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Manic Monday 2.23.15

Posted in The Cost of War by activecitizen54 on February 22, 2015

Manic Monday 2.22.15

The Rudy Guliani idiocy from the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc is raging as complete distraction as the real news of American Terrorism directed by Nazinyahu’s ownership of the Congress & Senate is buried, covered-up, and purely ignored.

More than ever before in life I am completely disgusted with this once great nation now turned to Global Terrorist for the Israeli Crime Syndicate.


24% Say: “Obama Is The Anti-Christ”

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 25, 2010

24% Say: “Obama Is The Anti-Christ”

This piece of sopistry is exactly what the Cults of Jesus Inc do in building these kinds of falsehoods.

A recent poll of the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc determined that 24% are convinced that President Barack H Obama is the Anti-Christ.  Firedoglake has a great piece on this that’s really worth the read.

Other findings from the poll of Republicans:

  • 67 percent of Republicans (and 40 percent of Americans overall) believe that Obama is a socialist.
  • 57 percent of Republicans (32 percent overall) believe that Obama is a Muslim
  • 45 percent of Republicans (25 percent overall) agree with the Birthers in their belief that Obama was “not born in the United States and so is not eligible to be president”
  • 38 percent of Republicans (20 percent overall) say that Obama is “doing many of the things that Hitler did”
  • Scariest of all, 24 percent of Republicans (14 percent overall) say that Obama “may be the Antichrist.”
  • Is there any doubt in your mind now about just what is wrong with America?


    On this same vein there is no greater disservice being done to the American people than the fraud of Republican Obstructionism.  These vile and repugnant Republican creatures decided to focus on lies, inflaming Anti-Obama rhetoric, working to discredit and disparage a sitting President instead of providing real solutions or constructive criticism of the proposed legislation.  It’s easier for these Orange Bastards to lounge in the tanning bed, scream “Hell NO” and LIE than it is to become engaged for the benefit of the American People and betray their Corporate Communist Masters.

    Let’s get a couple of things straight right now:

    1) There are more than enough valid reasons to object to the Health Insurance Reforms as legislated by the purchased politicians, all of the purchased politicians not just Republicans but the Democrats too.

    2) The monopoly of Health Insurance remains intact with a hand-out of 32 million new purchasers to rape and pillage.

    3) The actuarial foundations are still in place to discriminate against women, blacks, hispanics and middle aged people.

    4) There is nothing to compete with these vile and repugnant Corporate Communists of the insurance industry who have grown fat and focused on profit from human suffering for 100 years. The clear endorsement of this in the political process is because it lines their greedy pockets, lines the campaign coffers of the Politicians and pays off on the stock market side. There is no focus on the health care of Americans; there is only a focus on the dividens on Wall Street and the obscene wages and bonuses of the CEOs.

    5) The Health Insurance Lobby wrote this repugnant piece of legislation and our Purchased Politicians, in their Kabuki Theater production, have made it the law of the land.

    6) There is no “government take-over” of health care.  This is an outright LIE perpetrated by the Republican Cults of Jesus and their Tea Bagger peers.  There is Insurance Industry regulation.

    Yes, I am outraged over what has passed as Health Care Reform from this broken system but I lay the blame on the god almighty buck that rules Washington, DC and that is clearly displayed by all the members of the Congress and Senate right to the office of the President.

    Why do we have a sweetheart deal with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers allowing them to continue to gouge American consumers as retaliation for FDA regulation?

    Why hasn’t the government removed the anti-trust exemptions from these vile and repugnant insurance Corporate Communists?

    All of this brouhaha in Washington is dealing with 4% of the real issue of Health Care Reform. The real problem is the outright screwing of the consumer created by the impossible bureaucracy of billing and payments and crap shoot of “will this claim be paid” created by the Insurance Industry intentionally. Add to this the obscene gouging of the American Citizens by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, the outrageous costs of testing and diagnostics and the picture begins to unfold that Universal Health Care, single payor, is the only way to solve this.

    The Republican Liars and lawyers bitch about “tort reform” that is 2% of this 4% that’s used as a smoke screen to hide the real issues of abuse of patients and the economy by the physicians, pharmaceuticals and hospital systems as they exist today.

