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Saturday Surprise

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Saturday Surprise

The base is here

On this 36th time Holy Republican & Tea-publican Cults of Jeebus Inc have pissed-away more US Taxpayer money on this repeal of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s response to Hillary-Care.

Money that could be helping head-start. education and health Care or even restoring Social Security benefits to their effective economic level as intended.

These smarmy divisive racist, elitist fools on the Hill display their agenda of the War On Democracy from the Dynasty of Death forward.

The McCarthy-ite Cruz is a 6-year stain on America like his opposite clones, Sprinting Chellie Loon, Gomhert and the late West.

(was that Wicked Witch or Alan?  I rather liked Adam West and his boy-toy. but I digress into buckets of truth.)

All firmly founded in what they are paid to say today by their Meat-Puppeteer Masters from Wall Street’s “doing God’s work” to these schizoid-primate-theocrats with “our way or the highway.”  The very embodiment of the New Gilded Age of stinking zombie corpses with no accountability.

They are the very embodiment of Einstein’s insanity: “Doing the same thing time and again and expecting different results.” (see above links)

And if one needs any further substantiation of the War On Democracy, The War On Main Street, the militarization of Police, the very existence of the Homeland Security Gestapo of Grope-Patrols and “coordination of resources” spying on Americans as the KGB does in the former USSR; read on.

Look at who profits from the failed prohibition just as who profits from the real Blood and Treasure Wars.

Would you like to see how much this Corporate-Captured Government costs you, Main Street, as these damned fool Meat-Puppets continue in their divide and conquer with rhetoric, grandstanding Aqua-Buddhas, Recalcitrant liars and Philandering Purchased Politicians who hold America in Contempt and DO NOTHING to protect “Equal Justice Under the Law” or the Constitution they were sworn to Uphold.

The War On Drugs clock
The War Clock

Are you feeling safer and more secure for Gulags, Gestapos, Corporate Prisons, Corporate Armies, Drones and legitimized murder for political dissent all created on your taxpayer dime?

Do you really think that Janet’s Grope-Patrols are effective?

Do you think America should be the #1 Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth?

As Orwellian as “The Patriot Act” and even more malicious are the false representation we see on CapitAl Hill today. 

The War on Democracy.

America: are you better off today than you were BCD? (Before ChainE- Dubya).

Moscow on the Potomac and Leningrad on the Hudson with all the Fascist Charm of  “socialize the loss and privatize the profit.”

It has arrived.

Their Profits (I got it right) are God-Almighty and theirs is “the only way.” 

Piss-On-You Economics of 60 years has insured the huddled sheeple are very effectively shorn and fleeced at the same time.  Third-World America is realized.

Equal justice under the law?  Not so much in America.

“Those who give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin, one of our hard-drinking, pot-smoking Founding Father Terrorists to the Crown.

“When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”
Sing “Hail-Kruz”!
NEO-CON Perpetual War has arrived.
Wake up America.

The War on Drugs, The War Guarding Opium Poppies/Oil/Lithium for the Oligarchy, The Culture War, The War On Democracy, The War On Main Street, The War On Women, The War On LGBTQ Civil Rights, The War On Children, The War On The Elderly, The War On Unions, The War On Free Speech and the War On Individual rights to privacy and the pursuit of happiness.

The only War these smarmy fools don’t like is the War On Poverty and Ignorance. 

Seems everywhere these Christian-ists go War is sure to follow.

Fear is a powerful tool and as one of their “Most-Feared Others” invested with the Ability to control weather, earthquakes, destroy marriages by attaining Civil Rights and the Catholic & LDS with the Missionary of Hate for Prop8; were this true I would hold all these snake-oil salesmen and SPLC identified Hate Groups as Seditious from the 7 Mountains of Dominion to the Manhattan Declaration and inflict upon them the same set of values they’ve inflicted on the rest of us with “Save the Zygote and dispose of the Child.”

Maybe the Romans had the right idea.

The Bush Dynasty built Al Qeada and the Taliban who are now “Terrorist” a vilified tactic rather than ideology.  ChainE is the source of fruition of the Corporate Army and the For-Profit Wars founded in lies and open fraud.  The stated goal of these Terrorists is the bankruptcy of the USA.

