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Happy Terrorist Tuesday.
Moving through life these days takes on a very strange shape with our:

GESTAPO Police force,

The open CONTEMPT of We The People,

The two-tiered system of Justice that is no justice at all.


Our once great nation is infected with the scourge of Koch-Sucking slime like the Fascist Five on the SCOTUS, the Purchased Politicians and the election fraud of the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc. One has only to look at the OBSCENE Omnibus Bill that deserves VETO to grasp just how FASCIST this nation is.

As an American Citizen, just one voice in the cacophony of the 6 Corporate Super-Person owned and operated PROPAGANDA MACHINES, Americans are now being Terrorized by those Domestic Terrorist Cells in every town AmeriKKKa.
The media now howls Wolf again about “LONE-WOLF ATTACKS.”

The real Kicker for We The People on Main Street is the absolute abrogation, perversion and destruction of Justice, by the complete dereliction of duty of the Eric Holder & BFF DO-NOTHING DEPARTMENT OF “JUST-US” WHERE GESTAPO WALKS FREE AFTER MURDERS BY STRANGULATION, EXECUTION FOR JAY-WALKING, EXECUTION OF CHILDREN AT PLAY.

THE ENDORSEMENT of these very real facts of GESTAPO tactic BY IGNORING:

THE HEIST OF HISTORY, with Jamie Diamond personally crafting and lobbying for passage of a return to the gambling parlor that was the Heist of History.  Collusion to DEFRAUD is exactly what this Government & the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc are guilty of now.

THE PAST ADMINISTRATION’S CONVICTION FOR WAR CRIMES BY THE HAGUE somehow isn’t enough to trigger the trials and conviction of these murderers, torturers & traitors who scammed American Main Streets for $14 Trillion of Prosperity in their scorched-earth policy of “Deficits Don’t Matter” from ChainE & Lies into War of Dubya of the Dynasty of Death.

The reality of America today is that JUSTICE IS DEAD.

The American People oppressed by:

The Declared War On Main Street and the Vampire-Squid of the Financial & Military-Industrial Complex.

The Corporate Super-Person who steals the prosperity from main street with Government Subsidies to enable slave wages.

The Revolution is at hand and Civil Disobedience only goes so far.

My President Barack Obama, is the President who presided over the DESTRUCTION OF DEMOCRACY in the United States.


At 60 something now I find myself a stranger in this reality of Two-Tiered “Just-Us” System operating for the CRIMINALS who RAPED AMERICA and continue the Christ-O-Fascist & Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc.  Government privatization (scamming & embezzlement) has NOT reduced Government to a point where it can be drowned in a bathtub. 

The shredding of our Constitution by the Justice Department and the Fascist Five on the SCOTUS with the Purchased Politicians have MURDERED LADY LIBERTY AND NOW THEY ARE AFTER YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN THE DECLARED WAR ON MAIN STREET…  


Sunday Again

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Sunday Again

Sunday youtube browsing produced this gem.  A giggle or a scare depending upon one’s world view.

I’m relieved that our President is not a Kenyan but an alien.


I was reading at HP and commented on this Piece concerning the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s current charade.

Condolences to the Holy Republican & Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc is the kindest statement I am able to make toward these Luddite Whigs.

The Party of Lincoln died a horrific death with McCarthyism, Nixon, Ray-Gun’s invitation of the American Taliban into the “Big Tent” and then the ever-murderous Dynasty of Death with a Slick-Willie stuck in as shill; the same as exists today in the Moderate Republican in the Goldman-Sachs White House.

What exists today in Washington is the homogenized whores of K Street, C Street and the Corporate Super-Person of the Roberts Supreme Court’s immaculate conception and virgin birth in Money equals Free Speech.  The Corporate-Capture of Government is complete and clearly demonstrated in one clear reality:

TOO BIG TO FAIL AND TOO BIG TO JAIL.  There is no clearer statement of the absolute destruction of the American Constitution than this travesty and admission of submission to the lying, greedy thieves who tanked the Global Economy intentionally, with malice and forethought demonstrated in the Savings & Loan debacle and the destruction of Glass-Steagall by the purchased politicians hiding behind smoke screens of blow-jobs and incredible infidelity.

