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Just a quick rant from the past and I know you’ll appreciate it…


Freaky Friday 08.15.14

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Freaky Friday 08.15.14

The house is quiet this morning as I’m getting my coffee on the patio.  Florida Summer is here and I love this steam-heat and tropical rains.  I am in my element here with sunshine and cool sea breezes gently nudging the palm fronds into whispers.  I’m doing OK today since the back has decided to repair its self again although I’m sure it will jump up and bite me again it appears as if we have a truce today.  That’s a good thing for me.

The past few weeks have seen the escalation of the War On Main Street with murder by Gestapo Police recorded on camera with choke-holds and the Militarized Police showing off their Army surplus toys to intimidate after having gunned down an unarmed teen in Missouri while refusing to disclose the name of the officer responsible.  It is all too clear that this Gestapo of the Government’s creation is Hell-Bent on the oppression of the people.

The System of Government is intentionally broken and at the root of this lies the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc as the Meat-Puppets for their Corporate Masters.  Our Democratic Republic is purchased and we are all paying the price in loss of liberty and opportunity within this once great nation brought to her knees by the ChainE-Dubya Administration and continued through the Bush-Lite of Obama.

At no time in American History has a political party declared War on the American Citizens but the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc have done that since the shredding of our Constitution by the ChainE-Dubya administration of Torturers, Traitors and Treasonous bastards who lied us into war for their own enrichment.  These histories of the Dynasty of Death and Part 2 are the clearest statements of just how America has become the Gestapo State. 

We have a Do-Nothing Congress and worse a Do-Nothing Department of Injustice with Eric Holder & BFF letting the Banksters and Wall Street Fraudsters walk free and by not bringing charges against the War Profiteers and the Administration of Lies and Treason.  Add to this a racist and bigoted Reich Wing Tea Party driving the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus into insanity and War On Main Street and the demise of America is upon us. 

The murder of the United States of America began with warning from Ike Eisenhower about the Military Industrial Complex, continues through the assassination of John F Kennedy who cleaned house because of the “Northwoods Document” and was set to put America back on a Gold Standard by taking the ability to print money away from the FED.  Murder is what was achieved in that instance and it is clear that Murder will occur again with anyone attempting the same.  Nixon & Reagan’s “War On Drugs” was the declaration of War On Main Street and our Constitution with the birth of the Nanny State of corporate welfare.

Judge Jim Gray says it all and says it best in his Six Groups Who Profit From The War On Drugs.


The opening statement is more than enough for any right-thinking, right-acting American Citizen to understand just how vile and low this once great nation has sunk.  Our Representatives on Capitol Hill take $4,000.00 (based on $50,000.00 annual income) and send it to their Corporate Masters from each one of us yet only $360.00 goes to all food stamp, welfare and social relief funding.  Add to that the bloated Military that steals 35% of the revenue proceeds from America to piss away in their Global Terrorism.

It is long past time for Americans, for America’s Main Streets to rise up and bust the balls of these lying thieves and terrorists who inhabit Capital Hill.  Vote in November or be the victim of your own folly as this nation turns Christ-O-Fascist…

Happy Winter Solstice

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Happy Winter Solstice.

It is somehow appropriate that the darkest night of the year is upon us, we are furthest from the light now and look around us.

The United States of America is reduced to #38 in Global Rankings by the great grand Gilded Age rush to Globalism at everyone’s expense through the Heist of History made possible by the legitimized bribery on Capital Hill.

The Kabuki playing out is disgusting, ill-thought and sadistic in it’s direction.

America’s Main Street has survived the failure of our Banking and Wall Street regulations with purchased politicians pushing $4 Trillion into the hands of the 1% who own them.
Of course they did have the savings and loan debacle and the dotcom crash to practice.

America’s families have blood and treasure in Afghanistan and other locations globally who are guarding Opium Poppies for the Oligarchy and providing that direct cash pipe-line into the hands of the Military Contractors.

Thank you to all the brave Men & Women serving now and the Veterans for your service.

Americans have chosen.
War is more important than Main Street.
Feeding the greed of the Corporate Super-Person of Robert’s creation is more important than Main Street, education, infrastructure, health or the welfare of We The People.
Americans have pride in their national credit rating being reduced by gridlock and we support the purchased politicians lining their Fat-Cat sponsor’s pockets at all our expense.

Sometime back when real Statesmen walked the hallowed halls of Congress and the Senate there was a War on Poverty that no longer exists.  

For such a war-like nation we who live here wonder why that is true?

Why is there a War on the Population of the United States?

Americans live under siege.
The War on Drugs
The War on Women
The Culture War
The War on Civil Rights
The War on Kids
The War on Democracy

Face it America.
War is more important than Granny and Grampa being fed and cared for after a lifetime of citizenship and participation.
War is more important than the health and well being of all United States Citizens.
War is more important than growing this nation into a position of Global leadership through action and example.

America, the largest terrorist nation on the face of the Earth is at War with it’s citizens.

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Funny Day

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Funny Day

Sorry for the late posting; I’ve been distracted.

We’re in a war; they are a bunch of Socialists.  There coming for our…  Take this country back from the Socialists.

I’m really sorry folks but on many levels I agree with these people on the podium on principle but not heckler response inspired.  I cannot condone calls to violence ever and a call to war is unconscionable.  Freedom from Tyranny, Free Speech, The Constitution and Bill of rights but someplace in this disturbing clip the direction turns from equality for all to “equality for the privileged few.”  That’s my sticking point as it were.

I believe in the Presidency of Brack H Obama and respect the directions he has pointed to on many of the issues of the day.  The Republican Cults of Jesus and Koch brothers Tea-Tard Wasps will never accept a black or Democratic President just because of the privilege provided to them by Bush transfer of wealth.  What difference buying a Politician or buying the whole damned movement; right?

I promote voter registration and going to the polls.

