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Weekend Warrior 08.23.14

Posted in The Cost of War by Kevin Andrews on August 23, 2014

Weekend Warrior 08.23.14.



The Constitution is a living document that leads me to the positions, often resembling the blond in me, of absolute amazement from seeing contemptuous and UN-Constitutional actions from Government Officials. 

The bigotry coupled with corruption of soul, the culture, the foundation creating execution for Jay-Walking, Murder by Strangulation, the absolute Contempt of Humanity that exists today within & without AmeriKKKa.  From  the Gateway to the West, the Heartland of America is under attack.  (In my humble opinion.)

The bloated and abusive Corporate Super-Person, The Dynasty of Death, The Propagandist Tabloid TV , with images designed to discredit, denigrate & demonize the Citizens that “Corporate Super-Person” intentionally creates as “The Most Feared Other” today.

From the smoke-screens in Ferguson to Central & South America and now the Middle East, AGAIN, playing War because of things like: The Eric Prince flight to Dubai, Halliburton Bloat, Al Quada, The Taliban and now ISIL is the “Most-Feared Other,” the enemy Citizen on the streets of Ferguson too, The Corporate Army is here.  The War Profiteers need to feed their greed. The Bansksters & Wall Street Fraudsters have vacuumed the prosperity off Main Street in economic embargo through Obstruction of Congress. 

Every bomb dropped is a Wind Turban, Bullet Train or an entire Community Educated and fed. Why do we imprison more humans than any other government, for a plant, or chemical? 

The War On Drugs long declared.

To enrich the Corporate Super-Person.  Citizens are the Enemy and the imprisoned; a revenue source vacuumed off Main Street. Congratulations American Citizens; you’ve become a valuable commodity, soon to be traded.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” The Preamble.

This is what OUR Constitution guarantees to the Free Citizens of the United States. 

There are no curfews, no Militarized Police creating riots, by their own Contempt of “THE ENEMY Citizen.”  Using Tear Gas, manipulating a national scandal to distract the Citizenry to allow inflaming the “New Perpetual State of War” that this United States Government, by the power of corporate interests only, turns the Citizens of Ferguson, Mo. into that “Most-Feared Other” or “Domestic Terrorist.”  Always required to manipulate the unaware, the less-informed of this Nation’s creation too.

Look at the charming Reich Wing behavior from a Northwoods Document and Gestapo of Holy Christ-O-Fascists, Fearful fundamentalists, who bite the hand that feeds them after raping the “Global Economy” and clearly declaring WAR ON MAIN STREET.

The “Bill Of Rights,” amendments to the Constitution are here for the New York City Police, Ferguson too, for your clearer understanding of just who serves whom. 

To Serve & Protect?



Military Equipment and Assaults Prior to Curfew?

The Gestapo State is watching, 1984 long past fruition.


Manic Monday 08.18.14

Posted in Creative Construction, The Cost of War by Kevin Andrews on August 18, 2014

Manic Monday 08.18.14

Ferguson, Missouri 8/18/14.

The War On Main Street is raging down Florissant Road, with beautiful Military attacks on the Enemy/Citizens of Ferguson.

Let’s just stop and think about that for a minute here:

1) This Suburb of St Louis, mostly bedroom community,once White now has 60% Black, Latino or other culturally diverse Citizens who are denied their Constitutional Right to Peaceful Assembly by the Bigoted, Bumbling, Glorified Hall Monitors holding their Citizens in Contempt. 

The Ferguson Police Department, in this instance, is no better than the Israeli invasion of Gaza and is complete with FAA ordered “No Fly Zones” to insure the Police Helicopters (Think Sarah Palin hunting wolves.) are unobstructed.  A “State of Emergency,” declared by tone-deaf idiots who have no place in the public square and demonstrate contempt of Constitution and their Citizens is in place.

2) The local Constabulary is “Diverse, representative of the community,”  with only 3 officers of ethnicity other than Caucasian.  What a great demonstration of credibility that is from the Police.

3) Michael Brown, executed for Jay-Walking with a friend and witness, dead at the scene with an alleged Drive-By EMS call, is shot 6 or more times by Darren Wilson, recognized by the statements from Chief Thomas Jackson, and the officer leaves the scene of the crime.

4) This Officer Wilson, with his execution for Jay-Walking complete, also defiles a crime scene, responded to by a superior officer, Wilson leaves and the body of Michael Brown left in the street for 4 hours.  This very same police force charged another human with “Getting blood on their shirts” because they beat him senseless just for fun, I’m sure.

5) The absolute acts of a corrupt culture and inept police acts of refusing to provide the name of the Officer involved in the shooting.  This performance of Guilty Glorified Hall Monitors with Military Toys and Contempt of those “damned Citizens,” you know the “Domestic Terrorists & Drug Lords” who live there are contained in the Video History of the Opening Shot of the War On Main Street.  From NY to Miami and Los Angeles this Militarized  Police presents hundreds of times each minute in AmeriKKKa today.

6) The State Police send Captain Ron Johnson who joined the peaceful protest as he is Resident Citizen{The Enemy} in State Gestapo robes being human, humane and compassionate.

7) The Gestapo State strikes against it’s Citizens/Enemy/Most-Feared Other under the guise of “To Protect & Serve” their terrified aristocracy of The Military/Industrial/Congress who, with clear intent to Corporate Super-Person protect against the Enemy/Evil Citizens protesting Murder for Jay-Walking, (choke holds & Failure to obey an officer of the Court, The Law) or responding to shop-lifting, bullying or thuggishness. 

