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Jim & Lee

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    • Jim & Lee

      The Chronological order of these texts is reversed but it’s cut and paste from Adam4Adam, the hook-up site that these kinds of low-life scum feed off continually.  This is the Primate howling at a Human and there can be no mistake of that.

      • (3 mins ago) Msg sent and unread by recipient The survival rate of mainline, slammers, pointers of Crystal Meth is less than 10% and you actually think you are of any value to me with your disposing of yourselves by slow suicide in pointing?
        It is rewarding to me (all the way to the bank now from BBC America if you would like to know just how crazy I am.) just to see you primates on chains dragging your organs through the dirt, the shit you revel in rolling in.
        I took your poison, your toxic person and the shit you and Lee, Riley, Charlie and all delivered and turned that to cash.
        Now you tell me who the real asshole is Jim?
        Your lack of brain cells, your life-long addictions and abusive habits have rewarded me with a small fortune that Lee refused any part of in his drug-induced stupor too.
        Who is the fool Jim?
        Be careful what you wish for.
        You may have that returned in Karmic spades 3 times over.
        So Mr Christ Killer, the “Chosen People” of your ill mythology; stop and think before you open that stinking green-teethed gob of yours and remember; to insure customer satisfaction this call is recorded.
      • (17 mins ago) Msg sent and unread by recipient Oh? I suppose that would bother a Meth-Head who can’t grasp the consistency of reality. So Jim:
        Perhaps you should look and verify through 3 sources as this journalist does.Perhaps Frankie, you and the other 2 howling in glee would be better served by a more honest human who recognizes truth, respects their self first and then others and is more than able to insure that the next boy he seduces doesn’t carry a badge.Addicting others to pay for their habits is disgusting and anyone, that’s right ANYONE who preys upon my community is no friend now or ever and you, of all people will have the ability to attest to the danger of making enemy of Kevin as Bubba is trading you for cigarettes in Stark. The image is too close to your reality to laugh much now isn’t it Jim.Frankie’s time, Dave Dube’s time, Brandon, Frankie Manchin, Tony are all in grave risk of complete exposure and I have no fear of primates now or ever.
        I wouldn’t carry ever again Jim. In fact I would be very concerned of anyone new you meet because you just never know who; from Gambino family or Johnny Law is going to be friend to Kevin.
      • (25 mins ago) u know u sent me all these texts before rite. nearly word for word lol u using cut n dumbass
      • (1 hr ago) And the last laugh will be mine. Enjoy.
      • (2 mins ago) Unread lol ur nuts kevin nite
      • (4 mins ago) Unread crazy crazycrazy crazy crazy. u must b very lonley that im who u want to talk to. there are 4 of us here laughing at u
      • (6 mins ago) Unread afried. afried of what kevein. ur dillusional get sleep old guy. c doctor. ur not well in the head
      • (9 mins ago) Unread dude meds . get on meds . stop using meth at ur age. get on meds n c a doctor. ur rite all is recored. remember that dumbass. reality has slipt away from u is obvious. u love ur friend lee n want his friendship back. then u suggest he killed someone. Get some meds.
      (6 mins ago) Can’t face reality Jim? I’ve known that from the beginning. I’ve known that since the text from Lee about “this beautiful creature sleeping next to me” and that is all recorded Jim. I can’t go back and make up real texts from my friend Lee. I can’t go back an re-write the actual experiences as published so maybe you should reconsider your poisonous position toward me Jim. I am more than able to verify from 3 sources all the allegations as delivered to the State Attorney General. Maybe you should ask Lee about his last older man (that he isn’t attracted to) lover in NC and just how much he gained from that murder by suicide and why it didn’t work this time.
      Be afraid Jim; be very afraid. Lee’s paranoia may have been chemically induced but there is a foundation for that in reality that has nothing to do with me at all.
      Facts Jim.
      Real, verifiable and recorded FACTS Jim from a 50 year-long Journalist. Want to compare those records to what 2013 is?