We are all Americans although I identify with the pain and the fear, the foundation must be reality and not Faux Noise propaganda.  Yes, I feel threatened by the government.  News from Arizona, Virginia, California, Maine, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire all cause alarm on multiple levels. The obvious Purchased Positions of Politicians who have inflamed and misdirected while the Plutocracy looted are not to be trusted ever.  I feel even more threat from the Theocrats with 7 Mountain Mandates of Dominion and the fruits of those labors in Uganda and the minds of the uninformed.  Perhaps it is a measure of critical thinking confronting reality.

What’s so bad about Socialsim?  This group spewing vitriol is enjoying socialized medical care; I’m not.  The VA Hospitals are Socialized Medicine, Medicare is socialized, Social Security, your money, is socialized elder-care and should be.  The Iraqi citizens get Socialized Medicine and my country won’t extend the same to me?  The Socialist structures are toll roads. I’ll happily pay for my peers and parents care in small portions with every debt exchange coupon but you will never get me to pay Corporate Communist Insurance Companies a “God Almighty Profit” for the right of health care.

It is clear why I fled the Atlanta-tude expressed in the above video.  Give me a patch of paradise anytime. Living behind enemy lines in the heart of the Bible belt with a detour to the 1950s provided me insights I may not have grasped without the experience.  If you think the rhetoric above is seditious, violent, fringe or insane just understand IT IS GENUINE!  These arrogant, ignorant Cults of Jesus Inc group-think, threat to their own foot, pandering to polluted thinking; then remain silent in the Fall.  These creatures are organized in Evangelical Enclaves that extend through Prince Blackwater aka Xe and the 7 Mountain Mandate of Dominion over all.  Deutscheland uber ales. Bush and Cheney Built this machine and we know it.

From 3 years ago:

From 1 year ago”

I won’t do the third repetition; it should be hammered home.

I’m absolutely enraged, completely insenced over the Bush Transfer Of Wealth Campaign.  War Criminal, greatest theft ever and left all the perps in place to do it all over again.  Go figure.

What is clear in the opening video is that these poor, misdirect by the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and the Koch Brothers Tea-Tards Wasps were easily manipulated by Faux Noise into Obama-Hate and one can only marvel at the Rupert Murdock / Roger Ailes propaganda machine’s trial run turned programming al-la Bushite group-think.  I support the First Amendment but there are limits to civil discussion that do not include Lies to inflame and Lies period from anyone representing themselves as “News;” “Journalism” is beyond their grasp with Hannity, O’Reilley, Beck and crew.

Sister Sarah Screech Palin isn’t worth the grifting she’s accomplished.

On the same tone: Michelle Bachman, Mr Braun, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Mitch McConnel all deserve full-fledged Censure by their peers.

We know the tools, we know the results, what’s the cure with 98% of the Population suffering, focused on 2% who are corrupt, greedy Corporate Communists?

You want to identify an “enemy?”

I think I would look to that 2% quickly.

What is good about this Financial Regulation?

The Democratic, “It’s a start.” When it damned well should be; Audit and End the FED.  Restore Glass-Steagall, two years ago so do it now.

Bring the criminal charges, RICO and Recover,  7 billion across 310,000,000 is a $40,000 bonus I could sure use now.  The Corporate Communists and Oligarchy have stopped all credit to the 98% to continue the punishment, inflame the war and enrich themselves at all our expense.  War?  One only needs understand how the FED operates to our detriment, has not fulfilled it’s directive ever and feeds the Oligarchy is not far-fetched.

Resolution authority.  The Lairs rule…LOL

Higher Capital requirements.  When was the last time your private bank got to print you all the money you ever need?  That’s what the FED does.  A private bank printing US Money.

Audit and End the FED.

The FED regulates?  Hardly.  We don’t have to look far to hear Timothy Geithner admit “failure of regulatory oversight” and whine about “not having a crystal ball” while paying off on par.  Way to go Timmy; you are the lynchpin tool alongside your butt-buddy Bernanke who printed the cash to perpetrate the fraud and then did it again for Greece…  Woo Hoo the rape goes on and not even the courtesy of a reach around…

The Geithner Treasury gave away the bank on a Cheney-esqu “Deficits don’t matter” on “on par” or $1 for $1 purchase of “Toxic Assets?”  The same assets they are foreclosing now? Build the house at someone else’s expense with second rate material warranted as grade “A” prime; insure the house, sell the mortgage knowing it will fail, Insure self against the failure of the second-rate warranted as grade “A” prime, strangle the ecomony to torch the house collecting the insurance on the house, for the mortgage and ending up with the house back as an asset to be sold again.

Folks, wake up!  This is the ultimate Scam.  Clinton’s Whitewater led to Bush’s Bilderberg twice; today we see the bones of the Bush / Cheney adminstration.  Torture, Wars, Spying on the Citizens, failing to uphold the Constitution.  I wonder if Dubya ever remembered that silly little oath of office?   Hmmmm? An illegal private standing army in Military Contractors controlled by the Corporate Communists as they’ve purchased the Politicians and push legislation that lets the vampires continue to feed.  The Corporate Communist Masters have cracked the whip and the Purchased Politicians are now going to tow the line and give the Wall Street and Banksters just what they want in an open gambling parlor and failure to break up the too big to fail.  Liars and thieves everyone.

In Arizonia Latino Americans now have to carry immigration papers.  If you don’t look American you may be arrested and forced to prove who you are.  With a McCain endorsement.  There’s something big coming folks and don’t you ever forget you heard it hear first.  This nonsense has to stop.

I keep hearing these commercials on TV about, and clearly stating after video of an IED explosion in Iraq/Afghanistan; “This is what our troops are up against.  IEDs are being manufactured in Iran. Every $1 in gas translates into $1.5 billion for our enemy Iran.”  Sure sounds like a sophisticated run up to war.  Use a non-profit or US Veteran’s organization to air it.  That’s a good Oligarchy, the huddled masses won’t notice.

