy Corporate Feces in our faces and our pockets.
    The Corporate Super-Person takes a big Duke dump of coal ash into North Carolina rivers, Fracking Chemistry poisoning ground water. What the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s answer to that is; “Give some of those empty park lands to develop, pollute and rape.”
    We have the ability right now to dismantle every Electric Utility and be residence sustaining.  We don’t for the same reason Gasoline goes to $4 per gallon.  It’s greed and these Corporate Super-Persons are immortal in this current atmosphere even though they’ve destroyed that Atmosphere.
    Americans are set to be defecated upon by the Corporate Super-Person’s “Privatization” howl from the Cannibal Cults.
    Look at the astronomical profits that the Sociopaths of Robert’s bouncing babies strips from Main Street.
    There is no investment or reinvestment from Crony Capitalism.
    There is only the obscene greed that drives John Birch Society Spawn to declare War as seen in Ferguson and coming to your back lawn now.
    Go ahead; take a real hard look around you America!
    According to the Media, that may or may not report anything accurately since the Rupert & Roger Road Show of Poisonous Persons Pontificating, AKA, Faux Spews & Fiends fairly unbalanced Tabloid TV, declared that everything that comes from a failed High School teacher is GOTP Gospel according to Huckabee and whatever blond bimbo he can get next to to have anyone pay attention at all.
    Feel Free America because as soon as the Koch Brothers find a way to sell clean air that their industry and rape of the planet hasn’t polluted; you will be billed.
    Four Trillion dollars is what the Dynasty of Death, Halliburton, GE and other “Government Contractors” pocketed off Main Street through the ChainE-Dubya Reign of Terrorists.
    Does America not remember what War Profiteering is?  If not there are several great examples in the Middle East right now.
    Twelve Trillion dollars is what the Banksters & Wall Street Scammers, who make things up instead of making things, stole from American Families’ Prosperity.
    If Minimum Wage kept up with inflation, and these Greedy Thieves profits, Americans would be earning $50,000.00 per year base pay.
    Take a long hard look America.
    The Great Captains of Industry in their greed fleeced Americans in off-shoring.
    The pillars of Academia and Economics sat on their hands, kept their mouths  shut and apparently became blind for SIXTY YEARS while the Kennedy Coup came to full fruition in the ChainE-Dubya Reign of Terror, Torture and lies.
    The Corporate Super-Person Killed Family Farms, Family Businesses and Big-Boxed this once thriving economy into having it’s gonads ripped out by the FED.
    What in Hell is wrong with America?
    Look to the Statesmen.
    What’s that?
    You can’t find any?
    Nonsense, Sanders, Warren, Frankel and a smattering, perhaps a handful in both Houses.  What populates the Hallowed Halls of our government are no longer Leaders of Men but Meat-Puppets on the Kabuki stage inside the Beltway that defecates on you through “Trickle-Down” that is really “PISS ON YOU AMERICANS” from these powerful artificial paper people who now have more freedom of speech than you or I.
    The beaming Mother/God Roberts declared that Money is free speech to insure the vampire squid he birthed completely strangles America in the Greed for the benefit of only those privileged few, the 1% who own them.
    Prepare yourself America.  Your children, your homes, your livelihoods and future are all now dependent upon the whim of John Birchers or any other source both foreign and domestic that can pony up enough cash to Purchase their very own politicians.
    America it is long past time that you grew up and restored this nation and the Constitution upon which it was founded from the SIXTY-YEAR SIEGE OF GREED, LIES & WAR ON YOU.

    Kevin Andrews Please Sister Lindsey and Crash McStain; tell me please what masters you serve because it is NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE now or ever in your pandering called a career while all you do is sleep through hearings.

Hump Day Hubris

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Hump Day Hubris

Good Morning America.

I fear the Sheeples are far from waking up.

How wonderful to hear that a Dem finally brought the Holy Republican & Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc to task over their assault on humanity.

