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Suicide Sunday 09.14.14

Posted in Creative Construction by activecitizen54 on September 15, 2014

Suicide Sunday 09.14.14

Suicidal Sunday is here!


The Blue Jays are out in force this morning doing their ‘Crash Gordon,’ no holds barred, stress-test the stubby-wings & tail while priming the landing gear for the inevitable bounce, as the peanut is snatched-up in bill, as only a touch & go, aircraft carrier ship pilot is able to appreciate. Raptors have nothing on these fighter-pilots of the sky either, with the Jays’ absolutely fearless attack on anything viewed as a threat to their home turf. Just thinking about the math these blue-missiles of energy transference live, calculate trajectory and plan, instinctively imbued, and my poor physics mathematician brain goes into overload.

The only creature that I hold more reverence for is the Hummingbird. Hummingbirds truly live in the now and hold the ability to fly backward. Add iridescent plumage, a pure and fearless heart that will look you in the eye and their helicopter pilot life is envious.

The Bushy-Tailed Tree Rats are snatching up peanuts from the deck too, bouncing around as if on a trampoline, acting as if they owned the place while I simply utilize them for Cooper’s Hawk bait. These silly acrobats have decimated the hibiscus blooms all summer, climb across the screens on the lanai for their entertainment, all while the wooden fences become highways with the utility lines and poles as expressways.

Today is one of those days when I am absolutely amazed at just how fearless these critters truly are. Just as in my childhood, the natural world knows I mean no harm and do no harm. I am an ethical human holding respect of & for life.

The great pain and agony this morning is the general economic condition life in the United States it exists today.

President Eisenhower, still only a General, is the point where I entered this experience of American life. Spawn of McCarthy? No, the anti-Thesis is more accurate. A true American, Butch Dairy Queen Naturalist, second generation for 75%, the remaining 25% from Native North American, very resentful for the Illegal Immigration of the Western European.

We don’t ‘blame’ or ‘shame’ in our way of life. Mother Earth, Family, Tribe & Nation are upheld, revered and protected with body & spirit given to me from this place. At my instinctive genetic drive is preservation, harmony and union with this miracle that is you & me.

That is perhaps much too high a standard to hold the Western European to with their Missionary of Hate telling lies, fomenting hate.

The “Savages” they must exterminate.

Convert or die?

It is way too late.

Learned in our lodges, this Congress & Senate, with all in agreement for those the People sent to represent, by vote in their houses or actions of valor. All People represented from all Nations connected by family, freedom and Tribe, vote now in our Counsels by voice all duly elected. The Elders debate and then engage the Tribes, all voices considered and then decide. We live by agreement with nature and all others.

Your Democracy, as practiced by we Native North Americans, is corrupted by Corporate Zombies, Cannibal Cults, who take your money and enslave all with fear and guilt. Their Poison & Toxins now injected into Earth, our Fountain of Water’s blessings, once pure, now is lost.

What they did to our Nations once strong, true and proud, is boiled in oil pulled up from under ground to where we all must live, to fly in the air. Poisoning all that we breathe. That’s truth of the wicked wampum you worship. Legitimized Bribery, Theft, Terror, Torture and Treason, Politics Polluted as sure as this Earth by the same Zombie constructs your law reveres.

Murdering the Sea’s blessing with glee, the streams, rivers and mountain tops too, polluted and hollowed-out or spewed on the ground. Now pulled up and pushed up in termite like mounds. Like ants in the hive, their group-think confirmed, their industry burns, churns and rapes all like their cattle and sheeples, in fear of their self-extermination, too ill to retaliate.

Where is the Eagle? Owl, Falcon or Hawk, replaced now with drones, planes and bombs, spying eyes where we walk.

The Moose, Elk, Deer, Bison or Antelope no longer roam the plains free. Replaced with your boundaries, barbed wire on me.

The fish in the streams, no longer fit to eat, are marinated in chemicals you spray into all that we eat.

The Smog and pollutants into the mountains and sea bring special promotions of Mercury & Acid Rain now eating the seas and the trees.

The Reefs are dying, our Mother Earth’s lungs for carbon sequestration like Coral Reefs, Mountains and Trees are flaming and spewing, bone dry soon will be, from the fever Mother Earth is running from your coal and gasoline.

“Clean Coal!” You may puppet-like decree, I admire BLIND-FAITH.

I chose observable reality.

The storm fast approaching will grind out this madness.

Mother Earth is resilient, like the Phoenix from the ashes, seen many changes through the ages laid down in the rocks, like Trilobites forgotten the eons still pass. What kind of impression will your fossil cast? Its not just your future you kick in the ass, but all that’s before you because we just don’t last. Until you return the very same substance you are addicted to and burn, into this Earth, you are the Global Terrorists & Genocide of Suicide Sunday’s birth.

This Earth is my Mother, Father & Siblings in life now, so ask how do you treat them?  

I may look to see all.

Stand tall, take a bow.

Its Suicide Sunday each day that unfurls, this Oil, this Meth-Like Addiction is in this Matrix revealed.

Weekend Warrior 5.18.13

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Weekend Warrior 5.18.13

I am in “recovery” mode again and moving through life without my Imp is still not easy but I am doing this as I have throughout lifetime of losses.  Part of the difficulties in life for me now are because of this trigger of grief with Avery’s death and the amplification of the feelings created from being without anti-depressants.  I have a Doctor’s appointment on Thursday and will seriously discuss going back on them to maintain my functional status as a human.

