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The Pandora’s Box Is Opened

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The Pandora’s Box Is Opened

Corey & Allie are actively involved in domestic dispute and I am perched in the sublime beauty of the lavender guest-room in the Mobile Mansion here in White Trailer Trash Transitory Trailer & RV Park light-years from Tori Beach though less than a 10 minute car trip. 

The 1960s Trailer rocks and sways from the force of bodies bouncing off the walls of the master-bedroom’s howl of: “STOP BRINGING HER UP! I HATE HER! As Allie baits Corey on with references to Cami (The first Ex.) Objects fly, the smash of glass, at 59 I am once again plunged into the nightmares of domestic abuse and how to respond to it.

“Time-OUT” I growl at Allie as she storms through the house to plunge into the fray once again.  Allie is tough; a Seffner-girl with guts who is determined to make him or break him and the valley girl game exposed.  “I know how you feel.” Allie attempts to placate and backtrack.

Corey is frightened and it shows.  The Grasshopper has reverted to Primate status without a shred of humanity and Hell-bent on becoming more his mother, the bitter and razor tongued addict who, unashamedly, admits to creating the handicapped sister Katelyn with her drug abuse than the image of his mean-drunk alcoholic and druggie father.

Anger management 101 is not a classroom topic here.  Just let it rage.  I can’t help but wonder if the foundation for the rage is chemically induced.

In an interesting (to me) footnote here: the website: BareBack Real Time has profiles posted by Jim and Lee (freely148) with Lee’s being posted in April.  I sent them both love notes and blocked the nasty mean-drunk.  Having the last word is wonderful.  At least I get it out of my system and poison returned to where it came with the vile Jew and lost Lee within two miles. 

Fair weather friends?  Not friends at all; apparently.

Saturday Surprise

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Saturday Surprise

The base is here

On this 36th time Holy Republican & Tea-publican Cults of Jeebus Inc have pissed-away more US Taxpayer money on this repeal of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s response to Hillary-Care.

Money that could be helping head-start. education and health Care or even restoring Social Security benefits to their effective economic level as intended.

These smarmy divisive racist, elitist fools on the Hill display their agenda of the War On Democracy from the Dynasty of Death forward.

The McCarthy-ite Cruz is a 6-year stain on America like his opposite clones, Sprinting Chellie Loon, Gomhert and the late West.

(was that Wicked Witch or Alan?  I rather liked Adam West and his boy-toy. but I digress into buckets of truth.)

All firmly founded in what they are paid to say today by their Meat-Puppeteer Masters from Wall Street’s “doing God’s work” to these schizoid-primate-theocrats with “our way or the highway.”  The very embodiment of the New Gilded Age of stinking zombie corpses with no accountability.

They are the very embodiment of Einstein’s insanity: “Doing the same thing time and again and expecting different results.” (see above links)

And if one needs any further substantiation of the War On Democracy, The War On Main Street, the militarization of Police, the very existence of the Homeland Security Gestapo of Grope-Patrols and “coordination of resources” spying on Americans as the KGB does in the former USSR; read on.

Look at who profits from the failed prohibition just as who profits from the real Blood and Treasure Wars.

Would you like to see how much this Corporate-Captured Government costs you, Main Street, as these damned fool Meat-Puppets continue in their divide and conquer with rhetoric, grandstanding Aqua-Buddhas, Recalcitrant liars and Philandering Purchased Politicians who hold America in Contempt and DO NOTHING to protect “Equal Justice Under the Law” or the Constitution they were sworn to Uphold.

The War On Drugs clock
The War Clock

Are you feeling safer and more secure for Gulags, Gestapos, Corporate Prisons, Corporate Armies, Drones and legitimized murder for political dissent all created on your taxpayer dime?

Do you really think that Janet’s Grope-Patrols are effective?

Do you think America should be the #1 Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth?

As Orwellian as “The Patriot Act” and even more malicious are the false representation we see on CapitAl Hill today. 

The War on Democracy.

America: are you better off today than you were BCD? (Before ChainE- Dubya).

Moscow on the Potomac and Leningrad on the Hudson with all the Fascist Charm of  “socialize the loss and privatize the profit.”

It has arrived.

Their Profits (I got it right) are God-Almighty and theirs is “the only way.” 

Piss-On-You Economics of 60 years has insured the huddled sheeple are very effectively shorn and fleeced at the same time.  Third-World America is realized.

Equal justice under the law?  Not so much in America.

“Those who give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin, one of our hard-drinking, pot-smoking Founding Father Terrorists to the Crown.

