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Happy Terrorist Tuesday.
Moving through life these days takes on a very strange shape with our:

GESTAPO Police force,

The open CONTEMPT of We The People,

The two-tiered system of Justice that is no justice at all.


Our once great nation is infected with the scourge of Koch-Sucking slime like the Fascist Five on the SCOTUS, the Purchased Politicians and the election fraud of the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc. One has only to look at the OBSCENE Omnibus Bill that deserves VETO to grasp just how FASCIST this nation is.

As an American Citizen, just one voice in the cacophony of the 6 Corporate Super-Person owned and operated PROPAGANDA MACHINES, Americans are now being Terrorized by those Domestic Terrorist Cells in every town AmeriKKKa.
The media now howls Wolf again about “LONE-WOLF ATTACKS.”

The real Kicker for We The People on Main Street is the absolute abrogation, perversion and destruction of Justice, by the complete dereliction of duty of the Eric Holder & BFF DO-NOTHING DEPARTMENT OF “JUST-US” WHERE GESTAPO WALKS FREE AFTER MURDERS BY STRANGULATION, EXECUTION FOR JAY-WALKING, EXECUTION OF CHILDREN AT PLAY.

THE ENDORSEMENT of these very real facts of GESTAPO tactic BY IGNORING:

THE HEIST OF HISTORY, with Jamie Diamond personally crafting and lobbying for passage of a return to the gambling parlor that was the Heist of History.  Collusion to DEFRAUD is exactly what this Government & the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc are guilty of now.

THE PAST ADMINISTRATION’S CONVICTION FOR WAR CRIMES BY THE HAGUE somehow isn’t enough to trigger the trials and conviction of these murderers, torturers & traitors who scammed American Main Streets for $14 Trillion of Prosperity in their scorched-earth policy of “Deficits Don’t Matter” from ChainE & Lies into War of Dubya of the Dynasty of Death.

The reality of America today is that JUSTICE IS DEAD.

The American People oppressed by:

The Declared War On Main Street and the Vampire-Squid of the Financial & Military-Industrial Complex.

The Corporate Super-Person who steals the prosperity from main street with Government Subsidies to enable slave wages.

The Revolution is at hand and Civil Disobedience only goes so far.

My President Barack Obama, is the President who presided over the DESTRUCTION OF DEMOCRACY in the United States.


At 60 something now I find myself a stranger in this reality of Two-Tiered “Just-Us” System operating for the CRIMINALS who RAPED AMERICA and continue the Christ-O-Fascist & Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc.  Government privatization (scamming & embezzlement) has NOT reduced Government to a point where it can be drowned in a bathtub. 

The shredding of our Constitution by the Justice Department and the Fascist Five on the SCOTUS with the Purchased Politicians have MURDERED LADY LIBERTY AND NOW THEY ARE AFTER YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN THE DECLARED WAR ON MAIN STREET…  


Sunday Funnies?

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Sunday Funnies?

Marine Commandant General James Conway is afraid of teh Gays!  If we have this much power to incite fear in a Marine Commandant General they should be begging us to come frighten the enemies of the United States of America.

As an American I find this Republican Cults of Jesus Inc to be the most hysterically funny piece of hypocrisy from the Talibangelists who represent only their narrow position and the party line.

Corporate Communists, one and all.

For anyone and everyone who may have missed this link it is required reading.

If you haven’t had enough laughter for today there is a wonderful Bill Moyer’s piece about the Financial Reform process with the Chris Dodd Corporate Communist Collusion and Cooperation bill now heading through Congress.

Let’s just face the truth here; America is destroyed by the greed and Corporate Communist Cooperation from Capital Hill and there is slim to no chance of that ever being restored to a Democratic Republic.


And even more from the “C-Street Family” and their military counterparts from the Huffington Post. Excerpts from the complete piece are below.

Knowing that the Family’s agenda involves a worldwide strategy, one of the first things I looked at when Jeff brought me in on the C Street investigation was the travel records of the congressmen and senators known to be associated with the group. Members of Congress are required to disclose any travel paid for by private companies or organizations. What I immediately found were eighteen trips to foreign countries, taken by two senators and six congressmen, that had been paid for by the International Foundation, which is just another name for the Family. The senators taking these trips were John Ensign and Tom Coburn; the current congressmen were Robert Aderholt (R-AL), John Carter (R-TX), Mike Doyle (D-PA), Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), Joseph Pitts (R-PA), and Frank Wolf (R-VA).