The house is quiet with roomie off to a friends for the weekend and me being homo-alone to deal with me.  What a frightening thought.  It is times like these when I discover new wellsprings of faith and hope in a better tomorrow even if they are seldom to never realized the tools get me through.  The Bea bird is being a demanding creature without Avery to keep her company.  At least she is back to feeding herself  that’s a big help to me now.

Facing the loneliness issues is one of the most difficult parts of today and each day.  I can fool myself into thinking there is companionship with a roomie but the reality is very different.  I am more alone than ever in life before and that’s intended and intentional.

A while back I heard from Mikey The Beer Sponge who is in the lap of luxury where he wanted to be being cared for by family and living on the dole.  His vile words of “I wish you well” were beyond the pale as this was the creature Hell-Bent on destruction of my life and any life about it.  There was no companionship there after the addiction moved in  and there clearly was only the animus of a vile self-hating Catholic Homosexual without redeeming qualities ever.  It turned into the vile, hateful and vitriolic creature that spawned it years into the relationship.

Better-off alone is the mantra of the day, week, year and remainder of life for me.  I will not ever again face the absolute betrayal of a “say-one-thing; do-another” professional liar and addict.  I will not ever be subject to the sabotage of a self-hating homophobe and the Catholic Guilt that drove his addiction and fueled his hate.

The lessons of Victor were quick and simple as with any narcissist.  It was and always will be all-about-Victor and that’s all that matters in it’s petty world.  I may not be the brightest light bulb in the pack but I saw that clearly from early on in the relationship.  The reality was that I was more alone with Victor than without him.  Funny how that happens.

So today I loose myself in gardening, in doing the domestic goddess things that I try to avoid all week and caring for me.  The Warrior is at rest but is far from home still.

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Sunday Again

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Sunday Again

Sunday youtube browsing produced this gem.  A giggle or a scare depending upon one’s world view.

I’m relieved that our President is not a Kenyan but an alien.


I was reading at HP and commented on this Piece concerning the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s current charade.

Condolences to the Holy Republican & Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc is the kindest statement I am able to make toward these Luddite Whigs.

The Party of Lincoln died a horrific death with McCarthyism, Nixon, Ray-Gun’s invitation of the American Taliban into the “Big Tent” and then the ever-murderous Dynasty of Death with a Slick-Willie stuck in as shill; the same as exists today in the Moderate Republican in the Goldman-Sachs White House.

What exists today in Washington is the homogenized whores of K Street, C Street and the Corporate Super-Person of the Roberts Supreme Court’s immaculate conception and virgin birth in Money equals Free Speech.  The Corporate-Capture of Government is complete and clearly demonstrated in one clear reality:

TOO BIG TO FAIL AND TOO BIG TO JAIL.  There is no clearer statement of the absolute destruction of the American Constitution than this travesty and admission of submission to the lying, greedy thieves who tanked the Global Economy intentionally, with malice and forethought demonstrated in the Savings & Loan debacle and the destruction of Glass-Steagall by the purchased politicians hiding behind smoke screens of blow-jobs and incredible infidelity.

This Administration and it’s Eric Holder & BFF do nothing Department of Injustice have endorsed the Heist of History, War Crimes, Torture, Gulags and open treason in “The Patriot Act,” of all the Orwellian damned creations of ChainE/Dubya and the Holy Teapublican & Republican Cults of Jeebus inc and their Doddering Democrat equals in “Looking Forward, Not Back.”

There are no “Democrats or Republicans” left alive on Capital Hill and the only Statesmen are Socialist or comedian.

What exists inside the Beltway is the Group-Think of the Corporate Super-Person in the sociopath-primates hiding behind the corporate veil.

Where is the voice to:
End all the damned Wars of Lies and Fraud?
End the damned Gulags and Gestapo?
Restore American Civil Liberties?
Break-up the Banksters and Wall Street frauds?
Protect Main Street from the Fascist?
Improve the Health, Education and Welfare of the United States?

These are all pissed-away in the deserts in an American-Created Jihad against the Constitution and driving the Perpetual War of Profit.

Purchased, lock, stock and barrel.
Swallowed up in redundant Gestapo policing and spying on Americans.
America you pay for this in Socialize the LOSS but PIVATIZE the PROFIT as they pursue this with acolyte’s passion of the Prosperity Gospel.

Clean Sweep

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How absolutely delightful to watch the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc hoisted on their own pittards, while howling like Banshees.  

It’s like some grand Wagnerian Opera for the Kabuki incessantly played on.

Sinclair Lewis (1885 to 1951) said: “When fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

Do we negotiate with terrorists?  Hum, wonder if that will get past the sense or ship?

Little Timmy’s exit into the platinum womb of the Robert’s midwifery is clear just when that silly little 14th Amendment draws near.

Some days you are the Roadrunner and some days you are the Coyote.  Listen to the howl of the doG days of the Republicans.

The most unproductive congress in history with a less than 10% approval rating. 

Legitimized Bribery
Purchased Politicians
The K Street Cottage Industry
The Wars
The extreme-ism
Tokyo Roves
Missionaries of Hate
TSA Grope-Patrols
Gulags at GITMO
Military Contractors
Granny’s Cat-Food Commissions

What are the priorities and where is the debate on the essential business of the United States of America?

Lost to Kabuki.