    At this point a Medicare for all system is the only viable option to proceed with because it is only through the negotiated rates and fees under this Medicare system that we will gain control over the out-of-control inflation in the medical services delivery system and Pharmaceuticals.

    If this government is going to mandate that I purchase Health Insurance then it is obligated to either ensure competition for cost control or provide that competition to a Corporate Communist structure that is out of control.

    The current Republican position and acts are seditious as demonstrated through the 74%  Republican self-identified Tea Baggers’ recent vile acts.  Bricks through windows, death threats, racial and sexual orientation slurs are all endorsed and inflamed by the Republicans Cults of Jesus Inc from within and outside the chambers of Congress and the Senate.


    In other news about the web the vile and homophobic Peter LaBarbera’s website is recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  This is reported from Right Wing Watch.Porno Pete’s butt-buddy Matt Barber points out the reality in his own words:

    “But seriously,” continued Barber, “If AFTAH is a ‘hate group,’ then so is Liberty Counsel, Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, American Family Association, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Roman Catholic Church.”

    Finally; words of truth from these Cults of Jesus Inc. Amen.


    In closing today there is this issue of President Barack Obama being a Socialist.  First, I encourage you to get educated in what Socialism is and the absolute nonsense of this claim on every level.  Incendiary and inflamitory rhetoric from ignorant Mormon Cults of Jesus cowboys or Jabba the Hut gluttonous drug addicts has no place in the political process of the United States of America.  We are better than this on so many levels.

    For those who would like to look at an effective Socialist System as Bernie Sanders pointed out just look at Denmark.  In Denmark a Socialist system taxes to 70%, has 40% of the population on full time government subsidy.  Education is free but the State determines what is required for continuing education.  The list goes on.  The system is unsustainable by many economic models but it is described as “the happiest population” in Europe.

    It is long past time to end this current political climate of divisive lies, half-truths and pure ignorant race-based hate that has overcome the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and their Tea Bagger companions.  It is repugnant, it is Un-American and it is exceptionally unproductive as intended by the Republicans.

    What’s Wrong With America?

    Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 8, 2010

    What’s Wrong With America?

    Does anyone really care except the Cults of Jesus Inc haters and Right-Wing Conservatives who need to be told what to think?

    Here’s just one graphic example in the rants of the drug addict and rabid republican Cults of Jesus hero.  Of course the Conservative rants against education.  With education comes enlightenment instead of blind belief and clear and conscious choices and that’s something the Conservatives and Cults of Jesus Inc work diligently to suppress.

    And brought to you by FAUX NUZ poster child Glenn Beck:

    This creature, the Rodeo Clown, LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus mouthpiece is a clear and present danger to the truth.  And all of us know the racist foundation of the LDS/Mormon Church.

    The Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and FAUX NUZ are Anti-American and without a doubt present a vile and dishonest position that roughly masquerades as political criticism.  With positions as far removed from the truth as FAUX NUZ and these particular poster children where is the ability to discuss, in any rational way, the real issues that are presenting to the American Citizens today?

    Americans watched the hope of Universal Health Care disappear before their eyes to the pandering of Purchased Politicians to their Corporate Communist Masters as Faux Nuz spun the “death panels” lie, the “Government Take-Over” of health care lie and whipped the ignorant into a frenzy of “Anti-Obamacare” the likes of which haven’t been seen since LBJ’s stance on Civil Rights.  An abhorrent and Anti-American position drove the lack of real debate with lies, slander and unfounded allegation that completely drowned out the voices of reason.

    The reality is that Americans know the Health System is broken just like we know Congress and the Senate are populated with purchased politicians who no longer hold American interests as their focus but only self-interest of lining their pockets for the next campaign to hold on to the position of power and continue to funnel money into their pockets.

    Ariana Huffington addresses these issues to their source and is dismissed on a number of levels with lies, with spin and attack.  It’s a sorry state of affairs and doesn’t bode well for a democratic process.

    The Cults of Jesus Inc will be all up in arms and absolute outrage now that Judge Walker of the Prop H8 trial is a closeted Gay Man.  BFD and too bad for the Religious Right.  I’m sure Maggie  of NOM is just apoplectic over this turn of events.  Should a Gay Judge recuse himself over a Constitutional issue?  Not in this lifetime.  We are everywhere.