This Administration and it’s Eric Holder & BFF do nothing Department of Injustice have endorsed the Heist of History, War Crimes, Torture, Gulags and open treason in “The Patriot Act,” of all the Orwellian damned creations of ChainE/Dubya and the Holy Teapublican & Republican Cults of Jeebus inc and their Doddering Democrat equals in “Looking Forward, Not Back.”

There are no “Democrats or Republicans” left alive on Capital Hill and the only Statesmen are Socialist or comedian.

What exists inside the Beltway is the Group-Think of the Corporate Super-Person in the sociopath-primates hiding behind the corporate veil.

Where is the voice to:
End all the damned Wars of Lies and Fraud?
End the damned Gulags and Gestapo?
Restore American Civil Liberties?
Break-up the Banksters and Wall Street frauds?
Protect Main Street from the Fascist?
Improve the Health, Education and Welfare of the United States?

These are all pissed-away in the deserts in an American-Created Jihad against the Constitution and driving the Perpetual War of Profit.

Purchased, lock, stock and barrel.
Swallowed up in redundant Gestapo policing and spying on Americans.
America you pay for this in Socialize the LOSS but PIVATIZE the PROFIT as they pursue this with acolyte’s passion of the Prosperity Gospel.

Ripcord In 3, 2, 1

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Ripcord In 3, 2, 1

As a very concerned American Citizen I’ve watched this grand Kabuki playing for 6 decades and the current conditions are reprehensible, an absolute abrogation of the duties of their offices as this Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s obstruction and War on Democracy continues unabated.

And President Obama is far from innocent in this.

“Looking forward, not back,” is the tool to legitimize Fraud on America and the Global Economy while holding the perpetrators harmless.
“Looking forward, not back” leaves war criminals holding How-To Off-Shore America seminars in the Caymans.
“Looking forward, not back” is what keeps the Eric Holder and BFF Department of (In)Justice chasing the low-hanging fruit of Pot-Smokers for 3 to 5 years trips through the perverted courts system at all our expense feeding the greed of the Corporate Prison while fraud on Wall Street is declared to be “Doing God’s Work” in a Christmas homily from the trigger-man of the Heist of History.

Our moderate republican President Obama has pandered to these angry old white men for too long.

The facts, written in the most recent history, demonstrate a complete contempt of Main Street from these Purchased Politicians who’ve legitimized bribery and declare open War on Democracy and Main Street.

A real Statesman, a World Leader would L-E-A-D by example, and the example of President Obama is one of complete ownership by Goldman Sachs and the Oligarchy without concern for Main Street.  The only concern is with that Corporate Super-Person socio-pathetic pure focus on the God-Almighty Profit that drives the current theocratic oligarchy to shoot themselves in the foot by starving those who’ve made them.

The clear intent of the Drama-Queens on CapitAl Hill is to drive their divisiveness through High Kabuki and open fraud, lies and War on Democracy.

A seditious Minorety Leader brings governance to a screeching halt.
A pickled Speaker can’t herd the faithful flock of Fearful Fundamentalist Buy-Bull Thumpers in their 7 Mountains Mandate of flying spaghetti monster insanity.

The damage done is reality in the down-grade of the United States and that’s not just the Standard and Poors rating either.

The Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc rode herd over the largest transfer of wealth in history and Americans accept this?

President Obama, I deplore you to “Just Say NO!”
Bring on the Depression Boys because your War on Democracy is seen.
Americans are prepared. 

On Christian Retailing
*Breathes DEEPLY.  Counts to 10 twice.  Kicks toe in dust, adjusts crotch, spits, grins and lets the spirit of Julia Sugarbaker inhabit my linebacker’s body.*

Let’s give it up for the Christian Brown-Shirts!