No different than the FBI never having an “accidental or unjustified shooting.”  The fox guards the hen house.

8) Rinse, Spin, Slander, Slur & Repeat methodology aside, America and The Globe is seeing unrest in the mean Streets of a United States Government-declared War On Drugs, War On Main Street, Wars Of Lies with the easily identified fatalities of your and my sons or daughters next. 

Hands-Up, Don’t Shoot!

9) A much loved and valued human being is dead, gunned down in the streets.  Parents grieve, family & friends, hard-working neighbors, loyal to a once great nation, are now “The Enemy” by the very well military-armed, willfully-ignorant and inept Local Gestapo’s demonstration. 

The Police continue to demonstrate that their Loyalty is to the State.  The Citizens of Ferguson are declared the Enemy of the State. 

Attacked and Police Controlled with Military Actions against their peacefully protesting.  The Citizens Constitutional Rights to Assembly and address grievances to the State, the very people they pay to keep themselves, their neighbors, property & lives safe, approach Citizens in fear and contempt because of their knowledge of guilt.

10) God loves Michael Brown.  Michael Brown’s Mother & Father, Family & Future will now suffer this loss.  My deepest condolences to all the Brown Family.

11) Solution?  The Ferguson Cops think that their smear-campaign against a murdered young adult, with no “criminal record.” (An accomplishment in and of its self with the attitudes, the Police culture of, “they are the enemy & we out-gun them!”)  This an obscenity, a reality demonstrated here and now. 

Even if a cocky, thuggish young man reached into the vehicle of the cop; is murder justified? 

Where is the Justice? 

Is Darren Wilson in custody? 

This is Domestic Abuse on a Community and Cultural Scale that is disgustingly Primate from the State and astoundingly peaceful from those identified by the State Of Missouri as being “Enemy,” you know their Citizens. 

How does one in Missouri tell the difference between Freedom and the Police State?

This from the New York Times. “The role of the National Guard will be limited, Mr. Nixon said in a statement. Troops will protect the police command center here, which the authorities said came under a coordinated attack on Sunday night.” The Governor afraid of his Citizenry, with good reason, lifts the curfew.

Were I close enough or well heeled enough I would be there with the prayer that every United States Citizen stand up and shout: “Hands-UP, Don’t Shoot!”

I would love to see America present a unity to send the message now that our political divisions be damned!



I pray for Americans to take an active stand now.  I would be overwhelmed with joy to see Ferguson flooded with Citizens all shouting “Hands-UP, Don’t Shoot!” from the interstate to surround the police until the Feds finish their whitewash “Investigation.”

One should understand we live in Bush-Lite Matrix and that is surely without any concern but profit. 

How is it possibly profitable to divide our Citizens into “Class Warfare” to the Real War On Main Street? 

It is all driven by fear and greed.

The Heist of History complete but the reign of Terror seeks new markets, new fodder for corporate prisons.

Poison our Air our Water too, please may I have another, Sir?

The Wars of Lies are coming home to roost.

5:30 pm EST, OK, update post Obama Statements:

President Obama is into his “Grown-Up Politics” mode.  Blame the victim, praise the system, define a pipe-dream in the face of this reality of this Fascist Government.  More “safe involvement, without boots on the ground” (800 or 1,000 already there) for Iraq. 

Democrats resemble cat-herding idiots (I am an equal opportunity offender). From this Democrat named Nixon right down to the Freddie Kruger Wilson with the Chief Clown in residence being the profusely sweating Tom-ass Jackson and his, Poisoned by Pinochet hero-worship world, brings the new Military toys out to play. 

What an America we live in.

This is no Pissing Match to We The People.

The time is now to come out with full-throated demand for Darren Wilson’s indictment. 

An American Leader has the same future as Kennedy were they to stand against the current racists applications of a War On Drugs that is a War On Main Street that feeds the greed like the Wars of Lies and ego and dick size or Buy-Bulls.  Dynasty of Death and Vampire Squids pale to the Assault on Main Street USA with this Gestapo Policing, FUBAR Department of (In)Justice of the Eric Holder & BFF’s failure through fear.  The System protects it’s own.

Can you imagine a past President being Indicted, brought to trial, convicted and imprisoned?  I can and Iceland did it

Why on God’s Green Earth Can’t We The American People?

The myth of American Exceptional-ism still exists.  Americans may be proud of being Number ONE, 1, uno, einse & hold that place twice.

We are first in an apparent racist rush in IMPRISONING our fellow Citizens for non-violent crimes.  A real Global Example of sharia law so feared in front of the cameras for all to see and the growth industry of Corporate Prisons Inc.  How compassionate and completely Draconian is the Failed Prohibition?

The Wars ON:

Drugs, Main Street USA, On Journalism, The Constitution, the “Terrorist,” the Women of the USA, Privacy War, War, War.

Americans are damned well just War weary and your greedy fat cat inherited cash ass is no better than mine.  Will Rogers Said it best in the last Gilded Age:  “America has the best Government money can buy.”

A real American Leader stands up and speaks out as FDR did and as President Obama has the opportunity still; hope springs infernal.

A real American Leader stands on the platforms of all those that came before him and a real opportunity exists RIGHT NOW to make the shift, push the change and tell this Nation’s Greediest that the 50% tax, the Social Security Cap removed, the proceeds to direct aid to American Main Streets and businesses brutalized by the abuse of Vulture capitalism and in dire need of facing Social Responsibility. 