Watch this closely folks.  The Oligarchy, the Plutocrats have lied us into 2 wars and will not stop until World War is accomplished with the United States as focus for the rage positioned globally.  The New World Order wants you to breed and be merry to feed the cannon fodder need.  They are coming for you now.

There should be a one person, one vote; vote of confidence.  What are the Census returns Statistics?  The rate of return dates could be a great test of good sheeple, bad sheeple for the coming charge of the Theocracy to shatter the Plutocrats, the Oligarchs, The Corporate Communists; do you feel like a pawn yet?  You should.

President and Mrs Obama, please accept my apology.

I hear and understand the concept of “Looking Forward And Not Looking Back.” However, there comes a time for full accountability and with the fruits of the George W Bush Administration and Corruption it’s about time we acted and brought these War Criminals, confront the Treasonous malfeasance and unconstitutional acts of these creeps to trial and conviction.  We must look back and face the criminal history to move forward with a clean conscious, retribution and restitution.

Rachel Maddow had this hysterical re-enactment of testimony from the Georgia Legislature and the “No Humans Micro-chipped” is now the law of Georgia.  Damn, that New World Order is foiled now we’ve got them Gays and the Government at bay.

Georgia Legislature; micro chip implants. in your genitals… ROTLMAO

“MY VAGINAL-ANUS AREA. (A Taint implant!) I’m under the DOD coming before the coming before the US Appeals Court. They voted for the bill…” ROTFLMAO  Oh my… I’ve only loosely quoted.

Life is stranger than fiction could ever be: The Scott Brown, Sister Make It Up On The Spot.  LMAO  What a hoot that piece is.  God knows I love Rachel.  Scott Brown lies about Rachel running and Rachel just keeps calling him out.  Karma is good.

Jabba The Rush is jabbering about the Earth opened up; God may have replied.  God is punishing Iceland?

It’s amazing that England has a mass transit system; France Le Grand Vitei the Bullet Train to immediately take up the traffic from London to Paris, the rail and mass transit systems are all still functioning.  I don’t buy this loss of commerce…  These thieves are just building debt.  A few days or a few weeks they’ll cope with a few derivatives.

The Corporate Communist Puppet who is retiring has identified his intent with the Chris Dodd Corporate Communist Collusion and Cooperation Act Of 2010.  Haveing spent way too much time reading the damned legislation I’m just totally disheartened and understand this will be another Democratic give away and know third world status is upon us.

Restore Glass-Steagall and tear down the “Too Big To Fail” who played ponzi and are caught.

Dorothy Height: “Civil rights are civil rights. There are no persons who are not entitled to their civil rights. We have to recognize that we have a long way to go, but we have to go that way together.” – Civil rights pioneerDorothy Height, speaking to the Human Rights Campaign in 1997. Height died today at the age of 98.

Long time Political Activist David Mixner being honored by the HRC received this video from the UK:

Thank you for your hard work Mr. Mixner.

On a less than pretty front the news out of Jacksonville about Clay Yarborough opening up and doing a full-throated Cults of Jesus act of ignorace and bigotry is best defined as “You shall make no test for religion for public office.”  I think we should and qualify candidates who fulfill the demographics just to insure these kinds of assholes get their bigoted voices heard.  This is one of the best defining acts of the Cults of Jesus Inc in the past few months displaying their ignorance and inability to understand critical thinking or the Constitution.  From JoeMyGod.

And in a somewhat related story:

Seems like a First Amendment issue to me.

And a moment of pure giggles courtesy of Betty White:

It’s over at JoeMyGod for the whole piece.  It’s a hoot.

Edits for future reference:

I was giggling to myself during Rachel Maddow tonight with the “Guns Rights Rally” in Washington DC…  Big ole Bull Dygga nearly made me cringe in a corner…  I was askeert of it.

We have a lot of enemies, in Congress and the White House.  This is all about protecting ourself from a tyrannical denial of rights.  What a pretty crew.

There are better methods of communication.  I like the kids position of Days of Silence.

Michelle Bachmann crazies.

Jabba the Rush requires a muzzel

Conservative Mythology

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Conservative Mythology


Satan’s Spawn Sister is yakking her hate speech for the Cults of Jesus Catholic bigots position.  Vile liar and uninformed arrogant hate and fear monger.  I wonder how much of our tax dollars are paying for her yammering?

The longest running war in US History is being renamed to Operation “New Dawn.”

What a crock of shit!

With what is pissed away in the sands for oil and Oligarchy we could be providing health care to American Citizens but instead it’s going in the pockets of XE/Blackwater and other Military Contractors and rebuilding a country we just bombed into oblivion.  That makes sense now doesn’t it?

Poor George and Dick Cheney lied and we went to war in Iraq just because Poor George wanted to.  Conservative truth from the 12-step manual of searching for Gogg and Magogg in the Middle East.

There is a beautiful Tabebuia chrysotricha blooming it’s brains out all golden yellow just down the street where I can enjoy the overall form of the creature showing off it’s skills.

The cost of these Wars is obscene in actual lives and in the cash flowing through the Military.  Ike warned us.  If this is what you want your future and your children’s futures to look like then just keep on keeping on like the good old conservative bullshit spews is best.  It’s all nonsense of course but they like to make believe a lot.

Equal Protection Under The Law

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Equal Protection Under The Law

“Protect the Children” is the central focus of the Hate Campaign from the Catholics’ NOM and the Satanic Sister of Hate Maggie Gallagher.  This is echoed from the Evangelicals and the LDS/Mormons who combined spent $43 million dollars on Prop H8 in California.

How nice to know they are the real enablers, but then that’s a good Catholic trait now isn’t it?


From an earlier Supreme Court Ruling:

Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival…. To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment, is surely to deprive all the State’s citizens of liberty without due process of law. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial discrimination. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State. Loving v Virginia on the topic of inter-racial marriage.

