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Boehner Will Cry

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Boehner Will Cry

Herein lays the folly of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus:

1) The Lawyers on CapitAl Hill legitimized bribery for the K-Street Cottage industry of the 1%.
2) Obstructionism by the Oligarchy that owns them.
3) Fear of the Buy-Bull thumping mythologists as a smoke-screen.
4) Their Tokyo Roves & Missionaries of Hate at Faux Spews and fiends tabloid TV for the intellectually challenged altered  universe of in-the-bubble reality.
5) The death throes of a party driven so far to the right that they are completely unbalanced.
6) The Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s lies are exposed from “Trickle-Down” (that is really piss-on-you) to “weapons of mass destruction” and creating Al Quiada.
7) With Wars on Women, LGBTs, Latinos, Blacks, Asians (anything but mighty-white) our voting rights and civil rights, Social Security and Medical access are on the line and under open attack.
8) Like the Robert’s Supreme Court they all should be forced to wear the Corporate Paper-Person’s industrial logo on their robes regardless if the robes are black or White with their pointy hats.

A Solution:
End the War on Drugs that is racist and erodes our Civil Liberties imprisoning on racists lines in the newly developing “Corporate Prisons” so readily embraced by the Republicans.

End the War on Women by “Getting your nose out of women’s panties.”
End the war on Democracy with federalized election standards, campaign reform, a total ban on Corporate Person’s speech and make the flesh and blood behind the paper person accountable.
Restore Glass-Steagall.
Justice in America begins with the Citizens and Community Standards and Washington does not represent the American Community but the Paper Persons who’ve purchased them decades ago.

Boehner will have lots to cry about very soon.
How did that “one-term President” thing work out for you Mitch?

Your political suicide is the only Benghazi-Gate and your Missionaries of Hate are identified as the new McCarthyites.

Sunday Sadness

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Sunday Sadness

“Fuck them if they don’t get a joke.”  Maher is clear on my sentiments.

This blatant censorship of a much loved television personality who has many wonderful accomplishments to his name and was a strong progressive voice for America is disgusting censorship from the Corporate Fascist Media.

This Corporate Fascist behemoth of the newly formed CONcrap Cable and NBC/GE is disgusting and dangerous.  The complete control of media by the Corporate Fascists will be the demise of America and we Americans have seen the lies, the propaganda and the outright fraud on America that these Fascists spew.

America is lost.


This is why I love Keith Olberman

This clear coverage of what political candidates spew, the debunking of the lies is the foundation of why Keith Olberman was invited to depart.

The Rachel positioning of the attacks on the now defunct ACORN based on the lies and fraud of Faux Spews, Andrew Brietbart and his O’Keefe minion is another graphic example of the demise of America as we’ve known it.

The Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA are hell-bent on the destruction of America and the reign of terror of Dubya and the Wrecking Crew make this perfectly clear.  Our current Goldman Sachs White House populated by Bush-Lite is yet another graphic example how America is under attack from within.

Some Good News

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Some Good News

Brightbart and O’Keefe’s lies have removed a much needed community resource and a group that made remarkable progress toward civil equality.  Lies, Republican Cults of Jesus, Lies and more Lies are all identified but too late for ACORN.  Faux Noise Lies exposed too.  Isn’t it reassuring?

The Western District Court, Judge  Barbara Crabb, struck down the Unconstitutional “National Day of Prayer.”

The National Day of Prayer was created by Congress less than 60 years ago. And if we look to the Founding Fathers’ examples, we see how James Madison, considered the Father of the Constitution, thought presidential prayer proclamations nourished the erroneous idea of a national religion and how Thomas Jefferson believed that the decision to pray should be left up to the individual.

It’s this vision that U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb of the Western District of Wisconsin brought us back to yesterday. She said that by enacting the National Day of Prayer statute, “the government has taken sides on a matter that must be left to individual conscience.”