    And we object to the continuation of the “Faith-Based” programs established by the George W Bush administration and continued through the Obama’s administration in spite of the promise to amend these practices to maintain that wall of separation between Church and State.

    The Rev. Barry Lynn writes in the Huffington Post:

    Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 4, President Barack Obama asserted that his administration has “turned the faith-based initiative around,” implying that his policies represent a sharp break from past practices.

    That’s news to me. In fact, from where I’m sitting, the core of Obama’s faith-based initiative looks pretty much identical to the deeply problematic one created by President George W. Bush. A few tweaks on the margins don’t amount to real change.

    One year after Obama announced his version of the faith-based office, civil rights and civil liberties groups such as mine are still fighting Bush-era battles over tax funding to religious groups that proselytize, job discrimination on religious grounds in public programs and lack of accountability. It’s disheartening.”

    The Reverend continues:

    “Our research in government databases indicates that Catholic Charities (including its various affiliates) has taken at least $521 million over the last 10 years. The Catholic bishops’ conference has corralled $304.8 million over the same period, and World Vision has taken in $405.9 million. Orthodox Union-affiliated synagogues and Jewish schools have also benefited from millions in federal grants, though government reporting methods make the precise figure impossible to ascertain.

    Wouldn’t this be a conflict of interest by any ethical standard?”

    No accusation here but I wonder how much of those government funds found their way into the $46 million the Cults of Jesus Inc used to promote their hate in California?  How much did they spend in Maine?  How much are they spending in Iowa now?

    Isn’t it nice to know that George W Bush and President Barack H Obama are sponsors of discrimination against the LGBT Community by providing “waivers” to these “Faith-Based” hate groups?  We knew about Bush but Obama has made the claim of being “a Fierce Advocate” of the Civil Rights of LGBT Citizens.

    Where is the accountability?

    This just underscores the very basic issues that Americans have with the Government in total.  Where is the accountability?

    We still have no clue where the TARP funds were disbursed and I could care less about “market positioning” of the Wall Street firms and Bankers who took this money. It is taxpayer money and we deserve to know where our money was spent since these Corporate Communists wouldn’t be in existence if it wasn’t for the largess of the FED with the TAX PAYER’S MONEY.

    Health Care is exactly the same.  Backroom deals and Purchased Politicians perverted this much needed and noble goal and the real crying shame about it is that Americans will continue to die and go bankrupt because of greedy Corporate Communists insisting on making a profit on illness.  A sad state of affairs for the United States beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Transparency in Government is a myth that under current conditions will never be achieved.  On the point of cleaning out all the incumbents I admit I do have to agree with the Tea Baggers.  The culture of Capital Hill is one that insists upon absolute secrecy regardless of the party or the purchased politician.  George W was all too eager to invoke “State Security” as foundation for back room operations.

    The hope for “real change we can count on” is rapidly dissipating with the demonstrations of late.

    We believe that this time it can be different but one year plus into this we see more of the Same Old Shit Different Day.

    Wake Up America!

    Obama Speaks The Truth

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    Obama Speaks The Truth:

    I’ve been largely silent on the State of the Union address from President Obama because I really disagree with this idea of Imperial America that is pervasive through politics providing 54% of our government’s total budget to War, to the military to piss away in the sands and expand bases globally.  It’s obscene.

    The smoke screen of this kind of bullshit thrown about by both parties covers up the reality of the Imperial movements of the United States in our global militarization and imposing American will upon Central American, South American, Eastern European, Western Asians and the Pacific basin nations and peoples.  This global militarization is insane.

    On a domestic front this “Recovery Act” that not a single Republican voted for, but they all showed up to the ribbon cutting ceremonies and have taken credit for keeping teachers, police and firefighters working, is hypocritical.  And the “recovery” isn’t happening on Main Street either.  The economic numbers are improving but the jobs on Main Street are not there yet.  Direct lending to Small Business.  Direct lending for Mortgage Modification and short-selling, letting the criminal Bankers and Wall Street pay for their greed, is what makes sense for a real recovery on Main Street.

    The Republicans have gotten their asses whooped because the truth will win out with these Cult of Jesus, Republican Bible-thumping hate and fear mongers.  They whine now like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar but watch the thieves.  Clean out Washington and get the Special Interests out of US Politics now.