Several facts come into play when speaking of the Civil Rights of LGBT United States Citizens today.  The first of this is the Religious Right’s determination to suppress the public seeing testimony from the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial.

More important to mainstream America is the fact that the right-wing media is completely ignoring the events of this trial and have not provided any coverage of the expose’ of hate presented in this proceeding.

Then there are the ultimate Conservatives in the Ted Olson, David Boies representation of two California LGBT couples who desire marriage.  This is solidly founded in the 14th amendment to the United States Constitution and the LGBT Community is watching this with passion as are their families, children, friends and supporters.

The same conditions exist in the repeal of the military’s repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell concerning the service of LGBT persons within the armed services.  With our military pushed to the limit by wars on two fronts and a massive relief effort in Haiti, the military actions in Columbia and assistance to Mexico in the drug wars; it is increasingly clear that the real cost of this perverse punishment for humans with the God-given attributes of homosexuality, bisexuality or transgendered orientation cannot be sustained.  The high-profile case of Lt Dan Choi and several other Arabic translators in the recent past pointing up the waste of millions of dollars in training, and the skills these patriotic humans provided, is becoming too much to intelligently sustain on this insane bigoted policy of fear and hate.

What is rapidly developing in the United States is a strong intolerance for the McCarthyism, the Hate and Fear pandered by the Right-Wing Republicans, Religious Cults of Jesus and Tea Bagging Wingnuts who have dominated the public discussions for far too long.

The outright lies from the Cults of Jesus and Right-Wing Republicans or Tea Bagging Wingnuts is clearly heard, seen and rejected.  The most graphic example of this is the “Death Panel” claim produced from the honest presentation of end of life options and planning within the proposed Health Care Reform in our politics.  The results of Bigotry and Hate from the Cults of Jesus in California’s Prop H8 recently documented in court and are insidiously present in our Military in reality of the day-to-day discrimination against the LGBT community promoted and endorsed by these vile creatures hiding behind scripture and lies.

Americans do not accept Hate.


Our President, Barack H Obama, is slow in acting upon the equal protections under the law of LGBT Citizens perhaps out of fear of the Cults of Jesus, Right-Wing Republicans or Tea Bagging Wingnuts but this is a condition that will not last as the majority of Americans clearly hear the hate, see the prejudice and know the discrimination expressed by these religious zealots who desire dominion and their end times as a self-fulfilling prophesy.  The Birthers, the Deathers, the Tea Bagging Bigots and Cults of Jesus are exposed and are clearly recognized as McCarthy-esque, the lunatic fringe.

What Americans, Californians in particular, have suddenly become aware of is the absolute absurdity of the campaign of hate directed by the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus in concert and the real political terrorism that they’ve conducted at great cost to their congregations and the Citizens of California.  The amounts of money directed at Hate legislation from California to Maine is obscene to Americans.  Honest Americans understand that Adam and Steve or Eve and Anna getting married will have no effect upon them directly or indirectly and the insanity from these Churches amounts to pure, unadulterated Hate.

Americans also are absolutely repulsed at the obscene and repugnant acts of this same Cults of Jesus squandering of resources on hate through a political action where Lies to induce Fear and Hate is the clear intention.  Americans are very able to accept differences in belief and respect the sanctity of the individual but we will never endorse prejudice, hate and discrimination.


From the Courage Campaign’s Robert Cruickshank comes this quote of the evidence admitted today into Judge Walker’s 9th District California Supreme Court:

“This morning’s evidence made the Prop 8 side’s strategy crystal clear — use fear and lies to promote hate. It is horrifying that Prop 8 proponents would compare marriage equality to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and imply that marriage equality will open the door to pedophilia, incest and bestiality.”

“Ron Prentice, Andrew Pugno and their Prop 8 team — with the highly capable and apparently deeply cynical leadership of Frank Schubert — created a permanent campaign to scare voters into believing that same-sex marriage would threaten children, undermine America and lead to every form of illicit behavior imaginable.”

“This evidence is not just a smoking gun. It was an arsenal of incendiary devices directed at the LGBT community and voters. This is how the Prop 8 side won — through fear and lies.”

“Finally, this morning we saw indisputable, documented evidence in the form of emails and videos that Ron Prentice and Protect Marriage coördinated closely and relied upon the Catholic Church, the LDS Church, the Family Research Council, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage to get Prop. 8 on the ballot and to win through a campaign of lies.”

“Last week, the Supreme Court erased decades of precedent by ruling that corporations have the same rights as people when it comes to speech. Let’s hope that the court will as readily see that LGBT people have at least the same rights as corporations and surely the same rights as other people.”

What are the result of these demonstrations of hate from the Cults of Jesus in California and Maine?

Thanks to Jeff Sarlett, American’s distrust of religion is reinforced through the publicity that organizations like the “Fellowship” or the “-Street Family” in Washington, DC that avoids transparency like the plague has suffered in exposing their manipulations in United States Government.  This distrust continues through Saddleback Church’s Rick Warren’s involvement and that of Five United States Congressmen (members of the Family) in the “Kill the Gays” legislation in Uganda are exposed.  Mr. Warren’s “Purpose Driven” nation of Uganda is tied closely with the Bahati author of this bill and the Ssempa who sponsored the seminars of hate from Americans Scott Livley and Cohen who are “experts in homosexuality” and on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Organizations list.

The American Public is mounting efforts to Tax the Church.

These Cults of Jesus, once seen as religious organizations, are now recognized as Political Action Committees to open Terrorists with the murder of Dr Tiller.  These, once sheltered, organizations are now ripe for taxation with demonstrations of liquidity like Rick Warren’s plea for $900,000.00 being answered in hours.  The Catholic Cults of Jesus demand for $30 donations to fund the anti-Gay marriage actions in Maine and the LDS/Mormon demand in California are other graphic demonstrations of just how liquid these organizations are and how political they have become.  In their Campaign of Hate for Prop 8 in California these organizations raised a reported $43 million to spend on institutionalizing their hate.  Given their penchants to bear false witness and outright lie the actual dollar amounts are probably much in excess of this reported amount.  The LDS/Mormons have already reported as much to California authorities.