A real American Leader has a Congress willing to Invest in the Nation they Raped in 8 with “Deficits don’t matter” ChainE/Dubya reign of torture & terrorism.  They aided and abetted in The Heist Of History and what is more fitting for the Dynasty of Death but profit from War, unrest?

That’s really the bottom line of this.  Where is the integrity of soul required to stand in the bully pulpit and repeat FDR?

Then just freaking do it.

November is coming…


Freaky Friday 08.15.14

Posted in Creative Construction by Kevin Andrews on August 14, 2014

Freaky Friday 08.15.14

The house is quiet this morning as I’m getting my coffee on the patio.  Florida Summer is here and I love this steam-heat and tropical rains.  I am in my element here with sunshine and cool sea breezes gently nudging the palm fronds into whispers.  I’m doing OK today since the back has decided to repair its self again although I’m sure it will jump up and bite me again it appears as if we have a truce today.  That’s a good thing for me.

The past few weeks have seen the escalation of the War On Main Street with murder by Gestapo Police recorded on camera with choke-holds and the Militarized Police showing off their Army surplus toys to intimidate after having gunned down an unarmed teen in Missouri while refusing to disclose the name of the officer responsible.  It is all too clear that this Gestapo of the Government’s creation is Hell-Bent on the oppression of the people.

The System of Government is intentionally broken and at the root of this lies the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc as the Meat-Puppets for their Corporate Masters.  Our Democratic Republic is purchased and we are all paying the price in loss of liberty and opportunity within this once great nation brought to her knees by the ChainE-Dubya Administration and continued through the Bush-Lite of Obama.

At no time in American History has a political party declared War on the American Citizens but the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc have done that since the shredding of our Constitution by the ChainE-Dubya administration of Torturers, Traitors and Treasonous bastards who lied us into war for their own enrichment.  These histories of the Dynasty of Death and Part 2 are the clearest statements of just how America has become the Gestapo State. 

We have a Do-Nothing Congress and worse a Do-Nothing Department of Injustice with Eric Holder & BFF letting the Banksters and Wall Street Fraudsters walk free and by not bringing charges against the War Profiteers and the Administration of Lies and Treason.  Add to this a racist and bigoted Reich Wing Tea Party driving the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus into insanity and War On Main Street and the demise of America is upon us. 

The murder of the United States of America began with warning from Ike Eisenhower about the Military Industrial Complex, continues through the assassination of John F Kennedy who cleaned house because of the “Northwoods Document” and was set to put America back on a Gold Standard by taking the ability to print money away from the FED.  Murder is what was achieved in that instance and it is clear that Murder will occur again with anyone attempting the same.  Nixon & Reagan’s “War On Drugs” was the declaration of War On Main Street and our Constitution with the birth of the Nanny State of corporate welfare.

Judge Jim Gray says it all and says it best in his Six Groups Who Profit From The War On Drugs.


The opening statement is more than enough for any right-thinking, right-acting American Citizen to understand just how vile and low this once great nation has sunk.  Our Representatives on Capitol Hill take $4,000.00 (based on $50,000.00 annual income) and send it to their Corporate Masters from each one of us yet only $360.00 goes to all food stamp, welfare and social relief funding.  Add to that the bloated Military that steals 35% of the revenue proceeds from America to piss away in their Global Terrorism.

It is long past time for Americans, for America’s Main Streets to rise up and bust the balls of these lying thieves and terrorists who inhabit Capital Hill.  Vote in November or be the victim of your own folly as this nation turns Christ-O-Fascist…

Weird Wednesday 07.23.14

Posted in Creative Construction by Kevin Andrews on July 23, 2014

Weird Wednesday 07.23.14

Now just hang tight as the Christ-O-Fascists start howling.  I love me some Romanovsky & Phillips and you don’t have to worry about the kids.  They’ve been singing these songs already…

Yesterday was Montgomery Lee Freeman’s 36th Birthday.

Weekend Warrior 07.18.14

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Weekend Warrior 07.18.14.

The MIC and Halliburton War Machine is working in the Gaza Strip. 

Ukrainian separatists shoot down an airplane full of genius and the future with Putin’s support. 

The Corporate Super-Person of the Roberts SCOTUS’s Immaculate Conception & Virgin Birth has now been imbued with a “soul.”  That Free Speech equals Cash sure works great on the SCOTUS now doesn’t it?  Contempt of Constitution and total adherence to a Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc’s alleged morality that places ownership of the Uterus into the Corporate Super-Person’s hands. 

Where would you like your bar-code tattooed please?


Odd place to be is where I’m at today..

Terrorist Tuesday 07.15.14

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Terrorist Tuesday 07.15.14

Happy Terrorist Tuesday.

Catchy tune.  Not “Onward Christian Soldiers” for sure.




Terrorist Tuesday 06.03.14

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Terrorist Tuesday 06.03.14

I’m Back after a long absence, excitement like homelessness and absolute despair, illness and coming to understand that this world is full of ill humans who self-medicate and just have no concept of what friends are all about.  Through the course of this experience I’ve learned who true friends are, reconciled to a degree with family and still maintain my independence at 59 in the Sunshine State of Florida.


Happiness is an inside job.

Among other aggravations in life the Huffington Post has now moved all of their commentary platform to Mark Zucherberg’s Facebook and I’m not posting political commentary on Facebook anytime in the immediate future.

So I’ll fill in a little history here.