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Those who give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” 

Our Founding Fathers were hard-drinking, pot-smoking Terrorists to the Crown.


In response to the Fearful, Fundamentalist, Buy-Bull Thumping Missionaries of Hate:


Yee Freaking Haw. Are you going to pass that loaf of moldy rye bread and some more of that wine? I do not require a Priest-Class to speak to the God I know. Do you? The Roman Catholic Church is the largest Corporate Super-Person in History, the first. Like the Walton empire it just went to hell when the Daddy died and left the kids to sell out America rather than Buy American. You got the Dogma and ByLaws down pat. The Matrix has you hard. Take the Blue pill Neo. Was that part of an exorcism or something?


And on Politics as usual:

Poor, poor crybaby Boehner can’t herd the cats like Pelosi and discovers that his life is like a bowl of Grainola; what ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes.

Great going to the Michelle Bachmann Cacus in the Battle of Sandy victims; you’ve insured they are just that.  Just like you did to Congressman Dole in the wheelchair.  I bet that made your private parts all tingly and engorged, didn’t it?  

Give ’em all wife-beater Tee Shirts and arm women, Stand Your Ground ladies, they are coming for you again.  That’s the NRA way; isn’t it?

As a Gay Man fully invested in the ability to control the weather, earthquakes and now remote control shooters by the Reich-Wing one would think they may develop some sense of insecurity understanding they are soon the minority.  Sensitivity is beyond all hope.

Let’s just address the fundamental issue here: The Capture of this Government by the Virgin-Birth of the Corporate Paper Super-Person from the loins of the Roberts’ Court with all the Koch Brothers blessings that bestowed.  

Wasn’t there a Star in the West?

The “media” is NO friend of Democracy by any stretch of the imagination and to ever even imply that what passes for news today is by any stretch of the imagination “journalism” is to drink the kool aid, swallow the narrative hook, line and sinker and absolute desecrate the real Journalists of the 20th Century.

As Scott Lively comes to trial for his Crimes Against Humanity (the best thing ever to happen for the mental health of this nation and the Earth) just look at how this creatures’ manipulation of message has inflamed the Ugandan people to legislate murder.  Remember David Kato and Matthew Shepherd right here in the USA.

Here in the USA the fearful fundamentalist Buy-Bull Thumpers invest LGBTQ Communities with the power to control weather, earthquakes and now remote control gunmen too. That’s the power of the pulpit and these sociopaths drive their Missionary of Hate positions deeply and divisively into America’s heart.  These are not “Christians” by any stretch of the imagination but The Cults of Jeebus Inc who, like their RCC founders are more concerned with lining the pocket of the church off the poor than the truth or human rights any day.

Look to the runs up to the Wars to see how quickly and easily the failed 4th estate lied.


Look to the Faux Spews and Fiends fairly unbalanced Tokyo Roves and Missionaries of Hate to know the truth of how insanity is legitimized with the Rupert Murdoch/Roger Ailes propaganda machine and Americans eat it up.

Americans eat this bull$hit up like it was candy and then turn their “Faux Spews Lies so therefore MSNBC and all the other news lies too”  false dicotomy loose on America. That’s the Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes skid-mark that Myth jumped on and lied, lied, lied to discover that at least 5 million more Americans still maintain some sanity than the fearful fundamentalist insane huddled masses paying Tithes for Lies.

The Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc and their Corporate Super-Person owners are an illness and a stain on America that the entire world sees and experiences with America the largest terrorist nation on the face of the Earth.  All founded on lies and perversion of  the truth intended to enrich their author.  Yes Michelle I’m talking about the Minnesota Loon and the Tundra Tart.

Was there any discussion on reduction of Military Spending or ending the cash vacuum of Military Contractors sucking the life out of America into the hands of the 1% in the war guarding opium poppies for the Oligarchy that Daddy began and the fruit that don’t fall far from the shrub quagmired us into feeding his owner’s greed.

Was there any discussion of the Welfare for the Corporate Super-Persons of the Roberts Supreme Court’s virgin birth at Koch’s midwifery?

Was there any discussion of the absolutely essential investments in America that must be made to restore this once great nation from the siege of the War on Democracy being waged by the Fearful Fundamentalists and the Corporate Super-Person against Main Street?

The answers, of course, are NO.  Not the screaming and grandstanding “Hell NO” of crybaby Boehner and his delusional peers, not from anyone but the only Socialist on the Hill and Bernie has been a voice of reason through this all.

The Kabuki plays on and America suffers because of the Complete Capture of this Government by the Corporate Super-Person through the process of Legitimized Bribery that is constructed by the Whores on the Hill and fed through the K Street Cottage Industry of the Koch Brothers purchasing politicians.

A passing thought.

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Here is a basic issue I’ve recognized for myself with these proselytizing politicians:

What business is it of yours who I love?

What is your major concern with women that says they must be subservient?

What business is it of yours what I do in my bedroom?

The pure animus, the gonadal-driven fear ( of self-recognition and recognition ) is painted clearly for all of us to see.

Be they correctly labeled  “Hate Groups” by the courage and convictions of the SPLC or just off-the-cuff Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc poster children as this one demonstrates; what business is it of theirs what I do in my life, in my beliefs or with my soul?

The Catholic Church spends millions on Missionaries of Hate like NOM.

The Protestants are not so lavish, depending on State support of their rent-boy European vacations founder of the Family Research Council while Tony lies, lies, lies in the name of his God.