Theocracy is not tolerated within the United States and American Citizens see clearly the results of this in the Taliban in Afghanistan, the repression of the Iranian peoples and, if one is to believe the lying Faith-Based George W Bush, within the conditions that existed before the American illegal invasion of Iraq.

What the Cults of Jesus have accomplished in their subversion of the Republican Party is best demonstrated by Congressman Jim DeMint’s opposition of a highly qualified candidate for Transit Security based on fear of unionization and collective bargaining; the lies of “death panels” that is understood now; the rants of Faux Nuz anchors claiming Tiger Woods should have a “come to Jesus” moment to repair his obviously broken life.  The arrogance, the ignorance and the underlying hate is clear.  Dominionists one and all with George W Bush admitting to the French Prime Minister that the demons Gogg and Magogg were at work in the Middle East as their crowning jewel.

Perhaps one of the most damning pieces of evidence against the Cults of Jesus is the TV Commercial prepared by NOM and endorsed by Satan’s Sister of hate, Maggie Gallagher aka “the gathering storm.”  No better example of the Cults of Jesus hate and fear mongering may ever be presented as this malicious piece of anti-gay propaganda aired at great cost to the Cults of Jesus supported by the Catholics, Evangelicals and LDS/Mormons.  There are many others that these lying hate mongers presented but this one is Satan’s Sister Maggie’s proudest moment.


The Cults of Jesus are hard at work in South Carolina too.

In a story brought to us by Lt. Gov Andre (Is he or isn’t he?) Bauer, reported in “The State his quote follows:

“My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals,” Bauer told a Greenville-area crowd. “You know why?”

“Because they breed.”

Bauer continues:

“You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much further than that. And so what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to curtail that type of behavior. They don’t know any better.”

What wonderful Christian sentiments from the Republican from South Carolina.  It’s almost as pretty as Joe “you lie” Wilson’s scream-fest in the joint session of Congress with President Obama.  Or what about walks on the Appalachian Trail with a mistresses in Argentina? The despicable screamers, obstructionists’ fear of unions causing highly qualified appointees to flee and determination to bring President Obama to his “Waterloo” as the proud C-Street Family member Jim DeMint crows. These, along with the always attractive basic Bigotry of the Cults of Jesus, are Lt Gov  Andre (Is he or isn’t he?) Bauer’s  gifts from South Carolina for all our entertainment.  Let’s not forget BJ University either.



The Brad Blog and Velvet Revolution reported on the Biblical Verses inscribed on the sights of United States Military Issue weapons in use in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The manufacturer, Trijicon enjoys a nearly $1 billion in Pentagon contracts and has agreed to provide modification kits to the Pentagon to enable the removal of the references that are already on the weapons in the field.

A member of the military, serving in Afghanistan, writes:

I am a U.S. Army infantry soldier with the rank of [rank withheld]. I am married with children. I am stationed at Fort [installation name withheld]. I have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times. I have been awarded medals for direct combat engagement as well as for injuries and wounds received in hand-to-hand combat.

I am a Muslim American. My family converted when I was very young. I am caucasian and have a last name that does not sound ethnic. Therefore, few of my fellow soldiers know that I am a Muslim. My wife comes from a Christian tradition but rarely practices or attends church. I have witnessed terrible religious persecution in the my [number withheld] years in the Army. Most of it comes from “angry” conservative Christians in my unit chains of command and occasionally from my fellow infantry soldiers.

I am very familiar with the Trijicon ACOG gunsights and have often had them as part of my personal weapons; both my M-4 and my M-16. In my first 2 deployments I saw and experienced no incidents regarding the New Testament bible quotes that are written on the metal casing of the gun sights. Many soldiers know of them and are very confused as to why they are there and what it is supposed to mean. Everyone is worried that if they were captured in combat that the enemy would use the bible quotes against them in captivity or some other form of propaganda.

As an American soldier I am ashamed that those bible quotes are on our primary weapons. As a Muslim American I am horrified. As one who swore his oath to the Constitution, I am driven to fight this Christian insanity but I know if I try to do so in a visible way that I will suffer at the hands of my military superiors. I am of low enlisted rank and can be crushed easily. I am prepared to suffer, but I am not prepared for my wife and children to suffer. So I have reached out to MRFF because there is nowhere else safe to go to try to fight this thing of disgrace.

There are many other soldiers who feel as I do. Many are Protestant and Catholic and they fear reprisal just as much as I do for trying to stand up to the Christian bullies in uniform who outrank us. But if you try to fight back, you are not “asking” for trouble, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE from the start. And if you are a Muslim American, the hatred is always just below the surface and ready to explode at a moment’s notice. After the Fort Hood shootings, it was so bad, even for a low profile Muslim like me, that I had to ask MRFF for help.”

Read the complete piece at Bradblog for additional enlightenment.

In the comments #21 on this piece appears this response:

As the Director of Veterans Affairs for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (I am a volunteer – I receive NO pay) I have received and read countless e-mails from Fundamentalist Dominionist Christian bigots who spew vitriol and hatred out of one side of their mouths and accuse the MRFF and its activists of discriminating against Christians out of the other. Of course they are just projecting. Approximately 97% of the MRFF’s clients are Christians – Christians who are suffering discrimination at the hands of other Christians who consider them “not Christian enough.” As a result of this discrimination by Christians against Christians within the military and Dept. of Veterans Affairs I have represented far more Christians than all others combined. As an example, recently I represented two Catholic veterans of multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan who had been denied access to PTSD therapy groups at a V.A. facility because they weren’t considered to be “born again”. Those overseeing and conducting the therapy groups were only willing to include “born again” Christians in their groups. Tell me: is that acceptable to you?