Hooray for the Manhattan Declaration!

The problem is that somewhere in that Buy-Bull that’s too often thumped there is story about this wonderful Savior throwing the money-changers out of the Temple.  
This must be where they set up shop.

What a funny demonstration of Christian Compassion to inflict their patriarchal rule upon every woman’s vagina.  How wonderfully encompassing and compassionate to deny appropriate individual health care based solely upon one’s theology inflicted upon everyone else.  
Infringement of “Religious Liberty?”  I think not.

I wonder:
If they consume fish without scales?
Wear two types of cloth?
Plant more than one kind of crop in a field?
Work on the Sabbath?
What price will they put upon their daughters when they sell them into slavery?

The American Taliban of Evangelicals as these demonstrate have now invested this Gay Man with the power to control weather and as a friend of Dorothy I am sorely temped to send tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

However, the compassionate, loving God that I know accepts their position and moves my money elsewhere (not that I would ever set foot in their shop) considering this more of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc eating their own.

The prevalence of Christian Retailing is accepted but the KKK clothier down the street is out of business and that McCarthyite burger place died too.

Oh well.

I really have to chuckle whenever I see this August Gentleman from KY, slippery as he is.

The Seditious Senator, the miraculous Do-Nothing man of the hour for the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc is like a cat trying to cover the crap he left in the litter box.  The only problem here is that “litter box” is Main Street and the crap is spawned by his peers.  

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

How about a few color codes to tell us our threat level today Mitchy Poo?

Those 250,000 Kentuckians you are “fixing to gleefully starve” have their eyes set on 2014 and there isn’t a Coal Mine dirty enough for you to hide in then.  

There is a very sound reason why these proponents of Government Secrecy use their Theological strangle-hold on dialog. Their “arguments” are demonstrated a pure lies, deceit and deception by their War on Democracy.  They have ridden herd over the Heist of History and legitimized the K Street Cottage Industry of Koch Brothers Purchased Washington with the disease spreading red, red, red…

Their Presidential Candidate couldn’t tell the truth.

Myth’s poor little Vulture-Capitalist, Off-Shore America, US Chamber of Commerce position of the 2% Corporate Super-Person needs to be water-boarded, dog on the rooftop sensibility offended, Lies in the name of God are still Lies reminded by demanding human responsibility for the sociopath’s acts from someplace other than Main Street or Granny’s cupboard.

That would be doing Blankenfein’s alleged “God’s Work.”

This mouthpiece for the New Gilded Age crawled up off the Monopoly Board and has lost his dice.

I can almost hear the Charles Kuralt-style battle ground news cast:

The Broadcast begins:
The Drone’s eye view video of Tallahassee done up Inauguration festive in blood red cuts to the Rick’s Ranches of tents from the homeless 199ers and back to those lovely embroidered dresses, silk shoes and smoking purses as the Vatican (the original corporate person) entourage arrives.  The Salt Lake City Magic Underpants precision bicycle brigate pivots and waves Phelp’s Corporate Banners.

Karault breaks the magic of the moment:
“General Voldemort of the Brotherhood of Greed’s Corporate Paper-People’s Army has a stunning victory in the War on Democracy being waged by the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc against the Citizens on Main Street while under their direct funding.”

The Fleecing continues.

Karault continues:

“This stunning stroke of political underhandedness is a tactic often utilized by the Reich-Wing with the most recent Tithes for Lies Propaganda pogrom from the Vatican to Salt Lake City demonstrating how easily love is perverted into hate with just a little cooperation and coersion.  Apparently the money too.”

Voldemort explains: 
“The cutting down on early voting days is a clearly demonstrated economic “saving” to the State.
We are enjoying that saving here tonight in a State Dinner of Lobster and Tuna Steak immediately following the Profits Prayer Service or whenever the caterer says it’s ready and the serving slaves are searched.”