Lies in the name of God are still lies.  Thank you Alvin we all love you.

I do have to applaud this approach.

If Heterosexuals, especially those ueber religious Christ-O-Fascists we all know and try not to hate, are so afraid of Adam and Steve’s marriage destroying theirs then let’s take this energy from doing the right thing in Civil Marriage equality and turn it to outlawing divorce.  Keep them families together by force.

I mean really, that’s worked so well with the drug war now hasn’t it?

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Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Warrior

I remember too.

Here’s the bottom line reality:

The Banksters fraud and embezzlement has already enriched them by $535 Billion from the socialization of the loss with privatization of the profit.
The underwriting Control Fraud is perpetrated by the Bankster primarily.
Forcing these greedy thieves to do what is standard business practice makes sense.

The Goldman Sachs White House of Bush-Lite could care less

A Solution:

Roll Fannie & Freddie up into the American Home Mortgage Bank, Citizen owned and operated, paying dividends to the Citizens and use this resource to address the most at-risk mortgages first for primary home ownership (none of the flippers or investment properties from speculators).

Let Bankruptcy Judges force the cram-down of the mortgage to current market value less the documented homeowner equity prior to the crash (guarantee the homeowner’s down-payment equity and payment equity without the inflated penalties from the Banksters) and write the new mortgage at 3 to 5% fixed rate.

How many times are the good people on Main Street expected to pay these greedy thieves?

We paid in TARP.

We paid in “at par” AIG pay off.

We paid in Fannie & Freddie guarantees.

We paid in FMHA loan guarantees.

We paid in HAMP.

Now the greedy thieves, the Bankster frauds and embezzlers are taking the properties illegally and selling them or sitting on them in hope of another return on this Ponzi scheme “investment” that they neither made honestly nor bundled legally into weapons of financial mass destruction.

Dubya & Cheney’s dismantling of FBI oversight of Banking & Investments kicked-off the Heist of History.  Blankenfein’s “Doing God’s Work.” Was the Trigger.  Timmy Geithner the cashier paying off “at par.”  Socialize the loss and privatize the profit made Main Street the ultimate victim.

Where was Government?

At the helm of the Heist of History from the Halliburton White House through today’s Goldman Sachs White House of Bush-Lite.

A Change Of Scenery

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A Change Of Scenery

Moving on.

Today is Moving Day for me.  I’m fleeing the 1950s attitude, the segregation, the Cults of Jesus Inc, the basic bigotry of theocracy of Georgia and Alabama and finding my way back to the tropics.  I’m sure that all the same conditions exist where I’m going but having sunshine and warm, flowers and sandy beaches at my immediate disposal will help me rise again to be a clear voice of reason and responsibility within the blog-o-sphere.

The postings may be spotty for the next week as I get moved and organized again.  Keep the faith and I’ll be back stronger than ever.

The Purchased Politicians, The Corporate Communists, Cults of Jesus Inc and all the conditions of the United States today will still be there when I’m healed by the tropic sun, refreshed by the sea breezes and pampered with fresh picked citrus, mangos and papaya.  The tropics require one more “Certified Tropical Fruit” and I’m answering the call.  Washing ashore on a sandy beach sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

While I’m on the road the rumor mill has it that President Obama is entering the enemy camp and discussing Health Care Reform with the GOP.  As if that will do any good. At this point a great idea is just scrap the piece of crap legistlation that Bauchus and Buddies came up with, The Senate version too.  Let’s start over with Universal Health Care, an open buy-in to Medicare/Medicaid for all as a foundation around which to build the real system required and to hell with the lying, ignorant conservative screamers.  We can re-instate the Death Panels, get tort reform so patients can’t sue malpractitioners, pay the Insurance Companies the extortion they want and just move forward with one more lie you can count on.

The Democrats have already pissed away their super majority and it’s just going to be business as usual as the Purchased Politicians line their pockets and avoid any issues till after the elections.  I mean it’s not like the taxpayers employ them or anything, now is it?

The handwriting is on the wall as far as the LGBT Community is concerned with “studies” and delay bullshit coming from the purchased politicians who once claimed that they would repeal this vile Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell when the military said so.  I think that happened last week.  Business as usual on the Hill.

And while we’re at it; what about that Banking and Wall Street regulation? I don’t think any of it stands a snowball’s chance in hell because of the purchased politicians on Capital Hill but who knows?  Maybe there will be a miracle or two while I’m out of touch and tending to my personal needs. We can only hope.

I may be surprised when I check back into Cyberspace and learn that the melt-down in Europe hasn’t happened and that the Chinese are forgiving our loans…

It’s really a matter of priorities in what’s more important; the wars and feeding the Oligarchy or the people of the United States?

Is having a healthy population of productive American Citizens and a stable economy more important than feeding the industrial/military/congressional complex?

Is it more important to have an imperialistic global network of military bases or a vibrant, growing and healthy population and economy?

Is re-election more important than preventing a global depression?

Are the people on Main Street having jobs and earning an honest living more important than Wall Street multi million dollar bonuses paid out of taxpayer dollars?

Is it more important to win political points or have a secure United States?

Are we really going to give the Terrorists their victory or are we going to live our lives secure within our borders and at peace with a prosperous economy?

Silly me; asking questions that no one would answer truthfully anyway.