“When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”
Sing “Hail-Kruz”!
NEO-CON Perpetual War has arrived.
Wake up America.

The War on Drugs, The War Guarding Opium Poppies/Oil/Lithium for the Oligarchy, The Culture War, The War On Democracy, The War On Main Street, The War On Women, The War On LGBTQ Civil Rights, The War On Children, The War On The Elderly, The War On Unions, The War On Free Speech and the War On Individual rights to privacy and the pursuit of happiness.

The only War these smarmy fools don’t like is the War On Poverty and Ignorance. 

Seems everywhere these Christian-ists go War is sure to follow.

Fear is a powerful tool and as one of their “Most-Feared Others” invested with the Ability to control weather, earthquakes, destroy marriages by attaining Civil Rights and the Catholic & LDS with the Missionary of Hate for Prop8; were this true I would hold all these snake-oil salesmen and SPLC identified Hate Groups as Seditious from the 7 Mountains of Dominion to the Manhattan Declaration and inflict upon them the same set of values they’ve inflicted on the rest of us with “Save the Zygote and dispose of the Child.”

Maybe the Romans had the right idea.

The Bush Dynasty built Al Qeada and the Taliban who are now “Terrorist” a vilified tactic rather than ideology.  ChainE is the source of fruition of the Corporate Army and the For-Profit Wars founded in lies and open fraud.  The stated goal of these Terrorists is the bankruptcy of the USA.

Is it any wonder that a decade later Dubya paints his toes in Tyler, TX while ChainE scouted Gulags for a tissue-match.  We now know that artificial life-forms exist other than Cher.

I give the Mexican Government credit for making an attempt to clean-up corruption, American-Style by just turning the Government over to the Corporate Super-Persons who rape them too.  Honduras, Panama, Ecquador, Nicaragua, Columbia have all fallen to the Corporate Will.

Our neighbors to the north are more free than we and have socialized medicine, but does anyone on CapitAl Hill have sense enough to say “enough is enough” and do the right thing for the Citizens?  I doubt it; doesn’t pay as well.

 Will Rogers in 1902, the last Gilded Age created by these greedy thieves when they set up to insinuate themselves into every humans life with the pure usury and fraud exposed today.

“Americans have the best Government that money can buy.”

Look at how effectively the Koch Brothers speak in their War On America and Main Streets Globally.  Why the immaculate conception and virgin birth of the Corporate Super-Person is Roberts Court’s spawn where money equals free speech.

They sure do listen real well now don’t they?

Sunday Rambling

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Sunday Rambling

The ramblings of Porno Pete:

The Cults of Jesus Inc, poorly attended, May Day rally…  From Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters. What would these creatures, clearly with a genital focus, do without their hate?  This one, Porno Pete, should just go back into his basement at mommy’s place and purvey his porno collection.  The other creature prays for the take-over of the media; yeah, right like that’s going to happen…

These Fascist Talebangelists are becoming every more recognized as the Hate Groups that they really are; a blight on the face of the earth.

Greece faces a harsh reality check that may paint a portrait for the rest of the civilized world if the current purchased political systems are left in place.

The Echo Chamber

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The Echo Chamber:

This graphic video of the Tea-Tards is the best example of the Jabba the Rush, Glenn Beckistan and Faux Noise effect upon America.  Find an ignorant class of people feeling dispossessed, inflame the racial aspect, spew the Lies and perpetrate the Oligarch’s fraud by divide and conquer, lie and spin.  Most recently New Gengrich describes this group as the “Militant Republicans.”  Break out the wheelchairs the Tea-Tards are on the way.

This is the Republican pogrom of Hate and Fear-Mongering Lies and Fraud perpetrated against the American Sheeple from Michelle Bachmann’s crazy Cults of Jesus Lies out.  This is the reality created by Faux Noise lying, by Sister Screech Sarah and her 7 Mountains Mandate of treason.

Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes Republican Cults of Jesus Inc lying machine, the fraud reinforcement propaganda machine.  The Koch brothers astroturf movement is cheaper than buying the Congressmen and Senators required to do what these ignorant tools can accomplish by drawing off votes from Republican Cults of Jesus Inc endorsed candidates.  This is what the Oligarchy build to reinforce their lies and insure their positions of privilege on the US Taxpayer welfare.

And this just in from the Arizona Republican Cults of Jesus Inc:

Why profile?

First they came for the Gays and I remained silent.  Then they came for the Jews and I remained silent.  They targeted the Latinos and I remained silent.  Now that they come for me there is no one to speak.