Karault continues:

“Florida in particular suffered greater than average fatalities as 49,000 were disenfranchised, left-behind in the trenches with the Fraudster delivering siege to Grama and Gramps retirement years, education and high-speed rail all crippled too.”

General Voldemort’s quote of the day: 

“The high cost of the War on Democracy must be born by someone and these Fearful Fundamentalists are easily manipulated.   I spent my money to get into this State House and I’m not like Jan who hates the Tan.  I won’t sell the place and lease it back at a profit yet.”

Cut to a quick screen of The Most Righteous Reverend Mother Mayhem Maddow of the Sisters of Bull-itis surrounded by the Cardinals of Compulsiveness Drones.

“The body count for disposable teens in the LGBTQ community has not yet arrived.” The Reverend Mother Maddow reports.  “The Sisters of Bull-itis are still un-thumping Buy-Bulls from the backs of the real victims trying to resuscitation intellect in these spiritually abused children from this morning’s Focus on The Family and the Family Research Council attacks.”

Karault closes:
“A very successful campaign in the War on Democracy brought to us by the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc and the Missionaries of Hate.”

“Stay tuned for the thrilling reporting on the Pope blessing the Ugandan LDS Minister sponsor of the Kill The Gays Bill live from Scott Lively square next to the choirboy’s.”

Sponsored by the Stand Your Ground For doG Tokyo Rove Chior of Missionaries of Hate.
Myth ChainE and the Sisters of Bachmann Loonassy host.
One Million Moms has flipped.  MOM is now WOW.

Eaters meet at 7:00 PM to clean up the scraps.

And, of course the ever-present evangelical commercial at Billy Mays volume follows.

Brothers, have you felt threatened?  Does loud music offend you?  Do skittles and a can of soda send you over the top chasing down teens?  Well we have a special surprise for you today.

Introducing the Huckster-tastic, twice as elastic, plugs it up and shuts that thing down AR69 combination chastity and personal shield weaponry.

Yes men, you get your wish.  Total control of the womb and Stand Your Ground all rolled up in that handy dandy feminine body shield.

Act now and you’ll get not one but two and we’ve arranged special shipping and handling for the slaves direct to your door for only $199.95 each.

Hurry and act now and get the free bonus of the boys butt-plug bomber to protect your backside and travel the mean streets in safety.  

I have to respect the “Compassionate CONservative” path of Brooks.

The reality of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc:

The Seditious pledges:
The Manhattan Declaration
The Norquist rot
The “One-Term President”

The Accomplishments:
The Destruction of Glass-Steagall
The Heist of History
2 Unfunded Wars
Spending more than all the administrations of the United States Government history combined and demanding Main Street Pay $14 Trillion in fines for stupidity by putting these fools in office to begin with.

And the Democrats are completely complicit.

Now what are we going to do about it?

Just ending the Bush Give-Away to the Rich only addresses a small portion of the real Fiscal Illness of these Greedy K Street whores, the Pigs Feeding At The Trough.

What about:
Ending the cash hemorrhage of Military Contractors who now outnumber troops on the ground?  This is the real Elephant in the room.
Ending the Wars?
The real blood and treasure Middle East ones
The War on Democracy
The War on Women
The War on your kids
The War on LGBTQ civil rights
The War on Tan
The War Main Street
The War on Unions

It is long past time for America to produce a real Statesman to speak the truth of the real cost.

The real cost of this is:
American Labor is living subsistence existences in the richest nation on the Earth with open War declared on them by the Corporate Paper Super-Person and Americans are too freaking stupid to see this is an assault on their homes in the height of a foreclosure crisis not seen since the Great Depression.

The down-grade of the USA: 
America’s global position as #38th.
First in Gun fatalities.

No high-speed rail, alternative energy and mass transit systems.

Infrastructure rot

The after-birth of the Roberts’ Supreme Court decision that the Corporate Super-Person has more rights to free speech than you or I.

Working diligently to make Main Street pay for folly from their cupboards.

The continual legitimized bribery, spying on Americans, rule by Fear Alone continues.