Is it any wonder that a decade later Dubya paints his toes in Tyler, TX while ChainE scouted Gulags for a tissue-match.  We now know that artificial life-forms exist other than Cher.

I give the Mexican Government credit for making an attempt to clean-up corruption, American-Style by just turning the Government over to the Corporate Super-Persons who rape them too.  Honduras, Panama, Ecquador, Nicaragua, Columbia have all fallen to the Corporate Will.

Our neighbors to the north are more free than we and have socialized medicine, but does anyone on CapitAl Hill have sense enough to say “enough is enough” and do the right thing for the Citizens?  I doubt it; doesn’t pay as well.

 Will Rogers in 1902, the last Gilded Age created by these greedy thieves when they set up to insinuate themselves into every humans life with the pure usury and fraud exposed today.

“Americans have the best Government that money can buy.”

Look at how effectively the Koch Brothers speak in their War On America and Main Streets Globally.  Why the immaculate conception and virgin birth of the Corporate Super-Person is Roberts Court’s spawn where money equals free speech.

They sure do listen real well now don’t they?

Manic Monday 5.2

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Manic Monday 5.2

Well worth the watch and even more important to understanding this rape of America by the Oligarchs.

Rainy Days

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Rainy Days

This is from 7/16/09.

And from the Daily Bail Comedy:

And this just because I needed a giggle.

The rain this morning kept me lounging in bed till nearly 9:00 AM.  A rare occurence in my life.  I’m usually awake with the coffee pot brewing at 5:30 AM and out of bed by 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM now that I’m working the 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM shift.  A nice schedule to fuel a real nursery but I’m keeping my reservations on location.  The opportunity is upon me to find what I need to be a happy, healthy and successful single man.

The strawberries arrived via mail yesterday.  They repose in the bottom of the refrigerator on the top of my Bush Beer that I’ve been scaring for months now.  I think I’ve had 4 beers since the first of the year maybe 6.  The alcohol stopped ruling life with the departure of Mikey the Beer Sponge.  A saving grace, silver lining or whatever you want to view it as the net effect is positive and beneficial.

The Little Gem Butter Crunch lettuce is a true joy from the garden.  There is absolutely nothing better than murdering one of these lettuce and consuming the whole thing for lunch.  No remorse at all for the act.

Life consumes life.

Now if they were sentient beings I would have some reservations but having purchased the seed, planted the seed and tended the garden for the 8 weeks required to get these gorgeous tasty treats is the root of gratification and satisfaction.  Living well is always the best revenge.

It’s nearly lunch here, can you tell?

A little balsamic vinegarette some artichoke hearts, fresh pulled red onion a pickle and a few olives and I’m in hog heaven for hours.  I have some great dirty sweat sock white extra sharp cheddar that’s deadly too.  Maybe a little turkey and ham to do the protein thing because I’m out of my chick peas and sprouts.

Rick across the street is running a veggie stand with boiled peanuts so there is a market available.  Collards, Swiss Chard, Spinach (to die for, I’ve never seen prettier anyplace in the South) the Turnips are ready and this rain has everything pumped up.  The steam heat is coming on too.  I love the tropics.

The Bea Bird threw her last egg out of the box and is entertaining today with the whole repotoir from “Auntie Em! Auntie Em; there’s a twister coming.” t0: “Are you happy now?” in Dangerous Dan’s voice, through “Want OUT” followed by my evilist laughter. It is a rather joyous corner on the porch with Avery and Bea entertaining.

1:30 and the chores are finally done.  Swiss Chard, Collards, Turnips, a trudge full of Little Gem Butter Crunch Lettuce and Rick across the street is happy.  The pocket community here grazed off the garden gratis without question but the excess goes to market now.  Yeeeee Haw!

Election InsaniTEA

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Election InsaniTEA

I’m past being amazed at this type of Koch Brothers Corporate Fascist, Petrol-roots InsaniTEA being spewed.  The recognition of every time a finger points forward there are 3 pointing back couldn’t be more true in this instance.

Let’s get a foundation for this kind of crap documented here from NOM’s PropH8 works:

Let’s not be shy here; these Missionaries of Hate from the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc have spent, to date reported, $150 million in their pogrom of lies, fear and hate-mongering all in a highly organized by the Church political actions.  The result of those actions declared “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” should be the real warning flag setting off bells and whistles of alarm in any US Citizen.