      Be very afraid Jim.
      Karmic rewards are real and so are those for criminals, for conspiracy to commit bodily harm and attempted murder Jim. Look at your language Jim.
      You have reason to be very afraid and you know that.
      I contacted Lee’s parents for “compassionate intervention” but he is recognized there and they just pay him to keep him away.
    • (20 mins ago) why do u bring up parrots .wtf lol ur blog wtf who reads that shit u need help really. stop contacting me . go out in the world n stop being a bitter old man
    • (23 mins ago) ur a confused man n like i suggested get help. its really sad
    • (3 mins ago) Msg sent and unread by recipient Dear Primate; there is no allegation that you poisoned my Imps.
      As is well known you are unable to adhere to a civil communication with Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements”
      1) Be impeccable with your word.
      2) Don’t make assumptions.
      3) Don’t take anything personally.
      4) Always do your best.Now to clean up your feces breath there is also a correction to be made now and for all times:
      At no time within our 16 years of friendship have I ever claimed to be “Boy Friend” to Montgomery Lee Freeman.
      I love my friend Lee and continue to do so to this very day but the man I know as an honest and upright human disappeared with introduction of Crystal Meth by Frankie on 4th Ave N in May.
      Now go to schul and try to stay sober enough between there and here so you may work your demanding 14 hour a week waitress schedule between bouts of whoring at the Flamingo and gutter-crawling in between.
      You are just one more used Primate that Lee employed but your proximity and eager acts indict you deeply. Prepare yourself the rewards are waiting.
    • (19 mins ago) dumb ass u only new of me the last 2 months u lived. u didnt met till the very begening of auguest. just after lees birthday where n when u lead him on a path of using meth. i no nothing of parrots. old man i said get meds ur mind is going .i really dont care y u were evicted i was happy lee left
    • (32 mins ago) Perhaps it is the Battery Acid & Drain-O salts you consume have damaged the one brain cell you have left from your alcoholism that have issues Jim.
      Go back to the blog in May and June and you’ll see and read of my parrots.
      And you are sorely mistaken if you think it was only 2 months Lee and I lived there; 18 Months and from February 2013 I sustained all the costs alone.
      Your reality is altered from the information you were fed then and you are responsible for your acts in this life to a much higher power.
    • (50 mins ago) u are living in a epic world where falacies run ramped. u simply give me much to much credit. u never had parrots in the 2 months u n lee lived there. i dont think enough about u to acknowledge u.. much less kill u.ur a confused old man that probly shouldnt b smoking meth n get more stable meds.. u in one message want n know lee will come back from my control. then in another u slam him.ur very confused .
    (17 mins ago) The State Attorney General expresses great interest too. Your history is clear and your “Bitter” party of one defines the reality of Karmic Law already rewarding the whore for beer, the gutter-slime you demonstrate and are known to be receiving rewards well deserved.The only way you are ever able to rise above it is the recognition that even shit floats to the top of the septic tank.Have a life that you work hard for. The conditions you and he created defined intent, the actions backed that up and you are poorly misinformed on multiple levels and nothing more than a vile, nosey, busybody Kyke bitch who had no business then or now concerning it’s primate self with Lee’s and my household finances.Reality will suck even worse for you as this year closes an my calender year opens on a new life with the rewards from your poison turned to my gold.Enjoy it asshole.
  • (2 hrs ago) u have been n are my entertainment.ppl like u try to cause drama where there is none. example like u texting me. im glad that u think of me. as for mental illness lee should c a doctor for his socialpath behavior. n u might also inquire about ur state of utterdelusion. u were the one that did not pay bills so u both had to move out. u continualy texted him to the point he did not want to here more of ur xvessive rants . i took nothing from u as u said he was not urs. u never had him. it was u n ur actions that caused it. i assure u i did not win the golden ticket. i never called him a bf. i xpect better for a man to b my boyfriend. that was talked about between us in our relationship. lees not on his way north i just saw him. he is a contiouous liar that has no regreat or remorse for his actions. i showed him ur full rant to me. and he had creative words for u. i show everyone these we get a good laugh about u thanks for smiles