Where is the unified America that once existed?

Lost to the divisive Faux Spews and Fiends, Tokyo Rove minions and the ever-present Missionary of Hate choir singing their sad songs of “Infringement on Religious Liberty.”
Tithes for Lies anyone?

Weekend Warrior 4.17

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Weekend Warrior 4.17

Does anyone really care what comb-over Trump has to say about anything on the face of this earth.  This Oligarch is a disgusting example of what is wrong with America as it spews forth the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc’s in all their InsaniTEA lies, twisted truth and innuendo without substantiation.

This is the Fear-Mongering, Hate-Mongering and reality of InsaniTEA that grips the United States today.

John Meloncamp’s great summation:

It is long past time that Americans began to “walk tall” and retake our government from the Corporate Fascists who’ve perverted this system to feed their greed.  From Tjconkster at HP.

“If you aren’t part of the future then get out of the way.”

Great tunes.

From Alvin McEwen at

There is the answer to The Donald.

The War on the Middle Class with Ed Shultz.  A good piece.

Thank you Ed for getting this piece out there.

And this from The BradBlog:

Enough said?

The State of the Union

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The State of the Union

This enhanced version contains graphs, charts and other enlightenments on the State of the Union address by our President Obama.

The replies from the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA continue with the revisionist history, the fraudulent math and the mythology that these Oligarchs and Corporate Fascists work diligently to spew to distort, twist and alter the reality to fit their narrative with no concern for truth or accuracy.

The Truth Wins Out

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The Truth Wins Out:

The Republican & Tea-Bagger Cults of Jesus Inc lies have been exposed and the historic Health Care Insurance Reform is passed and is waiting on the Senate to approve the repairs required to the Senate delivered bill.

I was raised in a republican household with Nelson and Happy Rockefeller visiting at least twice a year for fund-raising events or out doors adventures in deer hunting, goose, duck or pheasant hunting and I have fond kind memories of those times.  Most I remember the civility, the calm and measured debates, discussions and humor.  For me this conservative view, this conservative experience is a source of pleasure and sweet memories and I am very saddened by the outright lies, the inflammatory rhetoric of the vile bigoted pigs who have overtaken what once was the Grand Old Party.

Minority leader Boehner demonstrated that the Republicans have reduced themselves and all their peers to a steaming pile of screaming elephant dung that is beyond contempt and moved into the realm of certified insane bordering on treasonous.  This is not the Republican Party of my youth.  This is the Republican Party of the Cults of Jesus Inc.  The Republican Party of George W Bush and Dick Cheney focused on lies and torture and those lies and intent to torture are now directed at the American Citizens.  The Republican Party is focused and has nearly accomplished the absolute destruction of the United States of America.

I wish I could say that I honestly mourn the loss of this GOP but, based on their performance, I can only say that I wish them the fate of the Whigs.  They’ve worked for it, they’ve earned it and with only a little luck they will take down the self-righteous Theocrats of the Cults of Jesus who are as far from Christian as any sub-human is able to obtain.  Perhaps the Pope may be lower but the jury hasn’t yet been convened on that topic with his diplomatic immunity.

From one of my all time heroes in life, Jim Burroway at the Box Turtle Bulletin, comes the news of Peter LaBarbera’s website being listed as a hate site is a step in the right direction.

Faux Nuz with ORiely is doing his best to spin the lies they’ve spewed and I’m about to vomit.  I wish I was close enough to vomit on him.  It was kind of fun to watch Geraldo try to bring some reason into their “Phair and Unbalanced” coverage last night and understand just how Cults of Jesus this Roger Alies and Rupert Murdock propaganda machine is about to implode under the weight of their own lies.  Time will tell.  They have no credibility.  I’m sure the FCC will just start tossing the complaints I email to them.  Jump on the fun and send your complaints to the FCC for “deceptive advertising” and let’s start by getting “Fair and Balanced” removed from their claims.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Twenty-five nations, our allies, are fully integrated with Gays,Lesbian and Bisexual troops serving openly without discord or rancor of any form and the Brits said it best: “Respect of others is not an optional extra.”  This from an earlier posting linked here.