We already know that Wall Street and the Banker’s greed is more important than Main Street although it was Main Street’s money that kept their greedy Ponzi scheming asses out of insolvency and triggering a global depression.  Maybe we would be better off if we hadn’t bailed their sorry asses out.  We’ll never know because of Bernanke, Geithner and the Corporate Communists as Bush’s handlers did what they wanted anyway.  The American People don’t matter one bit on Capital Hill.


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The Supreme Court Ruling that Corporations have the same rights to free speech as you and I has sent shock waves through politics and the population.  The issue of Corporate entities (Paper People) having the same rights as Biological entities (Natural Humans) strikes fear into the American heart.  The sole intent and purpose of the Corporate Individual is to produce a profit for those who own it and this kind of sociopathic / psychopathic behavior is long identified as an illness from birth coming to full expression by early teens.  That kind of says it all.

In the United States the US Citizen is now the Slave in Dread v Scott Supreme Court decision with the Corporate Communists as our masters.  Not only do we now face the psychopathic behavior of Corporations but they have free reign to spend as free speech within the political process thereby purchasing power through the political process and puts every American Citizen as a “Special  Class” worthy of protection as minorities protected within the USA today.

Buried within this screaming fear expressed by the United States Citizens in blogs and on talk radio and newspaper columns today is the xenophobic reality that foreign citizens often own more of American Corporations than Americans own. That reality is upon us today with Rupert Murdock owning Faux Nuz with his Saudi buddy.  The Tea Baggers love their Faux Nuz and that it’s a Republican right-wing mouthpiece is clearly recognized but do these “patriots” (and I use the term loosely) understand their reality?

From the Great Pam’sHouseBlend comes this piece from Snookey Ookums:

Despite yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court which states

“…this Court now concludes that independent expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption, or the appearance of corruption. That speakers may have influence over or access to elected officials does not mean that those officials are corrupt. And the appearance of influence and access will not cause the electorate to lose faith in this democracy.”

(Citizens United V FEC, Syllabus, P5 Para 2)

I would posit that such loss of faith has already occurred and is irreparable absent a Constitutional Amendment overturning this ruling.

In the revisionist historical view of the five affirming justices the robber barons of the late 19th Century were actually misunderstood Robin Hoods, the unregulated stock and banking system of the 1920’s had no causal relation whatsoever to the Great Depression.

And Teapot Dome, William Marcy “Boss” Tweed, James Michael Curly, Mayor Richard Daly, Huey Long, Rod “This seat for sale” Blagojovich, Budd Dwyer ($300,000 in quid pro quo bribes from a computer company for a $4M state contract – committed suicide by .357 at a televised press conference), Edwin Edwards ($400,000 in bribes to allow casinos in Louisiana), Spiro Agnew (took the final $17,500 in bribes while a sitting VP), James “I’ve got a marmoset on my head” Traficant (just released from federal prison and vowing to run for Congress again!), Randy “Duke” Cunningham (current Congressional record holder for biggest ‘take’ at $2.4M in bribes – with which he bought a Rolls Royce and a nice yacht), Ted “What hot tub?” Stevens, William “They’ll neverlook in the freezer.” Jefferson – all of these examples of corporate influence over the years – why they just didn’t happen.

Otherwise, their entire fallacious argument falls apart.”

God knows I love Pam’s House Blend and wish you all run by regularly to see what’s up in the real world.

Here’s a piece out of history from our now President Barack H Obama:

“I support public financing and will work to make it viable.”
. . .
“The decision not to participate in the public financing system wasn’t an easy one — especially because I support a robust system of public financing of elections.”
. . .
“I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that we need to limit the influence of big donors on campaigns, and I’ve co-sponsored legislation to fix the system — legislation Sen. McCain does not support. I AM FIRMLY COMMITTED TO REFORMING THE SYSTEM AS PRESIDENT, so that it’s viable in today’s campaign climate.”

— Barack Obama, press release, June 20, 2008

Does any American really think that the Purchased Politicians on Capital (yes I know the difference) Hill are going to enact any legislation to keep this cash cow from feeding their greed?  The website Opensecrets has devoted its existence to exposing exactly how each and every one of the people involved in United States politics has accepted cash from Corporate Communists and then look at the voting record of these crooks.

The American People have, thankfully, gotten a belly full of the corruption, greed and business-as-usual in Washington, DC through the process of attempting to “reform health care” and we see how this process was completely de-railed by backroom deals with the Pharmaceutical Companies, the Insurance Companies and all the special interest groups associated with them.

Look at the Banking and Wall Street manipulation of this government with George W Bush, Paulson, Bernanke and Geithner opening up the US Treasury to the biggest transfer of wealth from the US Taxpayers to the Corporate Communists in history.  That’s right, the American people just gave the wealthy top 1% of this population the contents of the US Treasury with the blessing and insistence of the FED who are a private banking cartel and just shared the funds among themselves. The Wall Street Bonuses are nothing. This was a demonstration of real Power and don’t ever forget it.

This is from Ron Paul speaking at Loyola in September 3rd of 2009.

I urge you to watch this 6-part video through.

America is Bankrupt.   George W Bush, the treasonous, lying, Faith-based previous President took a $236 billion dollar Federal Budget Surplus and ran up a deficit greater than all other Presidents COMBINED in his disastrous 8 year SCOTUS appointed rule.