Crabb also explained that this does not in any way prohibit any individual, including the president, from praying

“However,” she continued, “recognizing the importance of prayer to many people does not mean that the government may enact a statute in support of it, any more than the government may encourage citizens to fast during the month of Ramadan, attend a synagogue, purify themselves in a sweat lodge or practice rune magic. In fact, it is because the nature of prayer is so personal and can have such a powerful effect on a community that the government may not use its authority to try to influence an individual’s decision whether and when to pray.”

As you can well imagine the Religious Right’s heads began exploding almost immediately upon the decision.  Thank God for wise judicial acts.

On a more personal note the current explosion of Mike Huckabee is hanging on his every word to a college journalism student with the credibility and good sense to record every single one of the bigots words and play them back for all our edification.  Too bad Mr Huckabee; you are exposed and this Gay man raising kids wasn’t nearly anything like having a puppy.  My kids were harder to housebreak.

Mr Huckabee’s great State of Arkansas has correctly struck down the prohibition of single individuals or unmarried couples adopting.

“Due process and equal protection are not hollow words without substance.  They are rights enumerated in our constitution that must not be construed in such a way as to deny or disparage other rights retained by the people.” –  Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Chris Piazza

Whether or not McDaniel wants to further involve the state in this issue may not matter since there are plenty of homo haters ready to spring into action.  The shrill Arkansas Family Council is an ultraconservative organization that, like most similarly named U.S. groups, would be more honest if they replaced the word “family” with “anti-gay.”  That’s actually their focus.  There is some window dressing on AFC’s website, but the association’s primary goal has always been to demonize LGBT Americans and make life difficult for non-traditional families, including the children of same-gender parents.  This is work they do well.  Back in November of 2008, AFC launched a drive to put the initiated ban on the general election ballot and was the main intervenor in the lawsuit. Now AFC spokesman Jerry Cox is saying that his group will definitely appeal Judge Piazza’s decision to the Arkansas Supreme Court.  Coxstates:  “I think his ruling undermines the welfare of children. He overruled the will of the people. It’s a sad day when a judge can do that.” Cox referred to the ruling as “judicial tyranny.”

I doubt the Arkansas Family Council understands or cares much about constitutional rights, and they’re even less familiar with the purpose of our judicial system – but they certainly know a thing or two about tyranny.  Religious tyranny.

The State of Florida had a similar statute and it too was struck down in November of 2008.

The Fundies and Cults of Jesus crazies are working to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would allow funding of religious schools and providing social services much like the fraud of George W Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative that’s funding the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon pogrom of Hate and Fear-Mongering against the LGBT Communities.

The Harbinger of Gratitude has an interesting perspective:

It’s A Matter Of Trust

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It’s A Matter Of Trust

As the nation is completely over this brouhaha from the Republican Cults of Jesus LIES and FRAUD exposed for the world to see.  The Republicans did everything to be obstructionist for 13 months, they LIED, they inflamed the Tea Baggers and LIED some more.

Now they trot out the “truth impaired” Palin to star and have no clue that Americans recognize this dimwit book-burning Caribou Barbie as the clown and half-baked Alaskan that seeks only to profit from her 15 minutes by writing reminders on the palm of her hand.  Keep up the good works McCain, you’ve crashed one more time.

It’s exceptionally painful to see a true American Hero reduced to pandering to Caribou Barbie and the Teabaggers when he should gracefully retire.  Although I do give him credit for standing up to the vile and corrupt creature running against him.

From America’s Dad’s Blog comes this wonderful piece of completely referenced and cross indexed “Open Letter to Conservatives penned by Russell King.  A big thanks and consider this a must read and bookmark for everyone and anyone who desires to hear and know the truth.

I’m just over this Republican Lying and somehow I know that America is too.


The Israeli position of power in the Middle East took a drastic turn to the worse today with the election of Ayad Allawi in Iraq.  Allawi is a strong anti-Iranian who just deflated the sails of the Zionists by insuring that they are not the only place where world war 3 will begin.  We all know how much the Israelis want to claim that fame.  Their inhumane treatment of Palestinians demonstrates their contempt of human rights.  It seems they did learn something from the Nazis.