“Military Intelligence” may be the ultimate oxymoron in the USA but within the ranks of the British Military Community “respect for others is not an optional extra” according to General Sir Richard Dannantt.  His statement at an LGBT conference appears in an interview with Ben Rakestrow, an openly Gay Serviceman, regarding Gays in the Military is excerpted from The Guardian below:

“Earlier this year the then head of the British army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, became the first army chief to address a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender conference. “Respect for others is not an optional extra,” he said.”

But in America, the land of the Free and the home of the brave, here’s the Cults of Jesus Inc. doing the hate and fear dance from Orin Hatch.  We all know this man’s position from the Prop H8 in California and the collusion of Hate that cost $46 million of the Cults of Jesus Inc cash from the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc’s congregations of hate and fear-mongers mobilized and clearly identified. When will they ever put the “Christ” back in “Christian?”

The Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc are discredited and ultimately discreditable anytime and every time they assume their positions of Hate and Fear-Mongering.  It does my little heart good to know they are exposed and that they have $46 million squeezed from their congregations to spend on Hate.



From around the web:

The reality of this is the Military is able to make this change rapidly.  From Pam’s House Blend comes the reporting of Adam Bink for Open Left.  The long and short of it is that this doesn’t need to take a year or be “studied” any longer.  It’s the right thing to do and it can just be done.

When Collin Powell came out in support of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell the Military politics handwriting is on the wall.  The Military is just as tired and disgusted with the Hate and Fear-mongering of the Cults of Jesus Inc operating within the Military as within Congress and this is the perfect opportunity for the Military to expose them and rout them out.  I’m sure, with reports from enlisted friends, that this is happening as I write this today.  Friends from Ft Benning, GA, Charleston, SC, Pensacola, FL, Altus, OK and Jacksonville, FL report that major structural changes are being ordered within the Army, Air Force and Navy within the past few days.  Good on ’em for doing the right things.

Of course the Family Research Council is yammering and Good As You has a substantial piece reporting on this Hate Group of the Cults of Jesus Inc.   I’ve wasted enough ink on these creeps for a lifetime and am just over having to cope with their bile and viscous diatribes.  You can check it out from the links.  These people are discredited and ultimately discreditable and it just does my little heart good to dismiss them like I do any Bigot, Racist or homophobe who live petty narrow lives of exclusion from hate rather than inclusion from love.



Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters posts, for black history month, a true American Hero.  Barbara Jordan, the last true United States Statesman moved me on every occasion I was blessed to hear her speak.  The woman’s ethics, courage, integrity, honor and comportment broke stereo types and demonstrated a true gem of humanity who pursued the truth at all costs.  The world is a much richer place for Barbara Jordan having graced us all with her being.



Here’s the Daily KOS Republican poll that everyone is carrying on about.  The Brad Blog calls the party “Nucking Futs” and I have to admit I agree since they’ve been overrun by the Cults of Jesus Inc and all that crazy what can you expect?

The Brad Blog rant on this poll is enlightening too.

With the Tea-Party convention going on watch these Cults of Jesus Inc and understand you can tell a Conservative but you just can’t tell them much.



The Nation, yesterday, Lawrence Lessig did a piece on the real fundamental problem within this country and lays is squarely on the Congress, Senate and the reality of Purchased Politicians.  The reality that Lessig and Obama were collegues in college and the obvious respect this man holds for the promise of the Obama Presidency are clear in this thoughtful and articulate piece calling for a Constitutional Convention to address this issue of Campaign Financing and Lobbyists.

In a 2/01/10 posting these issues and the difficulty confronting the Citizens of the United States were more deeply explored.

Accurate or not the basic appearance of corruption within the political process of the United States of America creates an electorate that feels it is discounted, ignored and unheard at best.