Montgomery Lee Freeman is latched on to the 3rd victim since attempting to murder me.  Lee is now in Palm Harbor with a Brucie where a new camper and a Methed-Out mindset rules.  I still miss my friend Lee, whom I love dearly, but his choices are his choices.

It was just a year ago the death of my Imps tripped me into the suicidal depression. 

With incessant attacks from the lying, thieving Meth Heads doing what their chemical alterations do to their brains, I became the object of their paranoia and hate.  I still grieve but have come to a point of acceptance with the reality of now taking precedence over any past.

To my credit, I did construct Torii Beach and built a brief and shining Camelot, a utopian happiness that Lee figured prominently in maintaining that happiness.  It still breaks my heart to think of what could’ve been had I been more focused. I did my best and that wasn’t good enough and that’s OK now.  I know that the self-preservation instincts triggered were accurate and will never again ignore what the 3 pounds of gray matter deliver to me.

Keeping positive focus when confronted with the poisonous persons who attached to Lee’s dick was impossible for me.  Odd how that just spews forth here a year later.  I felt no jealousy then and I don’t now; the always present and all important “Other” was always there and always will be.  The history since Torii Beach defines the depth of depravity that Lee chooses as his life and I’m content to not be involved at all.  the vile and ill primates with whom he chooses to associate are gone from my life and that’s the best thing that could ever happen.

I cleaned out the Corey and his schizophrenia is now in full bloom.  Corey demonstrated clearly that his goals in life are being as much a leech and liar as Lee and these energies, these primates are not worth the effort to maintain any relationships with now or at any foreseeable time in the future.

So Gentile Readers, I thank you for your patience with me in this time of healing.  My best friend and mentor in life, Theresa Carr has passed away in this period of my silence, Leaving a huge gaping hole in my life and consciousness in her absence.

Cuyler Paine, whose birthday is today, one of the kids I “rescued” and got back on the right track, fell off the wagon and committed suicide too.

The final blow to me was the death of Martin from the Island House.  Again in life I find myself as I was in 1986 having buried loved ones, friends and peers upon whom I lavished love and dependence in caring for them as a Right thinking, Right Speaking, Right Acting adult.

We are all creatures of energy and stardust and I know when my time comes that my energy will be again joined with these souls who blessed me in their lives with love, friendship and caring.  They are all sorely missed and life is strangely twisted as a result but my tasks here are not complete yet…

For me, a year of therapy with the psychiatrist and therapist is helpful but no real solution to the real and lasting damage to self that I accepted for far too long.  Loving someone unconditionally, like a brother, takes a strong soul and the risks are always great.  There is no winner or looser in this.  There is only the reality of solitude and satisfaction of being true to one’s self..

Torii Beach Chronicles are on the way to the Publisher with BBC America and the attorneys still dukeing it out.  I’ve thrown up my hands in disgust and just keep working.

Sabbatical for Sanity 03.26.14

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Sabbatical For Sanity 03.26.14


Things come into life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  The timeless nature of this is clear…


Of course things don’t always work out right.

I’ve either been tea-totally insane, locked in mourning, overwhelming grief or plunged to the depths of absolute suicidal depression for the past 6 weeks.  Yeah, I know I should just get the fuck over it all but getting Torii Beach Chronicles poured out is most important to me now and hopefully lift me into a brighter future.

It’s past time to just move on and I’m moving although not very sure just what direction at this moment.  I’m holding fast to taking one breath after the other, have gotten rid of all the fucking medications, thankfully and moved through that  nightmare of fighting off the urge to bathe with the toaster or swing from a rafter.  These SRI (Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) gone from my system means I’m getting all my receptor sites back and unleashing the playing field to infinity again is never easy, fun or without risk.

As a macabre footnote here: “Leaving my brain to science so they can examine in depth the ganglia, the neural network constructed in a Gay Man’s brain, post stroke, cocaine, LDS, Psilocybin Mushroom washed, THC moderated, T, G & X obliterated, nicotine and sugar stimulated with just a little caffeine kicker and peel of semi sweet dark chocolate having altered my ganglia to this point.  What a lesson for them. (The Scientists)  An ambidextrous, gay man’s brain with language skills and visual spacial memory and modeling to equal any engineer on an intuitive basis, a fine artist, loving friend and Loner.”  Wow, just slice me up and clone me.  Can you imagine the neural network I could build.  Look at the flexibility of these 3 pounds of mush…





Weird Wednesday 2.19.14

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Weird Wednesday 2.19.14

Strange day today.

Conversation with Lee and then email from me:


It’s been 4 months since I heard from you.

I just called and spoke with you and the rather cryptic answers are more telling than the truth of: “Lee, it’s 10 years; really?”  The answer from you is: “It may have been 10 years but, it’s not like it’s 10 years.”

Lee; are you still sane?

The calendar and the time and date stamps on emails, photographs spanning a decade or more are not manufactured or alterable.
Time and laughter shared is real and honest; why do you deny reality?.
Quiet times and plain companionship (which apparently has absolutely no meaning or value for you) are the keynotes of all that time.
We have been friends, not lovers, not partners but friends Lee.
I will not apologize for being candid in: “I love my friend Lee.” I am infinitely sorry for one as impoverished as you for being ashamed of honesty, respect, compassion and caring as a friend would. That is real and that is recorded history.
The demonstration is clear from you Lee.

Do you detest yourself so deeply that you are unable to grasp how anyone could befriend you?