There is hope that the clear diplomatic snub of Netanyahu by President Barack Obama puts this despot on notice that the American pockets and good graces are stretched to the point of breaking by their Zionist antagonism of the region.  It’s long past time that the Israelis grew up and learned to become good neighbors demonstrating their expectation rather than demanding more porridge for nothing.

Regardless, it is good news that Allawi won this close election because of the Sunni support of this Secular Shiite politician to help maintain a unified population to rebuild a nation.  We all should hope and pray that this man and his peers are able to take the opportunity provided and turn it to the future of their nation so badly torn and beaten by American aggression and the failed policy of George W Bush and Dick Cheney the Torturing War Criminals.

There is a great piece in the Huffington Post this morning on this very topic.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to every American to read and bookmark for future reference the above and below Open Letter To Conservatives.

From America’s Dad’s Blog comes this wonderful piece of completely referenced and cross indexed “Open Letter To Conservatives” penned by Russell King.  A big thanks and consider this a must read and bookmark for everyone and anyone who desires to hear and know the truth.

As an equal opportunity offender I really have to share with everyone the anti-war demonstrations of the Bush / Cheney war criminals.  This is one protest in San Francisco just to keep the record straight.  From comes this wonderfully and refreshing history of the darkest years in United States history that still require judicial resolution to heal this nation.


From Joe.My.God comes the best whine of the week:

“What about the hateful rhetorical attacks against me and AFTAH and nasty shibboleths that come routinely from the Left? ‘Porno Pete’? Honestly, this is the type of malicious, hateful slander I experience on a daily basis (it is analogous in its ugliness to Phelps’ use of the term “Fag”). It appears the SPLC has a glaring double standard that you are now defiantly telegraphing to the world: principled, religious conservatives qualify as ‘haters,’ while even the most vicious liberal activists get a free pass. On that point: has SPLC ever cited a homosexual activist group like ACT UP for ‘hateful’ actions/assaults against religious groups? Have you investigated malicious websites like Joe Jervis’ ‘Joe.My.God’ blog — which revels in grotesque smears against AFTAH and other Christian conservatives?” – Peter LaBarbera, complaining to the Southern Poverty Law Center about his recent designation as an official hate site.
Peter La Barbera aka Porno Pete

Joe’s response is absolutely flawless:

“LaBarbera clearly doesn’t like my near-daily habit of “smearing” Christian conservatives by quoting their idiocy verbatim. They hang themselves by their own words, Petey, and I rarely need to do more than provide a photo and a headline. If that’s hate, you need to speak to my team of writers: Matt Barber, Tony Perkins, Brian Brown, Harry Jackson, Pat Robertson, James Dobson….and YOU.”

Thank you Joe.

Republican Mythology

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Republican Mythology

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc Lie and Propaganda machine is kicking into a higher gear with the President, Barack H Obama, signing historic Health Care Reform into law.  The vile lying, fear-mongering and outright seditious and treasonous acts of the Republican theocrats is exposed and is not accepted by Main Street Americans who see the Dominionist Directives of Republicans in Virgina, Florida, Idaho with their own particular flavor of racism and hate-mongering.  Americans on Main Street are satisfied with this good start but we are demanding the Public Option, single payor with Medicare for all.

Medicare for all is the most direct method available now to get all Americans the Health Care Rights that they deserve, to maintain the solvency of this system and to ensure Medicare’s continuation into the future.

Perhaps one of the most eggregious statements to me is the ignorant whining Pat Robertson carrying on about “government take-over of 1/6th of the American economy” I just go ga-ga, crazy, insane.


The Insurance Industry is 4% of the total medical costs included in this 1/6th of the American economy and when this bruhaha is seen within this context the real issues of exactly where the excessive costs lay is rapidly exposed.

Pharma is the biggest offender of the inflationary spiral of the staggering costs of care in the United States and Americans should be up in arms about having our ability to freely conduct commerce with Canada for these drugs that are much cheaper across our border.

Hospital costs and the costs of diagnostics drive the next level of this inflationary spiral.