Our system of checks and balances is established to insure that there is no Tyranny of the majority and Civil Rights, Equal Rights are not an issue to be voted upon.

The hollow meme of “lost of rights” is hogwash and malarkey through and through.

How does who I love effect your marriage?

Why does who I love matter to you?

How do my Civil Rights of full Equality reduce yours in any way shape or manner?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that the latest rash of LGBTQ suicides is a direct result of this kind of “Culture War” that the Cults of Jesus Inc declared on children.

The LGBTQ Community is immediately stepping up and have conducted our push to equality by doing community outreach in loving and open ways.  We are everyone’s brothers and sisters regardless of your ergot-hallucination induced Bronze Age mythology.

Jesus never spoke of homosexuality.

Before another word is spoken:  General George Washington’s Chief Training Officer was Von Steuben, the man who wrote The Standard Military Training Manual used by the French and the United States (once formed) for 100 years.

Von Steuben was a GAY MAN!

With our Purchased Politicians pandering more each day to their Corporate Fascist Masters, who may or may not be multi-nationals continuing the rape of America begun by Reagan and brought to full fruition by Dubya and the Wrecking Crew of war criminals and torturers, our actions must count.

Without the absolute rejection of these kinds of Fascist positions by voting Democrat; we are all screwed blue and tattooed.

“When tyranny arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” Sinclair Lewis.

Tea Party InsaniTEA

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Tea Party InsaniTEA

Founded in anger, directed at Bush for the Bail-out.  Funded by the chemical brothers and Fanned by Faux Nuz and the Cults of Jesus Inc (get your gold here) Glenn Beck’s insane ranting the Tea Party is holding a convention.

The mythological foundations of the Tea Party movement.

The sentiment from the Bush tyranny spilled into Obama’s Presidency and the Stimulus Bill and Bail-outs added fuel to the fire.  The inability of the Democrats in Congress and the Senate to accomplish the regulation of Wall Street and Banking greed while giving away the US Treasury added more fuel to the fires of the Tea Baggers.

With the insanity of the “Birther” movement carrying on within the insaniTEA ranks it’s becoming more and more apparent that pure rage and obsession drives this loose organization of the Cults of Jesus Inc driven right-wing positioning of the Tea Baggers.  Although they spout about the Constitution few, if any, have the ability to extend the Constitutionally guaranteed Civil Rights to the LGBT Community so the clear statement is: “The Constitution only applies when we want it to apply.”  This is openly touted as “Loosing our moral bearings” to uphold the basic bigotry of their position.

The BradBlog brings us this candid snapshot of the Tea Party movement:

And it doesn’t improve any.

The Tea Party most recent claims:

“We’ve been moving closer and closer to socialism, loosing our moral bearing, we’ve been turning our backs on the constitution.”  All this according to the World Nut Daily’s founder Joseph Farah.  JoeMyGod has this reported at his blog complete with the rants of this Cults of Jesus Inc bigot.  This bigoted pillar of the Tea Baggers opened the convention with a lament that Jim Crow laws were no longer in effect and proceeded through his paranoid rant against President Barack H Obama up to an inclusive of his claims that President Obama is a “Socialist Ideologue.”

Being a strong constitutionalist, knowing that President Barack H Obama is a constitutional scholar and understanding the centrist position of this administration I can’t help but be alarmed at the overview of the Tea Party convention in Nashville.

Ann Gerhart and Phillip Rucker report in the Washington Post of their experiences at this Tea Party convention:

“NASHVILLE — The 600 delegates at the National Tea Party Convention feel taxed to death, ignored by their elected representatives and the media, and appalled at the federal government’s spending — and there are millions of Americans just like them. Their anger has helped claim some political scalps, and they vow to “take back America.” What is unclear to them, and to the political establishment watching warily, is how they might do this.”

Lori Christenson, who started the Evergreen-Conifer Tea Party in Colorado in her house using the social networking site, wants politicians to act like their power comes from the people, not from their celebrity. Her group refuses to get involved with conservative social issues, which she calls “very, very divisive.”