The dichotomy here is: “Kevin, you are not responsible.” and the reality that: “Kevin is the only responsible party.” still plays on.  Held harmless, without responsibility but intent to harm is clear, documented, defined and displayed for a world to see.  Why?

“I’m not interested.”  I hear from you.

Just what is it that you aren’t interested in Lee?

Friendship, honesty, courage, creation and quiet enjoyment of life?

Just what is it?

I have no fear Lee.

I have intense curiosity as I honestly wonder why?
What possible motivation?

2013 wasn’t a good year for me; thanks for the compassionate stand, friend.

Life goes on for me in shapes and forms that are unique but twisted from experiences.  I’m sure you would concur with the invasion of privacy (deleting photos from my phone, stealing while I’m on a date, invading my privacy by manipulation of Others) those just from my experiences.  Reality of life with a sociopath?  A narcissist?

“If I have my world and others have their worlds then why should I give a shit about anyone’s world but mine?”

Friends “give a shit” Lee.

Got many left?

Bait & Switch, Bully & Lie, Abuse & Denigrate, Real Grief & Mourning for loss.
Did I see any support, caring or compassion?
I have no regrets.  I hold no animosity.  I recognized and understood the players, the thieves, the addicts; I didn’t recognize my friend Lee among them though.  That recognition came much later with malice, forethought and manipulation of others.  Documented and filed for future profit.
Lee and I, friends for over 10 years and housemates for 2.5 were apparently too good to last.  The reality is the reality and there is no other perspective.
I honestly love my friend Lee, not as lover but as friend, fellow traveler on the journey of life.  I make no apology for being able to honestly say: “I love my friend Lee.” The meaning clear to this day.
The creature who tortured and twisted life as I knew it is not friend Lee but the cadaver of that once vibrant human poisoned by his own hand.  I bleed and tear my hair out in agony over the pain of the experience of Lee’s slow suicide, his murder of conscious, altered reality created from chemical imbalance and dysfunction within what once was a beautiful and direct mind.
I wish I could understand the desire to do this.  Why the escape?  Why the secrecy?  Why the animus to pure hate?  These are founded in self and the man I know as Montgomery Lee Freeman had no reason to feel these things of him self.
Perhaps I understood this undercurrent of “self-loathing” and that’s why I directed my attention toward reinforcing the positive for Lee.  I was candid about touch therapy and delivering positive messages without shame, accusation or anything but fact.  I am a care-giver by nature and nurture is instinctive for me.
What would be different had I “Just ignored” Lee, Jim and the Crystal Meth Ego Mass of St Pete?
Quite honestly; I would not be alive.  I know in my heart of hearts that had I blindly followed the pack; had I become the addict that I see in Lee today, I would’ve eagerly done myself in to just stop the suffering.  Compassionate action and respect of self held me in good stead although I failed miserably at being successful in keeping Tori Beach for a playpen or a closet for the all important “Other.”
How am I able to say to this day that “I love my friend Lee?”
That man still exists within my experiences.  That Montgomery Lee Freeman is still contained in the husk of human that hides, lives in fear, lashes out in pain of self-recognition but absolves himself of any responsibility.
It is all Kevin.  Always has been; always will be.
Kevin is not responsible in paying the bills.
Kevin is responsible for being honest, not holding secrets, not withholding information of any kind candid to the point of “tell the truth first; they’ll never believe it anyway.”
Kevin murdered his birds.
Kevin created the expectation and the disappointment.
Kevin is honest and direct with nasty Jews and compromise of household finances.
Kevin withstood the attacks, the economic warfare and the reality of 2/3 of the responsibility to Lee’s 1/3.
Kevin held Lee harmless in lease, in all but the water bill and Lee can’t be honest about that now or ever.

Saturday Sass 02.07.14 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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Saturday Sass 02.07.14 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Monte, Lee, Woody whatever mask is pulled on out of convenience today.  A sociopath, a chameleon serving only the personal gain agenda of one without conscious. An ill Primate with a wounded mind that finds no objection to using others, that clearly states: “If I have my world and others have their worlds then why should I ever give a shit about anyone else, ever!”

The harmonic convergence of Chellie, Kevin, Manuel, Jorge and the Tropical disturbance of Torii Beach destruction is better understood especially with Charlie at the edges and Kevin’s still tenuous hold on the reality that unfolded with the purification from, the expulsion from and denial of entry to Torii Beach by the Crystal Meth addicted primates, whores for beer and the open thievery and attempted murder of a man guilty only of loving his friend Lee.

Thank the powers of the fates or the beginning of the Chinese year of the Horse; the sensitivity to the Force or whatever links Chellie, Manuel & Kevin in Harmonic Resonance once shared by Lee too.  Kevin heard, felt and understood his Sister’s duress and caught caught up with Chellie today through miracles of cyberspace.  Kevin will have his Sister of Light and Love back in this world with he and the luminous beings with determination to be her pillar this time. 

Kevin remembers the request for “just a little time” from Chellie.  She often feels things deeper and with a greater intensity that causes even the bravest souls to quiver and quake in fear and awe of the resiliency and abilities Chellie demonstrates to those able to observe.  Kevin took the request very seriously because he leaned hard upon Chellie’s talents and abilities.  Kevin has done the very best to return the gifts of strength, love, tolerance and direction to Chellie; to reflect back the light and love Chellie radiates to renew her strength to the very best of his ability from the very core of his luminous being still on this plane because of Kevin’s Sister of Light and Love’s courage in the face of intolerable pain, outrageous fraud and intentionally shattered dreams. 