These Luddite idiots, McCarthyites and Theocratic Inquisitors one and all are a disgusting stain on this nation just as their ergot-induced hallucination based disease (religion) is a stain on America denying equal rights to persons of color, providing the Missionaries of Hate and legitimization of theft and fraud.

Looking forward not back.

The $120 Million of Tithes for Lies spent by the Catholics, the LDS and the Baptists in the anti-civil rights efforts against LGBTQ Citizens is exposed as the lies and fraud that all these “religions” espouse as their only mode of operation.  Just think how many homeless could be housed, hungry to be fed and ill to be cared for that this money could help.

The minute any Elected official declares the inerrancy of his/her Buy-Bull they are confessing to sedition and subversion in their inability to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Well what’s left of it after the ChainE/Dubya reign of terror of the Dynasty of Death.

The Priest Class has only one goal and that’s to maintain their royal life-style off the backs of the fearful fundamentalists and by building that God-Almighty Most-Feared Other as the only task they excel at.

Tithes for lies.

Free Speech = Cash.

Campaign Contributions.

The Catholic Church is the original Corporate Super-Person with the subversion of Pope Gregory codifying pagan holidays to the “Christian” in their clear design to subvert and encompass these other belief systems.

The Accomplishments of these Priests are many:
The Crusades,
The Inquisition,
Blood Diamonds,
Jim & Tammy Faye Baker,
Ted Haggart and the drug-dealing male prostitute,
The “Bishop” Eddie Long and his special boys,
George Alan Rekers and the Rent-Boy
The International ring of Pedophiles.

Real estate holdings and personal wealth sucked up by Missionaries of Hate and their Corporate Super-Person sociopath clones.

The accomplishments of these organized “religions” demonstrates exactly the success of that man named Adolph and for the very same reasons.  There has to be a “Most-Feared Other” and this they excel at creating.

“When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”  Sinclare Lewis 1930s.

The Church sold endorsement of Fascism to Mussolini for the contribution of a mere $120 million and we see how they’ve invested that.  The Vatican demonstrates it is the Department of Hate, Lies and Fraud repeatedly and smiles in their lovely embroidered dresses and Prada Shoes with smoking purses and pointy hats.

When the McCarthyites and John Birchers were tossed from the Republicans and St Ronnie invited the American Talibangelists into the “Big Tent” this War On America became real.  These Cultists are Anti-American and the vile creatures from David Barton, Scott Lively, Tony Perkins and my personal favorite, the father of Repair-A-Tive therapy founder of the Family Research Council.

End the Wars and get these poor schizoid, delusional fools into treatment.  A better argument for Universal Health Care (inclusive of Mental Heal) can’t be found when one looks at the Holy Republican & Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc.

Sunday Again

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Sunday Again

Sunday youtube browsing produced this gem.  A giggle or a scare depending upon one’s world view.

I’m relieved that our President is not a Kenyan but an alien.


I was reading at HP and commented on this Piece concerning the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s current charade.

Condolences to the Holy Republican & Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc is the kindest statement I am able to make toward these Luddite Whigs.

The Party of Lincoln died a horrific death with McCarthyism, Nixon, Ray-Gun’s invitation of the American Taliban into the “Big Tent” and then the ever-murderous Dynasty of Death with a Slick-Willie stuck in as shill; the same as exists today in the Moderate Republican in the Goldman-Sachs White House.

What exists today in Washington is the homogenized whores of K Street, C Street and the Corporate Super-Person of the Roberts Supreme Court’s immaculate conception and virgin birth in Money equals Free Speech.  The Corporate-Capture of Government is complete and clearly demonstrated in one clear reality:

TOO BIG TO FAIL AND TOO BIG TO JAIL.  There is no clearer statement of the absolute destruction of the American Constitution than this travesty and admission of submission to the lying, greedy thieves who tanked the Global Economy intentionally, with malice and forethought demonstrated in the Savings & Loan debacle and the destruction of Glass-Steagall by the purchased politicians hiding behind smoke screens of blow-jobs and incredible infidelity.

