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A New Day

A little of the Halloween Spirit just for you as the Zombie Apocalypse approaches.  A little spreading of the joys of reality among those whose unhinged world is based upon their imaginary playmate in the sky.


Saturday Morning

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Saturday Morning:

On the Topic from:

What one can expect is that this lycan, shape-shifter will say and do anything to be elected and is a real poster-child for the poor misunderstood Oligarchs, Christianists and Cultists everywhere.
A man of all colors for the Missionaries of Hate.
OHIO; this is that very same man that wrote Detroit should die.
Look at your daughter’s and son’s lives and understand that they are facing the battles your Depression era parents and grandparents faced with the velvet cover of “technology” and “service & information” society covering the real pain of depressed wages rather than the truth of inflation.
This man has more flips and flops than a whole troop of acrobats and this is the ring leader of the Circ de Hate tou jour.

These are the hard questions:
Do you really want this man in the White House where the brand “terrorist” gets you imprisoned without due process?
Do you really want this man dealing with the Chinese with his leadership role in off-shoring American Jobs?
Do you want a Vulture Capitalist directing the American budget?
Do you want this man to explain to your daughter who was “legitimately” raped why she is sent back into back-alleys for coat-hanger abortions?
Women, do you accept that you are unable to make informed decisions on health care?
Speaking of Health Care, Massachusetts is the pattern for the gift to the Insurance Oligarchy that was enacted as piss-poor attempt at what we wrote into the German Constitution in UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.
Where the Hell is the America that I know with liberty, justice and equality for all?
Where are the issues of substance within this Kabuki of elections?

Satisfied Saturday

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Satisfied Saturday:

I am now back into cyberspace in Florida.  That may be back from a State of Confusion but you’ll get to decide.  The trip has been worth it.

Does anyone out there think that Magic Pants stands a snowball’s chance in hell of being President?

Take a long hard look at Bush, Scott(s) and understand just how easily these past few elections have been purchased by the special interests.  Don’t have enough money to play with the big boys?  Too Bad.  Sell your soul to become a Koch-Sucker and voi la: you are in office.

Tokyo Rove and his minions are still diligently working with Faux Spews to insure the dumbing-down of America and the legal license to lie is exercised fully.

The great news is that Rachel Maddow has passed the Faux Spews professional liars for Alies and Murdoch in ratings.  The truth does win out.  LOL