Kevin heard, completely comprehended and immediately honored the request for time from Chellie and went silent into places He needed to go for self that Chellie plunged fearlessly into so she could help lead Kevin back to sacred ground. 

“My friend, the light of my life, in an act that well could’ve been absolute self-sacrifice built the link to bring me back to the light from the darkness that consumed me.”  Kevin quietly confessed.  “I fear above all else that I may have wounded her in that super-human selfless act of love.”

With that one gargantuan request met that God, Angels, Demons or Imps remove the pain of an absolutely abused, a beaten and broken man, guilty only of loving his friend, became mired in the filth created by Primates drawing him ever deeper into the merde maelstrom of their creation putting his very core consciousness and spirits under unrelenting siege from the evil powers of darkness.  It is Chellie’s quiet and Juggernaut-sure tearing the planks off the construction of reality that developed a cancer, a malignant growth, an evil and odious aura that left nothing unscathed and stained to the very core all that once was pure.  It is the beauty of steely determination of an all too frail human, a woman wielding life and death as primary weapons that retrieved the husk of human, the traumatized and withdrawn psyche of Kevin from the midst of pure insanity and suicide by careful design through her sheer will alone.

“I pray for forgiveness from my Sister for causing her duress on any level.  I am also eternally grateful and blissfully joyous for the brilliant light laying the darkness low when the purification of Torii Beach came upon me; when Chellie’s luminous vision bore down through the depths and refused to loosen her grip; the only option success in retrieving her friend Kevin.”  This quiet and loving man of twin souls would begin every day of this life in the now as gratitude and recognition of the sacrifice made, the risk clear and the damages insidious as he discovered too late. 

From the Primates the subversion of truth, honesty, love and compassion among friends turned to weapons of contempt and Punjab pits of pure evil willful ignorance determined to exact the toll of live sacrifice to gratify their craven needs. To bolster the illness consuming them like chemical Zombies eager to seize any healthy brain as their most reviled object.

Kevin observed in a quiet conversation with me; “I am humbled by Chellie, this ancient-of-spirit companion within this poisoned existence in the now as she too often became the only antidote for the putrid venom of vile, insincere and pure evil friends found-out, exposed in confession; revealed in the clearly voiced expectation “to just ignore” the thefts, the assaults the self-identifying accusations, digestion of the toxins and acceptance of the horrid hallucinations created by this chemically altered reality.  All this agony and suffering willingly shouldered and dispelled with the compassion of the war-weary veteran risen to Icon of Hope, Beacon of Bliss, Beauty and joy personified through the midst of Percival’s  flesh being torn and shredded from the bone.

This putrid poison, the venomous rants, the contemptible use of other humans may be the only honest display of emotion this Montgomery Lee Freeman and his Jim, Detriot77 the attack ape meth head alcohol pickled assholes are capable of then and now considering the real brain tissue structures and  brain chemistry damage from their consuming vaporized salts of Drain-O and Battery Acid inhaled, ingested or injected depending on the levels of desperation to escape the reality of their own creations.” 

There is no mistake between Kevin & Lee,  There is not a shred of honesty, integrity or real human compassion found within what is left of the poisoned seat of their lost intellects, surgically altered, Chemically altered, twisted perceptions from twisted minds unworthy of the trust, malignant by intent from absolute Contempt of Love, Unconditional, dog-loyal Love extended and returned in burning effigy of it’s opposite on the hoof stalking away on October 5, 2013 at dawn with the ejaculatory glee of utter premeditated destruction of another human as “Bliss.” 

Torture and terror it’s only intent from the creature that at one time was a luminous and beautiful natural child exploring and honoring life as Lee was held deep within Kevin’s heart and soul.  This creature now is living in fear of being found-out; never able again to face the light of day or the light of unconditional love, never again able to be honest with self, detect a shred of truth or uphold any sense of personal honor that demonstrates value of one’s self.  Absolute contempt of self reflected in any and every action in the remaining moments of it’s shallow and petty existence among the pack of Primates who continue to poison our youth; destroy our future poisoning one mind at a time and flinging feces from the shadows where they are merely maggots moving the flesh of reality by feeding frenzy on any positive energy source.  Obtaining bliss from destroying what is honest, true, right and without agenda of self.

As witness my heart and mind wept as my spirit was crushed under the staggering weight of verifying validity of accusations concerning Kevin’s conscious core complete with numerous pleas to Lee for a return to reality with:

What is it that you think I owe you Montgomery Lee Freeman?

What’s in it for Kevin?

What’s Kevin’s pay-off?

Who does it hurt if the whole freaking world knows: “I love my friend Montgomery Lee Freeman,” now or at anytime?

How does being loved, accepted, respected and treasured cause any damage?

How does a true friend’s concern for your health diminish you in any way?

Does doing my flat-out level best to insure security against insane odds, without support, without compassion, without reward define me as target?

 A beloved friend, Phillos, as family of choice, it is mutual consent that allows Kevin to honestly, candidly and without reservation say:  “I do love my friend Lee because of who he was, because of his character, courage and his conviction to find his own damned way.” 

“I love and admire the Montgomery Lee Freeman I know who has that droll twisted sense of humor that only the invisibly handicapped wield with master strokes.”  Kevin plead direct to the demon.