In point of fact the Military Religious Freedom Foundation doesn’t discriminate against anyone; we represent individuals of all faiths (as well as those who espouse no faith) who have and are experiencing discrimination as a result of their own faith (or non-faith). If one were privy to the day to day efforts of the foundation one would realize that we wouldn’t miss a beat in rising to the defense of even a Fundamentalist Dominionist Christian if he/she were suffering discrimination based on his/her faith at the hands of a superior officer, NCO or V.A. health care provider. Our objective is to uphold the Constitution of the United States and put a stop to agents of the State using their positions of power to impose their religious beliefs on others. Unfortunately it is the Fundamentalist Dominionist Christian hoards who not only seek to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and impose a theocracy based on their narrow religious beliefs, but are unwilling to wait for that to happen. They are hard at work right now promoting their own within the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs and are the overwhelming scourge that discriminates against those who don’t share their beliefs. Not a day goes by when The Foundation doesn’t hear from an assortment of servicemen/women and veterans who are suffering as a result of religious discrimination at the hands of Fundamentalist Dominionist Christians in positions of power.

One must realize that these Fundamentalist, Dominionist Christian radicals will not back down. They will not stop seeking to impose their beliefs on others. They will not apologize and they will not moderate themselves – they consider moderation to be the religious equivalent of treason. And, in fact, they are famous for flooding the media with complaints that “the Christian faith is under attack in America” every time an individual or group stands up to their efforts to impose their beliefs on others. It’s time for the American public to wake up and see that it is the rest of us who are being attacked by these crusaders. Every time you see or hear the right wing, Fundamentalist Dominionist Christians screaming bloody murder, claiming that Christianity is once again under attack in America, look more closely, you will see that they are the ones attacking the rest of us and somebody or some group has just had the courage to stand up to them. They want to frighten us into sitting down and shutting up. We need to be courageous and refuse to sit down and shut up…and then maybe others will draw courage from us and join us in our efforts to rebuild and fortify the wall of separation between Church and State in America. The future of our Republic depends on it. These bigots want a theocracy. I don’t know about you, but I won’t settle for anything less than democracy!

And here ya‘ll thought it was just me talking out my ass about the Cults of Jesus and this clear and present danger that these insane Dominionists present.  This is the Terrorist threat that George W Bush embodied and that President Barack H Obama has to develop enough courage to face now…

In God We Trust

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In God We Trust

This is history in the making.  The trial transcripts through prop8trialtracker are remarkable.

On to what is coming and the danger presented by the Cults of Jesus.  Say your prayers that this theocracy in the Cults of Jesus taking over the Republican Party will not come to fruition.  We all must get out and vote to insure that our voices are heard.

Joan Bokaer of Cornell University’s Theocracy Watch provides a reasoned voice on the reality of what the Republican (Cults of Jesus) George W Bush’s faith-based initiative and administration was all about.  Make no mistake, we will be generations cleaning up this mess from the Religious Right and the meat puppet who began the implimentation of this Cults of Jesus Theocracy. Dumb as a Box of Rocks, George W Bush and the Torturer Dick Cheney presented us with War on United States soil that has absolutely nothing to do with the terrorist attack on the Twin Trade Towers on 9/11.  Today we are fighting Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, On Drugs and domestically against the Corporate Communists and the Cults of Jesus Fascists.

I’ve patiently listened to the Religious Right carry-on and whine about The United States of America being founded on “Christian principles” like “in God we trust” and I can only agree.

America was founded upon the “in God we trust” mindset but that is clearly with a resounding mistrust of religion.

The Founding Fathers fled the religious persecution of Western Europe where the Catholic and Protestant schisms became divisive to the point of wars.  The Catholic church’s meddling in politics to the points of near total theocracy in Italy, France, Spain and England are all integral portions of history.  Is it any wonder that these refugees, who fled Europe for the shores of what was to become the United States of America, would have a devout trust in God but an absolute fear and abhorrence for religion?

Is there any doubt why, within America, the Citizens privately practice the religion of their choice and accept the separation of church and state as the very foundation of the culture and civilization we have produced?  Is there any doubt in any real American’s mind that it is exactly the diversity and ability to respect each other that has provided this nation a Global position of leadership by example?

What the Cults of Jesus fail to recognize is the founding principal of religious freedom that this country was built upon and the reality that our government, once free, clearly divorced from religion in the Treaty of Tripoli in 1797 where it is stated: “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…” And is further reinforced in article 6 in the United States Constitution: “no religious test shall ever be required as Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States” prior to the inclusion of the Bill of Rights.

Within the Bill of Rights, the first amendment to the US Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” and this forms the foundation for the Supreme Court’s interpretations of the “separation of church and state” doctrine.  Jefferson was very clear in this “Wall of separation.”

The 19th Century Union Theological Seminary historian Philip Schaff observed: “The American separation of church and state rests upon respect for the church; the (European anticlerical) separation, on indifference and hatred of the church, and of religion itself…  The constitution did not create a nation, nor its religion and institutions.  It found them already existing, and was framed for the purpose of protecting them under a republican form of government, in a rule of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Within today’s Cults of Jesus Dominionist actions in taking over the Republican Party, making legislative runs on the Constitution, establishing a Tea Party and generally pushing a theocratic position toward the general population of the United States of America is a dangerous and new religious movement clearly defined.  This seditious to treasonous action deserves very close attention by our FBI, criminal charges and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

The Dominionists are predominantly the new evangelicals however capitalistic Calvinists are the epitome of this idea of Dominion in that their accumulation of wealth and power is the direct result of a pious (regardless of the innocent lives destroyed in the accumulation of that wealth and power) life and it is an entitlement.

The Bush family is a graphic example of this Capitalistic Calvinist with George W Bush being a poster child.

Sarah Palin is the Evangelical side of the Dominionist coin and it is equally endowed with a sense of entitlement that in both instances is unearned and very undeserved.