This Administration and it’s Eric Holder & BFF do nothing Department of Injustice have endorsed the Heist of History, War Crimes, Torture, Gulags and open treason in “The Patriot Act,” of all the Orwellian damned creations of ChainE/Dubya and the Holy Teapublican & Republican Cults of Jeebus inc and their Doddering Democrat equals in “Looking Forward, Not Back.”

There are no “Democrats or Republicans” left alive on Capital Hill and the only Statesmen are Socialist or comedian.

What exists inside the Beltway is the Group-Think of the Corporate Super-Person in the sociopath-primates hiding behind the corporate veil.

Where is the voice to:
End all the damned Wars of Lies and Fraud?
End the damned Gulags and Gestapo?
Restore American Civil Liberties?
Break-up the Banksters and Wall Street frauds?
Protect Main Street from the Fascist?
Improve the Health, Education and Welfare of the United States?

These are all pissed-away in the deserts in an American-Created Jihad against the Constitution and driving the Perpetual War of Profit.

Purchased, lock, stock and barrel.
Swallowed up in redundant Gestapo policing and spying on Americans.
America you pay for this in Socialize the LOSS but PIVATIZE the PROFIT as they pursue this with acolyte’s passion of the Prosperity Gospel.

Saturday Surprise

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Saturday Surprise

The base is here

On this 36th time Holy Republican & Tea-publican Cults of Jeebus Inc have pissed-away more US Taxpayer money on this repeal of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s response to Hillary-Care.

Money that could be helping head-start. education and health Care or even restoring Social Security benefits to their effective economic level as intended.

These smarmy divisive racist, elitist fools on the Hill display their agenda of the War On Democracy from the Dynasty of Death forward.

The McCarthy-ite Cruz is a 6-year stain on America like his opposite clones, Sprinting Chellie Loon, Gomhert and the late West.

(was that Wicked Witch or Alan?  I rather liked Adam West and his boy-toy. but I digress into buckets of truth.)

All firmly founded in what they are paid to say today by their Meat-Puppeteer Masters from Wall Street’s “doing God’s work” to these schizoid-primate-theocrats with “our way or the highway.”  The very embodiment of the New Gilded Age of stinking zombie corpses with no accountability.

They are the very embodiment of Einstein’s insanity: “Doing the same thing time and again and expecting different results.” (see above links)

And if one needs any further substantiation of the War On Democracy, The War On Main Street, the militarization of Police, the very existence of the Homeland Security Gestapo of Grope-Patrols and “coordination of resources” spying on Americans as the KGB does in the former USSR; read on.

Look at who profits from the failed prohibition just as who profits from the real Blood and Treasure Wars.

Would you like to see how much this Corporate-Captured Government costs you, Main Street, as these damned fool Meat-Puppets continue in their divide and conquer with rhetoric, grandstanding Aqua-Buddhas, Recalcitrant liars and Philandering Purchased Politicians who hold America in Contempt and DO NOTHING to protect “Equal Justice Under the Law” or the Constitution they were sworn to Uphold.

The War On Drugs clock
The War Clock

Are you feeling safer and more secure for Gulags, Gestapos, Corporate Prisons, Corporate Armies, Drones and legitimized murder for political dissent all created on your taxpayer dime?

Do you really think that Janet’s Grope-Patrols are effective?

Do you think America should be the #1 Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth?

As Orwellian as “The Patriot Act” and even more malicious are the false representation we see on CapitAl Hill today. 

The War on Democracy.

America: are you better off today than you were BCD? (Before ChainE- Dubya).

Moscow on the Potomac and Leningrad on the Hudson with all the Fascist Charm of  “socialize the loss and privatize the profit.”

It has arrived.

Their Profits (I got it right) are God-Almighty and theirs is “the only way.” 

Piss-On-You Economics of 60 years has insured the huddled sheeple are very effectively shorn and fleeced at the same time.  Third-World America is realized.

Equal justice under the law?  Not so much in America.