Make no mistake about this being one more step in the war on the United States Citizens.  Should you be accused of being an illegal alien; you must carry your papers to prove your innocence; with guilt at accusation and the whim of the law enforcement.  This is not Liberty and Justice for All.  America is not the land of the WASP.  America is not the land of the “Christian” or the Jew or the Islamic or the Buddhist.  America is a diverse nation and this is Gestapo abhorrent.

This from the Huffington Post is a graphic example of what’s wrong with the system.

If you are a deficit hawk then you’ll love me.

From FireDogLake Hell Hath No Fury:

Lehman’s failure is fraud from 2001, Bush, The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc to the very rotten core.  It’s not criminal because it’s the government.  Hear the FED’s position in all this.  The Repo Game, yee haw.

We have in place RICO Laws that cover the recovery of the funds stolen by this Credit Default Swap and Derivatives game.


Today’s LOL discovery from BradBlog:

End the Drug War.  Begin disbanding the police systems put in place to maintain this failed prohibition to feed the Pharmaceutical, Tobacco and Alcohol lobby and line the Oligarchy’s pocket with their criminal support of criminal drug trafficking bringing in almost as much real cash as their rape of the US Treasury or their rape of the banking consumer.  The Trillion dollar savings applied to education may keep the teachers on staff.

Why do we have Military Troops in Honduras, Columbia and Panama?  Why do we have active bases in 192 countries and territories around the globe?

End the wars and bring our troops home to protect this “sensitive” border.   The border rush is a direct result of the Oligarchy being over thrown in Mexico and we as common peoples will fare much better with a legalized and normalized drug trade and equal economic opportunities.  Grow it at home and get rid of all the criminal and government influence.  Problem solved.  Those that grow and use will and those that don’t won’t.  Whose business is it what anyone else consumes or does to their own body?

Let’s get real folks.  Roe v Wade determined the fundamental right to control one’s body and that’s why the Cults of Jesus Inc are so dead set against it.  Prior to Roe v Wade the Church controlled a woman’s body and they want those uterus back under their proverbial thumb.  The same is true for Alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs.  What is this?  Because you can afford to physician shop like Jabba the Rush you can be an addict legally in the USA?  Stop the insanity, save the money, build the economy.

Bring our troops home to defend our border.  Now there’s a position that everyone can get behind.


Bits and Pieces:

I’ve been a bit distracted the past several days with some health issues so please forgive any incoherence.

There is somewhere out here in cyberspace a movement working to force a new Constitutional Congress (I’ll research and link) and that’s a solid plan that can work for us to clean up this mess quicker than the children, the purchased politicians on Capital Hill demonstrate time and time again.

A New Constitutional Congress is a wonderful opportunity to get:

1) A Federal Balanced Budget Act as a Constitutional Amendment.

If we lived as these Purchased Politicians direct the life of this nation we would be imprisoned as felons.  Let’s make that true for them.  If it’s not paid for; if it doesn’t reduce costs; if there is no specific goal accomplished the responsible Congressman or Senator is tried for writing bad checks and upon conviction he or she is imprisoned for life.  Let’s show them what unjust laws like Drug Prohibition cost in a way they are able to understand.

2)Acts of War and Military Control Act Amendment:

The United States Military is never to leave United States Soil without written consent from 2/3 of Congress, Majority Supreme Court Decision, Upon direct orders from a sitting President in the event of attack on US soil and will be subject to ratification by a majority of Congress and Senate in a joint vote taken within 72 hours of the Presidential Order.

4) Defense of Civil Liberties Amendment:

Police are no longer able to be armed.  If a police officer fails to address a citizen with “sir” or “mam” they are disrespectful and with 3 complaints they are removed from this public position.  The police are to focus upon violent crime, white collar crime and there will no longer be the unlimited resource of random income generation from traffic infractions.  Driving becomes a right with examination once every 10 years and license and registration fees are capped at $2.00 and $10.00 respectively.

Business licenses and “professional certifications” are capped at $10.00 and $25.00.

5) The repeal of the Patriot Act and restoration of rights to privacy amendment.

6) Separation of State and Church Act:

The “Faith-Based Initiative” of George W Bush is repealed and the program recognized as an unconstitutional action of George W Bush’s treason and abrogation of oath of office.  All funds paid are to be clawed back; the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Church’s tax exempt status is removed and the Religious organizations deemed to be “political” subject to a 10% tax on contributions, restoration of all property taxes within their State an/or Municipality.