    As much as I enjoy seeing the great theater of President Barack H Obama taking a clear leadership role and confronting the Republican Cult of Jesus lies, slander and half-truths, this is just another smoke screen for the real issues that face this nation.  You can watch the whole Republican Retreat video at MSNBC at this link. The Republicans’ obstructionist bullshit is clearly seen by the American public (except for the Faux Nuz viewers and they’ll just wait for the preachers to tell ’em what to think) as hypocrisy, politics as usual and absolute dereliction of duty from the whole damned lot.

    As a screaming liberal with strong conservative roots I depend upon the endorsements provided to Think Progress and Media Matters.  Bookmark the sites and keep yourself informed of what is really happening in the world.

    Anytime the Cults of Jesus talking heads on Faux Nuz denigrate and defame a website or an individual, I view that as a stunning endorsement.  The “fair and balanced” gossip spewed from Faux Nuz is Rupert Murdock the Australian and his Arab partner pouring poison into the United States politics as rapidly as they are able.  These creatures are vile, repugnant and their owners and handlers are as far from patriotic Americans as one can imagine.

    Put this one on your hit list kids.  Republican John Boehner with his fake tan and obstructionist tactics, lies and Cults of Jesus Bible-thumping, if his lips are moving; he is lying, actions again proves this assertion for the Republican Retreat.

    Make no mistake, this creature is dangerous, destructive to the well-being of America and intent on lining his own pockets.  This creature knows exactly what his campaign will rake in from the lobbyists attending and is determined to get his hogs share.  Just check out this Republican Cults of Jesus for his record at Politco. This from the man with the voting machine fraud fiasco in his home state and he refused back-up paper ballots because then his cronies couldn’t doctor elections to keep him in office to pocket more lobby money.

    I love President Obama’s  Tom Price response best because this Tom Price out of Georgia is a Cult of Jesus Republican spewing his party lies and talking points.  Now he is called on the carpet and the reality is somehow escaping him like the rest of the Republicans.  “We’ve offered a health care plan,” Price asserts.  Grayson got it right when he described the Republican plan, “Don’t get sick; if you do, die quickly.”  Boiler plate bullshit and lies is the Republican platform.  Torte reform is only 2% maximum and it’s not an issue but takes away patient rights by Republican Cults of Jesus liars throwing a red herring of “hate of lawyers” out there to screen denial of recourse to the patient.  That’s how the Republican Cults of Jesus have operated for 8 years.  It’s lies, smoke and mirrors and voodoo economics and it’s the reality of Republicans’ Theocracy and dominionist goals.

    The Truth wins out every time and the Republicans thought they could hang President Barack H Obama with the Lies, Slander and Half-Truth from the Republican talking points.  Now the Republicans are whining like the called out liars that they are.  Faith-Based Bush demonstrated clearly just what the Republican agenda is and we should never forget that.  Gogg and Magogg the End Times demons are loose in the Middle East according to the 12-step Poor George…

    The Wars are all about Oil and the Industrial/Military complex that Ike warned us of.  George W Bush lied and took us to war and deserves to be tried and sentenced to prison for his acts, his crimes against humanity.

    From a reader this delightful piece of yellow journalism from Faux Nuz, the network that thinks Glen Beck is more important than historic discussion and isn’t able to tell the truth.

    Faux Nuz is ill, mentally deranged.  If this Rick Warren Wann Be took the time to watch and understand the English language then this kind of propaganda and substantive lie would not appear.  I can only know for myself that this is willful misrepresentation and this is Rupert Murdock’s vision for Nuz with his Arab partner.  I apologize for inflicting this upon my readers but it’s important to see.

    I am so happy I live in a reality based life rather than the Rupert Murdock and Arab partner twisted existence of the mindless sheep who swallow this kind of bullshit hook, line and sinker.

    Wake Up America.