George W Bush’s butt buddy, The Torturing Dick Cheney is a war criminal and both he and George W Bush deserve to be tried as the criminals that they are. These men and the 404 members of the Senate and Congress who voted for the “Patriot Act” are treasonous in that they swore an oath to uphold the United States Constitution and then worked diligently to destroy that.  The George Bush appointments to the Supreme Court have just punctuated that reality for all of us.

The painful reality is going to upon all of us too soon.

The repair of this is simple, straight forward and direct in the end of all the wars.

End the war on drugs.  This failed 30 year prohibition is insanity from the Reagan years and it is disgusting, deplorable and a complete waste of the US Citizen’s tax dollars.

End the illegal and immoral wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  George W Bush lied to create these wars and his foreign policy in the Middle East, his Faith-Based Presidency is the exact reason the attack on 9/11/01 happened and it’s a failed policy.

Bring all our troops home.  Why do we still have troops in Germany, Japan, Honduras, and scattered around the globe?

We have to re-think our foreign aid and stop the insanity of spending US Taxpayer dollars in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Africa where they want to “Kill the Gays” because the United States has exported it’s HATE from the Cults of Jesus.

The United States Government is the largest single employer in the nation.  It’s about time that 10% of the Government Employees are furloughed to reflect the reality of the reported unemployment and let the Government begin to feel the pain. Let’s start with the 10% of the Government that resides within Congress and the Senate who have sold all Americans out and demonstrated that they hold our Constitution in contempt.

There is no “too big to fail” and these bastards deserve the results of their actions if they do fail and let the free market correct.  This fraud perpetrated against the United States citizens by the purchased politicians has destroyed the dollar, destroyed any public faith and confidence in the government and it is unsustainable.

Since Richard Nixon’s administration turned the United States Dollar into a Fiat Currency we are all living on borrowed time.

The Government in 1983 increased the Social Security Tax to insure that Baby Boomers not only paid their own Social Security benefits in advance but that they paid for others on the system currently because the Purchased Politicians were decrying the lack of solvency of the system.   How did the Purchased Politicians demonstrate that they are really concerned about the American Taxpayers?  The American Politicians since Reagan have used the Social Security Trust Fund as a piggy bank to fund their failed policies and the only thing that exists today is an empty piggy bank stuffed full of IOUs from a government that continues to steal from us, lie to us and do as it damned well pleases.

The United States Citizens are due a Balance Budget Constitutional Amendment and make these Purchased Politicians understand what fiscal responsibility is all about.

Destroy the FED.  This private banking cartel has no business being in the United States economy.  It is the FED that has manipulated the economy, created The Great Depression, the Recessions, the economic bubbles in housing and manufacturing and the frauds of wars that drives their profits.

Americans have no risk to their liberties in establishing a National Bank to hold the tax dollars that we agree to pay and to disburse the payments we authorize. Why do we have the FED counterfeiting dollars now to the point where the real value of the US Dollar is only $.04 compared to the $1.00 backed by Gold and Silver Reserves that existed when the FED took over?

Americans have no risk of Liberty if they establish a national insurance program run without the 30% profit paid to the Fat Cat private sector that insurance companies steal off the top of every premium dollar paid while denying your claims.

Americans have no risk of Liberty if our government focuses on the safety and security within United States borders.  Police to pursue violent crimes, fire departments, and limited social welfare programs as required.

Americans have no risk of loss of Liberty if we provide universal education and universal opportunity.

The biggest risk to the loss of Liberty today is the Government as structured today and we must take the power, we must make the changes and we must, once again, become responsible for our selves, our families, our communities and our society.  We don’t need this vile monster of purchased politicians dictating to us as their Corporate Communist masters dictate to them.

On a real Civil Level watch this video as reported by the Huffington Post and understand clearly that this is what is waiting for you in the United States as this corporate government gains more and more power.  This may be New York’s finest but you can bet your bottom dollar that this is endemic in the para-military police throughout the USA today and it’s not getting any better.

Wake up America!

Thomas Jefferson: “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Weekend Warnings

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 16, 2010

Weekend Warnings.

Over the past several months we’ve presented the information about the Federal Reserve Board being a Private Banking Cartel, documented the manipulation of markets and the global economy by the FED and tied the FED to the real estate and war bubble economies that the Stock Market has robbed us through.

The ties to the Banking interests that rule Obama’s administration as Matt Taibbi describes (As reported in Rolling Stone) are only reinforced with Bernanke and Geithner’s actions throughout this crisis and the Oligarchy, the Corporate Wall Street Banking Communists are held harmless for their Ponzi schemes to all of our expense when Bernanke just threw open the US Treasury vault to their raid.  Matt Taibbi’s website has continued discussion on this topic of the Wall Street loaded administration.

George W Bush is very instrumental in this economic collapse and the ensuing give-away because of the failure of regulation and the inability of Federal Regulators to examine or understand the flaws being built within the system as Bernanke kept interest rates to give-away to the Banks low rates. Bush’s initiative to push liars loans in home mortgages (2004) and the predatory practices of individual lenders amplified the instability in the house of cards being built by the Bush Administration within the housing market.

While this inherently flawed lending was going on, as a direct result of Clinton’s removal of the Glass-Steagall act of 1933 separating investment banking from commercial banking, the investment side of the banking houses decided they would gamble on these mortgages in a big crap shoot designed to defraud investors by bundling them into derivatives and then bet against the success of those flawed instruments of investment through credit default swaps and insurance.  This is a “heads you lose-tails you lose” gambling structure constructed by Wall Street greed and is what drove AIG off the brink.