That would be a good start, a drop in the bucket of restoring sanity to the United States.  The Oligarchy declared war on 9/11, reinforced that in Afghanistan, taken off the deep end by Bush lying into Iraq and is threatened today and everyday these “too big to fail zombie vampire Corporate Communists are left to play their games at all our expense.  Socialize the loss and Privatize the Profits.  Then gamble away and strangle the economy by not loaning to small business wiping out the prey.  Not a good idea in natural systems and certainly not “good husbandry” of a nation’s economy by the FED.


Here’s another failure to uphold separation of church and State from Citizens United. Congressional Earmarks for money to religious institutions that discriminate against the LGBT Community.  I feel a letter writing campaign coming.

Of course we have some wins and the Cults of Jesus have one more loss.

The atheist bashing by this blond Faux Noise bitch is reprehensible.  It has been man who brought this nation into being and although you can look at history.  The Founding Fathers were hard drinking, pot smoking revolutionaries were the “terrorists” to the British and don’t you ever forget that.  This is bullshit from the bimbo hawking her Cults of Jesus.  The 7 Mountains Mandate is Dominion and seditious.  Bush being a clear Cults of Jesus 12-step replace alcohol and cocaine with religious addiction Faith Based Initiative put up this smoke screen for the Cults funding and it’s treasonous.

Audit and End the FED.

Shareholders rights changes and a say on pay and voting rights are improvements on Wall Street but they are all smoke and mirrors.

Reform in Washington.  The Lobby surge and the wholesale purchase of the politicians by the Oligarchy, the Plutocrats, the Corporate Communists who have just socialized the loss and privatized the profit.  It’s past time to claw-back this ill-gotten gain with RICO and own the bastards.

Why is Congress doing what the FED is tasked with?  The FED is responsible for the shattered economy, the shattered nation by the Corporate Communists.  END THE FED!

Audit and END THE FED!  Charge the bastards with dereliction of Duty; breach of trust, fraud, insider trading from the manufacture of the scam to the rape of the US Treasury this is a targeted attack.  The current economic condition with fiat dollars is the big lie from these Corporate Communists.  Socialize the Loss and Privatize the Profits?  Nice gig if you can steal it.  How cool is that?  The best way to conduct robbery is to own the bank and the FED owns the banks.

Break them up.

They are still scamming today!

Mr President, let’s go socialist on them.

We need a strong Citizen’s Bank owned and controlled by a board from Executive, Justice and Congressional representation meeting quarterly to hold US Taxpayer Dollars and demand the transfer of those funds and all FED Powers to this body.  The FED is the problem and the FED is TOO BIG TO FAIL!  A private Banking Cartel printing our currency?  A private Banking Cartel that sets it own rules, under Bush enforced none; unless an enemy of the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc.

Watching the Purchase of the Politicians pleading for campaign contributions, creating instant millionaires by lottery of election or purchase of pathway.  Why buy Politicians when the Koch Brothers demonstrate you can buy “movements” like the Tea-Party Republican Cults of Jesus Inc.  Evangelical in their fervor and foundation with the added bonus of captive audiences of mindless sheeple addicted to Faux Noise with time to kill but not enough to become informed.  Sad but too true.

The Banker’s response is priceless: “We’ll just pass any penalties on to our customers.”

Excuse me?  No clearer demonstration of exactly why a Citizens National Bank is required to End the FED.

We have Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac on permanent life support.  Nationalize honestly and fund to restore mortgage lending in the United States by direct to the public home mortgage loans at fixed prime rate and take this business away from the Banksters, the fraud foundation.  Small private banks, Credit Unions, would have opportunity to share in this market once stabilized.  Citizen home ownership is the goal and the Corporate Communists abused the privilege of backing by the government.

Within this Citizen’s Bank the Social Security and Medicare funds reside.  Every American Citizen, effective 2012 shall have a one-time option of cashing-out and playing the open market or maintaining deposit with the Citizen’s bank under your control and providing entitlement to loans equivalent to 80% of the fund without punishment at retirement.  Let’s spread a little economic stimulus.  Move some of that cash from the Corporate Communists to a more socialist position to restore free Capitalism that they’ve held hostage.  Competition for the greedy or food for the lions it’s personal choice just like Roe v Wade so the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc understand why they should oppose it.

We’ll take on Medicare and open it for public enrollment to compete with the Insurance Corporate Communist Vampires.  We’ll negotiate for pharmaceuticals and services and focus on developing new talent in Doctor’s, Nurses, Techs and, if required construct the hospital system required with seamless transition.

The great opportunity in America is that we, the people, have the ability to do these kinds of things.