“I do not begrudge Lee anything in life or his pursuit of happiness knowing that I did my flat out level best to insure that all of the needs of Torii Beach were met for Kevin and for Lee’s support. I failed in that goal and I accept my failure.” Kevin admitted to Lee and witnesses: “However, the sabotage of income, the arrogant demands for turning our house into a closet for Lee’s tricks was never agreed to and is as repulsive as “The beautiful creature laying next to him” when seen in the full light of day and recognition of just what it is exposed.”

Kevin’s clear statements of facts bore profound witness to the depths of protection Lee enjoyed at Kevin’s expense.  “I held Lee harmless from any liability for Torii Beach save the water bill which he required to demonstrate residency for the Pinellas AIDS services and our plan was 3 incomes to support Torii Beach.  That plan became 2 with Corey & Cami’s pointed exit and Kevin sustained 2/3 of the costs or more after Lee’s quitting work to pursue his Clearwater Michael Parachute and drug dealing leading to the Frankie on 4th Ave N Crystal Meth induction and indoctrination hall of shame. Crowned by the Dave Dube 8th Wonder of the World show and marketing further diminishing any resemblance to the man that I know and love as Montgomery Lee Freeman.”

Kevin would ask; “Tell me what the pay off is in all that Lee?” 

“What is it that you feel you gained?  How are you enriched by the actions defining you in the here and now as you slither through shadows afraid to show your face to the light of day because of your exposure as a Primate addicted to Crystal Meth with only the slow suicide by needle that you diligently worked to attain as your prize?”  Kevin’s ire raised with the clear knowledge that slowly but surely these vile creatures are exposed and if not prison then death are their dwindling opportunities based in their own altered acts of self-loathing and hate projected onto others.

“Show me where I obtained any financial benefit from your eating out of my wallet, your bathing out of my wallet, your creature comforts out of my wallet and then your brazen demands that our house become someone else’s closet.  Your clear statements that I am not welcome in my own home because of your whore for beer; maggot from a dead pig’s ass Jim, Detriot77 “The beautiful creature sleeping next to you” was uncomfortable because I called his lying drunk ass out on day one. What a friend you demonstrate in that act Montgomery Lee Freeman.” Kevin could return the venom but chose the middle road where maybe words would be heard and understood someplace within what’s left of the gray matter.

“How dare you violate my privacy and steal from me when I was on a real, honest to goodness date for my birthday for Christ’s sake.  How do you ever look yourself in the eye in a mirror in the morning?”  Kevin’s outrage at the open thievery the displays of contempt freely delivered with no foundation but to define the addicts’ diseased brain function would overflow if allowed.

“What an arrogant asshole hard at work whom God spoiled by standing upright and giving teeth you demonstrate yourself to be and why Montgomery Lee Freeman?  Because your friend Kevin is clear about having no shame in loving you?”  The white hot words would melt through steel but fell upon deaf and drugged out brain cells unable to recognize truth and Kevin’s comprehension of this only fanned the flames of despair within him. 

“Had I not survived this experience with Chellie’s profound loving aid and the multiple witnesses I would be hard pressed to believe that I accepted this bullshit for as long as I did.  Figures don’t lie but liars sure do figure. It is with great clarity and accuracy that I remember delivering all the household records to Lee (he subsequently shared them with the Jew Jim that nasty gutter slime sure did take weeks of figuring before the best they could come up with is “Kevin didn’t pay the bills.”  LOL  It is a major freaking accomplishment that I kept the utilities on, food on the table, the internet services on with the open economic warfare and sabotage conducted by these vile addicts in their Meth-Crazed Paranoia.”  Kevin knew that pursuing this would trip his emotional balance toward something less than human and the tirade cooled.

“What possible motivation is there for anger, animus and attack on someone who loves, cares for and does his best to support without ownership, without expectation of anything more than maintaining a friendship.  A 16 year friendship and relationship of respect and honor of the other.” The words from Kevin to Lee fall on ears unable to hear and a brain unable to grasp the concepts of higher human qualities. 

“What changed?”

“The introduction of Chrystal Meth by Frankie on 4th Ave N, the Dave Dube poisons, the Brandon, the Riley and the delusional acts of paranoid primates unworthy of freedom to fling their feces or grind their organs across multiple counties in their venomous infection of Battery Acid & Drain-O salts pushed into my community preying on the youth, the disenfranchized in a criminal intent to heinous to fathom as anything other than intentional.”  Kevin quietly reminds himself that the Lee he once knew.  The man he loved and cared for has gone away and the Lurch-like looming husk of human unable to follow the complex thoughts; reduced to defecation in it’s hands to have entertainment in throwing pieces of self.

When one of us is silent we all feel the void. I am sorry for the silence Chellie.  I did what you required and surrounded you in strength to the best of my ability while taking the fearless tour of that shadow of truth in the past.

Such are the dangers of these links we share through no fault or cause of our own. These bonds are the immutable purity of strength, the pure essence of the power of like minds, harmonic souls and resonate hearts cannot be denied nor disparaged because of the real vibrations of the Universal Truth this represents to these unwilling icons with all their human frailty and undeniable resonance with truth, love and core consciousness that is only possible with divine direction.  We are all one, luminous beings of light and energy, stardust aware, self-aware and the rare gift of universal awareness for we of twin spirits.

I was terrified that the reality my Sister of Love and Light came to understand as my experience of primate breech of love, trust and pandering to poison passion was so damaging to Chellie; weakened by uplifting me through sharing her brilliant spirit in my darkest of hours need.  Chellie’s selfless acts of love, random acts of kindness and bearing witness to truth and anti-truth doing great damage to herself in the process.  We each would eagerly give our lives for the other but just not on this day, please.