In addition to his five foreign trips for the Family, Wolf also took a trip to “meet with government officials” in Kona, Hawaii, paid for by the International Foundation and the University of the Nations. What’s the University of the Nations? Well, it’s the Kona, Hawaii headquarters of the worldwide organization Youth With A Mission, the organization listed on the property records as owning the C Street House. Wolf was accompanied on this trip by former Ohio congressman Tony Hall. Neither Wolf nor Hall specified on their disclosure forms the country or countries of the government officials they met with.

Then there was the travel of Sen. James Inhofe, which did not show up in a search of the disclosures of foreign travel funded by the Family. That’s because Inhofe’s numerous trips to Africa were taken at the expense of the taxpayers, although there is no question that Inhofe was on a mission for the Family. Inhofe himself admitted this in a video, clips of which were shown by Rachel Maddow during one of Jeff Sharlet’s recent appearances on her show. In this segment, Jeff explained why the Family has been sending all these senators and congressman to foreign countries.

As I said at the beginning of this piece, MRFF’s monthly newsletter features a “Violation on Video,” which is often a video of service member doing something in uniform that military regulations prohibit them from doing in uniform. This month’s video stars Marine Lt. Col. Sam Mundy, one of the military liaisons who has accompanied Sen. Inhofe on his travels to Africa. In violation of military regulations, Lt. Col. Mundy appeared in full uniform on the Christian television programTotal Victory Today.

LTC Mundy’s appearance on this program in uniform isn’t just an example of a violation of military regulations. It’s also an good example of what those of us who research fundamentalist groups frequently run into — the multiple connections between the groups we’re looking at. In this case, it starts with the program’s producer, Total Victory Ministries, Inc., being affiliated with Student Venture, the high school and junior high ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Campus Crusade, of course, is also the parent organization of Christian Embassy, whose promotional video included two congressmen who are members of the Family. The Family’s C Street House is owned by Youth With A Mission (YWAM), whose founder, Loren Cunningham, has often told the story of how Campus Crusade’s founder, Bill Bright, was instrumental in the founding of YWAM and its strategy to take over the world — the “7 Mountains” strategy, in which the “mountain of business” must be controlled in order to take over all other “mountains of culture” and achieve dominion around the globe. Campus Crusade also runs Military Ministry, which is already firmly entrenched at all of our military’s largest basic training installations, the service academies, and ROTC campuses, and whose strategy for “transforming the nation” includes transforming the military, which “excercise[s] … the most intensive and purposeful indoctrination program of citizens,” into a force of “government-paid missionaries for Christ.”

Like the Family, Campus Crusade’s Christian Embassy has been sending members of Congress on missions to foreign countries. Two of these congressmen, Robert Aderholt and John Carter, who are also Family members, talked about these trips in the Christian Embassy promotional video. But, although Adeholt and Carter were clearly talking about traveling to Africa for Christian Embassy, we can find no record of these trips in their privately funded travel disclosures. In fact, the only Christian Embassy funded trip reported by any member of Congress was one trip taken by Aderholt to meet with the president of Paraguay.

In addition to the travel records of Family members, we’ve been looking at the earmarks these members of Congress have requested, and one of the first things to jump out were the earmarks for large chapel complexes on our military bases. Jeff Sharlet got into this subject a bit on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Among the most expensive and extravagant of these mega-church military chapel projects are two of those requested by members of the Family. One, requested by John Carter for Fort Hood, already received $17,500,000 in last year’s Defense Authorization Act, and this year’s House bill adds an $8,500,000 addition to the project, for a total of $26,000,000. The other is a $14,400,000 mega-church for Fort Campbell, already approved in both the House and Senate versions of this year’s bill. Requesting this earmark for Fort Campbell were the representatives of the two congressional districts in which Fort Campbell lies, which is who would normally be requesting an earmark for the base. But, also requesting this earmark was Family member Zach Wamp (R-TN), whose district is nowhere near Fort Campbell. Why is Wamp involved in this project? Well, a private group, the Citizens for Fort Campbell (CFFC), lobbied for it and Wamp pledged to help them get the funding for it. Wamp is on the House Appropriations Committee’s subcommittee for Military Construction, as is John Carter. In fact, three of the four republicans on this subcommittee are members of the Family. The third is Ander Crenshaw (R-FL).

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc appear to be ramping up their assault on the Separation of Church and State through the Military and these officers are in violation of their oaths by appearing in full uniform on Christian programs.  No wonder we have Biblical Verse engraved on gun sights with this kind of insidious infiltration of both the political process and military.