Doctors, nurses and technicians are the next level of inflation in this tightly woven inflationary process with the demand of maintaining their elite status within the working community.  I do understand that the costs of education are buried within this just as the costs of student loans and continuing education feed into the professional’s ability to earn for easily a decade in early practice.

America is ranked 37th in the world for cost and effectiveness of our health care system.

This is not socialized medicine by any stretch of the imagination.  This puts a set of private companies, Corporate Communists who have abused the consumer for 100 years, in the position of administering health care for the United States.  This is my primary objection to the insurance reforms that have passed and these are the very reforms presented by the Corporate Communist’s insurance industry lobbyist.  The ability to purchase into a Medicare for all program, administered by the government that does not have profits for Corporate Communists built into it is the only intelligent choice for me.  I will not participate in the profits of murderers, thieves and Corporate Communists who have abused the consumer for a century.

There is much work to do to ensure that in America the Right of health care for all becomes reality.  Bills for the Medicare for all are being sponsored by Alan Grayson D FL and we have great hope that this is a successful endeavor.

And now for the message from the local Faux Nuz associate:

A friend (Yes they do exist) of mine from Atlanta sends me this link to an interview with the author of Deer Hunting With Jesus, Joe Bageant.  The interview is worth the 20 minutes and the book is a read that’s very worthwhile for anyone who really wants to help make a difference in the United States today.

Insani-Tea By Faux Nuz

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Insani-Tea By Faux Nuz

Faux Nuz, Glenn Beck and the Republican Cults of Jesus talking points with no substance, no validity and the parroting of outright lies is the foundation of this Tea Party.  Is there any doubt in your mind of the ability for propaganda to drive the ignorance of humans?

Rupert Murdock and his butt-buddy Roger Ailes demonstrate endorsed yellow journalism, tabloid journalism that lies as is expected from a Nixon, Reagan and George W Bush media master as in Roger Ailes.  This is the foundation of this delusional hate-frenzy founded in racism and fear and fanned by fraud.  America is in a world of hurt and these vile, ignorant creatures demonstrate exactly what is wrong with America.

Let’s get this clear once and for all time.  This “Health Care Reform” is Insurance Industry Regulation and Reform of the most egregious practices existing now.  How this becomes “Government take-over of our health care system” is a mystery that only the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc, Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes lies can explain.

For me, the only objection I voice and will continue to voice is that I refuse to pay to a corrupt corporate communist my hard-earned dollars under a mandate to ensure that the Insurance Company maintains it’s profit.  It is reprehensible to me that profit drives health care providers and that these greedy corporate communists skim 30% off the top of our health care insurance dollars to feed their greed while the Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals and technicians are pinched for pay.  I will gladly buy into a true “Public Option” like Medicare for all and thereby assist in keeping this valued and trusted resource financially sound for all without paying the corporate communists their cut.  Why?  Why would anyone pay 30% for the privilege of having someone else pay the bill?

Insurance was established to spread the risk of financial devastation of one person across the much larger group.  Today the only “risk” is demonstrated as whether or not the Insurance company will pay the bill after you’ve paid them a fortune in premiums.  The Insurance Industry greed drives medical costs up at more than twice the rate of inflation and consumes 15% of our GDP while Americans are dying from the death panels that they’ve established to drive recision and denial of benefits.

“Tort Reform” is the only talking point that these asshats cling to as a “solution” from the Republican talking points and the impact of Tort Reform is less than 2%.  What is really amazing is that these Medicare (Socialized Medicine) recipients latch on to in support of their position of ignorance.  The reality of Tort Reform is that the patient (that’s you and me) will no longer have recourse, no longer have the ability to sue and claim monetary damages from physicians or institutions like hospitals and clinics for the malpractice, malfeasance or mistreatment of patients.  How freaking typical from this bunch of ignorant fools who “look for the news that they want to hear” from Faux Nuz to protest against themselves.

“It’s a government take-over and we all know that the government can’t do anything right.” is one of the most ludicrous claims from these morons.  Our Medicare and Medicaid work with great satisfaction, interstate highways, public utilities and the list is enormous of the things that government does right clearly stand in opposition to this position.  With even the slightest bit of literacy the “Health Care Reform Bill” is Insurance Company Regulation and the only error of the Obama administration on this topic is the loss of positioning this as exactly that “reform of insurance industry” to stop the abuse.