  • (3 hrs ago) Lee went home for the Holidays and you are back to shopping for another Drama to create. How attractive. How typical. What a joke for atonement for the New Year too. What’s the matter Jim; “WINNING” not cracked-up (or Tina-ed-Out) to meet your expectations. Karmic rewards await. You are forgiven for me and certainly not for you. I say a prayer every day you receive all you desire rather than all you deserve. Far beyond Primates flinging feces from their hands as “entertainment in games” to amuse the mental illness.
    Mozal Tov…
  • (12/17 10:58) How do you ever manage to crawl up out of your septic tank in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror?
    Beneath contempt; without a single redeeming quality and displaying ignorance of pack primate of no value now or ever. The 14 hour work-week of the waitress from Macaroni Grill who is a legend in his own mind.
    What a delightful persona your contemptible Kyke ass displayed to the world Jim.
    And your poison is making me wealthy beyond even your wildest “inheritance” mythology.
    Remember Karmic law when the Injunctions for protection arrive; when the Grand Jury indictments are served and when your due diligence in malicious intent is fulfilled three times over by Karmic law.
    Ms Green-Teeth waitress, the mean drunk. You have nothing of value.
    But your poison is now sweet wine in my bank account. You are going to be a STAR! Flotsam from the West Bank Septic Tank joined with the “prime suspect” of record. You are truly a sight to behold whenever I need a good vomit.
    You are seen. You are recognized within the community, you will reap the rewards deserved.
    I hope and pray daily that you obtain all you desire in life because what you feel you’ve “won” is far from the brass ring.
    Santorum is too kind…
    Happy Holidays. Mozal tov, Puta.
    We now know who you are living off and his family will cut him off and cast him out in a skinny minute.
    Happy New Year.
    Reward is on the way.
  • (12/11 13:57) i love hearing ur rants n eliquint accusations again i smile :).. glad u will remember the awful decietfull lying kyke that took ur friend and manipulated n controlled him from your very happy home. u will b bloked like the other old gross men that use drugs for younger guys n try to live yrs passed only to never have again . xox priencess kyke The decietful n controler, destroyer of happy homes 🙂
  • (12/11 13:46) You are not only a liar but demonstrated that within any and every association. How was your fling with Larry?
    Your history is clear and you are identified.
    Your illness and actions defined and without any redeeming qualities now or ever. I have faith in Lee’s abilities and know you will be recognized soon enough. You are a transparent and disgusting excuse for even a primate based on your actions and your game.
    Too late now to try to cover-up.
  • (12/11 13:43) hes a grown man and has made his decisions. he does decide to b a friend of urs again then that is his decision it makes nor did it make any difference to me. i actually support it 16 yrs is along time. and both are well suited for each other friendship
  • (12/11 13:11) I did not then nor do I now ever make the claim to “have” anyone. I love my friend Lee now and as I have for 16 years and when he recognizes just what you are he may return to being friend. Time alone will tell and one thing I have is time and the knowledge of Karmic rewards. Your games attained nothing of value.
  • (12/11 13:09) Not at all and as for possession; you only delude yourself.
  • (12/11 13:08) You demonstrated your slobbering, green teeth blow-hard abusive self fortified with Crystal Meth, vodka and several beers when Lee unchained you. You are clearly seen by someone who recognized early on just what a worm from a dead and rotted pigs ass you truly aspire to be. You are now and have been recognized and clearly dismissed. Go away obnoxious Kyke. Find a Kibbutz and just know Karmic rewards are soon at your door.