“Those who give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin, one of our hard-drinking, pot-smoking Founding Father Terrorists to the Crown.

“When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”
Sing “Hail-Kruz”!
NEO-CON Perpetual War has arrived.
Wake up America.

The War on Drugs, The War Guarding Opium Poppies/Oil/Lithium for the Oligarchy, The Culture War, The War On Democracy, The War On Main Street, The War On Women, The War On LGBTQ Civil Rights, The War On Children, The War On The Elderly, The War On Unions, The War On Free Speech and the War On Individual rights to privacy and the pursuit of happiness.

The only War these smarmy fools don’t like is the War On Poverty and Ignorance. 

Seems everywhere these Christian-ists go War is sure to follow.

Fear is a powerful tool and as one of their “Most-Feared Others” invested with the Ability to control weather, earthquakes, destroy marriages by attaining Civil Rights and the Catholic & LDS with the Missionary of Hate for Prop8; were this true I would hold all these snake-oil salesmen and SPLC identified Hate Groups as Seditious from the 7 Mountains of Dominion to the Manhattan Declaration and inflict upon them the same set of values they’ve inflicted on the rest of us with “Save the Zygote and dispose of the Child.”

Maybe the Romans had the right idea.

The Bush Dynasty built Al Qeada and the Taliban who are now “Terrorist” a vilified tactic rather than ideology.  ChainE is the source of fruition of the Corporate Army and the For-Profit Wars founded in lies and open fraud.  The stated goal of these Terrorists is the bankruptcy of the USA.

Is it any wonder that a decade later Dubya paints his toes in Tyler, TX while ChainE scouted Gulags for a tissue-match.  We now know that artificial life-forms exist other than Cher.

I give the Mexican Government credit for making an attempt to clean-up corruption, American-Style by just turning the Government over to the Corporate Super-Persons who rape them too.  Honduras, Panama, Ecquador, Nicaragua, Columbia have all fallen to the Corporate Will.

Our neighbors to the north are more free than we and have socialized medicine, but does anyone on CapitAl Hill have sense enough to say “enough is enough” and do the right thing for the Citizens?  I doubt it; doesn’t pay as well.

 Will Rogers in 1902, the last Gilded Age created by these greedy thieves when they set up to insinuate themselves into every humans life with the pure usury and fraud exposed today.

“Americans have the best Government that money can buy.”

Look at how effectively the Koch Brothers speak in their War On America and Main Streets Globally.  Why the immaculate conception and virgin birth of the Corporate Super-Person is Roberts Court’s spawn where money equals free speech.

They sure do listen real well now don’t they?


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A New Day

A little of the Halloween Spirit just for you as the Zombie Apocalypse approaches.  A little spreading of the joys of reality among those whose unhinged world is based upon their imaginary playmate in the sky.

Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Warrior

Thankfully there is sanity within HBO.  Bill Maher is dead on point with this one.

Sunday Morning 4.3

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Sunday Morning 4.3

An accurate description of Sunday morning.

The Boy (19 going on 12) is curled in bed and the patio is delightful this morning with the Cardinal singing, the Warblers and the Mocking Birds all in full voice reverberating through the springtime crisp morning air.

The opportunity to observe this man-child mechanic and the interpersonal relationships of modern Urban Aboriginals is fodder for volumes of social commentary.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Emerging from the farm totally unprepared for reality at the tender age of 16 provides me a fair point of reference to view the behavior of “the boys.”

Jeffery, the face of the future of America is a recently freed from jail 17-year-old trying to make it on his own in a very hostile world with feigned religion for the convenience of displacing the God-Almighty Cults of Jesus Inc “blame, shame” and “degradation” on multiple levels from basic genetics (mulatto) to criminal record and extending into lack of education.  A handsome young man but within the pretty package a sociopath dwells from the experience of criminalization and the inability to be comfortable within one’s own skin.