Glenn Beck’s nine commandments from the LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc is an outrage that these mindless fools have swallowed hook, line and sinker.  Glenn Beck’s flavor of hate is driven by his amazing ignorance and supported only in the dark paranoid recesses of his diseased mind by the prozac cocktail consumed daily.

President Obama has perfectly positioned this issue today as: “are we going to let the special interests win or are the American people going to win this one?”

“A patient’s bill of rights on steroids,” is exactly what this legislation is.

What is so morally wrong with providing universal health care?

Where were these creatures when George W Bush and The Patriot Act devastated the Constitution?

“Emergency Rooms, Praying for Health, giving it to a private business and let them make money off it” are all the solutions presented.

“Fauz Nuz is the only place that isn’t on Obama’s side.” The dingbat claims.

Keep drinking that purple Kool-Aid.

Here’s an enlightening review of Mr Boehner’s voting record and his pay-offs.  To me it looks like it takes anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 to purchase a yes from this party of no leader.  Go figure…



This is the Christian work of the Cults of Jesus from Kansas.

Yesterday’s Hardball with the ever charming, child abusing, Phred Phelps of Westborough Baptist “Church” from Kansas.

Al Snyder is the parent who lost a son, Matt, in the war in Iraq in the United States Military and these vile and disgusting hate-mongers of Phred Phelps from Westborough Baptist Church.  “What about my rights, my relegious freedoms?” Al Snyder calmly and quietly comments as this case goes to the Supreme Court.  The Snyder family won a $10 million settlement from a lower court that was overturned and is now elevated to The Supreme Court.  Let us all pray the settlement is restored and the Supreme Court finds this type of “free speech” beyond the intent of the Founding Fathers.

There’s the Cults of Jesus for ya.


Before I’m labeled an absolute Anti-Semite the foundations for the positions I take concerning the Israeli government existing now is best understood in this rather lengthy clip.  I have no ax to grind with the Israelis, the Hebrews living here in the United States or Central America where I’ve met some wonderful families.  My ax is with the Israeli war mongers and fearful ignorant, human rights violating Jews who refuse to budge on the issues of working toward peace.

The Israeli problem:

“Israel has no other friends in the world.”

It is long past time that the Jews bring themselves into the 21st century and adopt an upright, moral position in negotiations for a peaceful Palestinian solution that doesn’t involve genocide.

Tour Through Reality

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Tour Through Reality

The good Buddhist illusion defined here is a way to deal effectively with the day-to-day suffering the sorrows and joys of this experience.

This is an eye-opener:

Today is one of “those” days when I’m just over the realities of Hate, Fear-mongering and confronting lies from Cults of Jesus Crazies of any flavor.  The overdose of Faux Nuz and then listening to the propaganda spin of a Texas Conservative in re-writing history and text books for the nation.  Cynthia Dunbar is a very polished Cults of Jesus liar.

If you are feeling particularly deprived on this level please check out Americans United website.

Politics As Usual?

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Politics As Usual?

American politics stooped to new lows over the past year with the abysmal pit being the Tea Party Convention in Nashville appropriately kicked off with Jim Crow racism and proceeded to sink through Sarah Palin’s vitriolic diatribe to appease the Cults of Jesus Inc in full attendance.

A great part of this current political condition is driven from Faux Nuz, the Cults of Jesus Inc and the Republican Party’s failure to accept election results and move into the business of governance.  The Cults of Jesus Inc and Republican Party have continued the open rhetorical warfare against President Barack H Obama in open efforts to discredit the President.  The Right-Wing conservative movement has left no opportunity unexplored from screaming Joe Wilson in a joint session to the current Cults of Jesus Inc sermons and fear-mongering through radio talk show bullshit.

This is from the campaign in June of 2008 and nothing has changed except the venom gains footing within the Wingnuts and Right-Wing Cults of Jesus Inc.