Christmas All-One 12.25.13

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Christmas All-One 12.25.13

This Christmas is a healing and recovery time for me after the trials and tribulations of an evil and insincere friend and the addictions he brought to Tori Beach.

I’ve taken time, actually made time to send my deepest thanks off to a true savior in my life and he is family.  A nearly unheard of act within the dysfunctional and abusive family ego mass I separated from early and have kept at arm’s length for a life time.  Odd how fate, God or whatever you believe made this miracle in life happen.

As the Christians celebrate the birth of their Buddha I am very much reminded of Mohatmas Ghandi saying: “I like your Christ very much, but Christians not so much.”

2,000 years of man’s mythology bringing war, economic disparity, fueling bigotry and racism, sexism and a thousand other “isms” all in the name of a true Buddha whom they fail to grasp the messages he brought. 

I miss my Imps tonight more than I thought possible.  I had absolutely no awareness of how much of my time on this Earth they consumed creating Joy to absolute Bliss for me in the now.

I miss my friend Lee, but grasp why he hides like a coward and continues on his self-destructive path of slow suicide by needle. I am past the point of pity for him, beyond sympathy, moved through the anger and have no choice but accept that this is the path he is traveling and I’m not going there now or ever.  It wounds my soul to know that I am unable to rescue, care for or encompass this primate Montgomery Lee Freeman within my life.  The results of that last open endeavor are the ashes of Tori Beach and my broken heart from the loss of a man I once admired and care deeply for his health, safety and welfare.  I did my best.

I pray that one day my friend Lee will reappear but my knowledge tells me that less than 10% of first year addicts survive through recovery and by the second year of addiction less than 8%.  The picture isn’t pretty for those consuming the salt produced from Battery Acid & Drain-O for “recreation.”

Perhaps I’m just getting old.  There is no attraction to checking out of life for me.  There is no attraction to the “enhancement” experienced when the knowledge of the destruction of the brain tissues that generate pleasure in one’s brain are being fried by the chemical bath.  No attraction to the Meth-Rage that always accompanies the chemical alteration as the brain seeks to generate the same levels of intensity of feelings that the Meth bath does to one’s brain.  Substitute serotonin for dopamine and rage to the same intensity as the Meth creates.  12 to 14 times more stimulus in the pleasure center of the brain than sex or chocolate and in this Gay Community the sex is purely recreational and the drug intended to feed the addictions of sex and chemical alterations.  Been there, done that and the crash is just not worth it for me.  Perhaps I was saved by the neurontin/gabapentin or cetalopram that I consume daily.  I have no idea but I was obviously spared the brunt of the addictive qualities of this substance.

Lee was not so fortunate and by July he was hallucinating visually, auditory and locked in a paranoid delusion that focused upon me as the one man who spoke out clearly in providing facts of what the damages are.  I failed at this rescue too.

Motzart’s Ein Kline Nacht Music is playing in the background.

Terrorist Tuesday

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Terrorist Tuesday 12.17.13

Can’t see the forest through the trees.

Finding new ways to deal with Toxic Primates and Poisonous Personalities is a cheerful Holiday fact of life for me and many humans of my acquaintance within their family ego masses or the office party or even in the Malls and Box Store Shopping venues.  We’ve all experienced the proverbial “urge to kill” when confronted with a sibling who is an absolute asshole or bully. That obnoxious primate muscling and pushing to snatch for goods to the extreme of taking something out of someone else’s hand.  We’ve been there and done that; experienced or seen the primate acts of less than human self-involved “I, Me, My” Twinks, Twats and Totally Tweaked-Out Twisted Tourists.

(You know the ones who need magnetic boots to keep them down and you are absolutely sure they are from some other planet).

You, gentle readers, are able from this experience to grasp exactly how I feel; what I’ve experienced in life over the past several weeks and months while dodging proverbal bullets, avoiding poisoning or embolism while being dosed by primates with G, threatened with overdose by slamming T.  Murder by Suicide was the intent but, blond from birth me, tread where none other dare to rescue a friend whom I love very much, and failed.  I saved myself through instinctive fear-based response although tempered through my human and not fully consciously processing of all data (the primate is predictable; the human not so much). The data presented on limbic levels processed and returned to consciousness with love of self first, for a change, is the energy attacked by the primates, the pack. 

The reality of having my Imps poisoned as a threat to my person; a warning as it were from primates living in fear of the truth didn’t register until confession by the perpetrator. 

The big ole St Pete Sasquatch was just too busy putting out brush fires built to distract and doing battle.

Then there was the “Man with a Gun” who came to Tori Beach in September (Makes note to self to check text messages and becomes enlightened to just why there was no response. Why the trip to Plant City as whore for Dube and the lie of Dube calling to come by.  Click!)

Therein lies the proverbial “rub” with all these experiences: 

The variety, the texture the energy from the ego masses in conflict.

The pillow talk from the malicious mean-drunk & druggie of Frankie’s on 4th Ave N’s acquaintance and playpen.

The Randy and Kevin’s misdirection to obtain attempted murder weapons with only the fingerprints of two of the 8 involved

The history of the players and the reality of the moment.