Neither Bush or Palin are able to tell the truth and both lie as fluently as they “believe” in their respective Cults of Jesus.  This is an endemic condition within the “faith-based” system they’ve found convenient for their personal purposes.

It is no mystery that the Oligarchy, the Corporate Communists, found a willing tool in George W Bush and his Faith-Based administration that repeatedly and continually leveled religious tests against employees of the government and, to add insult to injury, threw open the vault at the US Treasury to feed the greed of Wall Street, Banking and the Insurance Industry Corporate Communists.

Goldman-Sachs CEO in his famous “Doing God’s work” quote clearly demonstrates this point as this firm and many others wouldn’t have survived without the United States Taxpayer’s intervention and the contempt of the US Citizens and that inflated sense of entitlement is clear.  Paying out bonuses for corrupting and nearly destroying the global economy is yet another example.

The behavior of the Corporate Communists in their continued manipulation of the domestic economy by withholding business loans, mortgages and consumer loans adds to the indictment and presents a much more malevolent picture than has been painted by Corporate Communist controlled mass media.

President Barack H Obama deserves his Peace Prize for NOT being George W Bush but also deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor for dealing with the travesty of foreign policy, three wars, an economy in ruins dumped on him by the Corporate Communists (The FED) as Dumb as a Box of Rocks, Faith-Based Bush with the Butt-Buddy and Torturer Dick(less) Cheney, in an immature and vindictive Republican effort to destroy the President prior to his inauguration, were responsible for the mess they delivered intentionally to this incumbent President.  Never in history has any President ever faced the divisive and despicable conditions that Barack H Obama has confronted and, much to his credit, contained.  This, more than any other reality is the Cults of Jesus, Faith-Based Hate and contempt of the American people delivered into reality and we Americans have accepted this and still accept it.

No other President in history has ever confronted and prevailed so successfully as President Barack H Obama.  This man has achieved more in his first year than FDR, Lyndon Baynes Johnson, Reagan or any other President in history.  I am eternally grateful for the calm, steady and measured hand of President Barack H Obama in the affairs of the United States of America and will continue to demand criminal charges for his prior administration and their acts of treason, fraud, lies and deceit.

Dick Cheney and his demon-spawn daughter sniping at President Barack H Obama’s calm and measured response to the Boom of the Loom bomber is one more graphic example of the intent of these vile and despicable creatures who intentionally, vindictively and sadistically have brought America to third-world status.  The Religious Republican Cults of Jesus chorus on this topic sets a clear agenda of destruction in place.  Sarah Palin’s ignorant yammering only reinforces this clear agenda of destruction from the Cults of Jesus.  These Cult of Jesus crazies are hell-bent on having their apocalypse, attaining their rapture now.

End the Wars, Bring Bush and Cheney to trial, bring the Corporate Communists to trial and restore America to liberty and justice for all.

From February of 2007 this message of the Christian Fascist has resounding implications and is moving ever closer to being realized.

Have you ever seen or heard of an amputee being “healed” by Christian Miracle through faith?

How do the current Corporate Evangelicals live the rock-star life?

I encourage anyone and everyone to plow through God And Whose Army for an experience in current events and enlightenment to better prepare you for what is coming as we confront the real and pressing threat of what’s coming from the Cults of Jesus distracting us from the Oligarchy that is working to destroy America.

Wake up America!

Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Warrior

This is the Bush / Cheney mercenary movement:

Blackwater, now Xe, and other mercenary Military Contractors are one of the factors making our activities in Afghanistan and Iraq more dangerous than at any other time in history.  That George W Bush and Dick Cheney made use of Military Contractors only reinforces the pay-offs to the Corporate Communists who profit from wars and in whose best interest any and all wars are because they remove the threat on US soil and leave them free to rape and pillage government.


I’ve been reading God And Whose Army here on-line and although I’m not much for philosophical epistemology I do have to admit that I feel much better armed, better equipped to deal with discussions concerning politics, religion and moral position in life as a direct result.  I recommend plowing through it.

A great part of my motivation for making this journey through learning to structure thought into place and then apply this to politics is the mail that comes through from the Christians and Cults of Jesus alike.  The right-wing conservatives living in fear and determined to anchor all of us within the constructs that have continually failed will not succeed as this new world approaches.

The Republicans’ memory problems continue with Guliani carrying on about “There wasn’t a Terrorist Attack on President Bush’s watch” is just absolute nonsense.  Re-writing history may work in the petty, narrow and faith-based construct of Mr Guliani but for we reality-based humans this is absolute insanity.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Carl Rove and the Bush Cabinet lied to the American Citizens and created a much more dangerous world as a result of their faith-based actions invading Iraq.  We must bring these criminals to trial and conviction to demonstrate to the world that America is restored to vitality, honesty, integrity and our leadership by example will inspire the global revolution.

From God And Whose Army:  “Former French President Jacque Chirac additionally maintains that President Bush privately remarked to him in 2003 that Gog and Magog, precursors to the end of days in the Biblical legend, had appeared in the Middle East.  Bush had apparently made the reference to appeal to Chirac’s Christianity in asking for his country’s coöperation in the impending Iraq invasion, which he saw as divinely mandated.  These comments are in line with previous remarks Bush has made to world leaders.”

There is additional documentation from God And Whose Army:

The Downing Street Memo, a leaked document in which British officials complain of Bush’s willingness to alter intelligence to fit the U.S. policy goal of regime change in Iraq, was made public in 2005. The responses by Bush and Blair were instructive: McClellan, then White House spokesman, claimed that he had not read the memo yet was certain it was inaccurate; Blair simply reiterated that the memo changed nothing about the case for invasion and that it was Hussein who forced the Coalition to act. Secretary of State Colin Powell’s reluctance to push the case for war is further proof that intelligence was deliberately skewed: Powell assembled his own team to review the information prepared by Paul Wolfowitz, excised dozens of pages from an early draft of the speech he later would present to the United Nations Security Council, and at one point labeled the case for war “bullshit.” (Powell, who had previously made efforts to whitewash the My Lai Massacre, is evidently no stranger to acting immorally in the course of his duty.) Source: Suzanne Goldberg and Richard Norton-Taylor, “Powell’s Doubts over CIA Intelligence on Iraq Prompted Him to Set Up Secret Review,” 2 June 2003, accessed on the website of The Guardian at world/2003/jun/02/usa.iraq, 20 October 2008.”