For those of us who take the separation of Church and State seriously these are links to Sarah Palin reporting:

And the Blackwater aka Xe Cults of Jesus connection spelled out:

This is the Bush-Cheney legacy and the foundation of exactly why these War Criminals and all connected to them must be brought to trial.

President Obama, end this Military Contracting now and bring this Domestic Terrorist threat to a close before they strike United States Civilians.  We are not safe on our own soil.

ReThink Afghanistan

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ReThink Afghanistan

With the news of XE aka Blackwater bidding on training Afghani Police I was struck with absolute horror.  Haven’t we learned our lessons with the murders in Iraq from this Military Contractor?

A larger question, in light of Caribou Barbie calling for war in Iran; haven’t we learned that was just doesn’t work?

The parallels between Viet Nam and the current wars are disgusting and deplorable and this war is just not winnable.

With the Cults of Jesus Inc, Right-Wing Republicans and the Industrial / Military / Congressional Complex working against President Obama for the destruction of America and crying for a reduction of deficits; ending these wars makes great sense.  Of course this 800 pound gorilla in the room is considered sanctified because it’s good business for the FED, good for business and keeps 130,000 able bodied troops overseas and occupied where they can’t be turned against the Oligarchy or the population of the USA.

Why is no one listening?

Why aren’t we ending these travesties of War and bringing George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the Bush Administration to trial for their war crimes, for murder and treason?

The information is available at as reported here all along during the debates leading up to the announced surge.

Remember that 404 members of the Senate and Congress voted against the Constitution of the United States of America in the Patriot Act.  To think that these traitors are going to develop any sense of fiscal responsibility with the demonstrations of TARP gifts to Wall Street and Banking, the fiasco of Health Insurance Reform selling out to the Insurance Companies and Drug Manufacturers, the Stimulus that favored the Oligarchy and leaves Main Street to suffer defines the intent of these purchased politicians.  Congress has the ability to end these wars and stop the Imperial Actions of the United States of America by withholding funding.  Game over.  Do you think it’s going to happen?

The American people, a majority of the American people want Universal Health Care and these pseudo-royalty line their campaign pockets and their personal pockets at the expense of their constituency.  This isn’t along party lines either.  This is a clear demonstration that the system is broken and the American People are rising up to effect a wholesale housecleaning the likes of which these corrupt bastards have no clue and it’s never been seen before.  The People of the United States of America are fed up with the status quo and the far right is winning as a result.  Change is coming rapidly.

This is the current business standard as reported in Sick For Profit.

Bill Moyers reports fairly, accurately and of the history and current events. None of us wants the current system to continue as we are squeezed ever harder by the growing costs of health care for profit.  Now there is nothing wrong with profit for the Doctors, Technicians, Nurses, Hospitals and Clinics but the middle man, the for profit Insurance Companies and Drug Companies have become greedy and drive the costs 25% to 30% higher to line their pockets and pay Wall Street profits.

Americans are ready willing and able to pay their fair share and Universal Health Care, Medicare or Medicaid for all is an honest solution that presents real competition to these greedy Corporate Communists.  Four Hundred Billion Dollars is what Americans currently pour into the Corporate Communist’s pockets in excessive administrative “costs” while people die from being denied coverage.  Do away with the Health Insurance Industry and save $4 trillion now.

Here is real cost relief for the Small Business People by getting the Insurance Company Corporate Communists out of their pockets.  We’ll still pay for the costs of medical care but at a reduced rate within the structure of our current tax payment methods.  Single Payer Universal Health Care is a business bail out.

Medicare wasn’t disruptive to the health care delivery system.  It was disruptive to the Insurance Industry Corporate Communists.  Medicare is a Socialist System that works just like our Libraries, Fire Departments, Police Forces are all Socialist Systems.  What is to fear?

The Insurance Industry, if it is to be competitive and survive, will provide Universal Health Care at reasonable costs or it will pass into non-existence as the horse and buggy have passed into being collector’s items.  This knowledge is what drives their rancorous rants on television commercials, their absolute spending spree in Washington, DC and on the State levels and it has served to expose the very corrupt nature of politics today.

This is about the people.  There is no doubt and the people understand clearly that purchased politicians do not have their best interest in mind or heart.  November is coming and this is open war on the incumbents without real reform that includes Universal Health Care.  I will not pay to the Corporate Communists one red cent.  I will pay my fair share into a national health program through my job or out of my own pocket but I will not pay the Corporate Communists ever.

For less than half the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq we could have Medicare for all and begin paying down the national debt now.  That’s the reality of the choices that are presented to us.  Why are we a global imperial force now with military bases in 191 countries or territories around the globe and not caring for our citizens?