The reality of the brain-damaged to 90% of the participants and their inability to recall what they did an hour ago much less May, June, July, August, September and the fluid cast of characters.

The truth; that elusive collection of facts, occurrences, trends and outside documentation as well as eye-witness testimony.

As I’ve moved through grieving and growth; come to understand the true connections and inspections.  I know in my heart of hearts that if were I to have denied self; deny any self-worth or self-identification; adhering to the Primate Pack mentality; then I would still be within the fold of those intent upon my personal destruction for being true to myself and an upright honest human.

The Charlie “Lee’s friend” is the nexus where the second perfect murder hinged.  Oh what a useful tool that one was, is and always will be; but it “doesn’t drink hot beverages.”  Charlie is a “Christian/Mormon/faithful follower of the flock but his flock is the pack of feces-slinging Primates with no spine at all, no directed intellect to his name.  Charlie only does the bidding of others whenever he uncurls from the basket in the corner of mommy’s kitchen having grown tired of self-fellatio only possible in those without a spine at all.  Charlie would slither in after his work as the cashier of his career dreams always with an intention and not ever of his own free will.  Low-life primate puppet demonstrated and recorded.  Turn the page Charlie; “TURNING.”   (A reference to the movie “The Boys In The Band” that these culturally deprived and absolutely depraved Queer Boys could never comprehend.)  I understood clearly who, what, where, when and why Charlie would appear and the intense displeasure his presence brought with understanding of who the boy was working for today. 

One step ahead of them and probably closer to 3 steps by mid-July for the Birthday Lee “never wanted” and “Never asked to explore BDSM” either yet Michael and submission parachutes happened and his injury was “accidental.”

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

The foundation of this attempted murder is on the shoulders of the one who accomplished the last “murder by suicide” and it thought I wouldn’t know.  It coined the “The Buckets of Bullshit” as self-descriptive and accurate as the “Living of Other people’s money” of the co-conspirator in attempted murder, the 14 hours a week career mean-drunk, drug addict and Israeli attack ape in training. 

Frankie, you prissy, poisonous, Napoleonic drama queen; a real faggot’s faggot has now 4 out of 8 connected directly to his prissy ass and Crystal Meth trafficking ass where he introduces the addiction to pay for his habit because he is a cheap bastard too.

Dave Dube was much easier to program and prime and Lee’s use of this tool expected, understood and only became transparent when one of the participants of the Plant City whore-run fiasco became twisted and spilled his guts without knowing exactly who I am or who was with me on that occasion. 

The Little Dave and Dave and stripper girlfriends known too and fed exactly what they needed to hear and to know to keep the pack of trained chimps jumping through my hoops on my will while Dube “had a breakdown” because he knows that this gig is up and he will flee the country leaving Little Dave and Dave to hang for his bullshit.

The Randy; unknowing but highly educated and exceptionally observant with the documented skills to produce exactly what was required to poison anyone and the reality of Ricin in the coffee grounds.  How lovely it is of me to maintain not only the note the nasty waitress left in the coffee pot but the idiot left the little envelope with the Ricin residue on the counter next to the coffee pot.  Sloppy and another graphic ignorant Primate act of contempt of self.

On Brian, on Brad on Frankie and Tony the tale of this pack is far from phoney.  The shit that they spew, the shit they consume is hardly worth telling from now through June. 


Primates, Playmates & Poisonous Persons

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Primates, Playmates & Poisonous Persons

Excerpted from Tori Beach Chronicles, all rights reserved.

The email from Lee arrived surprising Kevin as he chatted with friends in Spring Hill and South Carolina.  The on-line ID was “nobullkind” and is now deleted.  Typical behavior for cowards and drug addicts fleeing responsibility for their actions.  The email read: 

“Comments about others..swinging low blows, demonstrate one of the MANY reasons why I’m much happier without you. Keep such on your profile or involve my family and there will be even more despise for you.
No matter what you claim or actions to threaten me or others, doing such is why… I DO NOT WANT TO BE AROUND YOU.”

“Of course it is unsigned and yet one more example of the co-dependency of the addicts.”  Kevin thought as he opened a reply window and began responding to Lee’s obvious duress and ill informed opinion that he could “control” another human on any level.  “Narcissistic and arrogant as ever.  Totally predictable and too drugged-out; lost in Meth Paranoia since June and still howling two months after his and the unwanted, uncomfortable guest’s departure.” Kevin thought.