The Boy curled in bed is yet one more example of failed parenting, failed educational support, failed cultural support and that immortal endowment of youth in having all the answers.  From the outside looking in the chaos that passes for life with The Boy is a fairly polar opposite of Jeffery.  A bi-polar telemarketing Mom, a father who is totally absent from his life and a young man seeking guidance is born.  There is an air of sophistication beyond his tender years that is attractive from a friend’s point of view clearly recognizing the invincibility of youth and the lack of life-experience in positive directions.  The Boy is working his American dream.

Both these youths have processed through the State indoctrination systems that are the real condition of the educational system here in Florida that failed these young men in polar directions.  If I were to provide an intelligence assessment of these young men I would place them on the top 10% of all humans I’ve ever met with The Boy highest and Jeffery right at that top 10% mark. Humans well worthy of study and comprehension because this is the product our culture provides as the future of America and minkind.

The Boy with his black & white mechanic’s world view where it either works or it doesn’t is in direct opposition to the Jeffery’s romantic world view housed deeply within the anger-management-challenged outward sociopathic acts.  Jeffery is the howling infant man looking for his Daddy while The Boy seeks only recognition and approval from his Daddy.

I’m still very ambivalent about enabling either of these young men.  The Boy is doing his best (in a reality that most Americans would be hard-pressed to keep up with) on his own with steely determination while the Jeffery manipulates others to emotionally blackmail and financially abuse.  Neither are fully conscious yet but both charge headlong into the abyss of experience, growth and change.  A pair of butterflies emerging from chrysalis and just pumping up their wings in the warm glow of youth.

I just woke the birds, Bea and Avery (Eclectus roratus roratus) in a Sunday morning ritual that does my little heart good.  “I want to fly away” by Lenny Kravitz is pounding from the stereo system just as a wake-up call to the neighborhood.  Now that’s a great anthem for the day.

It’s time to go wake The Boy and get him moving on his day off work.  The reality of making it through the Culture War, The Drug War and The Economic War going on in America is in full display with The Boy and Jeffery.  I wonder if they’ll do better than their parents?  Both are able to make a difference in this life yet the question remains as to how they will follow their bliss.


From Think Progress:

The Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA working on the destruction of America.  The Ever-Orange Cardinal Boehner of the Sisters of Perpetual Lining Their Own Pockets and Missionaries of Hate demonstrates his “Lazer Focus On JOBS!”

This is the Reich-Wing propaganda of financial Armageddon rolling through the masses of mindless sheeples and a real Tokyo Rove presentation:

Terrorist Tuesday 3.12

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Terrorist Tuesday 3.22

Another amazing demonstration of the creatures from the Uber-Reich and their inability to discuss anything because of the “perpetual victim” position of death worship and their imaginary playmate in the sky.

Don’t confuse me with facts!  My mind is made up!  Belief UBER ALIES!




This Missionary of Hate, Victoria Jackson, wasn’t funny on SNL and has only become hysterically funny with her politics.  Just another Theocrat in pair of dykes. (Apologies to all my proud invisible Lesbian Sisters, you too Father Theresa.)

This Missionary of Hate, Bible-thumping, talking-points-mindless-parroting of fear-mongering through DENIAL, DISCREDIT & DEMONIZE while playing the “perpetual victim” in a “spiritual war,” all of their creation.  Of all the damned foolish oxymorons spewed by these mindless, amygdala brain-damaged CONservatives; this one takes the cake!

This carefully constructed Bimbo parody of a Stepford Wife gone Xanax & Steroid-Queen is the Loyal Opposition of the Progressive “Secular Humanist” Other that is now perpetually linked, within her mindless sheeple’s lizard-brains, that Gays (The LGBTQ Community) Muslims, Secular Socialists, the Liberal Media and AGENDA are all THE ENEMY in grand Christ-O-Fascist Dominion Over All bigotry in action.

Does Ms Victoria have her panties in a wad over the sight of two teens kissing?

As an open human I have some real objections of this “romantically” in heterosexual pattern stereo-typical portrayal of Gay or Questioning Teens but recognize the need for this display within the reality of awakening humanity to the all-encompassing nature of God’s Children and end this Culture War of the Christ-O-Fascist creation.