    Before President Barack H Obama walked through the White House doors; 8 years of Republican, Faith- Based Congress, Senate, White House the 7 trillion deficit was of Bush and the Republicans’ author because of 2 wars, a prescription entitlement plan, tax cuts to the Oligarchy and none of it was paid for.  The budget projection is that the debt will double over the course of the next 10 years but the Republican talking point is “triple.” This is intended to scare the living shit out of Granny Gert because of the budget deficit and it is pure Republican LIE.  There’s that Faith-Based, Cult Of Jesus lack of reality or ability to tell or recognize the truth hanging out again.  So Republicans; it’s just not true and as your buddy and shining star Jim Wilson pointed out last year: “YOU LIE!”

    Weekend Warnings

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    Weekend Warnings.

    Over the past several months we’ve presented the information about the Federal Reserve Board being a Private Banking Cartel, documented the manipulation of markets and the global economy by the FED and tied the FED to the real estate and war bubble economies that the Stock Market has robbed us through.

    The ties to the Banking interests that rule Obama’s administration as Matt Taibbi describes (As reported in Rolling Stone) are only reinforced with Bernanke and Geithner’s actions throughout this crisis and the Oligarchy, the Corporate Wall Street Banking Communists are held harmless for their Ponzi schemes to all of our expense when Bernanke just threw open the US Treasury vault to their raid.  Matt Taibbi’s website has continued discussion on this topic of the Wall Street loaded administration.

    George W Bush is very instrumental in this economic collapse and the ensuing give-away because of the failure of regulation and the inability of Federal Regulators to examine or understand the flaws being built within the system as Bernanke kept interest rates to give-away to the Banks low rates. Bush’s initiative to push liars loans in home mortgages (2004) and the predatory practices of individual lenders amplified the instability in the house of cards being built by the Bush Administration within the housing market.

    While this inherently flawed lending was going on, as a direct result of Clinton’s removal of the Glass-Steagall act of 1933 separating investment banking from commercial banking, the investment side of the banking houses decided they would gamble on these mortgages in a big crap shoot designed to defraud investors by bundling them into derivatives and then bet against the success of those flawed instruments of investment through credit default swaps and insurance.  This is a “heads you lose-tails you lose” gambling structure constructed by Wall Street greed and is what drove AIG off the brink.

    Adding insult to injury in this home mortgage meltdown is the lowering of the mandated capital reserves that banks must maintain which exposed the institutions to a much greater risk of failure and burdened Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac as they reimbursed the banks for the mortgages.

    Rife with scandal since the arrival of the Bush Administration Fannie Mae’s chief executive Franklin Raines, chief financial officer J. Timothy Howard and the former controller Leanne G. Spencer are accused of manipulation of Fannie Mae earning to maximize their bonuses.  The US Regulators filed 101 civil charges in the lawsuit designed to recoup more than $115 million in bonus payments, collectively accrued by the trio from 1998-2004, and about $100 million in penalties for their involvement in the accounting scandal.

    Also, in June of 2008 the Wall Street Journal reported that two former CEOs of Fannie Mae, James A Johnson and Franklin Raines received loans below market rate from Countrywide Financial.  Fannie Mae was the biggest buyer of Countrywide’s mortgages.

    Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac’s lobby have given contributions to lawmakers sitting on committees that primarily regulate their industry in the House Financial Serviced Committee, the Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee, or the Senate Finance Committee and others who have seats on the Appropriations or Ways& Means committees.

    Barney Frank, a member of the House financial Service Committee since 1991, who is currently the chair, was romantically involved with Herb Moses an executive at Fannie Mae who helped develop many of Fanny Mae’s affordable housing and home improvement programs.  Many lawmakers have called this a “conflict of interest” but the reality of this is that without a registered Domestic Partnership or legal same-sex marriage the relationship remains hearsay and is unrecognized.  There is no documentation or evidence of the allegations of conflict of interest against Mr. Barney Frank resulting from this association with Herb Moses.

    What are the lessons learned?

    More than any other cause the lack of regulation, the removal of Glass-Steagall is a prime contributing factor to this financial crisis and the foundation lies with President Bill Clinton’s removal of the wall of separation between commercial banking and investment banking.  President George W Bush’s ignorance and direct orders to reduce and eliminate regulation and regulator’s oversight in these mortgage instruments.

    History will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, record George W Bush as the worst United States President in the history of this nation.  It is a direct result of the election of a “Faith-Based” President that precipitated the Al Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Towers on 9/11/01 and this child of privilege with his lies and ignorant cowboy mentality involved us in illegal war, torture of prisoners and single-handedly delivered to President Barack H Obama a nation in ruins from his Cult of Jesus Republican Presidency.