The scream from Lee was in response to Kevin’s on-line profile containing:

“It’s not a “bald spot.” It is a solar panel for sexual prowess.

I’m not looking for Mr Right or Mr Right now but rather an honest human.

I am single by choice.
Living life large now that Lurch is gone.
Lee didn’t like to suck uncut dick.
How long has Frankie on 4th been spelled with a “T?”
Cowards are quick to block and idiots to boot.
Wrecked any happy homes lately Jim?
Whose money are you living off this week?
Don’t feed the primates they do the Dance of the Feces too well.
Watch for Tori Beach Chronicles coming soon to BBC America.

Semi Retired. 3-Eyed Troll, so old he farts dust.”

A couple of months of therapy and the response flowed like it was intended from some divine source.  It is important to remember here that Lee and Kevin were not and are not ever “partnered” but that “assumption” from “Others” was part of the set-up howl from Lee and destroyed on numerous occasions.  Friends and this “friend” was there for Lee when he called and asked to come live with Kevin.  Kevin helped him get a job and provided support and assistance throughout the relationship and creation of Tori Beach.  Lee quit working in February of 2013. In June his meth-induced paranoia had him accusing Kevin of “checking-up” on him and by October he convinced himself that Kevin was climbing up ladders to peek in his window.  Paranoid and delusional; working the steps familiar to Lee from habit.

The words poured out:

“You are still irresponsible for your creation Monte/Lee.

Do you ever take responsibility for your lies, your manipulation, your foundational dishonesty and absolutely contemptible behavior in your and “The Beautiful Creature sleeping next to you” acts as seen, recorded and understood by all?

You demonstrate you are a liar and thief and think you take the high road.

Go check your messages.

I am sure “you don’t want to be around me” because to do that you have to face the truth in your actions.  The responsibility for the destruction lays in your and that gutter slime’s acts of premeditated, childish and absolutely contemptible ignorant torture of an honest human who opened his home, life and dreams to you.   

I wish all of you the very best of the season and know you will grasp the appreciation I express for the demonstrations of respect, gratitude and love you’ve returned in recognition of my contributions to your lives.

Like always in Lee’s history you SHIT on life.  Demonstrating your Primate behaviors is your long suit.  Odd you phrase your perception of the relationship as “being with me.”

Enjoy the fruits of your labors and especially the publication of Tori Beach Chronicles.

BTW, you may do your happy-dance of the feces now.

I received my first check from Tori Beach chronicles from BBC America on Monday.

You and your family, the creatures you call friends now and your acts are soon to be “entertainment.”

I do hope you enjoy your fame for the acts you and the “The beautiful creature sleeping next to you” made.

You created this with your game, your “Buckets Of Bullshit,” your “living off other people’s money” and I’m sure you and the “Beautiful Creature” are very happy together, you deserve each other and the creature’s landlord is unconscious of what exists within his walls; for now.

Figures don’t lie Lee but liars figure; how much do you claim I owe you?

That foundational lie is exposed.

What was the game on 10/04/13?

Why don’t you just grow up and get honest little boy?

I miss my friend Lee but he hasn’t been here since Frankie on 4th Ave North.

The ball is now and has been in your court.

You built the fraud; you built the current conditions of exposure of you and your “beautiful creature’s” games with the history of Lee from Anderson to Columbia to Asheville and beyond.  You, kind sirs, provided all the demonstrations of the truth of that history within 60 days and I survived (unlike some others) and am absolutely obligated to share the experience as an ethical journalist of 50 years.

Don’t you remember little boy that your “Beautiful Creature” and “Napoleonic” monkeys on chains have ground your organs across two counties rapidly and the tale is one that screams telling inclusive of Dubies and intentional destruction.

You can’t bring yourself to be honest in ending a relationship that extends well beyond your current delusional state.  You take sadistic satisfaction in your “don’t tell Kevin where I am or what I am doing;” absolutely childish and intentionally sadistic actions.

You are exposed and soon to be the next Queer As Folk with your pet Vienna Sausage exposed as well.