I can however thank Jim Burroway for this piece of genius in presenting the awakening.,015.htm

And this piece from Rob Tisinai on How To Kill A Kid:

I couldn’t be happier that “The Secular Socialist Media” provided this audience if only for comedic effect.

Culture War of whose creation?

This is what the Uber-Reich, the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Missionaries of Hate, create and in this instance the Bullied strikes back just for positive reinforcement of affirmative action.

Here is the Catholic Cults of Jesus Inc’s InsaniTEA of Saggy-baggy Margret Galligher and NOM:

Just in case anyone is in doubt of the Christ-O-Fascist Agenda here is a reminder of the cult of death worship’s vision through the veil of mythology of dichotomy.

After this Hell, Fire And Brimstone trip into the Theocrat’s world view; do you have any doubt of the depths of the InsaniTEA?

It is very important to remember the recent history and look at it in perspective as the TCCOJF (The Corporate Cults Of Jesus Fascists) spew their vitriol and hate founded in half-truth, outright lies and the ever-present Christ-O-Fascists’ righteous indignation.  As a card-carrying member of the “Other’s” camp I can assure you that this interacially “married” corpulent cow, like the Clarence Thomas “family” spews hate and vitriol behind the thinly veiled slur and demonize campaign of Fear-Mongering founded in erroneous personal belief or founded in their Bible matters not.  The United States Constitution is constructed to keep this kind of Christ-O-Fascist at bay.

No one seeks to limit the freedom of religion until it becomes Hate-Speech and these Southern Poverty Law Center identified Hate Groups are still gaining a national audience?  Disgusting in a nation founded on Separation of Church and State.

As disgusting as:

The C-Street Family of Doug Coe in their 7 Mountains Mandate of Dominion over all and support of the Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda with clearly identified liars and Missionaries of Hate.  Their housing subsidy being undeclared in the Congress & Senate is ruled to be “Ethical.”  So much for “Ethics” from the Cults of Jesus Inc or the Purchased Politician Sock Puppets.

The Faith-Based and Community Initiative from Dubya and the Wrecking Crew feeding these obscene political acts of the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Christ-O-Fascists black robed beauties who have their own form of Sharia law in practice today.  Follow your delusions but we in the reality-based community have other more pressing matters in the NOW.

Naomi Wolf has this to say on the topic through Prolefeed015:

I’m going to the garden.  Have a great day.

The State of the Union

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The State of the Union

This enhanced version contains graphs, charts and other enlightenments on the State of the Union address by our President Obama.

The replies from the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA continue with the revisionist history, the fraudulent math and the mythology that these Oligarchs and Corporate Fascists work diligently to spew to distort, twist and alter the reality to fit their narrative with no concern for truth or accuracy.

Sunday Sadness

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Sunday Sadness

“Fuck them if they don’t get a joke.”  Maher is clear on my sentiments.

This blatant censorship of a much loved television personality who has many wonderful accomplishments to his name and was a strong progressive voice for America is disgusting censorship from the Corporate Fascist Media.

This Corporate Fascist behemoth of the newly formed CONcrap Cable and NBC/GE is disgusting and dangerous.  The complete control of media by the Corporate Fascists will be the demise of America and we Americans have seen the lies, the propaganda and the outright fraud on America that these Fascists spew.

America is lost.


This is why I love Keith Olberman

This clear coverage of what political candidates spew, the debunking of the lies is the foundation of why Keith Olberman was invited to depart.

The Rachel positioning of the attacks on the now defunct ACORN based on the lies and fraud of Faux Spews, Andrew Brietbart and his O’Keefe minion is another graphic example of the demise of America as we’ve known it.

The Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA are hell-bent on the destruction of America and the reign of terror of Dubya and the Wrecking Crew make this perfectly clear.  Our current Goldman Sachs White House populated by Bush-Lite is yet another graphic example how America is under attack from within.