As I drew the curtain of expectation away from reality in sharing with her the heartbreak of Torii Beach destroyed; Chellie went ashen gray of skin as the reality of the  Demise of Torii Beach struck her through my empathetic direction.  The thunderous beat of the brilliant heart of nature and love that Torii was for us gave way to the revolting reality of the attack of the detritus drawn in by the brilliant positive energy.

The absolute horror of seeing the poison,  hearing the graphic reality of threats to my life, the blinding flash of recognition of Universal Truth that she was absolutely repulsed to the very core of her spirit.  My soul wept silently as I shared the chronological events from Lee quitting work to Michael and Frankie and my own duplicity and ownership of error and fault.

  I recognized the recoil in horror even as I purged the pain to no one in particular.  The Ryka, our Wolf guide in her youthful charm an innocence presided over this telling of the truth.  This tribal ritual subverted by the Catholics in “confession”and  dismissed in the nuclear family with individual angst over all is a very important healing step for the wounded mind and the battered soul as men returning from combat know all too well.

I cherish my Guide and Friend Chellie for being there for me in this plunge to the depths that Dante could never have conceived.  I honored and respected the request to provide “time” with clarion peal recognition of fundamental need to tune.  With help from others, with some adult supervision and a little reliance on Gremlins and Wolves I am healing.  I am becoming stronger than before and I pray my friend Chellie will accept the strength, the love and the pure unadulterated admiration for the miracle in my life that she marks with each breath and I know that never again will Chellie be alone because of the bond forged in the confrontation of this evil.

And on a healthy note.  I stumbled across this profile I built at Adam4Adam. com expressing my anger and the absolute idiocy of Montgomery Lee Freeman through these trials and tribulations.  Through the Bi-Polar acts of: “Kevin you are the best,” and “Kevin you are nothing,” pendulum swings founded solely in the opinions of others as Lee’s once clear and directed mind became owned by the chemical baths and the tissue damage leading to ever increasing paranoia.

The profile heading is:

No Man’s Puppet, No Strings Attached

69, 6’2″, 180lb, 33w, Swimmer’s, Blond Hair, Some Body Hair, White, Looking for Friendship, 1-on-1 Sex, 3some/ Group Sex, Misc Fetishes, Relationship.
The detailed description of Kevin continues:
Lost in your own private Hell of not knowing what day it is from your Meth Addiction?
Keep right on moving.
Self involved to the point of believing someone else actually would care enough to “Check-Up” on you?
Take a long walk off a short pier or point a few grams on me…
Too lost in lies to ever become honest.
Keep right on moving.
Honest men.
Men of integrity.
Nothing else will be accepted.
Think your shit don’t stink?
Have to hide?
Crawl back under your rock.
This man is too good for sick druggie games now or ever.
My home is not ever going to be some cowards closet.
The murder by poison of my Imps, my Red Sided Eclectus Parrots early in the assault of Torii Beach in retrospect fully intended to be a warning to me but never voiced till late in the game and any mourning completely disallowed as Kevin was the only gainfully employed member of the household.
I would add to this litany the very real: “If you think I am ‘taking-care’ of you; that wasn’t part of this agreement Kevin and that’s not going to happen.  I am not now or ever taking care of you.” from Montgomery Lee Freeman the Meth Head in paranoid rant clearly demonstrating the narcissistic “it is always all about me.” 
I opened my home and heart to Montgomery Lee Freeman who repays me with these statements, who displaces the anger from his disability to anyone within striking distance.
This is the man who howled and whined half-truths and opinion as fact, feeding the Israeli Alcholic Attack  Ape and perpetual asshole Jim financial information about our home that are and were none of his business and Lee is an even bigger asshole by thinking he could take intellectual intimately shared information and disclose it, use it as weapon, employ it for his own goals.
“Buckets of Bullshit” and “Living off someone else’s money” are perfectly self-descriptive of the authors modes of operation rather than the human they were directed at in poisonous, absolutely venomous, meth-rage and insanity to the point of becoming violent.
The position of strength, the foundational knowledge beyond a shadow of a doubt that the human motivations of love, compassion and  community rose to the request for refuge, the plea for assistance in real human survival from Lee to a care-giver, Kevin with a Berdache Spirit a Koskalaka who rose to the request to encompass the wounded warrior Lee within the womb of family, encompassed in the tribe without a moment’s hesitation or fear.  This demonstration of real community, real family and tribe spoke eloquent volumes to the characters of the founders of the creche.
Kevin’s courage of one’s convictions, knowing in one’s heart and soul that they have reached their limit; followed one that they love and care about as if they were their own flesh and blood,  denied self to the abysmal pits of depravity where Lee decided to live and upon recognition; revolted Kevin as a bull drawn into an abattoir rears back and fights for his very life.
It is a rather “Tribal” structure here among the Urban Aboriginals and one’s status and social value is based upon what the “other” may obtain from you. Understanding this brings compassion and the delivery of honesty, knowledge and empowerment to those who may or may not be of lesser stature but are seen as requiring assistance.
Oh Joy; I am still being Berdache, Koskalaka of two spirits even among American Urban Aboriginal cultures. It is my lot in life Kevin resigns himself.
I miss my friend Lee today deeply for reasons I’m still unsure of exactly why. Companionship, fearless opposition, intellectual sparing partner, just a friendly voice. A man to be there.
Here I go again. LOL
(Return to laments of Lee ad nauseum.)

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