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Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah,  Merry Christmas, Merry Myth-mass, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Fertile Beltane.  For all we who fall in the category of “Other” all the best wishes for you and yours.  Are you happy now with the “Political Correctness?”  (I seldom raise to this Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc constructed out out whole Cloth as pointed out above…)

This is THE Party weekend across the USA & most of Europe, Russia and the Baltic States, Central & South America and Parts of Africa where the fine Tradition of Murdering those you are told are the “Most-Feared-Other” from those shining beacons of Christian Dominion, Scott Lively, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Frothy Mix, Senator Inhofe & their kind.

The Congress & Senator Critters didn’t waste any time in their Holiday Gift-Giving to the Corporate Super-Person Puppet-Masters right out of Main Street America’s pockets.  Hell’s Bells they even got themselves a brand new luxury limo perk on the Taxpayers Largess.  And, as we all know, the Banksters & Wall Street Fraudsters undid the Dodd-Frank joke of legislation to regulate the Greedy, Immoral Thieves.  By Blackmail and writing their own ticket for Main Street to guarantee their Gambling.  What a lovely and considerate Gift the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc provided for our Largess from Main Street.

Americans have also gotten their very own gift from the Eric Holder and BFF DO-NOTHING Department of “Just-Us” constructed their very own ‘Two-Tiered’ system of Injustice, effectively destroying the credibility of the United States Government to uphold “Equal Justice Under The Law.”

Now this 60 year failed policy of THE DECLARED WAR ON MAIN STREET, The Failed Prohibition has constructed the Unconstitutional Standing Army, the Vile NSA, The Gestapo States of America all for the Sheeple’s fleecing.

All I want for Christmas this year is an end to the Fascist States of AmeriKKKa. 


Rainy Days

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Rainy Days

This is from 7/16/09.

And from the Daily Bail Comedy:

And this just because I needed a giggle.

The rain this morning kept me lounging in bed till nearly 9:00 AM.  A rare occurence in my life.  I’m usually awake with the coffee pot brewing at 5:30 AM and out of bed by 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM now that I’m working the 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM shift.  A nice schedule to fuel a real nursery but I’m keeping my reservations on location.  The opportunity is upon me to find what I need to be a happy, healthy and successful single man.

The strawberries arrived via mail yesterday.  They repose in the bottom of the refrigerator on the top of my Bush Beer that I’ve been scaring for months now.  I think I’ve had 4 beers since the first of the year maybe 6.  The alcohol stopped ruling life with the departure of Mikey the Beer Sponge.  A saving grace, silver lining or whatever you want to view it as the net effect is positive and beneficial.

The Little Gem Butter Crunch lettuce is a true joy from the garden.  There is absolutely nothing better than murdering one of these lettuce and consuming the whole thing for lunch.  No remorse at all for the act.

Life consumes life.

Now if they were sentient beings I would have some reservations but having purchased the seed, planted the seed and tended the garden for the 8 weeks required to get these gorgeous tasty treats is the root of gratification and satisfaction.  Living well is always the best revenge.

It’s nearly lunch here, can you tell?

A little balsamic vinegarette some artichoke hearts, fresh pulled red onion a pickle and a few olives and I’m in hog heaven for hours.  I have some great dirty sweat sock white extra sharp cheddar that’s deadly too.  Maybe a little turkey and ham to do the protein thing because I’m out of my chick peas and sprouts.

Rick across the street is running a veggie stand with boiled peanuts so there is a market available.  Collards, Swiss Chard, Spinach (to die for, I’ve never seen prettier anyplace in the South) the Turnips are ready and this rain has everything pumped up.  The steam heat is coming on too.  I love the tropics.

The Bea Bird threw her last egg out of the box and is entertaining today with the whole repotoir from “Auntie Em! Auntie Em; there’s a twister coming.” t0: “Are you happy now?” in Dangerous Dan’s voice, through “Want OUT” followed by my evilist laughter. It is a rather joyous corner on the porch with Avery and Bea entertaining.

1:30 and the chores are finally done.  Swiss Chard, Collards, Turnips, a trudge full of Little Gem Butter Crunch Lettuce and Rick across the street is happy.  The pocket community here grazed off the garden gratis without question but the excess goes to market now.  Yeeeee Haw!