Adding insult to injury in this home mortgage meltdown is the lowering of the mandated capital reserves that banks must maintain which exposed the institutions to a much greater risk of failure and burdened Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac as they reimbursed the banks for the mortgages.

Rife with scandal since the arrival of the Bush Administration Fannie Mae’s chief executive Franklin Raines, chief financial officer J. Timothy Howard and the former controller Leanne G. Spencer are accused of manipulation of Fannie Mae earning to maximize their bonuses.  The US Regulators filed 101 civil charges in the lawsuit designed to recoup more than $115 million in bonus payments, collectively accrued by the trio from 1998-2004, and about $100 million in penalties for their involvement in the accounting scandal.

Also, in June of 2008 the Wall Street Journal reported that two former CEOs of Fannie Mae, James A Johnson and Franklin Raines received loans below market rate from Countrywide Financial.  Fannie Mae was the biggest buyer of Countrywide’s mortgages.

Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac’s lobby have given contributions to lawmakers sitting on committees that primarily regulate their industry in the House Financial Serviced Committee, the Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee, or the Senate Finance Committee and others who have seats on the Appropriations or Ways& Means committees.

Barney Frank, a member of the House financial Service Committee since 1991, who is currently the chair, was romantically involved with Herb Moses an executive at Fannie Mae who helped develop many of Fanny Mae’s affordable housing and home improvement programs.  Many lawmakers have called this a “conflict of interest” but the reality of this is that without a registered Domestic Partnership or legal same-sex marriage the relationship remains hearsay and is unrecognized.  There is no documentation or evidence of the allegations of conflict of interest against Mr. Barney Frank resulting from this association with Herb Moses.

What are the lessons learned?

More than any other cause the lack of regulation, the removal of Glass-Steagall is a prime contributing factor to this financial crisis and the foundation lies with President Bill Clinton’s removal of the wall of separation between commercial banking and investment banking.  President George W Bush’s ignorance and direct orders to reduce and eliminate regulation and regulator’s oversight in these mortgage instruments.

History will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, record George W Bush as the worst United States President in the history of this nation.  It is a direct result of the election of a “Faith-Based” President that precipitated the Al Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Towers on 9/11/01 and this child of privilege with his lies and ignorant cowboy mentality involved us in illegal war, torture of prisoners and single-handedly delivered to President Barack H Obama a nation in ruins from his Cult of Jesus Republican Presidency.

The Bush legacy is an economy blindsided by the Mercenary Army employed by the Bush/Cheney administration and the costs hidden during the Bush/Cheney administration.  A domestic economy that is tentatively stable at the moment by the largest transfer of wealth ever into the private sector from the Government but remains tenuous at best with the looming home foreclosure crisis and the inability of United States Citizens, the Middle Class, to keep up the debt load placed upon them in 10%+ unemployment by this huge fraud and the results of NAFTA moving employment opportunities in manufacturing overseas.

The American People are owed the criminal trials of Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Bernanke, Ruben and Geithner as well as 404 members of the Senate and Congress to restore faith in their government.

The American People are owed a Bail-out, a New Deal, in reparation for the rape an pillaging of the US Treasury effected by the Bush Administration and continued by the Obama Administration’s sweetheart deals to Wall Street and the continued removal of moral hazard from the Wall Street and Banking industry by guaranteeing the continued bail outs and a blank check to Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.

President Obama’s policy has made remarkable strides in stabilizing the crisis but the cost is exclusively at the expense of the American Middle Class and poor who will face double-digit inflation, increasing tax burdens and reduction of services that are inevitable in the current economic environment.

The grave disconnect here is in the Senate and Congress of the United States of America that is now composed of politicians who are purchased by the Wall Street, Banking, Insurance and Corporate Communist’s lobbyists and Campaign Contributions that amount to open bribery.

The quickest and cleanest example of this is the Health Care Reform legislation where 65% of Americans support Single Payer Universal Health Care and what our Congress and Senate produce is a give-away to the Insurance Companies, Drug Companies and sells out the American People with mandated purchase of valueless insurance with high deductibles and leaves the individual exposed to Insurance industry greed, fraud and abuse as it exists now.  Americans are no longer allowed to purchase drugs from Canada or overseas at vastly reduced prices because of the Drug Company greed driving legislation within the United States and backroom deals with President Obama.

The disconnect of the American Citizens is greater on the topics of War.  Starting with the longest running war in United States history, the War on Drugs, the American people are 80% in favor of just ending the War on Drugs and turning our focus to medical care and not criminalization of humans with medical problems.  The American people support removing the underlying causes of poverty, lack of education and social disparity rather than pissing our money away manipulating governments in Central and South America, poisoning the environment with aerial spraying of herbicides driving a half-million humans into refugee status and inducing the Mexican Drug War’s murderous record.  Americans are compassionate and right-thinking humans who see this failed prohibition clearly and understand just how this is driven by the tobacco and alcohol lobby.  Stop the insanity now.

The American People are 70% against the War in Afghanistan and our Congress is preparing to mount a piece of legislation to fund this war’s increased costs with the proposed escalation.  We the people must make a concerted effort to deny the funding of this escalation of war in Afghanistan.  If we refuse to fund this military action the President will have no option but bring the action to an end.  Just say “NO!”