    The Bush legacy is an economy blindsided by the Mercenary Army employed by the Bush/Cheney administration and the costs hidden during the Bush/Cheney administration.  A domestic economy that is tentatively stable at the moment by the largest transfer of wealth ever into the private sector from the Government but remains tenuous at best with the looming home foreclosure crisis and the inability of United States Citizens, the Middle Class, to keep up the debt load placed upon them in 10%+ unemployment by this huge fraud and the results of NAFTA moving employment opportunities in manufacturing overseas.

    The American People are owed the criminal trials of Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Bernanke, Ruben and Geithner as well as 404 members of the Senate and Congress to restore faith in their government.

    The American People are owed a Bail-out, a New Deal, in reparation for the rape an pillaging of the US Treasury effected by the Bush Administration and continued by the Obama Administration’s sweetheart deals to Wall Street and the continued removal of moral hazard from the Wall Street and Banking industry by guaranteeing the continued bail outs and a blank check to Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.

    President Obama’s policy has made remarkable strides in stabilizing the crisis but the cost is exclusively at the expense of the American Middle Class and poor who will face double-digit inflation, increasing tax burdens and reduction of services that are inevitable in the current economic environment.

    The grave disconnect here is in the Senate and Congress of the United States of America that is now composed of politicians who are purchased by the Wall Street, Banking, Insurance and Corporate Communist’s lobbyists and Campaign Contributions that amount to open bribery.

    The quickest and cleanest example of this is the Health Care Reform legislation where 65% of Americans support Single Payer Universal Health Care and what our Congress and Senate produce is a give-away to the Insurance Companies, Drug Companies and sells out the American People with mandated purchase of valueless insurance with high deductibles and leaves the individual exposed to Insurance industry greed, fraud and abuse as it exists now.  Americans are no longer allowed to purchase drugs from Canada or overseas at vastly reduced prices because of the Drug Company greed driving legislation within the United States and backroom deals with President Obama.

    The disconnect of the American Citizens is greater on the topics of War.  Starting with the longest running war in United States history, the War on Drugs, the American people are 80% in favor of just ending the War on Drugs and turning our focus to medical care and not criminalization of humans with medical problems.  The American people support removing the underlying causes of poverty, lack of education and social disparity rather than pissing our money away manipulating governments in Central and South America, poisoning the environment with aerial spraying of herbicides driving a half-million humans into refugee status and inducing the Mexican Drug War’s murderous record.  Americans are compassionate and right-thinking humans who see this failed prohibition clearly and understand just how this is driven by the tobacco and alcohol lobby.  Stop the insanity now.

    The American People are 70% against the War in Afghanistan and our Congress is preparing to mount a piece of legislation to fund this war’s increased costs with the proposed escalation.  We the people must make a concerted effort to deny the funding of this escalation of war in Afghanistan.  If we refuse to fund this military action the President will have no option but bring the action to an end.  Just say “NO!”

    The same is true for the fraudulent war in Iraq.  The American Citizens must demand that funding of these actions end now and put the money we piss away in the sands to support Halliburton, XE or whatever the lying, stealing, No-Bid Contractors and fiat governments are draining away from the future prosperity of this once great nation back to work for the United States Citizens.

    It’s long past time that the American Citizens were recognized in the political processes of this nation.  We Americans are not fools.  We see the corruption and the bribery and the resulting legislation in Banking Reform that is an insult to us.  This travesty of Governance existing today must come to an end.

    We see, we understand the manipulation of the FED and demand an audit and the removal of this Oligarchy from the American economic process now.

    Facing us now, as voters, is the new electronic voting machine that is documented as being vulnerable to election fraud with the Proposition 8 exit polling results providing documentation enough to cause alarm nationwide.

    With many thanks to the Brad Blog for this video clip demonstrating the opinions and actions of the Bush Presidency we may all rest a little better knowing this creäture is replaced and change is happening thanks to President Obama.

    I must point out at this instant that the Brad Blog has almost single-handedly brought justice to the Voting Rights of citizens in Kentucky’s Clay County. The lesson here is that we all must remain constantly vigilant.