The call for a Congressional Congress is a possible solution and I would add to this that Americans, the Middle Class especially, stand to gain the most from calling a Congressional Congress.

Addressing the issues of Campaign Finance in light of the Supreme Court Ruling providing the Corporate Communists unlimited spending opportunity and even foreign corporations the ability to influence American politics presents a risk that only a Constitutional amendment is able to solve.

Additionally, in this Congressional Congress the Balanced Budget amendment must be addressed to restore fiscal responsibility to the United States of America.

Opportunity within this Congressional Congress also exists for the fundamental change to our election process in doing away with the electoral college and restoring one person one vote and the outlaw of easily manipulated without record Diebold Electronic Voting Equipment and restoration of paper ballot back-up.  We made this manditory within the German Constitution after WWII but do not have this protection here and the Supreme Court decision in Bush v Gore provides us sound foundation upon which to demand this inclusion into a Constitutional amendment to insure a government of the people, by the people and for the people rather than the USA sponsored by Enron or Exxon.



It seems the Obama Presidency is going the way of Poor George and we are all poorer because of it.  From the Raw Story comes a new report on the budgetary proposals of the Obama administration.  Americans must wake up and understand this is a War against the American Public that is feeding the Corporate Prison system and is an obscene drain on our resources that criminalizes a predominately population of color for pursuing the American Dream of Capitalism with substances that are less harmful than the legal drugs of Alcohol and Tobacco.

Prohibition doesn’t work.  Prohibition causes crime.  This fraud perpetrated against the Citizens of the United States is obscene and seen around the globe as one more piece of American Mythology.

On a closing note for today T Boone Pickens is bemoaning the fact he has $62 million into HR122 the bill to convert from diesel to natural gas for the fleet of 18 wheelers in the USA today. That would remove 50% of our dependence upon OPEC but on a more sinister note; here is business legislating market change.  Makes you feel comfortable doesn’t it?

Hey Harry Ried is all for it and there are allegedly 138 co-sponsors of the bill.  You bought ’em cheap Mr Pickens.  The Insurance industry and Banking / Wall Street Corporate Communists have dumped several hundred million dollars into purchasing politicians…

Obama Speaks The Truth

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Obama Speaks The Truth:

I’ve been largely silent on the State of the Union address from President Obama because I really disagree with this idea of Imperial America that is pervasive through politics providing 54% of our government’s total budget to War, to the military to piss away in the sands and expand bases globally.  It’s obscene.

The smoke screen of this kind of bullshit thrown about by both parties covers up the reality of the Imperial movements of the United States in our global militarization and imposing American will upon Central American, South American, Eastern European, Western Asians and the Pacific basin nations and peoples.  This global militarization is insane.

On a domestic front this “Recovery Act” that not a single Republican voted for, but they all showed up to the ribbon cutting ceremonies and have taken credit for keeping teachers, police and firefighters working, is hypocritical.  And the “recovery” isn’t happening on Main Street either.  The economic numbers are improving but the jobs on Main Street are not there yet.  Direct lending to Small Business.  Direct lending for Mortgage Modification and short-selling, letting the criminal Bankers and Wall Street pay for their greed, is what makes sense for a real recovery on Main Street.

The Republicans have gotten their asses whooped because the truth will win out with these Cult of Jesus, Republican Bible-thumping hate and fear mongers.  They whine now like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar but watch the thieves.  Clean out Washington and get the Special Interests out of US Politics now.

As much as I enjoy seeing the great theater of President Barack H Obama taking a clear leadership role and confronting the Republican Cult of Jesus lies, slander and half-truths, this is just another smoke screen for the real issues that face this nation.  You can watch the whole Republican Retreat video at MSNBC at this link. The Republicans’ obstructionist bullshit is clearly seen by the American public (except for the Faux Nuz viewers and they’ll just wait for the preachers to tell ’em what to think) as hypocrisy, politics as usual and absolute dereliction of duty from the whole damned lot.