The same is true for the fraudulent war in Iraq.  The American Citizens must demand that funding of these actions end now and put the money we piss away in the sands to support Halliburton, XE or whatever the lying, stealing, No-Bid Contractors and fiat governments are draining away from the future prosperity of this once great nation back to work for the United States Citizens.

It’s long past time that the American Citizens were recognized in the political processes of this nation.  We Americans are not fools.  We see the corruption and the bribery and the resulting legislation in Banking Reform that is an insult to us.  This travesty of Governance existing today must come to an end.

We see, we understand the manipulation of the FED and demand an audit and the removal of this Oligarchy from the American economic process now.

Facing us now, as voters, is the new electronic voting machine that is documented as being vulnerable to election fraud with the Proposition 8 exit polling results providing documentation enough to cause alarm nationwide.

With many thanks to the Brad Blog for this video clip demonstrating the opinions and actions of the Bush Presidency we may all rest a little better knowing this creäture is replaced and change is happening thanks to President Obama.

I must point out at this instant that the Brad Blog has almost single-handedly brought justice to the Voting Rights of citizens in Kentucky’s Clay County. The lesson here is that we all must remain constantly vigilant.

Why must we become active within the political systems?

George W Bush and his Faith Based Presidency is the shining star of exactly why we all must take responsibility and bring accountability to our representatives.  The Cults of Jesus taking over and driving the Republican Party into the near extinction it enjoys now is only one small indicator.  We each must act to insure that these Dominionist Theocrats that the Republican Party has become do not gain strength in government is the only way we are able to drive world peace.   The Cults of Jesus are focused on their end-times and desire the Apocalypse and rapture and will insanely work to that goal as George W Bush and Dick Cheney demonstrated.

Americans are concerned, deeply concerned with the costs of the Wars, the costs of Health Care, the costs of the Wall Street and Banking crisis and the costs of maintaining moral leadership Globally.

Americans are concerned at the dependence we have on foreign oil, foreign manufacturing and foreign purchase of this nation.  We work to buy American but see clearly that the Corporate Communists are focused exclusively on lining their pockets at our expense by moving employment to third-world nations where they pay a mere pittance for the slave labor at their disposal without having to provide any benefits to their labor inflating their profits to drive more money into the bribery of the purchased politicians on Capital Hill.

The cure may begin with a “Move Your Money” movement to express grave dissatisfaction with the “Too Big To Fail” but also extends through the 100 mile rule and buying American products.  The “Take Back America Movement” understands clearly that we have to reestablish the manufacturing base within the United States by taxation of imports and the Corporate Communists who have diligently worked for the destruction of the American Middle Class.

Americans have to take their Voting Rights seriously and become constantly and effectively vigilant of the subversion of our Government by the Corporate Communists, the Cults of Jesus and the grave threats to our Liberties, Freedom and Lives that these clear and present dangers present.  The Supreme Court is poised to open the floodgates of Corporate Spending within our political process and this Corporate Communism within our political process is eminent danger to all.

The Right-Wing Republican Cults of Jesus have utilized Al Qaeda as a boogie-man to deprive United States Citizens of their liberties, to make a run upon the United States Constitution, to create the Imperial Presidency and push a New World Order.  The reality is that the United States Government trained and armed Al Qaeda to resist the USSR in Afghanistan and that training and equipment turned against us with the clearly voiced goal of Al Qaeda being the “bankrupting of America” as happened to the USSR.  Bush  and Cheney fed that goal and the world is not a safer place as a result.  Americans are no safer for the Homeland Security that denies our personal liberty in travel.

Americans are not Drug-Free after 30+ years of the War on Drugs insanity.

America is not more prosperous after the “trickle-down” voodoo economics of Reagan.  The economy lays in ruins from the rapid erosion of the manufacturing base that was the safety net of the Middle Class and it is the Middle Class that makes this nation great.  American Corporate Communists are much better off and so are the top 1% who have hoarded the prosperity of this nation into obscene profits of the “Too Big To Fail” and the hands of the elite Oligarchy who have had it too good for far too long without any social consciousness or desire to have America prosper.  For three decades the Corporate Communists have raped and pillaged this nation’s backbone by wage and benefit reduction while the productivity of the workforce has exponentially expanded.  We, those who have built this nation, are locked out of our fair share of the profits and those profits are turned against us by the FED’s manipulation of the economy.

Americans, all Americans must stand up and demand that Main Street America becomes the focus of this government that has sold us out for too long.  The time is now.  We are no longer able to withstand the constant drain on our economy that Wars, failed prohibitions and disastrous financial policy has heaped upon us.  Americans must, for themselves, restore this economy with small business investments, restoration of production facilities of manufacturing goods for sale within this nation and stop the bleeding of America.

Vote with your dollars.  Vote in any and every election.  Vote for the restoration and continued success of America by doing what you are able to insure your dollars stay within the USA.

It’s time for a wholesale housecleaning in Washington, DC and that starts in the 2010 election but will continue through 2012 and 2014 before we are able to remove the treasonous bastards who have sold-out Main Street to the Wall Street, Banking and Corporate Communist greed that’s lined their pockets and campaigns.  Americans must take back their government and do it now.  404 Senators and Congressmen voted for the constitutional amendment that institutionalized discrimination and they continue to remove our liberties and plan on taxing us to death to pay for their spending free-for-all.  Restore America and vote.