    Why must we become active within the political systems?

    George W Bush and his Faith Based Presidency is the shining star of exactly why we all must take responsibility and bring accountability to our representatives.  The Cults of Jesus taking over and driving the Republican Party into the near extinction it enjoys now is only one small indicator.  We each must act to insure that these Dominionist Theocrats that the Republican Party has become do not gain strength in government is the only way we are able to drive world peace.   The Cults of Jesus are focused on their end-times and desire the Apocalypse and rapture and will insanely work to that goal as George W Bush and Dick Cheney demonstrated.

    Americans are concerned, deeply concerned with the costs of the Wars, the costs of Health Care, the costs of the Wall Street and Banking crisis and the costs of maintaining moral leadership Globally.

    Americans are concerned at the dependence we have on foreign oil, foreign manufacturing and foreign purchase of this nation.  We work to buy American but see clearly that the Corporate Communists are focused exclusively on lining their pockets at our expense by moving employment to third-world nations where they pay a mere pittance for the slave labor at their disposal without having to provide any benefits to their labor inflating their profits to drive more money into the bribery of the purchased politicians on Capital Hill.

    The cure may begin with a “Move Your Money” movement to express grave dissatisfaction with the “Too Big To Fail” but also extends through the 100 mile rule and buying American products.  The “Take Back America Movement” understands clearly that we have to reestablish the manufacturing base within the United States by taxation of imports and the Corporate Communists who have diligently worked for the destruction of the American Middle Class.

    Americans have to take their Voting Rights seriously and become constantly and effectively vigilant of the subversion of our Government by the Corporate Communists, the Cults of Jesus and the grave threats to our Liberties, Freedom and Lives that these clear and present dangers present.  The Supreme Court is poised to open the floodgates of Corporate Spending within our political process and this Corporate Communism within our political process is eminent danger to all.

    The Right-Wing Republican Cults of Jesus have utilized Al Qaeda as a boogie-man to deprive United States Citizens of their liberties, to make a run upon the United States Constitution, to create the Imperial Presidency and push a New World Order.  The reality is that the United States Government trained and armed Al Qaeda to resist the USSR in Afghanistan and that training and equipment turned against us with the clearly voiced goal of Al Qaeda being the “bankrupting of America” as happened to the USSR.  Bush  and Cheney fed that goal and the world is not a safer place as a result.  Americans are no safer for the Homeland Security that denies our personal liberty in travel.

    Americans are not Drug-Free after 30+ years of the War on Drugs insanity.

    America is not more prosperous after the “trickle-down” voodoo economics of Reagan.  The economy lays in ruins from the rapid erosion of the manufacturing base that was the safety net of the Middle Class and it is the Middle Class that makes this nation great.  American Corporate Communists are much better off and so are the top 1% who have hoarded the prosperity of this nation into obscene profits of the “Too Big To Fail” and the hands of the elite Oligarchy who have had it too good for far too long without any social consciousness or desire to have America prosper.  For three decades the Corporate Communists have raped and pillaged this nation’s backbone by wage and benefit reduction while the productivity of the workforce has exponentially expanded.  We, those who have built this nation, are locked out of our fair share of the profits and those profits are turned against us by the FED’s manipulation of the economy.

    Americans, all Americans must stand up and demand that Main Street America becomes the focus of this government that has sold us out for too long.  The time is now.  We are no longer able to withstand the constant drain on our economy that Wars, failed prohibitions and disastrous financial policy has heaped upon us.  Americans must, for themselves, restore this economy with small business investments, restoration of production facilities of manufacturing goods for sale within this nation and stop the bleeding of America.

    Vote with your dollars.  Vote in any and every election.  Vote for the restoration and continued success of America by doing what you are able to insure your dollars stay within the USA.

    It’s time for a wholesale housecleaning in Washington, DC and that starts in the 2010 election but will continue through 2012 and 2014 before we are able to remove the treasonous bastards who have sold-out Main Street to the Wall Street, Banking and Corporate Communist greed that’s lined their pockets and campaigns.  Americans must take back their government and do it now.  404 Senators and Congressmen voted for the constitutional amendment that institutionalized discrimination and they continue to remove our liberties and plan on taxing us to death to pay for their spending free-for-all.  Restore America and vote.