As a screaming liberal with strong conservative roots I depend upon the endorsements provided to Think Progress and Media Matters.  Bookmark the sites and keep yourself informed of what is really happening in the world.

Anytime the Cults of Jesus talking heads on Faux Nuz denigrate and defame a website or an individual, I view that as a stunning endorsement.  The “fair and balanced” gossip spewed from Faux Nuz is Rupert Murdock the Australian and his Arab partner pouring poison into the United States politics as rapidly as they are able.  These creatures are vile, repugnant and their owners and handlers are as far from patriotic Americans as one can imagine.

Put this one on your hit list kids.  Republican John Boehner with his fake tan and obstructionist tactics, lies and Cults of Jesus Bible-thumping, if his lips are moving; he is lying, actions again proves this assertion for the Republican Retreat.

Make no mistake, this creature is dangerous, destructive to the well-being of America and intent on lining his own pockets.  This creature knows exactly what his campaign will rake in from the lobbyists attending and is determined to get his hogs share.  Just check out this Republican Cults of Jesus for his record at Politco. This from the man with the voting machine fraud fiasco in his home state and he refused back-up paper ballots because then his cronies couldn’t doctor elections to keep him in office to pocket more lobby money.

I love President Obama’s  Tom Price response best because this Tom Price out of Georgia is a Cult of Jesus Republican spewing his party lies and talking points.  Now he is called on the carpet and the reality is somehow escaping him like the rest of the Republicans.  “We’ve offered a health care plan,” Price asserts.  Grayson got it right when he described the Republican plan, “Don’t get sick; if you do, die quickly.”  Boiler plate bullshit and lies is the Republican platform.  Torte reform is only 2% maximum and it’s not an issue but takes away patient rights by Republican Cults of Jesus liars throwing a red herring of “hate of lawyers” out there to screen denial of recourse to the patient.  That’s how the Republican Cults of Jesus have operated for 8 years.  It’s lies, smoke and mirrors and voodoo economics and it’s the reality of Republicans’ Theocracy and dominionist goals.

The Truth wins out every time and the Republicans thought they could hang President Barack H Obama with the Lies, Slander and Half-Truth from the Republican talking points.  Now the Republicans are whining like the called out liars that they are.  Faith-Based Bush demonstrated clearly just what the Republican agenda is and we should never forget that.  Gogg and Magogg the End Times demons are loose in the Middle East according to the 12-step Poor George…

The Wars are all about Oil and the Industrial/Military complex that Ike warned us of.  George W Bush lied and took us to war and deserves to be tried and sentenced to prison for his acts, his crimes against humanity.

From a reader this delightful piece of yellow journalism from Faux Nuz, the network that thinks Glen Beck is more important than historic discussion and isn’t able to tell the truth.

Faux Nuz is ill, mentally deranged.  If this Rick Warren Wann Be took the time to watch and understand the English language then this kind of propaganda and substantive lie would not appear.  I can only know for myself that this is willful misrepresentation and this is Rupert Murdock’s vision for Nuz with his Arab partner.  I apologize for inflicting this upon my readers but it’s important to see.

I am so happy I live in a reality based life rather than the Rupert Murdock and Arab partner twisted existence of the mindless sheep who swallow this kind of bullshit hook, line and sinker.

Wake Up America.

Before President Barack H Obama walked through the White House doors; 8 years of Republican, Faith- Based Congress, Senate, White House the 7 trillion deficit was of Bush and the Republicans’ author because of 2 wars, a prescription entitlement plan, tax cuts to the Oligarchy and none of it was paid for.  The budget projection is that the debt will double over the course of the next 10 years but the Republican talking point is “triple.” This is intended to scare the living shit out of Granny Gert because of the budget deficit and it is pure Republican LIE.  There’s that Faith-Based, Cult Of Jesus lack of reality or ability to tell or recognize the truth hanging out again.  So Republicans; it’s just not true and as your buddy and shining star Jim Wilson pointed out last year: “YOU LIE!”