“I am coming to realize at this convention,” she said Friday, over the thundering of a speaker from Judicial Watch, “that we are very, very different in terms of our beliefs. So now what?”

The article’s most alarming reporting is that of  Former US Representative Tom Tancredo’s rant from the podium:

“On Thursday night, giving the opening address, former U.S. representative Tom Tancredo (Colo.), who ran for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination as an anti-immigration candidate, railed against Obama and “the cult of multiculturalism.” Americans could be “boiled to death in a cauldron of the nanny state,” he said. “People who couldn’t even spell the word ‘vote,’ or say it in English, put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House.

When Tancredo said, “His name is Barack Hussein Obama,” the audience booed loudly.

“The race for America is on,” Tancredo said. “The president and his left-wing allies in Congress are going to look at every opportunity to destroy the Constitution before we have a chance to save it. So put your running shoes on.”

This Tom Tancredo and the Right Wing Mind penned by Kevin Huffman in the Washington Post opinion section observes:

On Thursday, Tancredo delivered the opening remarks at the national Tea Party convention, and, as I watched the clips, I was struck by two things.

First, it was oddly gratifying to see Tancredo take the next step in a long personal journey toward Crazy Land.

Second, it was interesting to see how the far right relates to “the common man.”

The anger, the pure frustration piled on top of the basic bigotry and righteous indignation of the Cults of Jesus Inc drives this Tea Party movement with it’s flames being fanned by the likes of Glenn Beck and Faux Nuz presenting the party line propaganda at the expense of credibility.

This apparent ease of altering the truth for we reality-based humans has foundation in the Cults of Jesus Inc who are absolutely bald-faced in the lies they promote with righteous indignation and evangelical passions knowing if they say it often enough it will become truth.  Michelle Bachmann’s and Sarah Palin’s “Death panels” is the clear demonstration of this.

Media Matters delivers a compelling report on this:

This is historic video of exactly how the Cults of Jesus Inc Republican Right Wing with the Australian Rupert Murdock and his Saudi partner drive the dialogue in the United States by manipulation of the Tea Party lunatics into frenzy and rage that is misdirected intentionally toward President Barack H Obama by playing on racist fear, McCarthyesque Socialist fear, unfounded economic fear and twisting the truth.  The reality is that these creatures put and kept George W Bush in office with his faith-based presidency that lied as fluently as the Cults of Jesus Inc lie and Faux Nuz swears to it, driving more mainstream media into validating the lies by forced address of them.

The reality of the Lying Presidency of George W Bush, The Republican Right-Wing Cults of Jesus in power is what lays in ruins about us now and these ignorant, misfits are righteously indignant at the Presidency of Barack H Obama as he works to stabilize and repair the damages of their boy Poor George.  The demonstration of this man’s lies and his Adminstration’s lies is documented in the video below.

The Cowboy diplomacy of this 12-step faith-based reformed(?) alcoholic and liar is the foundation of the 9/11 attacks and those are not yet fully investigated and I would not be surprised in the least if the Bush Administration wasn’t directly involved in this “attack on American soil” to provide his Oligarch handlers with justification to rape the United States as they’ve demonstrated over the past decade.  These creatures deserve to be brought to trial for thier murder and war crimes but the Obama Administration is focused on “looking forward rather than looking back” and that’s not acceptable to Americans.  Bring the bastards to trial and do the same for the Wall Street, Banking and Corporate Communists who fed off this lying President and to whom he emptied the US Treasury.


THE MAINLINER, The Divine Ms Palin:

Here it is if you can stand watching:

The Tea Party keynote speaker Ms Sarah Palin is carrying on about President Obama “blaming George W Bush.”  This is not an unexpected spin from the chief liar of this Cults of Jesus Right-Wing bigoted group.  The Arctic Moose, like a cow in heat bellows and brays and distorts the truth like any cheap Cults of Jesus tent revival.  Hallelujah Sister Sarah, you sing it gurl…

The Republican Cults of Jesus are making use of all the talking points and Ms Palin is carrying on about the Christmas bomber without ever any acknowledgement of the Bush Administration’s identical handling of 300+ cases but now this becomes an issue.  “It’s our children that are at risk.” This too is one more of the Cults of Jesus and Right Wing Republican talking points as they’ve spent our children’s futures and send them to be murdered in the Middle East for oil and theology.