These are are the Cults of Jesus Inc hate and fear-mongers:

There is no clearer statement than what comes from the mouths of these lying spin doctors, hate-mongers, fear-mongers and frauds.  This is not journalism by any stretch of the imagination.

The lies from this media outlet, driven by the Cults of Jesus have escalated and are damaging to the national consciousness.  The malevolence of this group is apparent in the lies they spin into “entertainment” and this is no news.

The basic fraud of these Republican talking points and Cults of Jesus Inc are based upon “End of Life Counsiling” proposed within the Health Care Reform bill.  This “End of Life Counsiling” focuses on the patient’s desire for treatment or not before they would be incapacitated an unable to represent themselves.  Having the experience of being primary care-giver for terminally ill humans I understand the importance of these very private and individual decisions and, as difficult as it may have been, I’ve learned to respect the choices made by my loved ones before the fact of need.  The treatment of this serious topic being spun into the campaign of fear delivered from the clowns at Faux Nuz demonstrates clearly the Cults of Jesus Inc contempt of the truth.

The talking head carries on about the death threats to President Barack H Obama that are directly attributable to the Cults of Jesus Inc hate and fear-mongering.

There are no clearer statements of hate from the Cults of Jesus Inc and this is not an isolated instance in this land of free speech.  These are common operating practices from these creatures who masquerade as religious leaders but are pure Christian Hate personified and now exposed.  This is exactly what is wrong with America.

Faux Nuz bears great culpability with the murder of Dr Tiller as a result of Bill O’Reilly’s continued descriptions of Dr Tiller as “Tiller the Baby Killer” on his broadcast and I would hope that if criminal charges are not brought against this man then the family would pursue civil charges against this vile and dispicable person.

Here’s an interesting bias:

Now look at the headline of “Pastor Beaten By Obama Goons In Arizona” and listen carefully to this recounting of experience.

How is this “Obama Goons?” doing the beating?

These are State of Arizona (John McCain territory) officers and Federal Agents at a Border Control Check Point.  This is America?

Know that this is a result of Bush Administration’s fear-mongering and fraud over “illegal Immigration” that continues to be pandered to by the media, these types of occurrances are commonplace.  George W Bush and his handlers tore up and threw out the Constitution of the United States of America just as the 404 members of the Senate and Congress who voted for the Orwellian Patriot Act that is neither patriotic nor Constitutional for its Fourth Amendment violations alone.

Obama Speaks The Truth

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Obama Speaks The Truth:

I’ve been largely silent on the State of the Union address from President Obama because I really disagree with this idea of Imperial America that is pervasive through politics providing 54% of our government’s total budget to War, to the military to piss away in the sands and expand bases globally.  It’s obscene.

The smoke screen of this kind of bullshit thrown about by both parties covers up the reality of the Imperial movements of the United States in our global militarization and imposing American will upon Central American, South American, Eastern European, Western Asians and the Pacific basin nations and peoples.  This global militarization is insane.

On a domestic front this “Recovery Act” that not a single Republican voted for, but they all showed up to the ribbon cutting ceremonies and have taken credit for keeping teachers, police and firefighters working, is hypocritical.  And the “recovery” isn’t happening on Main Street either.  The economic numbers are improving but the jobs on Main Street are not there yet.  Direct lending to Small Business.  Direct lending for Mortgage Modification and short-selling, letting the criminal Bankers and Wall Street pay for their greed, is what makes sense for a real recovery on Main Street.

The Republicans have gotten their asses whooped because the truth will win out with these Cult of Jesus, Republican Bible-thumping hate and fear mongers.  They whine now like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar but watch the thieves.  Clean out Washington and get the Special Interests out of US Politics now.

As much as I enjoy seeing the great theater of President Barack H Obama taking a clear leadership role and confronting the Republican Cult of Jesus lies, slander and half-truths, this is just another smoke screen for the real issues that face this nation.  You can watch the whole Republican Retreat video at MSNBC at this link. The Republicans’ obstructionist bullshit is clearly seen by the American public (except for the Faux Nuz viewers and they’ll just wait for the preachers to tell ’em what to think) as hypocrisy, politics as usual and absolute dereliction of duty from the whole damned lot.