You are going to be famous Montgomery Lee Freeman and the disclaimer is: “Any resemblance of characters portrayed here is purely coincidental.”

What really burns your ass and that of the “Beautiful Creature” is the absolute accuracy of the record and my ability to take the shit thrown by you both and turn it into cash. 

Hard cold cash to lubricate life for me alone is what your actions created.

Thank you for your gifts of contempt, the unadulterated hate and intentional destruction that always follows Lee and his used humans.  Isn’t that right?  Lee, I made no consent to be “used” by you at any time in our 16 years (documentation of that exists) of friendship.  You “assumed” too much with the wrong person.

Enjoy the rewards you fruits labored so hard to attain.

I have a new laptop, a vehicle ordered and no fear of any of your associates or primate peers.

Who was working a “con” Lee?   Your accusations defined you much more than vile acts and excuses hung on fabricated insults and your underhanded agenda.  That’s your mode of operation documented and soon displayed.

Disappointed that I didn’t have any assets for you to gain from?

Who coined the “living off other people’s money?”

Take a long hard look at the bed you and your violations of my privacy on real financial levels created.  You and the “Beautiful Creature” loose. 

The invitation to share and participate in the production of this intellectual asset of mine was extended to you but that 8th Wonder of The World mythology kicked in and you couldn’t rise above it to obtain a way to support yourself then or now.

I am living well and have no desire for revenge but do desire closure and you deny that to keep your sadistic sidekick’s and your willies hard.

How petty and shallow the existence that hides out of fear from their own real acts in life.

You and that creature that crawled up from Alibi in the gutter and deserved to stay there; are nothing to me now, then or ever. Would you like to see the spreadsheet with the documented expenses out of my pocket?

You are the trained chimps who will jump through my hoops because those hoops are based in accurate documentation and records of the betrayal of trust, the supply of intellectual privacy broken and documented with a friendship destroyed with your first lie.  You violated my privacy and it destroyed a happy home with you cheering “Beautiful Creature” on as your meat-puppet of convenience. Wouldn’t Charlie play your sick games?

If life was so bad Lee; why not just get your lazy, drug-addict ass out?  You and it hung right in there just dying to see “The 3-Eyed Troll” crumple from the power being turned off.  A friend would be eager to help but your choice was clearly to torture, abuse, denigrate and demand “the fight that is most important” founded in your fraud.

I have no fear; hold no animosity toward you other than for your manipulation and outright lies in deeds and words.  What possible motive would I ever have to see you darken my doorway again in life? 

You are truly lost in delusion and narcissism.

Since when does a guest in our shared home have any business being privy to the household finances? 

How dare you demand that our home become a closet for your trick?  Motels are made for that Lee.

As a civil guest; if The “Beautiful Creature” felt uncomfortable than it was because of his recognition that there are humans out here who speak the truth first. That ungrateful, ignorant, contemptible excuse for a worm from a dead pig’s ass, “this beautiful creature” whom you provided access to information that is both confidential and none of his sick excuse for a primate’s business then or now; only provided what you thought was a tool for murder by suicide.  Your inflammation and continuation of the attacks inclusive of open thievery, physical attacks, defined you then and now; it clearly shows through your babbling today.

How much do you think I owe you Lee?

Look who feeds from you now.

You built this fight that is most important and only you are able to bring closure.

Will you ever be responsible as a human for your actions, your lies, and your intentional poison?

You should be proud of what you accomplish in life Lee.  I’m just insuring credit is shared as any sane human, any loving individual, any used and discarded tool would do.

Mommy and Daddy will be proud to know their baby boy is a star.

One would think that the “beautiful creature” would be right there cheering this on.  His history is a whole new experience in vile, low-life and arrogant contemptible primate who can’t spell.

Run and hide.  Hide very well because global notoriety is what awaits you.

I miss my friend Lee whom I love as brother, as family and who I extended myself to encompass in his time of need. That honest person disappeared with the addiction, the creation of Frankie on 4th Ave N, the Michael parachute and now this kibbutz clown.  You sure do know how to pick them Lee.

I see your gratitude, I see your respect, I see and have experienced the contempt delivered toward me for no valid reason but to torture and abuse with the “beautiful creature” pushing your weak mind and submissive comportment into violent fits of meth rage. The Crystal Meth addiction is clear but your and its issues began from childhood out.