“We need a commander and chief and not a professor of law standing at the lectern.”  Ms Palin asserts.  I guess she wants Tom to drive the Military.  This woman is dangerous.  War-mongering for war against Iran and North Korea.

Her assertion of “all the worlds problems aren’t his predecessor’s fault”  is one more of the Cults of Jesus lies and hate and fear-mongering, paranoid politics.

There is no substance but just the typical Sarah Palin, Cults of Jesus Inc proselytization and preaching without any foundation in reality.  This is beyond belief that this creature spews her ignorance as “common sense” and offers up pandering to the Oligarchy instead of the real reform required in Health Insurance or Business Opportunity.  The Palin plan is Tort Reform to keep the average citizen from fair compensation for medical malpractice and providing insurance sales across state lines to let the Insurance Company Corporate Communists sell more junk insurance with no coverage that they can deny paying anyway.  Way to go gurl…  How’s that working out for ya?

The megalomaniacal antics of this Born-Again, book burning bitch are hysterically funny.  Her handlers have tried to train her but she can’t read.  At least Barack Obama uses a telepromptor to insure accurate communication.  This is rich, the bitch lost her place and hasn’t enough sense to just take a breath and play catch up.

“The Constitution does form a roadmap toward a more perfect union.”  Now the cleches strung together are expected and all predictable.  I wonder how Ms. Sarah will feel when the Supreme Court strikes down Prop H8 and the LGBT Community gains full Civil Rights?  What will the Born-Again Bitch from Alaska have to say about that?  Look at her sponsors and handlers to know.

“Masterful merchant of paranoid politics” is a great concise description of Sarah Palin.  I can’t stomach watching Faux Nuz and the questions of her possible run for President are hysterically funny too.

A pre-scripted question and answer session; again pandering to fear, hate and paranoia is a portion inclusive of the “fireside chat” atmosphere.  What a Orwellian vision this event provides.  This creature promotes the rape of the environment for oil, gas, coal and nuclear power, sings the praises of the military and her own son’s involvement and holds up her mentally retarded child’s ridicule as a sympathy factor that panders to the Cults of Jesus Inc.

This woman is dangerous and a demigod who has no clue of what is required for good governance.  If you thought George W Bush was a good president; if you really want a Faith-Based government again then, by all means, jump on the Sarah Palin bandwagon and faith yourself into oblivion.  You can go search for the end times demons Gogg and Magogg in the desert all you want but don’t drag the US Military there to do the job for you.

For someone who claims to care about the Constitution she espouses a profound ignorance of the separation of Church and State.  Ms Palin states: “Back to our roots of a “God-fearing nation” and we don’t have all the answers and seek divine intervention for our country.”  The Cults of Jesus are in full attendance and the ignorance resounds.

The Palin Plan: “Support those who understand the foundation of the country and free market principles that support our country.  Security as per Ronald Reagan; We win, They loose, we do all that we can to win.”

The bottom line here is that Washington is broken and the destruction of our political process lays squarely in the deep pockets of the Corporate Communist masters who buy and sell politicians like they are cheap commodities at the corner convenience store.  In reality that’s exactly what this past year demonstrated to all of us.  The reality is that the Cults of Jesus hijacking the Republican Party and installing George W Bush with fraudulent election results and a Supreme Court political body is what got us here.

I have a conclusion from all the hystrionics of the Tea Party insaniTEA and that’s:  Thank God that the American People elected President Barack H Obama because this dizzy cow was just one heartbeat from the presidency with McCain in office.  We dodged a real bullet.

To all the Cults of Jesus Inc, Birthers, Tea Baggers and Bigots:

It’s about time you understood that this man was duly elected, is deserving of respect for the office he holds and has the support of a majority of the United States Citizens.  You can’t repeal Roe v Wade and you can’t stop Barack H Obama because we, the people, elected him, support him and are working diligently to expose your lies, fraud and talking points to every sane human we meet.  Faux Nuz, the Cults of Jesus Inc are discredited and discreditable at the drop of a hat.  Crawl back under your rocks.