The footnotes also point out:

Moreover, there existed a plan to attack Iraq before September 11th even occurred. In Vanity Fair’sAn Oral History of the Bush White House: Politics and Power,” Richard Clarke recalls (page 3):

“That night, on 9/11, Rumsfeld came over and the others, and the president finally got back, and we had a meeting. And Rumsfeld said, You know, we’ve got to do Iraq, and everyone looked at him–at least I looked at him and Powell looked at him–like, What the hell are you talking about? And he said–I’ll never forget this–There just aren’t enough targets in Afghanistan. We need to bomb something else to prove that we’re, you know, big and strong and not going to be pushed around by these kind of attacks.”

This, clearly is the George W Bush Presidency in a nutshell and that this person remains free, without criminal charges or trial for his murders in Iraq and dereliction of duty in protecting the Constitution of the United States of America is further evidence of treason and the outside control of our government and news media plus the inability of our Congressional and Senate Representatives to use their spines or grow some balls and take action to protect the United States Citizens, the Constitution of the United States of America and the security of this once great nation.

The Geithner emails and the current claims that he instructed AIG to not disclose the 100% pay-off in spite of AIG negotiations for lesser amounts or the real depth of the crisis AIG was wallowing through demonstrates clearly this man has no respect for this nation or the United States Taxpayers who footed the bill.  Looting and pillaging plain and simple is just one of the descriptions I’ve heard.

Tie this to the “Walk Away From Your Mortgage” and the “Move Your Money” movements that are going on now and you may think that the Oligarchy will bend to our will.  I have news for all of you.  These Corporate Communists could care less.  They may take a bath on properties that are “underwater” in mortgage but the reality is they will maintain the asset and the real looser is the consumer, exactly as intended with any banking transaction.  That’s the system.  It is set up to reward failure and the Corporate Communists, Wall Street and the Banking Oligarchy have just demonstrated that with the pillage of the United States Treasury.

The solution is for the Corporate Communists to step up to the plate and do the right thing in renegotiation of principal,  What the hell did we pay all that money for “Toxic Assets” for?  What the Corporate Communists, the Bankers and Wall Street have done is business as usual in playing the investments games with the TARP money and just putting it to the United States Consumer.  The Banks, Wall Street and the Corporate Communists are the “moral hazard” because they have no morality beyond personal or corporate enrichment and to ensure that they have free rein they have purchased the political process of the United States of America and raided the US Treasury as a direct result.  The “Claw Back” of the TARP investments, the systematic dismantling of the “too big to fail” and the return of free enterprise to the United States is now required.

It’s time to demand a United States National Bank to destroy the FED and directly compete with the Money Trust and fight the Oligarchy.  The Beast from Jekyll Island has become exposed and we, Americans, are now at war.  Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and the FED have openly stolen from every United States Citizen and it’s time, long past time that we take the ability for them to counterfeit money away and to restore control of the economy to the people.  One simple step, coupled with break-up of the “too big to fail” and Americans will have the economy restored, unemployment issues resolving and a new day for America, free of Corporate Communist, Wall Street and Banking manipulation.

It is imperative that we establish Universal Health Care in this same sweeping reform to make sure that the Insurance Companies have competition and to provide Americans an alternative to paying the Oligarchy 30% profits for the privilege of denying your claim after you’ve paid the $1,000.00 deductible.

End the wars.  The wars feed the Corporate Communists and are doing nothing to insure the Security of The United States.  The wars are, in fact, creating more problems than they are solving and by continuing down this path of destruction we are doing exactly what the Terrorists want and what they did to the USSR in bankrupting a nation.

The Corporate Communists are in collusion with the Wall Street and Banking communities and our Purchased Politicians.  While we are murdering children, women, old men and innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia,  Mexico, Honduras, Columbia and elsewhere around the world the American Citizens are kept in the dark by a clear agreement of what will and will not be covered when reporting on “the wars.”  America, we must end the Wars, all the Wars, and bring our troops home and do it now.

These dire times call for courage, vision and leadership by example.  President Obama, I implore you to get the Bankers and Insurance Companies and the Corporate Communists to Hate You and do it fast.  You have a State of the Nation Speech coming and it’s about time you demonstrated you have a spine.  Put Congress and the Senate on notice that the FED is gone.  Direct them to construct an independent United States National Bank of the people, by the people and for the people and break up the too big to fail.  End the Wars.  Just end them and bring our troops home.  End the war on Drugs and stop the insanity in Mexico, South and Central America and restore our liberty.

America is in a world of hurt and it’s long past time that Americans on Main Street enjoy the fruits of their labor in making this the greatest nation on the face of the earth by doing what’s right.  Honest and free Commerce, Banking and Health Care for all Citizens from the children to the elderly is the only civilized course for the United States of America.  Jobs, economic growth from American ingenuity, American integrity, American commerce to produce American green products and change the way this nation treats the Earth where we all must live is the only solution.

There is a world of change coming from within the United States and it’s being driven by every man, woman and child in this great nation.  We want to be healthy, prosperous and productive and to lead the New World Order into a fair and equitable life for all.  We must restore America and encourage the world to follow our model into the future if we are to survive as one human family.  We must become the good husbands of this all too fragile miracle in space where we all must live in peace and harmony and health.  Unleash the citizenry and watch the miracle of the United States of America in leadership by example.

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