You made the choices; I’m simply addressing the truth of those actions from a point of view that is light years above and beyond your narrow, spiteful and petty grasp and beyond comprehension of the Hebrew henna-haired hooker for beer.  It is a big wide world out there Lee and you’ve “settled” for damaged goods,  unable to be honest or civil; a real primate princess leaving notes in coffee pots and demonstrating why the Macaroni Grill is the height of its achievements in life.  A “Beautiful Creature” indeed.

A human would’ve apologized for being a drunken asshole and running his vile arrogant and ignorant Jewish gob.  That creature will never accept its responsibility and your manipulation of the issues is a matter of record.  Just remember it crowing that it was “the winner” while spewing spittle and demonstrating its primate status.

The evidence is clear and real that this human did his best while sabotage, betrayal and torture are the focus from the primates you demonstrated to all. Bank records, cash, food, drug deals and utilities don’t manufacture records to support my clear statements and you know it now, knew it then and shared this informati0n with the “beautiful creature” selectively to support your basic fraud painting the “pity poor Lee” you are so comfortable within.

Honesty; you know telling the truth for once; is a solution but neither you nor your “Beautiful Creature” Meat-Puppet Princess will rise above the levels of your dicks or drugs to accept your responsibility and apologize for your spiteful, vindictive and intentionally damaging actions created in my life then and now.

Why Lee?

What’s in it for me Lee?

What do I gain?

What motivation would I have Lee?

The notoriety is well deserved based on the experience and that experience has not and will not change.  You are exposed and I am the human who will MAKE IT SO!

You have your way.  Jim has his way.  I am soon to take advantage of both of your damned contemptible acts and publicize them globally defining you and it in printed and digital immortality and all while lining my pocket with stacks of cash.

Be proud of yourself Lee.  You blew your 401 K proceeds on Tina, G and God only knows what else feeding the habit of the “beautiful creature” and stealing from a friend who extended himself for your benefit.  You encouraged the conditions and manipulated that contempt for over a month.  Be happy with the fruits of your labor. 

I am able to make cash from the dance of the feces you clowns presented for the world to see.

Apologies from all would’ve solved all the issues and provided honest exit but you are a creature of habit.

Anything less is attempted murder Lee.  Be proud.  You have what you want.”

An overwhelming sense of relief and bliss al la Tori Beach settled upon Kevin as he took time to re-read as the good editor he is and then hit “send.”

Sunday Salutations 11.03.13

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on November 3, 2013

Sunday Salutations.11.03.13

OK, so everyone knows now that I wounded myself by exposure to Lee a week from last Friday for the trip to the psychiatrist’s office and the results of the assessment. I have my meds proscribed without any major change.  Thankfully I am now becoming adjusted to the higher doses of Gabapentin (mood evening out) and Cetalopram (anti-depressant) but they still can kick my happy ass and knock me out cold in the middle of the day depending on the time I’ve consumed them in the morning.

Seeing my friend Lee, whom I love, and I do pray that he (and the others) receive what they desire in this life now.  Having the great glee and joy of torturing me to dimensions that even Freddie Mercury would be hard pressed to withstand these primates have no other possible existence other than checking out into their chemistry and paranoia. The Marquees De Sade would be proud of Lee’s emaciated body, his sunken eyes, his defensive and paranoid comportment founded completely within the mythology of the “grumpy old man” constructed by the JAP mean-drunk and inflamed by Lee’s addiction that causes them to flee at the sight of me. For every one of those fingers pointing at me from this pair of meth-head Marionettes to their addiction there are 3 pointing back and the Karmic Rewards will not be denied. 

I am detached and unafraid for self on this path because I know I made the right decisions for me, for the Tori Beach population and for the future of Montgomery Lee Freeman. There is nothing amazing about “Lee” now becoming “Monte” again just as is the pattern after each of these vile attacks on men baited in. I understood more history than his current target and I do understand the foundation of keeping “no contact” as the rule because at any time I could expose what is to come in Lee’s grand plan that is always the narcissistic-ally same old shit different day because of his absolute lack of creativity or imagination. .