As a screaming liberal with strong conservative roots I depend upon the endorsements provided to Think Progress and Media Matters.  Bookmark the sites and keep yourself informed of what is really happening in the world.

Anytime the Cults of Jesus talking heads on Faux Nuz denigrate and defame a website or an individual, I view that as a stunning endorsement.  The “fair and balanced” gossip spewed from Faux Nuz is Rupert Murdock the Australian and his Arab partner pouring poison into the United States politics as rapidly as they are able.  These creatures are vile, repugnant and their owners and handlers are as far from patriotic Americans as one can imagine.

Put this one on your hit list kids.  Republican John Boehner with his fake tan and obstructionist tactics, lies and Cults of Jesus Bible-thumping, if his lips are moving; he is lying, actions again proves this assertion for the Republican Retreat.

Make no mistake, this creature is dangerous, destructive to the well-being of America and intent on lining his own pockets.  This creature knows exactly what his campaign will rake in from the lobbyists attending and is determined to get his hogs share.  Just check out this Republican Cults of Jesus for his record at Politco. This from the man with the voting machine fraud fiasco in his home state and he refused back-up paper ballots because then his cronies couldn’t doctor elections to keep him in office to pocket more lobby money.

I love President Obama’s  Tom Price response best because this Tom Price out of Georgia is a Cult of Jesus Republican spewing his party lies and talking points.  Now he is called on the carpet and the reality is somehow escaping him like the rest of the Republicans.  “We’ve offered a health care plan,” Price asserts.  Grayson got it right when he described the Republican plan, “Don’t get sick; if you do, die quickly.”  Boiler plate bullshit and lies is the Republican platform.  Torte reform is only 2% maximum and it’s not an issue but takes away patient rights by Republican Cults of Jesus liars throwing a red herring of “hate of lawyers” out there to screen denial of recourse to the patient.  That’s how the Republican Cults of Jesus have operated for 8 years.  It’s lies, smoke and mirrors and voodoo economics and it’s the reality of Republicans’ Theocracy and dominionist goals.

The Truth wins out every time and the Republicans thought they could hang President Barack H Obama with the Lies, Slander and Half-Truth from the Republican talking points.  Now the Republicans are whining like the called out liars that they are.  Faith-Based Bush demonstrated clearly just what the Republican agenda is and we should never forget that.  Gogg and Magogg the End Times demons are loose in the Middle East according to the 12-step Poor George…

The Wars are all about Oil and the Industrial/Military complex that Ike warned us of.  George W Bush lied and took us to war and deserves to be tried and sentenced to prison for his acts, his crimes against humanity.

From a reader this delightful piece of yellow journalism from Faux Nuz, the network that thinks Glen Beck is more important than historic discussion and isn’t able to tell the truth.

Faux Nuz is ill, mentally deranged.  If this Rick Warren Wann Be took the time to watch and understand the English language then this kind of propaganda and substantive lie would not appear.  I can only know for myself that this is willful misrepresentation and this is Rupert Murdock’s vision for Nuz with his Arab partner.  I apologize for inflicting this upon my readers but it’s important to see.

I am so happy I live in a reality based life rather than the Rupert Murdock and Arab partner twisted existence of the mindless sheep who swallow this kind of bullshit hook, line and sinker.

Wake Up America.

Before President Barack H Obama walked through the White House doors; 8 years of Republican, Faith- Based Congress, Senate, White House the 7 trillion deficit was of Bush and the Republicans’ author because of 2 wars, a prescription entitlement plan, tax cuts to the Oligarchy and none of it was paid for.  The budget projection is that the debt will double over the course of the next 10 years but the Republican talking point is “triple.” This is intended to scare the living shit out of Granny Gert because of the budget deficit and it is pure Republican LIE.  There’s that Faith-Based, Cult Of Jesus lack of reality or ability to tell or recognize the truth hanging out again.  So Republicans; it’s just not true and as your buddy and shining star Jim Wilson pointed out last year: “YOU LIE!”